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  1. ah yes the bastard who kidnapped me cause my mic was disconnected still good though
  2. Accessing Documentation ... ... ... ... COME ON PUT YOUR BACKS INTO IT! Where trying here. A bit harder I've been doing this for 7 years I think I can handel it. Are you sssure about that? A little more. ACK! too tight I still want to be able to breathe. Why do you even wear this anyways? Ah it keeps a certain figure and I have them custom made to have a cooling unit in them to keep my cool when I'm wearing offical outfits, you trying to ride a fathier in 9 layers in the Kuat summer. Is this good? Yeah its fine thank you boys I can get the rest on its just always this damm layer that I need people. A shame Carson cant be going with you. Yes but I'll manage just um keep an eye on him so he doesnt have a heart attack at the behaviors of the clones. Is my shuttle ready yet? Sssarvan is ready at the port. Good good. So how are you going to get that back on next time? Well its the first layer so I'll just sleep with it and hope the laces dont come undone. Now I need to get dressed and get going so please everyone leave and return to your normal jobs. I can smell the crime from here. Yes you get use to it, have we been given permissions to land yet? Not yet their still running the codes. Lets see here, thank god this is only a one day trip. I do not want to be on this world for long. Thank you for filling in for Carson Sarvan on such short notice. It's no problem how long will Mr.Carson be out for? Well I told Ollie if he doesnt improve enough before my return to send him back to Kuat and I'll just have you take me around, I'm sure Quex doesn't mind. Yep and then where to next? Dac to visit the King and the quarren leadership. We are entering the atmopsphere now Keep close to me at all times and let me do the talking. chowbaso lord admiral nal huttah (Greetings Lord Admiral welcome to Nal Hutta) thank gardudda, lo teeat honor shu wata todaee (Thank you Gardulla, it is a great honor to be here today) jee-jee had been inform uba were bringing uta-sha butlah instead of beet kel-dor (we had been inform that you were bringing your butler instead of this Kel-dor) Tagwa wedd buu-fortunatlee mr. Carson came oown idd shortlee before our oeparture jee bal apologize (Yes well unfortunatly Mr.Carson came down ill shortly before our departure I do apologize.) Lo of nobata issue (It is of no issue) Come along Sarvan. [and lets hope I dont puke from the food] Bu kel oor waits nop bu fasto (the kel-dor waits on the ship) Sorry Sarvan. * a few hours later* Your back already? Yes please get me whatever stomach medications we have on this ship. Why are you ill? Not yet but knowing me and Huttese food I will in the morning and I need to be of good health for Dac. How did it go. Fine from what I can tell, we dined chatted about business and Gardulla gave me this. A ring? Yes it is made of pure Phrik the rarest and one of the most durable metals. What a nice gift. It is part gift part power grab, The hutts have tried to challenge Kuat as the head of the commonwealth for a while now and it is showing that they can out match us in wealth and to that extent power. Of course they will fail the monarchies would never accept a crime cartel as the head. Why is a crime cartel even in this group it seems like a bad thing? Well I remember my mother telling me this when I was younger and it works in this case, Not every pumpkin can be plump. Meaning? It means that we cant be perfect nothing is, In the end we have to try our best and that is all we can do. Huh it sounds like you and your mom were close. Yes we were very close after my father died she was essentially my support beam having to deal with all of this. Of course then she died then I had no one for a while. What about your butler? Oh Carson is supporting but he wont challenge me on anything. My brother and I were always away so he wasnt able to do much and he was a child I couldnt ask him of that. So who do you have? Well their is the officers on the Burst Link and Elena and funny enough Miss.Patmore has been known to give me a good chewing out when I do something stupid and she see's it. So do we leave for Serrenno now? No in the morning we are being expected to depart, so we can sleep in the ship for now.
