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  1. Name: Bubbs Discord Username if you have one: Bubbs#6761 Email/SteamID used to purchase: ryan_boskovich@yahoo.com Receiver's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:121726379 Package Purchased: Normal Tier Custom Model Additional Information: This was a model gifted to Cheese that is already completed by Gary. Here is a photo of the design:
  2. FINAL EDIT: - Bubbs removed from Commanding Officer - Riff removed from Executive Officer and added to Commanding Officer! - Cheese removed from ARC Trainees and added to Alpha ARC Troopers! - Pershing removed from ARC Trainees and added to Bravo ARC Troopers! - Wildcard added to ARC Trainees! - Updated ARC ranks and activity - Activity may not be 100% accurate because of the new server IP Good luck Riff, and goodbye ARC. o7
  3. Hello everyone, this post will serve to announce a few things relating to my future with BLN. To start, I am officially no longer CO of ARC, and I’ll be leaving the battalion soon after I decide to post this. This is not because of any specific reason. In fact, I’ve been planning with Riff to leave the battalion in his hands since the beginning of the summer. To be frank, I’ve been extremely burnt out of the server since then and the past 2 months have been dedicated to me leaving ARC in a good place so Riff can be as prepared as possible when I finally leave. I at first wanted to take an LOA and return with more energy and motivation to work on the battalion, but then I looked at the roster. I realized that I’ve been in ARC for over three years since I came back, and just over two of them as CO. At this point, I think ARC needs a fresh vision that I don’t believe I can provide any longer. I wouldn’t be leaving if I didn’t believe Riff could do it. But I’m going to affirm that Riff has easily been the best XO I’ve ever had, and when I discussed leaving he wasn’t afraid to take the reins and move forward after me. I respect Riff a great deal, not because he’s my friend, but because he understands how to make the pauldrons mean something. With that said, this will also mean that I am stepping away from BLN as a whole. Probably not forever, but I know that I’m getting to the point that I would rather spend my time focusing on an education and career for myself where I didn’t really before. I’ve had a lot of memories and met a lot of great people playing on this server, way too many to count. For those that didn’t like me but still bothered to respect me, thank you. For those that kept my chin up in tough times, thank you. For those that served under me in ARC, training you all was one of the best things I’ve ever done. If this post comes as a shock to any of you, feel free to contact me and we can talk about it in greater detail. I’ll still be kinda around over the next week so it’s not like I’m disappearing. But yeah, thanks for caring to read. Love you guys
  4. Name: Bubbs Discord Username if you have one: Bubbs#6761 Email/SteamID used to purchase: ryan_boskovich@yahoo.com Receiver's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:37335551 Package Purchased: Elite Tier Custom Model Additional Information: This was a model gifted to Ken Tuckey, completed by Fuka. Here is the design:
  5. EDIT: - Jek added back to Bravo ARC Troopers! - Cheese added to ARC Trainees! - Wizard removed from Alpha ARC Troopers - Porgchop removed from ARC Trainees - Porgchop added to Fallen Heroes - Cheese removed from Fallen Heroes - Cable removed from Fallen Heroes - Updated ARC Trooper activity
  6. OVERDUE EDIT: - Riff promoted to 1LT! - Walrus promoted to SSGT! - Wizard promoted to SGT! - Porgchamp added to ARC Trainees! - Nim/Buzz removed from ARC Trainees - Trooper activity updated
  7. Biographical Information - Homeworld: Kamino - Born: Year 7,945 C.R.C. {32 BBY} Physical Description - Species: Human (clone) - Gender: Male - Height: 1.82 meters (6 ft) - Hair color: Black (Graying) - Eye color: Brown - Skin color: Tan Affiliation(s) - Galactic Republic - Grand Army of the Republic - Advanced Recon Commandos - 327th Star Corps “Alpha 12... you lived through it all. Very impressive.” -Crow Background Bubbs, officially designated as ARC-A12 or Alpha 12, is an Alpha-class Advanced Recon Commando commonly associated with the Burst Link Fleet who trains and coordinates new/transferred ARCs there. Bubbs has been present for many of the Clone Wars’ major conflicts as well as minor campaigns the fleet has participated in. His leadership ability and experience with the Burst Link has earned him a high position of respect between his peers and beyond. As an Alpha-class ARC Trooper, Bubbs is among the first successful clone troopers ever produced for the Grand Army of the Republic. Each of the one hundred Alphas were created with unaltered, independent minds and received intensive training from the clones’ genetic template: Jango Fett. After the completion of their training, they would be placed in cryostasis until two months after the First Battle of Geonosis for their premature activation in order to repel the Separatist invasion at the First Battle of Kamino. From there, the majority of Alpha ARCs were called to all corners of the known galaxy for future campaigns. It was at the Battle of Jabiim that Bubbs would