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  1. Congratulations @Priest on getting the Admiral/Naval CO position. He had the best application by far and has been Naval on the server before so I hope to see amazing things from him during his term. For the first term management decided who the Admiral was but in the future it will be the job of the CO/XO panel to do so. Those applications will open sometime at the end of November for a new term to start December 1st. Priest will be allowed to apply again but is not guaranteed the position unless he shows the same commitment he did this time around. If anyone is interested in Naval or is already in Naval and has questions about the future of the battalion, make sure to contact Priest. Our runner up for the position was @Chess so everyone make sure to also give him some love for another great application. I hope to see him apply next term as well.
  2. Zhidus

    Trip Ban Appeal

    there were like 20 people on man thats not downtime lmao
  3. Due to your ban expiring this appeal is being locked.
  4. Naval Admiral Applications | 08/21/2021 Well boys the time has come. We thank @ CmderJeremyfor his temporary leadership of Naval over the last year. He brought it back from being one of more dead battalions on the server and we will always appreciate his time towards not just Naval but Judicials as well. For the last couple months myself and management have been planning a revamp for the way Naval will work going forward. We see the failings of the current system and want Naval to become a strong place for people who want serious roleplay opportunities. We knew this meant that we would have to change the way the leadership of Naval is done and @ Lutpugbrought the idea of applications. Each Naval CO will serve a 3 month term. During this term they will take up the role of Admiral and commanding officer of the venator. They will be responsible for the entirety of the ship and the men stationed aboard it. The Admiral will be expected to be serious at all times and roleplay to the fullest extent. The Admiral will also serve a very important leadership position as head of the officer panel. They will be tasked with hosting bi-weekly meetings and collecting votes on the various issues that come across. They cannot accept/deny anything they can only report their votes back to management for an official verdict. They will also handle all internal conflict within the panel and recommend punishments to management based on the actions of members. When an Admiral is chosen Management will be working very closely with them to implement some other changes but until that point this is all for now. I'll go into some questions that I know will arise then just open the applications for you all. What happens if a current CO is accepted as the Admiral? If a current CO is accepted as the Admiral they forfeit their CO position permanently. Their XO would become CO and would now run that battalion. Upon their term ending they will not get that position back unless the XO hands it back over. Keep in mind battalion transfers are only allowed on a case by case basis and must get approval from @ Resh. What happens when my term ends? When your term ends you are set back to whatever you were before you were given the position. If that position no longer exists (Battalion was disbanded) you will be set back to CT. Keep in mind your old CO reserves the right not to let you back in after your term ends so make sure to talk to them beforehand. What is happening to Judicials? Judicials will return to how it functioned before Jeremy took leadership of Naval. When this forum post goes out the battalions will be officially separated and operate independently. If you were apart of this temporarily merged battalion please refer to Jeremy for instructions on how to proceed with your character moving forward. Who is choosing the Admiral? The panel incharge of selecting the Admiral will consist of @ Resh, @ Lutpug, @ 501st SPC Acapelican, @ Crit, @ Zhidus, and @ CmderJeremy. This will only be for the first term, after that the officer panel will be tasked with choosing the admiral every 3 months. If you have any further questions just reply to this thread and I will try and answer it the best I can. You can find the application below. Any meme applications will be met with a ban from the server. The length will vary depending on your past history with staff. APPLY HERE
  5. Zhidus

    AV-7 Buff

    Since the AV-7 is apart of your "loadout" you need to get this approved by the Officer Panel. Once you do reply to this thread and I will look into it.
  6. If you can get me a list of all the hilts and where they are I can fix this a lot quicker and it would be much appreciated.
  7. Fixed Moved and locked.
  8. Denied We don't need more jedi fighters we have plenty.
  9. Trip got canceled due to weather. I am around but still taking a break cause I am burnt the fuck out.
  10. Your items have been given to you in-game. Locked
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