  3. Is it very good turtle well done (also now I can use carapace in my own lore hehe)
  4. Accessing Documentation ... ... ... ... Queen Neeyutnee how wonderful it is to see you here. Likewise Lord Admiral, were honored by your arrival here. Thank you this is Carson my butler he will be joining us on the events. Your magjesty. Welcome Mr.Carson to Theed. Right we should head it and I can show you to your rooms. Yes lets, I had been told we were going to be greeted by Senator Amidala? Yes I'm afraid that the senator was called away for a diplomatic event on Coruscant. How unfortunate, oh well I'm sure she has here reasons. It seems things have been doing well since I last visited Naboo. And when was that? A couple years ago on a state visit, I do miss speaking to Queen Jamillia. She always had something to talk about. You'll find things haven't changed all that much. I had spoken to her shortly before your arrival to pick her brain on how you are. And what did she say? Nothing too much but she did say to expect unannounced guests whenever you show up. Well that is fair, dont worry about that though. It is just me and Carson for this trip seeing as it is one of the most important trips of the commonwealth. *some hours later of tours and a really bad jumpscare from a cat* Carson how much longer are we going to be here for I am exhausted. We leave tomorrow after meeting with some selected locals. on our way to the port. And then onto Eriadu, lets just hope Admiral Tarkin is away or else this will really turn in a drag. Could I suggest a shot of whiskey before the dinner my lord. I ought to improve your spirit. No thank you Carson if Neeyutnee is anything like Queen Jamillia was there will be drinks at the dinner already. Well that was a lovely dinner wasnt it Carson? From what I saw it was my lord. Here I managed to smuggle this out of the kitchens before the staff left. Thank you my lord. It is a beautiful night, I wonder if this has gone well. I think it went very well my lord. Also there has been a change to the plans. Oh dear what is the matter? The King and Queen of the Kalmeri Dominion have requested a state visit from the commonwealth. Oh have they now? Hopefully their finally ready to join the commonwealth. I hope so my lord. We depart before sunrise tomorrow. Do them? No my lord to Eriadu to keep the entire tour now under the 2 month limit we had to cut a couple small things. The Kalmeri Dominion will now be the second to last destination the last of course being Alderran. It was wonderful to have meet you Lord Regno. Likewise your majesty I do hope we will see eachother again and this time on Kuat. I would like that very much thank you. The lightheart is ready to depart my lord. Oh yes look at the time we are suppose to be at Eriadu today so I will have to cut this talk short here. If I may say my lord? Go ahead. I want to raise my concern about going to the Kalmeri Dominion. Yes I hear you, but they requested it and it will be interesting seeing this exotic place and meeting them. And with any luck they will either join the commonwealth or move towards it. I wonder what the staff are up to? I'm not sure my lord we have recieved no communications from them. I'm not suprised, perhaps when we have some downtime after Eriadu I can call Elena or Miss.Hughes or someone and get the scoop of what has everyone been up to. Ah yes we return to that base. Had enough of the clones already? Unfortunatly yes my lord especially the 14th troopers. Well dont worry Carson, I can have you set up in a nearby village if it becomes a problem for you. No problem my lord just informing you. Very well now come along the sooner we get to Eriadu the better. Quick holonet now! Understood. What have I missed while I was gone for the week? Well bessidessss moving to this bassse on Vardosssss, we have another admiral coming up. Another one already! I am sorry for quex's death. No no no he isn't dead just resigning from the title. AND HERE IT IS! haha yes things are going perfect. Whats all the noise, oh your back. Yeah sorry room has a bit of an echo. Anyways the Naboo and Eriadu portions of the trip went swimmingly. Suprisingly, the Eriadu trip was almost a complete disaster. How so? Well the first day was fine Admiral Tarkin was called off for something so thank god cause we do not get along. Then we went out on a hunting expedition, I nearly got mauled by a Veermok. Besides that their was a state banquet and on the walk to the shuttle I nearly tore this outfit. Speaking of which I need to go change did anyone see where Carson went? No? and why do you need him? Cause this outfit is 9 layers and isnt exactly the easiest thing to get on and off I need someone to help me. I'll go see if anyone has seen him. Ssso, where is the next stop? Nal Hutta,Dac,Zygerria,Toydaria and then Nilcestumir to finish off the outer rim worlds I am visiting. How long is that gonna take and why Nal Hutta? In total about 2 weeks and while Nal Hutta isnt technically a monarchy it is included in the commonwealth out of the need for business, also I am the only lord who knows Huttese so someone has to go talk to them. So it seems your butler has fallen ill. Oh dear well I can get out of this myself will just take a few more hours. I will return when that is done.
