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  1. +1 I like this man hes cool he forgave me for shooting a rocket in his event
  2. This week, we ran the first ever BLN Gundam Community Tournament! With prizes for First, Second and Third, we had some awesome fights!
  3. Nah, just a weird reoccuring thing with padawans and wookies
  4. As the 501st marched onto the temple, Nikos was assigned to assist the legion in the assault, while Colonel Acapella was busy elsewhere. The battle itself didn't feel right...but orders are orders. He's fought with Jedi side by side for years. At first, he was fine with it all. Fighting against the jedi for wanting to overthrow the Chancellor for power? Sure, why not. Arresting the Jedi made sense, and with an army of powerful Jedi wanting to overthrow for power, they had to be stopped. When Lord Vader came to help, it was nice. To fight side by side with a, well, not a Jedi anymore. After taking control of the Library, a Jedi Knight came into the library, stabbing multiple 501st. Nikos took out his dual DC-17 pistols and started blasting, to which the Jedi Knight deflected and dodged all of his shots, and then force pushed Nikos against a wall. As Nikos was getting up, he saw more 501st get slaughtered by the Jedi Knight. Angry at the Knight, Nikos takes out his vibroknife and yells 'COME ON!' at the Jedi Knight. "Round Two!" The Jedi Knight says to Nikos, as both of them charge. Nikos slides under the Knight's first swing, and then slashes at the Knight's back. The Knight stumbles forward in pain, and then turns around to slash at Nikos, who backs up to dodge. Nikos then throws his vibroknife at the Knight's shoulder, and then kicks the knife further into the knight and disarms the saber from the Knight. As Nikos pulls out the knife, the Knight kicks him away and picks up his saber. As the Knight tries to stab Nikos, Nikos dodges the swing, grabs the Knight's arm, and then stabs the Knight in the neck and throws him on the ground. "Another....another one down." Nikos says, catching his breath. As the rest of the temple was taken, Nikos saw Vader leave the council room, and saw a group of dead younglings. Even for Nikos, this is too far! To attack and slaughter kids? Nikos pressed on, knowing that this is the still the Republic he's fight for...or is it?
  5. Updated the last known information on Cable, 2 years later.
  6. Updated 6 years later.
  7. The Burst Link led the final assault against the 2nd Sector King with the help of Crow's Legion. As they attacked the ship guarded by munificent ships and Reapers. However, the Reapers were bombarding the various fleet ships and couldn't get any ships close to the Ark. Crow then used his powers to destroy the reapers were they stood, and this gave the opportunity for fighters to take off. After a good amount of time in the sky, First Sergeant Esta and Pilot Ex-Commander Monarch took to the space battle to drop off Esta and infiltrate and shut down the fortress's hangar rayshield. Monarch managed to sneak Esta onto the fortress, and tried to fly the ship back. However, he was pinned down by numerous vulture droids, trying to fight off as many as he could. His engines were hit, and he knew he couldn't make it back, so he yelled into his comms one final hoorah, and crashed into the engines of the Ark Fortress. Meanwhile, Esta fought his way to the console, taking numerous shots with the Katarn armour protecting what it could. Esta shutdown the rayshield, and stabbed his saber through the console, preventing anyone from using it. Esta then fought as many droids as he could, before his comms cutting off. I ordered the Burst Link to take off in an LAAT to board the Ark, to which they did. Fighting their way through the Ark, they discovered Esta....dead, with the gauntlet in hand shattered in pieces. The troops passed by a vault with artifacts, rayshielded. The troops fought their way to the 2nd Sector King himself, Admiral Emerson Harrier. Emerson activated some sort of device before making a final stand against the troops, and was killed laughing. We thought we had won...but a giant crystal from the tip of the Ark detached, and shot a huge beam into space. Suddenly, the ship shaked, and we saw a huge beam of light from the Venator's bridge. Within the Ark however, many saw an even closer view... With the assistance of 1LT Jupiter, the troops called in an evacuation and headed to the hangar of the Ark, and saw even more beams shot across space.... With the assistance of 1LT Jupiter, the troops called in an evacuation and headed to the hangar of the Ark, and saw even more beams shot across space.... The troops saw a huge beast summoned from the beams being shot upwards, and evacuated to their Venator...... The Venator was then filled with many creatures coming from the beams, attacking and destroying the ship. Colonel Acapella, Master Hackett and more fought to defend the ship, unsure of any victory. Acapella, leading Rage and the rest of the 501st, push forward, defending the front of the ship. They open fire at the giant creature with tentacles, and more smaller creatures come out of it. Acapella asks in comms "Is this...Bloodrot? I thought the 108th sacrificed themselves to stop it..." Crow replies "Perhaps this is where it