first meet CC-2786 “Ares”. Prior to the Burst Link’s formation, Bubbs was assigned to the multi-battalion specialist fleet known as the Vanguard by order of General Ares. He was led by ARC commanders ARC-A09 "Interritus" and ARC-A10 "Blue" during his time there. For a while, he would also work as an ARC agent under CC-6892 “Smiles”, the commanding officer of the Vanguard’s branch of 327th Star Corps. Later into the first year of the Clone Wars, the fleet would be destroyed from within by none other than the former Jedi Vice-Grandmaster known as Crow. Not many of its crew would survive this betrayal, and as of now there are very few living individuals from the Vanguard other than Bubbs still serving with the Burst Link. Personality and Traits Bubbs carries a nigh-unshakeable sense of loyalty to the Republic and their fight against the Separatists. In his mind, his service to the Vanguard and Burst Link fleets have allowed him to fight evil wherever it can be found, and with enough vigilance a more peaceful galaxy can rise by the end of the Clone War. Bubbs is rarely known to act in opposition to the Republic’s ideals, firmly believing that the war should be fought for the right reasons or not at all. During a recent battle, Bubbs lost the better part of his right arm to an enemy vehicle nicknamed a “Tripod”. Were it not for ARC-A67 “Riff” tackling him out of the way of the Tripod’s main weapon, Bubbs would have lost much more than just his arm. This arm of his was replaced with a prosthetic limb, which Bubbs loathes deeply. Bubbs has always been right-handed like most clones, but now he can be seen using his left more often (to varied levels of effectiveness). The deaths of his many comrades don’t seem to weigh heavily on Bubbs. He frequently remarks that there is no better death than one that is both honorable and in service to the Republic. The lives of his brothers that are wasted, however, are the ones that he has a much harder time accepting. While he may only be slightly older than the regular trooper physically, Bubbs’ abundance of battle experience and long-running service with “Hell’s Venator” has made him appear more aged than what’s typical of a Jango Fett clone. Equipment and Abilities Bubbs has been known to competently lead large Republic forces into battle, even if those he’s in charge of are not of his own ranks. Because of his substantial experience with crews of multi-battalion fleets, he’s typically at the head of various regiments for the Burst Link’s engagements. Though he’s able to lead Special Operations, he prefers to fight with forces at the front lines. The WESTAR-M5 blaster rifle and a pair of DC-17 blaster pistols are Bubbs’ primary choices of weaponry, along with additional equipment such as a JT-12 clone jetpack, dispersal grenades, detonation packs, a customized vibroknife, and an Umbaran rifle gifted to him after the Republic’s victory on that planet. His status as ARC trooper allows him to be capable of hacking and exploiting electronics, planting detonators, and defusing explosive devices. Bubbs sports prototype phase 2 clone trooper armor, fitted with ARC attachments such as a kama and double-sided pauldron. His helmet resembles that of a phase 2 helmet with slight differences such as a thinner visor and a fin on top of the helmet seen on phase 1 models. Even after the mass production of its successor, Bubbs and other Alphas opted to keep the look of the prototype armor set (nicknamed “phase 1.5”). His armor is customized to mimic the design of the 327th Star Corps as well as the colors of the Vanguard Fleet. The Vanguard’s insignia can also be spotted on the helmet and other parts of his armor. He also sometimes wears a Medal of Bravery into the field, awarded to him and a few others after rescuing General Resh from a Separatist compound that was minutes from exploding. Relationships “They really call themselves the ‘Bad Batch’? Well, then I guess we must be the Good Batch.” -Bubbs Alpha 67 “Riff”: Bubbs considers Riff to be a valuable second-in-command and a good friend. Bubbs now sees a bit of himself in his Lieutenant, and it’s very possible that he wouldn’t have survived this long without someone like Riff there to watch his back. General Ares: Bubbs and Ares have known each other since just about the very beginning of the Clone Wars. Ares was the first General to command Bubbs until the Vanguard Fleet was abruptly dissolved. In fighting to defeat the 2nd Sector King, Ares recently went to the Burst Link for assistance where the two were able to work with each other once again. General Resh: Bubbs believes that General Resh is one of the greatest leaders he’s ever seen, especially in the field. He notes a considerable boost in the troops’ morale when he’s around and his presence to him has never felt unappreciated. Bubbs has stated that he doesn’t see him much anymore, though. The ARC Troopers: As an ARC Instructor, Bubbs teaches the Burst Link’s ARCs the skills they need to meet their expected level of effectiveness on the field. Bubbs also serves as a mentor figure for them, ensuring that they follow in his footsteps and each become a living example of the Republic’s ideals. He often states that he’s proud of each of his ARCs’ performances. Jedi Master Caesar O’gara: While he hasn’t directly