  5. Accessing Documentation ... ... ... ... This better be good Lord Halifax I was just about to go on vacation. Thats gonna have to wait. The Lady minister has awaken. I see. Well lets hurry up she is gonna want to hear has happened. Are you going to tell her about her son? No not now she has just woken up, I'll tell her in a few weeks. I What has happened while I was out. Nothing much, things have been running well in your abstance. Yes things are as they usually are well besides this. I expected as much. How is my son? I presume he did well as a temp. .... .... Yes he did dfine with guidance from me and halifax. Good I'll summon him today for full details. I wouldnt he fell rather i'll a day ago. Unfortunate. Now onto business, the commonwealth tour. Yes what about it? I am too ill to leave Kuat and need rest. As you know Lord Regno, your the 2nd highest so it is now up to you to do the tour. Lady Minister perhaps it is best that a more older member take on the task. No no i'll do it. How long is it. Two months. TWO MONTHS! fine however I will be taking Carson with me. Good we wouldnt want any inexperience hands during this most important event dont we? No lady minister we dont. I'll take my leave. What do you mean your not coming back? Duty has called, The lady minister is too ill right now to be able to do the commonwealth tour. So I have to do it, I dont have a choice. I just dont see why they can just postpone it, I was looking forward to this. And why cant I join you? Elena it hurts me to say this, but this is one of the most important events Kuat does, without it the commonwealth doesnt do well. I hate to say this but you are not ready if the hynestia trip told me anything. I see so what is going to happen now? Once I return to the Burst Link i'll have a tutor be hired to continue your study, and when I return after 2 months I will return to be teaching you. I see what are you going to do about the clones? Ehhh I've gone over the tour we have a few days between events so I'll spend my time there with Carson, He is going to hate the clones and their behavior but I can keep him hidden enough where It wont be an issue. What about your work here? I got Vero working on it all you will have to do is manage the palace which I know you can do well. I see.... Whats the matter? Please becareful I know the republic and the seperatist are at peace for now but I dont want anything bad to happen. I will be fine, Dont you worry about a thing and when I return I'll ask quex for an extended time off so we can spend some time together. OK i'll be here waiting. Promise you i'll hear from you while your gone. I promise, now I have to be going me and Carson will be arriving soon. Welcome back Dess how was your time off. Eh it was alright we need to talk. Alright also who is that? This is Carson my butler look I'll explain everything once we get inside. * a brief walk later * Right start from the begining. Well thats very easy to do, the commonwealth tour is coming up in the next two months and with the lady minister in poor health I am to do it. Ok question what the hell is the commonwealth. An economic,diplomatic and to some extent armed alliance of monarchies of the galaxy. Every ten years the head of the commonwealth takes a three month long tour of the alliance. Ok so why is he here. Carson is here to help me with things like changing into outfits and generally to keep me on schedule. You wont have to worry about him he is good at keeping a low profile aren't you Carson? Yes your lordship I am. He wont be allowed anywhere without you but seeing as you will only be here every couple days it should be fine. Thank you, I'm sorry to bring this up so sudden but well I just figured this out now. So where to first? First Naboo for a 3 days then 4 days here and then 4 days on Eriadu. Well good. Yes how goes things here. Fine the officers are getting restless being away from a ship for so long. Yes unfortunate perhaps a vacation for the officers is in order there are plenty of cruises right now in republic controlled space. I'll consider it. Well thats good enough for me. Now I must be going I leave for Naboo tomorrow and I need to go over the trip with Carson before I leave Carson? This way my lord. *later that night* I feel like we something is up with the clones? Their unsettled about working with the seperatists. Yes I see. Well when have to work with what we get. So where are you going on your tour? You wont say a word until it happens correct? Yes sir not a word. Besides the basics like Naboo,Dac,Alderran and Onderon I have to tour the entire commonwealth of monarchies including the seperatist monarchs. If I may ask why? Because it is a duty, A duty that must be followed. I fear that the clones will see me as a seperatist after this tour, but I have a way around that. I think most would see that this is a duty you have to do, unless you were to meet with Count Dooku. Yeah about that. Your seriously going to meet with the leader of the enemy. I have no choice Serreno was a founding member of the commonwealth 978 years ago, trust me the last thing I would want is rumors to spread or me siding with the seperatists. When are you leaving. Me and Carson leave for Naboo tomorrow. It his tradition that the tour starts on Naboo and Ends with Alderran. Creating a circle around the monarchies. Huh must be exhausting. Yes whenever the lady minister returns from it she isnt able to do much for a whole week. But then