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  1. Clone Assassin Battlepill Information: Lore Background and Effects: Battlepills used by Clone Assassins were developed and funded by [DATA EXPUNGED] in extensive research on [DATA EXPUNGED]. The substance used, [DATA EXPUNGED], which is processed and used in small doses, grants temporary boosts of strength, speed, agility, and stamina. After the duration of the effects has expired, the user will find themselves heavily fatigued and vulnerable in combat, and are recommended to find safety before the battlepill effects wear off. One battlepill can be taken per mission without permanent side effects, but medical care is a necessity for full recovery. If two battlepills are consumed in one mission, the ability potential doubles, but has a 50% chance of giving the user a heart attack, and requires immediate medical attention for recovery. Taking a third consecutive battlepill will triple ability potential, but gives the user's vital organs tremendous stress. If an immediate full blood transfusion doesn't occur within minutes after the effects wear off, then too many toxins produced by the battlepills will be unable to dissipate, causing total organ failure (risking a soft or hard pk). Additional Side Effects: While Clone Assassins are given specialized conditioning to resist and render most side effects as negligible, these increased abilities over time produce strain on the heart. Additionally, usage of the battlepill instills a substantial amount of aggression, which on record has caused Clone Assassins to become reckless in combat, resulting in mass casualties. Battlepills are recommended for use only in dire situations, I.E. being heavily outnumbered, outgunned, or facing off against powerful force users. Clone Assassins are NOT to use these lightly. Warning to non-RI personnel: If people who aren't authorized to have battlepills are caught using or stealing them, it is considered as possessing high-tier contraband. First offenders will be apprehended and brought in by Coruscant Guard. Repeat offenders will be hunted down and terminated by Republic Intelligence. Non-RI personnel might be aware of the existence of battlepills, but should have little to no knowledge of the details behind their functionality, location, usage, other than that Clone Assassins on rare occasions use them. Medical personnel will be informed on a case-by-case basis only to be able to apply the proper medical attention for battlepill users. Any non-Clone Assassin unit using a battle pill CAN receive the effects listed, but risks a 75% chance of a heart attack and/or death (hard pk) after the duration of the effects has ended. Termination (soft pk) is fair game to repeat offenders possessing, stealing, or using battlepills. A hard pk can be fair game for any unauthorized personnel using battlepills.
  2. Funny enough, I'm working with a different model for my boy Loki's Jedi model that might be what you're looking for. between the handful of clone models I'm currently juggling, I've gotten my hands on this armored jedi body, similar to the second picture provided. It still needs some touch-ups between the mesh and rigging, so it'll be a hot second before I'm ready to use it regularly. That plus a Nautolan head (picture below is Kit Fisto's head texture) snagged from the CWA game assets might make things turn out nicely. We don't really have or do any models for jedi involving toggleable armor. It CAN be done, but it's not something I'd be able to do quickly, especially in my case as I mainly focus on clone models. For the best results, I would recommend you find another modelmaker to do a commission to get what you'd want. Consider reaching out to Gary, Golden, or Curse for this; one of them might be available. I hope this helps.
  3. +1 Quex is relatively new (a month+ to my knowledge) into BLN and I gotta say, I've enjoyed his presence in the community, and only recently his time so far in RI. The guy is friendly, courteous, and ambitious. Between his presence in the community and his previous experiences staffing, I think he has a lot of potential to bring to the team. As a side note, I wouldn't be recommending him if I thought any bias from him being in my battalion held influence in making a +1 for him.
  4. +1 Zed's presence in the community and eagerness to help others speaks for itself. I believe he would be a great fit for the staff team.
  5. This is Captain Hector, signing in. It has been nearly 4 years since the Siege of Anchoron. I've been requested by the 727th Retribution Legion to lead an expedition to the abandoned, war-torn city of Zal'eem. This is one of the many places fallen claim during the campaign of Zero Magnus, and in the wake of his destruction, it left many planets and cities have needed much time to rebuild and recover. The Republic outpost left behind to keep watch over any activity has gone dark. However, the city had a mining facility designed to extract [DATA EXPUNGED] deposits from the earth. Very few people understood the value and potential of processed [DATA EXPUNGED]. However, our seismic activity reports show that drilling has been resumed. What this means, I dread to guess. Signing out.
