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  1. I know this is locked but your bam was not a 2 week ban so we can make your ban length according to what the head of staff would deem as satisfactory “time served” for lack of a better word. You were told to make an appeal and I did say we would discuss it at the meeting, which we did. However we have no requirement to make a response until the head of staff decides your ban should be rescinded.
  2. Much of this would be custom development from @ Zhidusand while some aspects could work, and frankly I just don’t see it being as smooth as what imagination would leave you to believe on game nearing 20 years old. Innovation is great, but we have to temper that with what’s reasonable with our resources
  3. The following is a list of definitions, rules, and guidelines to keep in mind when playing on the server. These are subject to change at any time, so it is YOUR responsibility to keep track of the rules. Last Updated: 201225 GENERAL RULES: Do not Minge. Do not RDM. No FailRP. Do not Spam. Do not Disrespect other players, especially Staff. This includes trolling. Do not Hack or use any Exploits. Do not Harass or use this server to stalk other members. Do not Advertise other servers or products. Having 20 warns is grounds for a Permanent Ban (Appealable). Listed below is a more elaborate explanation of our Rules: Minge/Minging is referred to as intentionally being an idiot and ruining the experience for everyone else. Examples of this include people doing everything in their power to troll others, and it can also include people that haven’t read the rules or don’t understand how the server works. This is not allowed. Random Death Match / RDM is defined by killing other players without any justification, or there is no reason to kill a player. MassRDM is defined as killing 3+ Players, and is punished more harshly than the standard case of RDM. FailRP is defined as an action done by your character which would not make sense for their environment, class, or standing. An example of this would be someone performing specialized RP that they aren’t trained in, intentionally putting your life in danger during passive periods, or randomly doing taunts. Punishments range from being jailed to a ban. Abuse or exploit of props, whether it involves spawning, surfing, blocking, killing, or pushing, is prohibited. Spamming is defined as repetitive voice, text, or emotes in chat, whether by an individual or by a group of people. Spamming will be punished by a mute or kick ranging on the severity. Disrespect is defined as offensive language or actions against an individual or group of people. This includes racism and sexism. This applies especially with staff. If you disagree with a staff member, do so politely. There’s a difference between disagreement and disrespect. Disrespect can also include trolling, being a smartass, shooting people without killing them, spamming props, and other actions against people. Punishment can range from being jailed to a permanent ban. Harassment, Stalking, Etc.: Harassment is defined as repetitive verbal abuse towards an individual or a group of people. Depending on the situation, this can result in a range of punishments from a mute to a Permanent Ban. In the case of Threats to the server, Examples of such are Hacking, Server Crashing, DDoS, etc. Any offense of this will result with an immediate Permanent Ban. Any kind of Exploits for their unintended purposes is not allowed. Any kind of Punishment Evasion will result in harsher punishments. Advertisement of other servers or products without the Owner’s approval will result in a permanent ban. This includes telling other players to leave BLN. Do not abuse admin chat or call an admin to troll or make joke accusations of someone breaking the rules. The staff will take it seriously, and if you are joking or baiting, you will be punished accordingly. Common Sense is something required of you. Whether it be doing something that technically isn't within the rules, saying something to someone, etc. use your head and think before performing such an action. Admins can still punish you for things that are stupid, mean and not within the rules. Rules related to Battalions: You can NOT be promoted twice in the same day. After you are promoted once, you need to wait a minimum of a week to be promoted again. Any person found being promoted twice in the same week will have the promotion reversed. As of 25DEC20, NO BATTALION CAN HAVE MORE THAN 3 SUBBATTALIONS! If you are seen being mingy, abusive, or unworthy of your rank, The General has the authority to demote you, not just your commanding officer. Anyone of the rank Corporal or higher can make an appeal to demote someone outside of their battalion, which will be accepted or denied by the General/Head Admin+ in the forum page. Once demoted, you MUST wait at least 48 hours (real-time) to be promoted once again. Any officers seen promoting any troopers multiple times in one week can be at risk of getting demoted at any time. “I didn’t know someone had already promoted my trooper earlier.” IS NOT AN EXCUSE. As a battalion officer, you should be keeping track of your men’s ranks, and thus, the Battalion CO is responsible. Battalion Leaders may not show bias regarding players they accept or deny to joining a battalion. After joining a