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  2. Name: Bubbs Discord Username if you have one: Bubbs#6761 Email/SteamID used to purchase: ryan_boskovich@yahoo.com Receiver's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:37335551 Package Purchased: Elite Tier Custom Model Additional Information: This was a model gifted to Ken Tuckey, completed by Fuka. Here is the design:
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  4. Name: Loki Discord Username if you have one: ScottishLoki Email/SteamID used to purchase: STEAM_0:0:1360261 Receiver's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1360261 Package Purchased: Premium Tier Custom Model Additional Information: I'm letting Hector do whatever for my model of how it looks but the things I'd like to see on it are: Norse runes, Celtic runes or both, The logo attached to this, BARC Helmer (Clone Assassin), Another helmet (Hector may choose), Gold somewhere as a pattern or visor color or anything and Robot legs
  5. +1 I like this man hes cool he forgave me for shooting a rocket in his event
  6. Steam name: Sambino195 Server name: 349th CO CPT 9969 Matt! Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:70357650 Hours played on the server: It was 464 Hours last time I checked but on the new box it's 42 hours. Do you have any previous experience moderating servers?: I was an EM for Six months on BLN, outside of that no. But I'm willing to put in the time and learn more about moderating. What made you interested in applying for Staff? ( 100 word minimum): My favorite part about BLN was always helping people and interacting with the community! So when I left the EM team I felt like something was out of place. I'd love the chance to join the staff team and start helping players again, anything from running sims to just training new players. An issue I've had since I joined the server is the disconnect some players feel from staff, I feel I could really help aid in closing this divide as a lot of players don't have an issue speaking their minds with me. I know my inexperience with being a moderator might be a bit of a turn off but I'm willing to put in the work to learn and become a great asset to the BLN team. Thank you for reading! If you have any questions please reach out to me on discord WeepingAngel#6028
  7. Name: Burn Email/SteamID used to purchase: STEAM_0:0:121231704 Receiver's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:121231704 Package Purchased: Titan Tier Custom Model Additional Information: I'm badass Replaces Urban Camo: Bodygroups+Loadout: And the bodygroups I want(Willing to pay more for extra bodygroups): Crosshair Shoulder pike Chest knife moved to left forearm Right shoulder antenna Helmet Flaps ARF Techpad ARF Helmet Comms Antenna ARF Belt 332nd Comms Backpack Binos Kama ARF Elite Bandolier The four ARF camos(Except urban) Pauldron 100 HP 100 Armor DC-15X(MK.II) DC-15S Climbswep Fusion Cutter Dual DC-17 Named "Advanced Recon Forces Crash" in server Probably add a few scorch marks and/or blaster marks as I have been burnt a few* times
  8. My Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:145322742
  9. Name: Bubba Discord Username if you have one: Bubba Email/SteamID used to purchase: Luckyluc8989@gmail.com Package Purchased: Titan Additional Information: I bought this way way back when I was in keeli, and i tried to get an RI model but it was never made. So im gonna use this for my RC. This is my Reference. I want this basic design without the red and without all those attachments attachments. I want the Bacis RC attachments and The colors would be the colors of epsilon with some Orange accents around. For my Titan model attachment Id just like a cool looking bandolier.
  10. Also, if you do use him in your own lore, spell his name wrong lol. I actually didn’t spell it wrong on purpose, but it gives his name some uniqueness kinda like Wolfe.