  6. Name: Hector | Sonic (Sonic made the purchase through the store) Email/SteamID used to purchase: STEAM_0:1:422081432 Receiver's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:65538352 Package Purchased: Custom Battalion LAAT Skin Additional Information: Still developing a design atm
  7. This is Captain Hector, signing in. Agent Cyanide and I have discovered a B1 Battle Droid that snuck aboard The Centurion after an arduous battle against the Confederacy. When it revealed itself to me completely unarmed, there was more to it than at first glance. It was equipped with an extremely prototype cloaking device, similar to my own yet less stable. Otherwise, it was completely unarmed. It seemed rather timid in nature when speaking to me and explaining itself. The droid identified itself as B1 RePr 4987. It was given orders by defecting members of the Trade Federation to go to Unit Epsilon-77 for help. On capture, search, and access to the droid's internal memory banks, a recording of a Trade Federation Engineer reaching out to us for help. This confirms other intel my Agents have provided. Enddot Nulvi, leader of a Trade Federation-affiliated group, has led a schism within the Federation, and as a result, he and others have been ousted. We see this as an opportunity to make connections in our war against the Confederacy. B1 RePr 4987, or otherwise known more fondly by Republic Intelligence, "Reaper", is undergoing thorough examination and reprogramming by my Agents, between identifying and making augmentations, altering programming for further loyalty, and gathering information from memory banks. Reaper will be working alongside RI and Units such as [REDACTED] under special circumstances. Signing out.
  8. I saw the title and experienced psychological whiplash
  9. Hello! Model donations usually consist of a custom paint job to clone armor, and a number of attachments depending on the model tier purchased. More extensive details can be found in the Custom Model Megathread for further clarification. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me on discord. Hecc™#0682
  10. bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  11. I have a lot of respect for the dedication you've had for the community, and the sheer effort I've seen you put in your events. Truth be told, you have been one of my favorite Eventmasters as of recent, and your events are among the few I've been able to enjoy and find more passion. It'll be sad to see you step down from EM. With that in mind, please don't take it personally when I say that I don't think you're ready for staff yet, though I do see a lot of potential. I could nitpick at the formatting of your app a bit, between minor grammar things or the black text making the app harder to read, but I care more about your intentions as a Staff member more than anything else. While I appreciate your honesty in your application, this section makes your application the most off-putting to me. The purpose of staff is to moderate the community and ensure a friendly, healthy, and welcoming environment for the playerbase to grow. While having powers to host sims/training for your battalion is a common desire for many, it should NOT be a main focus in consideration. With this in addition to the fact that you are still part of the EM team, this isn't a good look to have (trust me, I've been there). For these reason, I do not feel you are ready for Staff yet. -1. Please don't let this discourage you from pursuing Staff if you want to use it to help others and give back to the community. I would also encourage you to continue using your position as a CO as a positive example to others. Again, I feel that you definitely have a lot of potential, but I'm not convinced that you are ready yet.
  12. I stumbled across a different squad system when I was visiting friends playing on a different server, and I believe BLN would enjoy it as well. I'll include a few screenshots provided from its content pack on the workshop. Features: - People can create their own squads and invite other players. These can be made private or public. - World position and vitals can be seen among squad members. - Ranks/Positions can be assigned to squad members. You can create your own as well. - Built in communication-action wheel. - There is a feature to mark positions, but given that this would take away purpose from ARF's macrobinocular swep, we may need to consider either looking for an alternative swep for ARF, or see to restricting or removing this feature. - Commands can be issued to the entire squad. Having seen its usage in a few events, I largely enjoy the look, feel, and features of it, and it would most certainly be an upgrade to our current squad system. Please consider it! As a side note, this is a paid addon. https://youtu.be/MYJE1rS6NUw https://youtu.be/lcmiqJezxS0 Content: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2686130557
  13. It was a blast when it was here temporarily, please consider bringing it back to the server!
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