stemmed from." A tentacle hits Acapella, grabbing him and wrapping around his whole body. As it tries to drag the Colonel, Sharpeye shoots at it, and Rage tackles the tentacle,pinning it down and stabbing it with a vibroknife, releasing the Colonel. The Colonel then falls back as a creature lunges at him, but he quickly uses his DC-15a to block the creature's mouth from biting his face off. He then kicks the creature pack, hits it's face with the butt of his rifle and uses his dual pistols to kill it. He sees the tentacle break free of Rage's grasp and wrap around Rage. It begins to crush his 501st member. "RAGEEEE!" Acapella yells, as he, Dakka, and the other 501st open fire at the tentacle, but not doing much and being pre-occupied from the small creatures attacking him. Suddenly, a Jedi speeds past Acapella, leaping and slicing the tentacle in half. Rage falls to the ground, yelling as the slime of the tentacle is gross. "LET"S KEEP PUSHING! COME ON BOYS!" Master Hackett yells at the 501st, who all charge forward with him. Meanwhile... Crow, realizing what had to be done, comms in that he will try to shatter the main crystal. However, it will eventually be rebuilt within time, and the danger will return. Crow, with the help of Matches and someone named Bushido fight their way to the main crystal. Crow, Bushido and Matches slice and stab at the crystals, but they do nothing. Then, hiveminds grow around the crystal, and attack at them. Crow pushes Matches away to safety, Bushido protecting Crow with his saber, fighting the tentacles. Crow then hesitated, unsure of his will to use all of his power to stop the end of the Galaxy. By using everything he had, he would use all the power he had absorbed and gotten from Revan, many artifacts and more. "By doing this...I'd....I can't reset the world of evil....I'd lose all my power..." Crow remarked to his comms "None of that matters if we all die now!" Aegon comms in "If you ever wanted to right your wrongs, it'd be now Crow." Bubbs, one of Crow's oldest friends and comrades says in Comms "I...I can't do this...." Crow says to Bubbs "Do the right thing, Crow." O'gara says in comms Injured but still fighting off the hive creatures, Matches yells to Crow "I believe in you to do the right thing!" Crow concentrates, and thinks about all the good and hope in the galaxy, and continues to dodge all the tentacles swiping at him. "I will do what I must....I'm going to steal your move, Knight Custos" Crow says, preparing to cause an explosion within the main crystal, slowly chipping away from within the crystal, but it's not enough... "Do what you have to do Crow! In the end, you die for the Republic!" Colonel Acapella yells in Comms As Colonel Acapella says that, a flood of old memories come to Crow. The Vanguard, his old failed padawan Vekk, the old Jedi such as Shay, and more...the old brothers in arms he's fought with, back when he was a Jedi Master fighting alongside clones....the old Jedi he's been with..... "MY DESTINY ENDS HERE!" Crow yells, unleashing a huge beam of light with everything and all the power Crow can send towards the crystal Crow summons fire, light, energy, lightning, everything he has in one beam towards the crystal. "Crow....I...thank you" Bubbs comms in...unsure what else to say. General Lance, a former Burst Link RC who left to join Crow's Legion, comms in "It was an honour, my lord." "Fairwell" Captain Geek says in comms O'gara, in a starfighter blasts at the hive tentacles, as Bushido and Matches fight off the hive creatures that try to attack Crow. Crow, shooting the beam, sees a hand on his shoulder, smiling, turns around and sees the ghost of his old padawan, Vekk. He lets loose of all the power he's held, destroying the crystal and shattering it to pieces, and scatters them across space with all of his might. Crow falls to his knees.....his arms smoking, and injured....he takes off his helmet and stares at the ground.... "I've lost....everything....all the power I had..." Crow says...injured, exhausted and ridden of any hope of accomplishing his plans "I surrender....I have no need to fight.....no power to fight anymore..." Crow says to the comms "CG, prepare to take him into proper custody" Colonel Acapella orders The CG escort him, but he makes a request to tell the Burst Link something. They all gather around him at the briefing room. "Justice is weak and empty...one cannot win against any villains with justice alone. If merciless justice exists, I'm willing to yield to it. But it's not possible for me anymore. There's one last thing I'd like to say from my perspective. Evil is prevalent and vehement. But the hope you all inspire and give by fighting the evil, prevails and shines through. The time will come when the crystal reassembles, and you'll need my help...you know where to find me then...." Crow says, nodding at Colonel Acapella. Acapella then gives a hand signal, and the CG to take him and escort him to the Burst Link Jedi Temple. Crow wonders where he's going, and finds himself in a cell within Ogara's room. He sits himself down on the bed, and closes his eyes, accepting his punishment. O'gara asks him "So--what do you plan to do now?" "Atone for my sins. When they need me for a bigger threat, I'll be ready and waiting to help anyway I can. I still have my own contingencies that can give me power, should the Burst Link need my help. But for now...I sleep." Crow replies, closing his eyes.... The End
