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  1. Type of Bug: Missing Content Severity Level (1-3): 1 please fix this because Covert literally has no weapon but a pistol without it Description of the Bug: We have the E-11D for our primary but it is missing from our loadout/server. We were told we would have it back yesterday after a map change but it never showed back up. How to recreate: It's literally just missing in general from both the Covert leader and trooper jobs.
  2. New Judicial Recruit info sheet created by officer O'niel: Name: Sly Marbo Gender: Male Species: Human?? Bio/Story: "Commander, this man is a menace. He disregards military regulations, he {REDACTED} seemingly at will, and he only answers to {REDACTED}. Were it not for the gruesome death toll he exacts upon the Republic's foes, I would recommend {REDACTED}. Yet he is a deadly living weapon. He has wrought butchery on separatists and traitors alike from {REDACTED} to {REDACTED} he was directly responsible for the {REDACTED} Incident, and on Tarloth he killed a little over three hundred enemy combatants using nothing but a {REDACTED}. Unconventional? Yes. Traitorous? Verging upon it. Yet through his actions Trooper Marbo rescued not only a Governor's household, but also, in retrospect, the entire war effort. Commander, after long consideration, I can only recommend that you approve the deployment of Trooper Marbo to {REDACTED} and thank the Chancellor that he is on our side..." —A classified transmission to Republic High Command Sly Marbo, sometimes called the "One Man Army," is one of the most decorated members of the Judicial Forces in Republic history, in this case a revered member of the Catachan Jungle Fighters. He is known to possess unparalleled military skills, including the ability to handle a Sniper Rifle like a Clone Assassin and survival and ambush skills that rival those of any member of the Special Forces. It is not known whether or not the name "Sly" is an earned name as per Catachan tradition, or his actual given one. Trooper Marbo is one of the fearsome "Catachan Devils," the closest thing the Jungle Fighters have to the elite Storm Troopers used by other regiments. A natural born survivor and a veritable one-man army, he's the ultimate soldier and possesses skills that surpass any of the Republic's highly-trained operatives. Despite his unparalleled abilities his commanders inwardly feel there is "something deeply wrong with the boy." Mysterious and aloof, little is known of Marbo's origins and most of what's told remains rumour and speculation. Only Colonel Traupman, Marbo's mentor and original commanding officer, knows the details of his past. It is said that he was one of ten brothers who were inducted into the Catachan XII Regiment, and that during fighting against the Battle of Jabiim all were killed. However, tales abound of a lone Judicial returning two weeks later with the head of the droid general, a single bullet hole clearly visible between the droid's eyes. The myth of Trooper Marbo has become legendary amongst the Judicial Forces Regiments, although their tradition of exaggeration is equally well-known. On Pardus it is said that Marbo destroyed an enemy armored convoy by booby­-trapping an entire ravine, while on Sask's World he captured Command Post Four-Twelve single-handed, slaying the separatist leader and all of its droid bodyguards with his bare hands (and, it is later said, a ration tin). If half the stories about Marbo's exploits were true then he would have a collection of medals that would rival that of an Veteran Republic Officer, though he is known to have been awarded The Chancellor's Service Medal, the highest Republic award for valour, multiple times for his legendary exploits. Whatever the truth, it is without doubt that Marbo is a man who has been through hell and back too many times to remain completely sane. The blood and death he has witnessed have warped Marbo to the point where he can only function with a blade in his hand. His eyes are empty when he isn't stalking the foe and his actions lackluster unless he is carving his name into an enemy's chest. Legends of Marbo: The stories of Sly Marbo's exploits have passed from the Catachan Jungle Fighters on to many other regiments of the Judicial Forces, where he has become something of a mythological figure or the central protagonist of a series of tall tales. The stories of his exploits have grown so outlandish that Republic command has ordered that repetition of the following legends about Marbo by line troopers is punishable by immediate reassignment as a Private First Class. Sly Marbo threw a grenade and killed five Droid. Then it exploded. A Catachan Devil once stung Sly Marbo. After 5 solar days of agonising pain, the Catachan Devil died. Flak Armour wears Sly Marbo for protection. Sly Marbo doesn't have a shadow because he scared it off. When General Grievous go to bed at night, he checks under his bed for Sly Marbo. The fastest way to a man's heart is with Sly Marbo's blade. Sly Marbo once shot down a Munificent by pointing at it with his finger and saying "bang!". Sly Marbo doesn't shower, he takes blood baths. The Chancellor wears Sly Marbo pyjamas. If at first you don't succeed, you're not Sly Marbo. The official name for Orbital Bombardment is Sly Marbo. Sly Marbo beat a Clone Juggernaut at arm wrestling. Sly Marbo hacked a Super Tactical Droid to death with its own hands. Sly Marbo can run faster than a Jedi Master. Sly Marbo sleeps with a pillow under his gun. Abeloth was created when Sly Marbo sneezed. The first name engraved in every suit of Judicial Force's armor is Sly Marbo. Sly Marbo does not sleep. He waits... Sly Marbo does not go hunting because "hunting" implies the possibility of failure -- Sly Marbo goes killing. Commander Rex keeps an inspirational picture of Sly Marbo with him at all times. Sly Marbo won a staring contest with a Commando Droid. As said above, none of these "tales" have been proven true at this time. Do not take them as fact and spread them more. All around this... "person" is a danger to not only our enemies but to the Republic itself. He is mentally unstable and should be watched at all times. This is why he is being sent to this Judicial Regiment particularly since he seems to look up to the CO Jeremy so, He's your problem now Lieutenant enjoy. and Good Luck.
  3. Name: GoldenTheBox SteamID:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198105524255/ Package Purchased: Titan Model Additional Information: I'm just upgrading everything my current Titan model has just to the new base and replacing the Purge colors with Covert ops. Resh also allowed me to get this instead of paying me for a good few models I've done
  4. Everything I have been told is Phase 1 is no longer allowed for people by Resh and Hector. So take it as you will.
  5. Since you and Hector talked about this a while back this is good to go! As for the Phase 1 helmet unfortunately since we are now fully in Phase 2, Phase 1 armor for new/updated custom models is no longer allowed for troopers in the server.
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