again she is old and i'm young so. The plans for the naboo trip my lord. Thank you Carson read them please. First my lord is a visit to the gungan city of Otoh Gunga to meet with Boss Lyonie and be hosted by his grace at a dinner. The next day will include a visit to the great grass plains and the lay down a ceramonial reef at the site of a memorial on the plains. Not a bad start what about after? After my lord you will be taken to theed and be greeted at the palace by her highness Queen Neeyutnee and Senator Amidala. Following this your will take a tour of the Royal Academy and Theed University. At night you will be hosted by her highness at a state banquet. Following this my lord the next day will include a short visit to the theed marketplace to meet with locals. And then where to next. Eriadu my lord for three days. Very well. Carson come help me change into the right outfit so we can get to Otoh Gunga quickly. Boss Lyonie how marveolous to meet you. Likewise lord regno, welcomen come to otoh gunga. Gugan's bombad city! Yes I was told you have something special planned? Yes we do, great dinner with Gugan grand dancers. We hope you enjoy them at the dinner. I am sure I will enjoy it very much, now we shouldnt keep everyone waiting. My lord I will head back to speak to the servers. Very well Carson. *hours of dinning and shows later* Gungans hear voice. Me now callen per da lord admiral of kuat to besa able to tenko. Thank you Boss Lyonie, Gugans I am honored by your hospitality and this wonderful dinner. 11 years ago The gugans and her ladyship met and signed the Kuat-Gungang accords offically entering the gungans into the commonwealth of monarchs. The commonwealth has always made point in keeping up eachother and investing in thoose who need help. I must apologize though for her ladyship not being able to attend due to i'll health. As monarchs we strive for cooperation and the maintaining of our states. Kuat and the Gungans going forward should continue this so long as we both rule. Boss Lyonie I must thank you for this fine dinner and having your staff put up with Carson, he can be quite a stickler for the rules and expectations. I want to close this speech and this dinner with some good words and news. Kuat has seen the issues the gungans have been facing in the clone wars and have agreed to a 20 million credit investment into Gugan cities and gungan owned business's. I want to wish you all good luck,health and fortune in your life and thoose you care for thank you. well said lord regno. Shall wesa walken to yous room? I would like that yes. Someone inform Carson I will be heading to retire now. *some time later* Is everyone allright my lord? So far yes Carson you? Good my lord, Might I suggest an early bed? Yes I do think that would be good hand me that hankercheif. Hair wesa, da bombad grass plains. And dalee da memorial. Yes it is a lovely area, now onto the memorial. I appears the press has arrived. Da naboo seem to besa excited about yous arrival today. The Ceremonial Reef my lord. Thank you Carson. * The two walk to the memorial laying down the reef over writting saying "here lies thoose who fought to rescue Naboo in one of its darkest hours" I thank you boss Lyonie for your hospitality hopefully in the future we can meet in a more peaceful time. disa guarlara. It will take yousa and mr. Carson to naboo capital. Berry fast creature, da naboo setten tup da arrival parade now. My lord is it safe to ride such a creature? Oh come on Carson dont tell me you never rode anything before? No my lord I have. It will be fun now take the male they tend to be calmer I'll take the female.
  6. Accessing Documentation ... ... ... ... Welcome back my lord. Her ladyship is waiting for you in the drawing room. Inform her I havent return yet I need to make a phone call private. As you wish my lord. *about one hour late* My lord her ladyship is still waiting in the drawing room. Carson what am I going to do. Is something the matter my lord? I just got off the phone with the advisors, I am running out of time Carson. The advisors have issued the ultimatum, unless I pick someone from this list within a month I will be forced into it. What am I going to do. I'm sure something will be figured out my lord. Should I inform her ladyship that you are home. No I'll go to her myself, thank you Carson. [Where is he, he was suppose to be here 2 hours ago] I am so sorry i'm late, a last mintute thing came up. DESS! ack! Elena please your squeezing so hard your gonna break my ribs. Sorry I'm just happy your here now. How goes the troops. Eh nothing really new mostly boring this week. Have you eaten yet today? A light breakfast you? Not yet. I'll have Miss.Patmore fix something up and we can eat. That sounds great. So how long do we have together this time? For now the troops on the base and no venator we have as long until Quex calls me. So we might not have alot of time? Weather we do or do not I intend to spend as much time together as we can. So what do you plan to today? Well I think today we would just hang out here and chat seeing as it is 1 in the afternoon. But then I got something special planned for us. Miss.Patmore has prepared some things to eat my lord, their waiting for you in your bedchamber. *about 40 mintutes later* Elena you got something on her face. Oh one moment. Here I'll get it. Ummm Ummmm Thanks Heh, anyways that was lovely now I need to go into my office real quick. [Such a lovely man.... out