battalion, you must wait a MINIMUM of 5 days before trying to join another. You must inform your battalion leader if you are leaving or planning to leave your battalion. Do not change your name without informing your battalion leader. Do not use “/advert” if you aren’t the rank of Sergeant+, Jedi Knight+, or a member of Naval. Do not have mingey/meme numbers or names. This includes anything with 420, 69, or 666 in the numbers, or any meme or gag names such as Ben Dover or Barry McCackiner. Regarding our Staff Team, If you have any problems or incidents with our Staff team, whether it be abuse or misuse of their power, show poor attitude, or overall are not worthy of being staff in your eyes, please make a report regarding the staff member, and gather evidence to substantiate your claims, preferably screenshots or video recordings. Disclaimer: We will NOT accept reports with no witnesses or evidence. Rules for Staff Members: When no-clipping you must be cloaked/not seen. Regardless of any offense, you MUST have a staff sit with the offender. Do not abuse the physgun. If you want a player to move/be gone, Ask them first. Situational Awareness is important to do your job effectively. Get both sides of the story before taking action. Do not automatically warn/kick/ban people. Do not spawn entities, props, weapons, ammo, armor, etc. without a proper reason to do so, whether it be for yourself, or for other players. This is considered an abuse of your power. Do not interfere with a game master during their event or simulation. Eventmaster Rules: Your powers may NOT be used outside of doing events or sims. You are responsible for what you spawn and how much you spawn. If the server crashes due to your actions, punishment will be handed out depending on the situation. When spawning weapons, NPCs, etc., you are expected to be considerate to the player base. Don’t spawn in ridiculously overpowered things. Only when no staff are on, or if all staff are AFK, are you allowed to take care of a staff-related situation. Make sure to inform a staff member of the situation. Do not take over someone else's event unless given proper permission. Edited 28MAY21 by Lutpug.
  4. I just copy pasted this from my doc I’ll update it for 3.0 tonight
  5. CT-A14 “Mustang” Regimental Commander Level 4 Security Clearance 22BBY-ACTIVE Origin: Kamino Cloning Facility Affiliations: Alpha ARC Trooper Grand Army of The Republic Advanced Recon Commandos(Former) 10th Leviathan Legion (ACTIVE) Served in: The Clone Wars (ACTIVE) The Red Nexu Campaign (ACTIVE) The Fight for Qrow (ACTIVE) Multiple Less Notable Campaigns ARMAMENT: Phase 2 ARC Armor Amorphous Gel Armor Implants GK9 “Gauss Rifle” DC17ML T3i “Blizzard” Standard Issue Climbing Gear A14’s Log: Mustang’s time in ARC was well documented throughout his own logs. Instead of repeating those experiences in this I will attach them separately for those who care enough. Instead I will focus on his introduction to the Leviathan and life after ARC. FIND MUSTANGS PREVIOUS ARC LOGS HERE After leaving ARC and attempting to branch off on his own, and failing to adapt to the new lifestyle. A14 was interested in leading on a larger scale again. Something he knew he was good at. He began to put himself out there making sure people knew he was interested in leading a larger unit again. Apparently the right people heard him. About 1 year after his departure from ARC the CO of the BLN Venator class star destroyer had a private conversation with him, in which he told A14 that if he was interested in leading they would love to have him aboard again. He could put together whatever kind of team he wanted and they would trust the result. A14 jumped all over this opportunity due to the fact he would have full creative freedom. Something he never had in ARC. He immediately began work on his new battalion. He spent night after night contemplating what type of unit would complement his leadership style properly. After many nights of deliberation he figured something in the same vein as ARC with a little more freedom for mainline assault procedures. He had settled on an idea that he would run with. His new brainchild would become the 10th Leviathan Legion. Bringing along with him his most trusted trooper to be his right hand man, A27 Hero. Some familiar faces would tag along, however as the new faces fizzled out under pressure a clear core would rise and become the backbone of the Leviathan. He served alongside these men for the better part of 2 years. He trusted these men with his life, and they followed him to the depths of hell. 14’s most gut wrenching day came on the same ground of which he fought his first battle. GEONOSIS. The Leviathan was sent down there with the rest of the BLN Venator’s forces, and what they found there was unexpected. Much of the mission info is redacted however we do know one thing for certain. They all were confirmed KIA on the planet's surface. A14 and A27 were gunned down side by side just like they served. The Leviathan was thought to be done on that day, as all of its serving members perished with honor. They went out as warriors, as it should be. The Republic mourned the great losses they took that day, but moved on as it always does. A14 was nothing more than a statue in the briefing room, and a faint memory in the senior enlisted minds. However, on a mission again where