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  1. ACCESSING FILE. . . . . WELCOME Newest Class of fondor Academy of Engineering and Design, with Sarvan and Turu on the far left Name: Sarvan Za'ya Tuus Species: Kel Dor Age: 17 Profession: Logistics Height: 5'0 BIOGRAPHY Born into a family with a successful industry business, Sarvan Za'ya Tuus lived an isolated life due to her overly protective parents. She and her family are a part of clan Tu'uusa, one of the minor clans in kel'dor society. When she reached the age of 14, She used what credits she had gathered from working with her father to travel to fondor, where she spent two years at the Fondor Academy of Engineering and Design, where earned a diploma in engineering and repair. During her time at the Academy, she had met a Zabrak named Turu Dastota, and the two formed an intimate connection. After her time in the Academy, she joined the republic navy and served aboard the medical frigate Horizon. By the end of her time in the Academy, The clone wars had been in effect for a year. Aboard the Horizon, Her duties were maintaining malfunctioning equipment and making constant repairs to the Pelta-class. The Horizon had made multiple expeditions across the outer rim, evacuating citizens from combat areas and delivering supplies to blockaded worlds. However, during a questionable expedition to relocate citizens from Seperatist Fondor to Coruscant, the Horizon was trailed by the Conquest, a CIS Omni class support vessel. The Omni had caught the Horizon in a tractor beam, and was boarded. During the boarding, Many of the crew were injured and a few were killed, including Turu Dastota. The Horizon was taken to a CIS mining outpost in the mid rim, with its remaining crew becoming prisoners and used as slave labour on the station. Four weeks after the Horizon was hijacked, the Venator Star Destroyer Challenger located, attacked and boarded the station. The 187th clone Legion had led the siege, rescued the prisoners and assisted the Horizon and her crew in their escape. Once the Horizon had travelled to Coruscant, Sarvan left the crew and went to the republic navy headquarters to request for relocation and stationing on the Challenger. Her request was denied, but instead was transferred to a republic military base where the crew of the former Burstlink had been stationed after their venator was captured by Seperatist forces. Her position on the base is as a Logistics officer, offering diagnostics of reactor systems and occasionally assisting in combat situations.
  2. Bare with me, I didn't know where else to write this lol The last of the CIS in the fort had been eliminated, and the troops began to return to the surface. Hacht, eager to return back to the venator, makes his way to the roof for a breath of fresh air. The comms are quiet, and he puts his hand up to his helm and asks "What do we do now?" Suddenly, a throbbing sensation in his head comes from nowhere. He figures it must've been from an injury he had sustained from the Magna droid earlier, but then he hears something. A voice, hoarse and yet, comforting. It solemnly commands "The time has come. Execute order 66." The throbbing gets worse, and worse. Slowly, something begins to change in Hacht, his memories begin to flicker before him, but not as they were. Instead of protecting the clones, the jedi use them as meatshields-as expendable cover. He tries to tell himself that isn't what happened, but its too overwhelming for him to withstand. He can hear blaster shots go off in the distance, panicked cries over the now open comms. He fastens his jetpack, looking down at the frenzy and whispering to himself, "It will be done."
  3. LEVEL 2 ACCESS REQUIRED. ACCESS GRANTED. ACCESSING 4645... Designation. 2nd Airborne 4645 "Hacht". Rank. Master Sergeant. Subordinate 212th Attack Battalion 7th Sky Corps Information. 4645 "Hacht" Was brought into service aboard the Burst link Venator a few months after the Battle of Hypori. 4645 had served in the clone trooper regiment stationed there for about two weeks under 4645's original designation, "Magnet". After about two weeks stationed on the Burst link Venator, 4645 joined the Galactic Marines under Brutus, then Ghamhain. After joining the Galactic Marines, 4645 was Bestowed the Designation, "Hacht". 4645 would go on to serve for a year in the Galactic Marines, Until the Burst Link Venator received it's refit. After the Galactic Marines began to decay, 4645 Joined the 212th Attack Battalion, under Krill, Venom, and Kerk. Shortly after joining the 212th, 4645 Became a 2nd Airborne trooper under Bedrox. 4645 would serve in multiple skirmishes and battles for months, eventually making his way to the position to 2nd Airborne leader. As of this entry, 4645 remains in the 212th Attack battalion, on the "Centurion" Venator. 4645's Role in Battle is of a pseudo-sniper role, often utilising his JT-12 Jetpack and DC15LE to advance to higher positions. 4645 Will also some time make use of vehicles, despite his Airborne affinity. 4645 shows an exceptional amount of upper body strength, possibly due to extended Galactic Marine training during 4645's First arrival.
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