  11. ah yes the bastard who kidnapped me cause my mic was disconnected still good though
  12. Accessing Documentation ... ... ... ... COME ON PUT YOUR BACKS INTO IT! Where trying here. A bit harder I've been doing this for 7 years I think I can handel it. Are you sssure about that? A little more. ACK! too tight I still want to be able to breathe. Why do you even wear this anyways? Ah it keeps a certain figure and I have them custom made to have a cooling unit in them to keep my cool when I'm wearing offical outfits, you trying to ride a fathier in 9 layers in the Kuat summer. Is this good? Yeah its fine thank you boys I can get the rest on its just always this damm layer that I need people. A shame Carson cant be going with you. Yes but I'll manage just um keep an eye on him so he doesnt have a heart attack at the behaviors of the clones. Is my shuttle ready yet? Sssarvan is ready at the port. Good good. So how are you going to get that back on next time? Well its the first layer so I'll just sleep with it and hope the laces dont come undone. Now I need to get dressed and get going so please everyone leave and return to your normal jobs. I can smell the crime from here. Yes you get use to it, have we been given permissions to land yet? Not yet their still running the codes. Lets see here, thank god this is only a one day trip. I do not want to be on this world for long. Thank you for filling in for Carson Sarvan on such short notice. It's no problem how long will Mr.Carson be out for? Well I told Ollie if he doesnt improve enough before my return to send him back to Kuat and I'll just have you take me around, I'm sure Quex doesn't mind. Yep and then where to next? Dac to visit the King and the quarren leadership. We are entering the atmopsphere now Keep close to me at all times and let me do the talking. chowbaso lord admiral nal huttah (Greetings Lord Admiral welcome to Nal Hutta) thank gardudda, lo teeat honor shu wata todaee (Thank you Gardulla, it is a great honor to be here today) jee-jee had been inform uba were bringing uta-sha butlah instead of beet kel-dor (we had been inform that you were bringing your butler instead of this Kel-dor) Tagwa wedd buu-fortunatlee mr. Carson came oown idd shortlee before our oeparture jee bal apologize (Yes well unfortunatly Mr.Carson came down ill shortly before our departure I do apologize.) Lo of nobata issue (It is of no issue) Come along Sarvan. [and lets hope I dont puke from the food] Bu kel oor waits nop bu fasto (the kel-dor waits on the ship) Sorry Sarvan. * a few hours later* Your back already? Yes please get me whatever stomach medications we have on this ship. Why are you ill? Not yet but knowing me and Huttese food I will in the morning and I need to be of good health for Dac. How did it go. Fine from what I can tell, we dined chatted about business and Gardulla gave me this. A ring? Yes it is made of pure Phrik the rarest and one of the most durable metals. What a nice gift. It is part gift part power grab, The hutts have tried to challenge Kuat as the head of the commonwealth for a while now and it is showing that they can out match us in wealth and to that extent power. Of course they will fail the monarchies would never accept a crime cartel as the head. Why is a crime cartel even in this group it seems like a bad thing? Well I remember my mother telling me this when I was younger and it works in this case, Not every pumpkin can be plump. Meaning? It means that we cant be perfect nothing is, In the end we have to try our best and that is all we can do. Huh it sounds like you and your mom were close. Yes we were very close after my father died she was essentially my support beam having to deal with all of this. Of course then she died then I had no one for a while. What about your butler? Oh Carson is supporting but he wont challenge me on anything. My brother and I were always away so he wasnt able to do much and he was a child I couldnt ask him of that. So who do you have? Well their is the officers on the Burst Link and Elena and funny enough Miss.Patmore has been known to give me a good chewing out when I do something stupid and she see's it. So do we leave for Serrenno now? No in the morning we are being expected to depart, so we can sleep in the ship for now.
  13. No, thats the war machine cannon lol
  14. Is that a confederate flag on the barrel of the gun?
  15. Is it very good turtle well done (also now I can use carapace in my own lore hehe)
  16. Thanks guys! I was doing this in between band practices while on my LOA and I got bored because I couldn’t use my computer lol
  17. Great Character Introduction but something I'm concerned about is. The entire Pre-Trooper of the Character kinda contradicts the entire star wars lore of Clone Troopers in almost Every way possible. Him being born on Coruscant would make more sense if he was a Jedi, Naval, or RSB but he is a Clone.