much of the info was redacted, a [REDACTED] that led to [REDACTED] opened up and released two beings. One being the fearful villain that has been haunting the BLN Venator for some time. He goes by the name of [REDACTED]. The other being Mustang. Dazed and confused he had no idea of what had just transpired. They saved him and immediately got him medical attention that he needed in order to survive. Saving him was the easy part, now adjusting him to what would become his new normal would prove much more challenging. The loss of all of his previous troopers was heart wrenching. It took him quite some time to get over the facts, however once he did. He took the loss of his men as motivation to mold the Leviathan into the most battle ready men the galaxy has ever seen to ensure that this would NEVER happen again under his command. For if it happened again, he would be a broken man. A14 is many things. A true veterean of the Clone Wars. As far as clones on the front lines go not many have seen more combat than the Commander himself. From serving in the First battle of Geonois, The Outer Rim Sieges, Battles on Christophsis, and the list goes on and on. The glory in combat was never what the Commander was after although he found himself in many glorious firefights. From his days as a ARC trainee to his days commanding the Leviathan as a Regimental Commander there is one thing and one thing only that he holds dear. One thing he strives for with all his life force and will fight for till his last breath. Respect from his peers. LEVIATHAN ARCHIVES A14 RCMDR MUSTANG FOR THE LEVIATHAN WRITTEN BY A 3RD PARTY BIOGRAPHER RELATIONSHIPS: A27 Hero: A quiet soldier who not many knew personally. A14 considered A27 to be his best friend on the field for the better part of 3 years until his untimely demise on Geonosis. He was a great asset to the GAR. COL Darion: Darion is very by the books in his leading style. It complements A14’s “on the fly” mentality. Leviathan would be nothing like it is today without his influence. High Master Pembleton: One of the earliest High Masters we had aboard. A14 garnered much respect for this Jedi which was surprising due to his general attitude towards them. Pembleton was second to none on the field and a class act. LCOL ACAPELLA: One of the few CO’s still aboard that has a bulldog mentality. He’s willing to get the job done at any cost. We have mutual respect and he’s saved A14 more than once. Master Caesar Ogara: A strange creature. While I consider myself a believer in something bigger, the General makes me think that some creatures truly are just a step behind in evolution. Despite what I consider to be a severe lack of brainpower and self control he’s pulled me out of many a situation where I might not have made it back. I still have no clue what fucking language he spoke half the time.
  6. CO/XO Meeting Agenda https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bXuP3uttOeCch66EtqRNd2xbD2nxvZoF2qtSyQxZU1Y/edit?usp=sharing Staff Report/Commendation https://forms.gle/H9Gf6eJFtfjfTpKj8 Community Meeting Agenda https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1zk5vSGXy4GKsymo8a6y9M_GFb-j_pM6M9SmsQ-ofN1A/edit?usp=forms_home&ths=true Donation Store Random sidenote about donations, all battalions on the F4 job menu are considered active battalions. If you are interesting in purchasing for any battalion at this moment, it would be considered a custom battalion. Any battalion in lore not on the F4 is available for purchase, or any custom battalion as well. https://donate.burstlink.net/ Content Pack https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2458350383v Server IP Discord https://discord.gg/NGXD6tX Information on Models and Queue's https://trello.com/b/nQIMWn6R/bln-swrp-roadmap
  7. Burst Link Network 2nd Life Vip General Guidelines Greetings Burst Link Network! We have some exciting new changes that we’re adding to coincide with the recent major overhaul we’ve experienced. Our VIP users will now be able to participate in 2nd life roles. This brings a lot of exciting possibilities and new experiences for many players who fall into the endless pit of stagnation that CWRP can bring. Of course with new fun ideas, people will find ways to abuse/finesse certain aspects for their own personal gain. I hope we can at least avoid that by setting some guidelines in place previous to the rollout. So without further adieu.. Let's talk about what will and won’t be allowed for our valued VIP members looking to experience a new role: CO’s Will have ultimate authority over whether or not they will be allowing 2nd life or not in their battalion. Resh, Myself (Lutpug), Acapella, and Crit will punish/outline anything not defined in these rules that we define unsatisfactory. 2nd life characters WILL NOT be permitted to hold any type of leadership position in a battalion UNLESS they dissolve their previous primary life and take on full time responsibility in said character. 