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  1. that also happens with me, my solution was closing all other open aplications and letting the game load. I believe that since it requires some power to load everything in the server onto your computer, having other stuff working in the background or even having gmods minimized makes the loading process even lonver, causing the game to force you to time out. See if prioritizing your game in task manager and closing everything else works
  2. +1 Well-known, Chill, Respectful. Huge recommendation
  3. silence your squid mouth
  4. 126: Following recent events in medbay, no more than 2 people are allowed inside the waiting at all times, they must remove their helmet and show their clone or naval id before any treatment is authorized. Any loitering or failure to comply with this will have Shock called upon thee, however, if no shock are available the front desk medic will close medbay down until the numbers return to protocol standard and the person who fails to show identification complies or leaves, stuns ar 126.1: This is to be ignored in case of battle or medical emergency, although any action of encouragment of violence against medbay structure and personnel WILL BE HANDLED BY THE 349TH unless Shock troopers are available. A maximum of 3 warnings will be given where upon the 3rd warning will activate stun protocol and no further warnings will be given. Shock will use their methods of engagement as long as minimal damage is caused. 126.2: Banned individuals will be given 1 warning to leave the medbay and 3 during a battle, but will be authorized to enter if given permission by a 349th CO,XO or NCO. If said banned individual requires medical attention, it will be given OUTSIDE of medbay, and not inside the facility or waiting area.
  5. This is a report on the condition of the Medbay, it's activities, supply situation and any issues that are to be brought up. Report Maker: CT-9001-2 Rank: Sergeant Major, XO of 349th ================================================================================================ Personnel: In acceptable numbers and in good mental and physical condition. ================================================================================================ Supply and Demand: Erratic at best, several crates of pain-killers go missing a few times per month with the security footage always being conveniently erased or corrupted. ================================================================================================ Ship Personnel Treatments and their condition: Nothing out of the ordinary, some cases of PTSD, knee injuries and severe depression. ================================================================================================ Medbay Structure: Everything working as intended aside from one incident where it caught fire and a few equipments were damaged beyond repair. ================================================================================================ Notes: Install new security measures for pain-killer shipments and pay attention to withdrawl symptoms, once a suspect is identified and caught they are to be brought to me or Leftenant Valerian for possible relocation to Kamino.
  6. 1. This is not warhammer, the rifles are not so volatile that they run the risk of a critical malfunction that causes the weapon to explode, plus it is another roadblock for the troopers to deal with, which would not be well appreciated unless it makes good sense lore wise and fun wise. 2. That actually was discussed during a CO/XO meeting but the point was not pushed further, which is quite a shame since i could see people enjoying the benefits of different playstyles, especially class like the Jugg being slower by default and a little more when using the z-6. 3. Being completely unbiased, I like that proposition. Make it 20 seconds since the last damage was taken and regen of 1 hp per 3 seconds and we can try this thing out, i know Val will probably hate this but medics are limited in numbers and activity and CMs suffer the same problems evn in the more active battalions. TL;DR First point is useless in a general point but the other 2 have some merit and interesting ideas worth investing and trying out.
  7. We all make mistakes in the heat of passion, Jimbo. I was there too, Caboose was talking in a heated manner and quite pissed, whilst Crit was trying to help in a non-chalant manner. That is my take on it, hope you get unbanned for real. (btw that pfp wont help much, i'd advise changing it)
  8. Speaking from experience, we all know who Venom is and how he acts within the community. A solid member and a stand-up lad with no biases towards any sort of group or clique. +1 Go get 'em, cheddar man
  9. - Fought one-on-one with, and defeated Opum Ignesis. -Is Hector Makes no sense
  10. you old bitch, get some stylish wear
  11. Hi, I am Rains and i come from the exotic and cursed place of Brazil(stop sending people here btw), i first joined in 2017 but went on a hiatus around 2019, and finally came back mid december of 2020 in medcorps, where i am curently XO of. I enjoy my time here not only in GMOD, but als playing a variety of other games with regulars of BLN and even some of the staff, and i couldn't ask for more. I may sound dickish from time to time, rude or just distant but in my heart and autism i place everyone in a special spot(even you Dracon) and always enjoy my time be it gaming, gaming or gaming. Hope we make great memories together and form good bonds with one another
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