out damm thoughts] Sorry about that it was just an update on the Bellator incident. What about them? Survivor testimony is wrapping up and a joint Kuat,Republic team is searching the wreck. It survived entering the atompshere? Suprisingly yes and in a somewhat decent condition. They thing it collieded with another asteroid before entering the atomosphere slowing her down. However we can't be sure nearly half the shit is sunken into the ground. Is something the matter Dess? I'm fine just worried bt its nothing to worry you about. Here you have something on your face. Oh really then come and get it off then... to repay the favor. Now talk. I suppose you would have seen me without the makeup at somepoint. When i was younger I recieved this scar from a duel. Does it hurt? Not now it used to but scars fade with time. You mut think I appear ridiculous with this scar. No no I like it I think it makes your striking. Hmm do you now? well perhaps i'll keep off the makeup then. Are you ok your face is turning red? Yeah its just hot in here. Hmmm then lets head outside It is beautiful this time of winter isnt it. Yes it is. Are you cold now we came out here to cool down. Yeah I should have dressed better. Here take my coat.I'll be fine [Hmm it smells like him] May I keep this coat I quite like it. Elena its like two times your size. *puppy eyes* Ok fine keep it. Let me adjust it so its a bit more tight on you. When is it gonna warm up again? Not for a few more months. I hope whatever your planning for tomorrrow is somewhere warm. Dont worry I know how you like things. I dont know how but you made that sound a little riskay. I got no idea what your talking about. Can we go inside now, its cold and I am feeling tired. How tired are you? Exhausted. I'll cary you then come here. He really carried you? Yes I said I was exhausted and he turned and rabbed me up. His lordship seems to care greatly for you. Yeah he really is a great ma... Did you something my lady? No nothing Anna. How are things going downstairs. It looks like Miss.Patmore is going to chop off O'brians neck. Oh dear another fight over the kitchen and maid staff again? It appears so. I'll have to inform his lordship the last time it took half the footmans holding back Miss.Patmore from hitting O'brian with a pan. Yes. Any idea what is his lordship is planning? Not really, I suppose were going to visit his brother for his birthday. But besides that I'm not sure. I'll pack you a full suitcase just incase your leaving for some time. If you must know I invited granny to the event. Oh dear, was that wise with both Elena and Lady Dine? Oh please with you here she wont say a word, she knows one bad sentance you will strip her of everything but what she was given in dads will. Yes I suppose so. When we have time during the party we need to discuss the inheritance. I think no one will notice if we run off for a moment. Here come into this room. Right lets get to the point then shall we. As you know as the lord admiral most of dads will goes to me. However it is stated in the will that 25% of the wealth and none of the estates. Sounds fair enough and what about her? Her? You know our older sister the one who became a jedi. Oh right I forgot about that. Do you think we would ever even see her? I doubt it perhaps on a mission with the burst link or if jedi can visit family but it would be such an issue, this women who is releated to us was taken when I was two years old, we would know nothing. Yes well what does the will say? She gets 5% of the wealth roughly a billion credits and highseen estate. Isnt the the one near the northern pole? Yes it is. Perhaps I can have a friend smuggle in a letter informing her of the will. Now we need to get back to the party. And what about your will? My will? You lead a dangerous life dont you have one prepared? Well yes but it is the one made when I turned 18. I suppose it would be wise to update it, I'll call Murray in the morning and see if he can meet me and Elena on our next stop. Where are you going? Were heading to the capitol to look for places to go on vacation. I see. Terribly sorry everyone I had to talk to my brother I dont see why we have to take a train to the capital. Well to be perfectly honest its because I'm meeting Murray while were on the train. I see is something wrong? No nothing for you to worry about. Why the hood? I thought it looked better than wearing a dress with a helmet on. Huh thats not like you much? I'm allowed to dress how I like. Yes I know that nevermind here comes the train. *about 30 mintutes later* Thank you for seeing me on such short notice. Elena leave us. You wished me to bring the will my lord? Yes that is correct please read the notes to me. Upon the death of Dessimus Hoffnung Regno 75% of the wealth and estate will be given to the next lord and or lady admiral. 