  18. Loading Documented Archive …. …. …. Turtwig: “Hmmm, let’s see who I’m replacing, what gap am I to fill?” …. Successfully Loaded SERIAL ID: CT-9026 Turtwig: “Wait… that number… it can’t be…” -WARNING- FILES ENCRYPTED ALL NON-PERMITTED PERSONAL WILL BE INTERROGATED AND/OR COURT MARTIALED BY REPUBLIC INTELLIGENCE -WARNING- Turtwig: “So where’s that code Acapella gave me? Ah yes, here it is…” Please enter your access code __ __ __ __ __ __ Authenticating code …. …. Single-Use Code Accepted Welcome Colonel Acapella Profile: Master Sergeant CT-9026 of the 501st Legion (Pronounced missing in action on a very deadly mission to investigate some downed CIS ships) Turtwig: “It’s him! I always wondered what happened to one of the only remaining members of our squad. I never thought it would be like this, or that I would be replacing him. What the heck could’ve happened?” When CT-9026, known as Carrapace, was just an embryo, his growth chamber had a leak giving him various problems throughout his career. He would often be referred to as hyperactive, “defective” as some various kaminoans noted, and/or undisciplined. He would stay on Kamino and not fully end his training as quickly as the rest of his squad, although his rank would continue to increase, slowly, as he was put on Kaminoan guard duty on Tipoca City before entering the 501st Legion. His Squad included CT-REDACTED known as Turtle, CT-REDACTED known as Tortoise, CT-REDACTED known as Turtwig, and CT-REDACTED known as Tortuga. They all had a really peculiar interest in the shelled creature known as a turtle. He never expected he would hear anything from them again. When the war unexpectedly came to Kamino, he and the rest of his squad would be reunited. During the battle, the reunited squad of Turtle, Tortuga, Turtwig, Tortoise, and Carrapace would go unscathed. They would leave Kamino after the battle though, joining the 501st Legion and committing to other duties like serving with the crew of the Burstlink. Carrapace, though, would continue on guard duty at Tipoca City until further notice. Turtwig: “I don’t need his entire background story, I need to know how he got into the 501st and how the heck he went missing. Let’s see what this next part says…” Most of his squad was put into reserve in the 501st taking up positions of fallen members when needed, training and ranking up alongside them. Turtle was made an active member of the 501st, who was made NCO. This success would be short lived; as he would lose his NCO privileges and be replaced by more experienced CT-REDACTED “Bol7”. Even worse, he would be mortally wounded along with many other clones in another deadly battle. His last position was a Heavy First Sergeant. Tortuga would take his place in the interim while they found someone more experienced to replace him. It would seem they were right about needing someone with more experience because he was killed in action while charging alone towards a full force of attacking enemy battle droids. Turtwig: “That was too bad for Turtle, he died while being treated in a venators medbay, at least we got to see him before he passed. Tortuga really was always the arrogant one. It’s a shame that it cost him his life.” While needing to find a good replacement for Turtle, and now Tortuga, more quickly, Acapella and the staff of the 501st were scrambling for someone with active experience. Carrapace was finally released from Kaminoan guard duty and able to join his brothers in the 501st. Colonel Acapella got him right in with how drastic the situation was. Carrapace would continue to serve alongside the 501st Legion with the crew of the Burstlink as a Heavy First Sergeant. Turtwig: “Wow, that’s a pretty big promotion from guard duty. Why didn’t Acapella just choose me? I guess I got the position either way though…” Carrapace would survive many battles while serving alongside the Burstlink. He would also be a known troublemaker with the Coruscant Guard stationed with the Burstlink’s crew and be a very needy person for the medics that serve there too. He wasn’t very good at staying in cover and staying away from incoming fire. He thankfully has never been injured enough to be taken out of service. He was even kidnapped by a drug dealer, known simply as “Pablo” in order for him to sneak into the Burstlink’s ground base and attempt to sell death sticks. He wasn’t successful though, as he was instantly reported and detained. Pablo did attempt to escape, shooting at a Jedi multiple times and attempting to sell death sticks to a Jedi youngling. There were no Coruscant Guard available at the time, so the RI stunned him and interrogated him. The very talkative Pablo had Carrapaces armor on and was posing as him. Republic Intelligence even wrote a temporary watchlist report on Carrapace before realizing that an imposter was among them. Being very talkative, Pablo revealed the location of Carrapace. He even mentioned that he had hired a hitman to kidnap Carrapace. The reason no one noticed is because a fan of Carrapace that was injured and had the same armor was located in the medbay. Carrapace was visiting him when he was captured and wasn’t even noticed to be gone. Pablo was reported dead by Republic Intelligence just before they gave chase to the hitman. Any more information on the death of Pablo has been sealed by Republic Intelligence. Carrapace was quickly saved because the hitman had hidden in a small treehouse village very close to the base. He was found gagged and starved there. The Republic Intelligence quickly realized that the hitman had somehow used a device to see that Pablo was captured and no longer alive. So he left droids