interacted with him many times, Bubbs has served alongside General O’gara long enough to respect the decision-making and wisdom of this old Symeong. Former Jedi Vice-Grandmaster Crow: Almost no one in the galaxy can know how deep Crow’s betrayal cut those closest to him. Ever since the end of the Clone War’s first year, Bubbs held a deep grudge against him for slaying his brothers serving with him on the Vanguard. Since then, it’s been reported that the legion Crow formed after leaving the Republic has been responsible for the razing of many worlds and even the conversion of some Burst Link units. However, when Crow’s Legion and the Burst Link Fleet held a tenuous alliance in order to thwart the 2nd Sector Reign, something unexpected happened. Crow sacrificed much of his power to hold back an unfathomable entity with devastating capabilities, saving Bubbs, his crew, and possibly much of the galaxy in the process. He then returned to the Venator and turned himself in to be taken away by the Coruscant Guard. Bubbs now has conflicted feelings about his actions, and isn’t sure yet whether to forgive him or not. Jedi Padawan Matches: A fellow survivor of the Vanguard, Matches recently transferred to the Burst Link Venator and reunited with Bubbs. During an operation where the Burst Link managed to cut a major supply route off from the 2nd Sector King, Matches was nearly killed. Bubbs attempted to spend more time with the Wookiee Padawan after this close call, but unfortunately Matches was soon after banished from the Jedi Order after tapping into an ancient artifact relating to the dark side of the force. Alphas 52 and 62: When looking at Alphas Tragic and Akaan, Bubbs couldn’t be more disappointed in their fall from grace. These troopers stand in opposition to the Republic and what it represents, and for that he seems ready to do what’s necessary in order to bring them to justice. At this point, Bubbs doesn’t believe the treacherous acts they’ve committed can be forgiven. Friend Ally Neutral Enemy Hated *More character info on next page! *Credit to Gary for the Bubbs portrait *Special thanks to all those that provided lore for VG/early BLN Notable Conflicts First Battle of Kamino First Battle of Kamino Battle of Jabiim Battle of Jabiim Helmet Cam Footage - Landing {.mp4} Helmet Cam Footage - The General {.mp4} Operation: To Kill a Mockingbird Jedi Boo Radley - Background First Battle of Akuria First Battle of Akuria Operation: Rainy Day FILE#01 - “Vaas Kel” FILE#06 - “DeSancta” Operation: Kill Crow FILE#01 - “Bacara” FILE#07 - “A’den” FILE#09 - “Fixer” FILE#12 - “Zombie” The Bottlesnot Revolt Bottlesnot - Background Bottlesnot - Election Bottlesnot - Election Second Battle of Geonosis Second Battle of Geonosis The Clone Civil War The New Republic McEwen’s Log Bubbs’ Prediction The Revanite Resurgence The Revanites Siege of Tatooine R0V3R Investigation (Several Encounters) R0V3R Background and Mission Logs Additional Mission Logs The Red Nexu Campaign The Red Nexu Suceptamate Background Operation: Eviction Notice Skirmish on Umbara Skirmish on Umbara FILE#01 - “ARC Camera Guy” FILE#02 - “Bubbs” FILE#04 - “Focus” Battle of Umbara Battle of Umbara Operation: Heaven’s Gate Operation: Heaven’s Gate The Opum Crisis Opum’s Return Operation: Black Bird Yorick’s Fall Helmet Cam Snapshot - Zana Engaging Opum The Crashing Wave Campaign The Crashing Wave Campaign Battle of Alrest Helmet Cam Snapshot - Rhydonium Facility Helmet Cam Snapshot - Enemy Territory Helmet Cam Snapshot - Dughall’s Fortress The Ezric Anti-Terrorism Campaign Officer Reyes’ Mission Logs More ETG Mission Logs Interception: Mission Logs The 2nd Sector Reign The 2nd Sector King - First Encounters Discovery of Experimental Droids Operation: [REDACTED] The 2nd Sector Reign - Mission Logs Siege of Makeb (Active) Commodore Kent’s Mission Logs Kal Cadera Background Intercepted Transmission - Telos {.wav} Karr Talcon Background The Unknown Regions Colonization Effort (Active) Decree of the Galactic Senate
  8. OVERDUE EDIT: - Riff promoted to 2LT! - Walrus promoted to SGT! - Wizard promoted to CPL! - Hours promoted to CPL! - ARC activity updated
  9. EDIT: - Hours removed from ARC Trainees and added to Bravo ARC Troopers! - Jek removed from Bravo ARC Troopers - Nim added to ARC Trainees! - Wizard promoted to LCPL - Activity updated
  10. EDIT: - Wizard removed from ARC Trainees and added to Alpha ARC Troopers! - Crimace removed from Alpha ARC Troopers and added to Retired Alphas! - Riff promoted to SGTM - Walrus promoted to CPL - Dirtnap promoted to MSGT - Updated trooper activity
  11. EDIT: - Wizard added to ARC Trainees! - Hours added to ARC Trainees! - Bubbs promoted to CPT - Troopers' activity updated
  12. EDIT: - Riff promoted to FSGT - Crimace promoted to SSGT - Walrus promoted to SPC - Riff and Crimace have been off of (LOA / RA) - Dirtnap has returned to fighting form - Trooper activity updated
  13. OVERDUE EDIT: - Walrus removed from ARC Trainees and added to Alpha ARC Troopers! - Dirtnap promoted to FSGT - Dirtnap has been temp pked, now currently named Frost - Crimace is now on (LOA / RA) - Troopers' activity updated
  14. EDIT: - Walrus added to ARC Trainees - Riff is now on (LOA / RA) - Updated troopers' activity
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