2nd life players will not contribute towards a battalions activity for CO promotions/demotions. CO’s may have a 2nd life character, HOWEVER if this character is deemed to be detrimental to their primary responsibilities (Their battalion) they will be given one warning via COXO panel, if the issue persists their second life will be forcibly dissolved. If this creates a motivation issue of some sort due to their lack of focus on their battalion demotion will follow. You are a CO FIRST. Remember that. CO’s who have leadership troopers who also have a 2nd life role outside of their battalion, may (under necessary circumstances) request their troopers back into their main life for events, RP, or similar occurrences. CO’s MAY NOT punish their troopers for playing their secondary character in any mission, as long as said trooper is not deemed ESSENTIAL for that mission. (If you’re a CO and you want your XO on for a big event I think it's fair to expect him to listen, although if your PVT wants to play as a different role for an event you may not punish him for this) CO’s MAY LIMIT how many of their troopers can play secondary lives at any given time. (EX: 10th will have a max of 2 troopers allowed to be 2nd life at any time; 12 10th are on = 2 will be permitted to swap lives) If someone is interested in making their secondary lives into their primary, they will either be required to dissolve their old life (PK, Transfer, ETC) or transition their old life into a secondary if they did not hold a leadership position. 2ND LIFE CHARACTERS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED ENTRANCE TO SUB BATTALIONS. ONLY BASIC TROOPER JOBS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR 2ND LIFE CHARACTERS. THIS RULE IS NOT UP FOR INTERPRETATION BY CO’S ALL 2ND LIFE CHARACTERS WILL BE CAPPED AT CPL/INITIATE 2ND LIFE CHARACTERS WILL BE LIMITED AT 1. (EX: 1 MAIN LIFE, 1 SECONDARY LIFE) ENSURE THE BATTALION YOU WANT TO JOIN ACCEPTS 2ND LIFE CHARACTERS BEFORE PURCHASING VIP. SOME BATTALIONS WILL NOT BE OFFERING 2ND LIFE ROLES AT ALL. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GRANTED FOR YOU NOT RESEARCHING YOUR OPTIONS PREVIOUS TO PURCHASE. (MOST SPECOPS BATTALIONS WILL BE OFF LIMITS OR CASE-BY-CASE BASIS) THIS WILL NOT RESTRICT ANY BATTALION FROM DECIDING THEY WANT TO MAKE THEIR BATTALION OPEN TO 2ND LIFE REGARDLESS OF VIP STATUS EXISTING VIPS WILL NOT HAVE TO REBUY TO ACCESS THESE PERKS (The jedi rules will be ironed out with Carmine eventually, although he lives in Guam. Whenever time zones align we will get these more clearly fleshed out, HOWEVER THE INITIATE CAP IS FINAL. The council voted on that recently.) I WILL ATTACH OTHER BATTALIONS/UNITS 2ND LIFE DOCUMENTS AS THEY BECOME AVAILABLE. FEEL FREE TO ASK CO’S THEIR STANCE ON 2ND LIFE WITHIN THEIR RANKS. JEDI: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qR82ELQL4Mp-q2_Hu_8eYFMvr3a77HBQoSR19r5Qufc/edit Thanks for reading
  8. During the last month or so, our server and community as whole has gone through a major overhaul. With these changes roles have been swapped, responsibilities have been added, and removed. The community at large seems to be a bit confused with certain roles and what powers they do and don't have. I hope to clarify those discrepancies amongst the management team in this post. Lutpug (Community Manager)- Overall advisor to management. My role is the murkiest out of the 3. Will help in all aspects whenever either of the other managers need assistance, final say in COXO matters, in charge of ensuring the community’s voice is heard throughout the management team, community meetings, COXO meetings, ensuring community members have proper access to tools needed like rules, staff reporting and commending, battalion information, new organizational changes to the server and any OOC BLN events upcoming. If other management cannot be reached you can always come to me with your problems, and if I can't solve it I'll point you in the direction of who can! Crit (Head of Staff) - Primary responsibilities lay with staff matters, player bans, warns, staff punishment, communicating concerns over players causing issues, suggesting useful utilities for staff. Also responsible for ensuring all BLN media is moderated efficiently. (Forums and Discord) Acapella (Head Eventmaster)- Primary responsibilities lay with eventmaster matters, final say in player pks, organizing events, ensuring quotas are met, RP leader of the ships ground forces, all RP matters he will be final say (with myself as a consultant) Zhidus (Server Developer) - Although not a part of the management team, Zhidus role as a developer means he has a pretty meaningful opinion on server matters, however Zhidus is not management. He is free to voice opinion, however he is not the final say in any matters outside of content addition/changes. Purely server content and development. Forum updates and permission fixes, discord updates and permissions, server updates and content additions, publishing when he will be updating any form of BLN media. Now, although I have laid out each mangers primary responsibilities. All 3 members of management's opinions are valued heavily in other aspects. Management has the trust of the community and staff. In matters outside their own responsibilities they are still expected to assist, and ensure the right decision is reached. Finding this line between over stepping their bounds, and being as helpful as possible is something we are still striving towards as a team. All concerns about management can be brought up to any one of the three of us. Please don't let your concerns go unvoiced. So let's focus on making our community as prosperous as possible! Lutpug BLN Community Manager
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