to kill Carrapace while he flew away in his ship. After a small confrontation with the droids, Carrapace was liberated. The hitman was able to escape right before the incursion, leaving behind two small drop ships of droids to cover his escape. Turtwig: “That’s a really hard-to-believe story. This is the Burstlink though, and that was a drug cartel, so I guess it could happen.” Carrapace would be promoted not long after this event, completing a duo simulation to test his skills. This would seem to be the last promotion he would ever receive, sadly, because of his next big mission. The mission was to investigate a few downed CIS ships, and confront the survivors. It quickly became more than that though. Multiple, long thought dead, clones were found being held captive on board the CIS ships, which lead them to a town where they found themselves surrounded on all sides by B2 Super Battle Droids and HMP Gunships. Carrapace was injured a few times, but was able to get back up and help his fellow soldiers save others who were injured. While everyone else went ahead into the sewers, subways, and other underground tunnels to escape the city, Carrapace and some other brave souls stayed behind to save the injured. This group included; a Jedi, some 14th Blaze Platoon soldiers, Carrapace, some Republic Commandos, and a medic. He would survive this incursion and escape. Sadly, his group got separated from the main group which was hiding out and surrounded by droids. Coming up behind the droids, they tried to clear a path to the group, which was stationed at a radio tower extremely close to them. Unfortunately, Carrapace was injured while running towards the tower, where he saw all of his comrades. Two B2s came up from behind his injured body and dragged him into a tunnel. He could be heard screaming by his brothers as he was forcefully being taken down into the depths of the planet. It was a truly brutal end to a mission. Luckily for the rest of the troopers, a fleet led by General Ares broke through the Seperatist fleet and saved the troopers. The venator that brought the Burstlinks crew was destroyed. Carrapaces last position in the 501st was an Assault Trooper Master Sergeant. Turtwig: “Such a horrible fate. I hope the Seppies go easy on ‘im. I’m sure they won’t, they’ve never been nice to their prisoners, if they even take prisoners… I guess I can talk to Acapella himself for the more, nitty gritty details of this mess.” Closing Documented Archive …. -WARNING- THE CODE USED TO VIEW THIS ARCHIVE WAS SINGLE USE MEANING YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETURN WITHOUT GETTING A NEW CODE FROM REPUBLIC INTELLIGENCE -WARNING- Are you sure you want to end the current session? YES NO …. …. Documented Archive Closed Successfully Turtwig: “Time to go talk to Acapella, I can’t believe that happened to Carrapace without me knowing. Well, can’t blame me, being a reserve, they never really give us too much information until they actually plan on using us.” P.S. If you haven’t noticed already, this was very much inspired by Dirtnap’s lore file but with my own twist.
  19. ACCESSING FILE. . . . . WELCOME Newest Class of fondor Academy of Engineering and Design, with Sarvan and Turu on the far left Name: Sarvan Za'ya Tuus Species: Kel Dor Age: 17 Profession: Logistics Height: 5'0 BIOGRAPHY Born into a family with a successful industry business, Sarvan Za'ya Tuus lived an isolated life due to her overly protective parents. She and her family are a part of clan Tu'uusa, one of the minor clans in kel'dor society. When she reached the age of 14, She used what credits she had gathered from working with her father to travel to fondor, where she spent two years at the Fondor Academy of Engineering and Design, where earned a diploma in engineering and repair. During her time at the Academy, she had met a Zabrak named Turu Dastota, and the two formed an intimate connection. After her time in the Academy, she joined the republic navy and served aboard the medical frigate Horizon. By the end of her time in the Academy, The clone wars had been in effect for a year. Aboard the Horizon, Her duties were maintaining malfunctioning equipment and making constant repairs to the Pelta-class. The Horizon had made multiple expeditions across the outer rim, evacuating citizens from combat areas and delivering supplies to blockaded worlds. However, during a questionable expedition to relocate citizens from Seperatist Fondor to Coruscant, the Horizon was trailed by the Conquest, a CIS Omni class support vessel. The Omni had caught the Horizon in a tractor beam, and was boarded. During the boarding, Many of the crew were injured and a few were killed, including Turu Dastota. The Horizon was taken to a CIS mining outpost in the mid rim, with its remaining crew becoming prisoners and used as slave labour on the station. Four weeks after the Horizon was hijacked, the Venator Star Destroyer Challenger located, attacked and boarded the station. The 187th clone Legion had led the siege, rescued the prisoners and assisted the Horizon and her crew in their escape. Once the Horizon had travelled to Coruscant, Sarvan left the crew and went to the republic navy headquarters to request for relocation and stationing on the Challenger. Her request was denied, but instead was transferred to a republic military base where the crew of the former Burstlink had been stationed after their venator was captured by Seperatist forces. Her position on the base is as a Logistics officer, offering diagnostics of reactor systems and occasionally assisting in combat situations.
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