  8. //: Incoming recording from GENERAL ARES The Burst Link cut off the supplies of the 2nd Sector King's CIS Fleet guarding the CIS Admiral Emerson by taking down his main supply lead, a mercenary jedi-hunter known as Sundowner. It was reported he killed Lieto Erde as well and has created clones of him and scattered them across the galaxy. Soon, he'll run out of supplies and be forced to move to get supplies. When that happens, we'll strike with a full assault fleet and Crow's Legion. //. End Recording
  9. X-8 aka Heart of BLN - Free Item, Removed Shone Plasma Pistol aka Spirit of BLN - Free Item Resh 45 (purchasable but no longer on store) - Re-added "The 'Murican" Custom DC-15A (still purchasable on store) - Re-added
  11. //: Incoming recording from GENERAL ARES As the 7th Ranger Platoon and I pushed a CIS Compound in the center of the 2nd Sector Area, we faced numerous casualties as we reached the base. However, something erupted from the ground and laid waste by sending numerous goliaths, reapers and more.... The troops and I were saved by Monarch, who received a SOS from the late Crewman James Thompson (Rest in peace ). Now known as the mobile fortress 'The Ark', which is also a supercomputer that actively monitors the galaxy for incoming Republic attacks and develops tactical support has left orbit of the planet and is now surrounded by CIS Ships to defend it.... High Command is developing plans to stop the 2nd Sector King and destroy The Ark once and for all... //. End Recording
  12. //: Incoming recording from GENERAL ARES We now know how the 2nd Sector King, Emerson Harrier, has managed to beat the Republic in every turn. The Ark, the first satellite for A classified Republic Project known as "Project Daybreak", was stolen by him as he called in the CIS to attack the planet of Akuria during the early start of the war. The Ark is interlinked with Republic data, and it most likely routinely searches the galaxy and actively monitors and attacks on the 2nd Sector and develops plans on how to counter the Republic for the 2nd Sector King. High Command will look into plans to counter this satellite. We have also recently won a first and second official victory against the 2nd Sector King...the tide of war has changed //. End Recording
  13. //: Incoming recording from GENERAL ARES A few missions later, A new informant of the CIS, Ribbons Almark, Alejandro Corner's assistant set a meeting with the Burst Link. I sent them down, led by Colonel Acapella to Kashyyk. It was found there that Ribbons Almark, was one of a few genetically engineered force-sensitive beings. Jedi Knight Lieto Erde was then revealed to be one of them unknowingly, and that Ribbons and the 2nd Sector King could see everything that Lieto sees. This could be a possible reason to how the 2nd Sector King is always ahead of the Republic. Lieto then defected or was perhaps mind-controlled and joined the 2nd Sector King. A mission later, I led the Burst Link to a location where my Ranger Platoon had located Alejandro Corner. The Burst Link raided the city, which soon became a trap. New 'GOLIATH' class CIS Droids were deployed, causing rampage and destruction to the troops. Soon, O'gara and I were attacked on the venator, by even bigger, more dangerous droids. We lost contact with the Burst Link, as the Burst Link fought their way across the CIS Planet were Alejandro Corner was located. After fighting their way to Alejandro and capturing him, we got in contact with the Burst Link to warn them of the 'REAPER' class CIS Droids. Admiral Cutter and the Burst Link then saw what took out many Republic ships. Huge, monstrous droids of various sizes that disintegrated Burst Link troops with ease. The Burst Link troops managed to take out the smaller ones, but the bigger ones didn't even budge. The troops then evacuated with heavy losses, but Alejandro Corner captured. As for the most recent mission, the Burst Link were sent to a data storage base that Alejandro Corner told us we could find who the 2nd Sector King was. General Resh and I had sent the Burst Link to this base, where they fought their way to a data center at the base and got intel. We then learned of who the 2nd Sector King was. The 2nd Sector King is CIS Admiral Emerson Harrier. Formerly, Republic Naval Captain Emerson Harrier of the Highlander Venator...where I served. After the loss of some Republic Project he was working on, him, the Highlander's Admiral, Matthew Kang, and half the Venator's forces, all abandoned the Republic, taking data and tons of equipment with them. He disappeared for a while until we identified him as an Admiral of a CIS Fleet that we thought was destroyed fighting against the Prominent Venator and others in a massive space battle. Additionally, we're now in a cease fire with Crow's forces as Crow has warned our Jedi of the dangers the 2nd Sector King holds. Now that we know his identity, the tide of war shall change in the Republic's favor. An operation will begin soon that could potentially reveal even more darker things.... //. End Recording
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