20% of the wealth will be given Vero Regno, the remaining wealth and estates will be split among the closest family members. I see Murray tell me is it possible to add Miss.Pavan to the list? Not exactly your lordship while normally non-family members can inherit for a lord it is different. So there is no way to add her then. Well there is two my lord. The first would be adopting her into the family. And the other? Marrying her my lord. Kuat law dictates lord inheritence to family or spouse first. ..... Is everything alright my lord? ...... I will look into any loop-holes my lord. No... no thank you Murray could you ask Elena to bring up some tea from the dinning coach on your way out. As you wish my lord. [What am I going to do....] * a few moments later * Tea is here. Oh good put it here. Are you ok? Yeah why you ask that? Your face is red. Must be the heat. The trains temp is set to 15. Sorry for lieing i'm just thinking of someone. Oh I see and how goes that? Slowly. Can I ask you something? Go ahead. What were you and Murray talking about? Oh nothing major or something that you should be concern about, just my will. I see. Did you ever speak to your grandmother yesterday? No I think she was too much in a silent rage when she saw you and I dancing away during the party. It was odd that party seems so dulled. Thats because most of the guest were the older members, use younger ones are more lively. We should go to one soon. Yes we should. Now that your no longer the heir what do you plan to do. Well I was hoping we could have me return to being your commander of the guard? Yes I would like that very much besides I like you in armor. Heh I feel like the guards were going to hate that. They will have their gossip but I'll join you during training sessions so they will keep their mouth shuts or face my wrath. Coming to training sessions? you never do that. I use to before the work doubled, It was how I kept this figure during thoose times. It will be good to practice more swordmanship again. Is it true though? that a number of royal guards are leaving? Yes their retiring from the service. Who are you going to replace them with? I know its not gonna be anymore noblemen. Really? They have showned their a problem I'll recruit the more loyal lower status people. Perhaps I'll find another you in there. Oh I would hate that. Jealous much? Maybe. Well you'll be glad I doubt I will ever find someone like you again.
  7. Accessing Documentation ... ... ... ... Have you ever been around the apartments on the ship yard? Not in a couple years. Now according to the Elon Knights, it is apartment B-212 Its over here Dess. Huh that was quicker than I expected. *knock knock* Huh no answer. Well I guess plan b then. No kicking the door? Well I would have if it was made of wood but nah one slash at the console will work. *the door opens* No one is home? Lets look inside. With anyluck we can find out what the next step is. *about 2 hours later* Well I found nothing,you? Nothing besides just some letters between hyden and the lady minister and her heir. Does that mean their trying to kill you? Not exactly I think. Besides we would need more information to make sure the houses dont split their lids. Then lets wait until he comes back. It cant be that along until he returns. *8 hours later* This was a terrible idea,i'm starving. If he doesn't return within an hour were leaving and I guess we can go eat somewhere. Wait I hear footsteps. Hand me my vibrosword. What in the gods name is!! Mr.Hyden sit down we have to talk. My lord please put the vibrosword away. I rather not now your going to tell me something. I have no clue what is it you need my lord. The Alon Knights were hired to send a mercenary to kill me, unfortunantly the fool who hired them failed to realize they cant refuse a question from a lord in person. They pointed me to you. I would never wish you harm your lordship. Mr.Hyden who had you move the funds over? I cannot say my lord it is not in your permissions to know. Thank you Mr.Hyden now Elena close your eyes and cover your ears. Understood. Sorry Mr.Hyden but I am unable to allow you to squeal. No no please dont. Elena lets go he wont talk anymore. What did you do? oh thats what you did. He will heal but it will take time for him to get to a bacta tank. My brother has an apartment a couple floors up we'll head there for the night and continue tomorrow. What if someone trys to get at us. They wont by the assasin's information I am still with the Burst Link. So we can spend a night to rest. How is your injury? All healed now you got some good medics on that base. How was your conversation with Ollie, I pressume good? It was nice and shed some light on things. Really and that was? I know I have kept you away from what happened while we were apart, I will tell you. Take your time from what you have said it was traumatic and you need to take time. I will wait until the very end for the story. Thanks. Do you ever think we will have a moment of peace. I think so once the clone wars ends I will retire from the navy and we can have peace, well besides the houses. Well it will be peaceful, just you,me and the staff and whoever you marry. I need to call the lady doctor at somepoint. Yes I agree but we should wait till the threat is gone. I missed this the you and me going out doing work like this its fun besides the danger. I think once the clone wars ends we'll have plenty of time. Yes we will. There is only 12 apartments? Yes the highest level is reserved for the houses only for when we need to stay on the shipyards for a time. Only a member of the house will know the passcode to the room. How safe.So where do we go now. Hyden couldnt tell me who did it meaning its someone connected to the lady minister. Well that would make sense. So how do you propose we do this? Well its simple we break into the labyrinth palace get to the archives and located the lady ministers finanical records. How do we do that isnt their like 150 guards in that palace alone? Really we just need to walk threw the door seeing as I am acting lord minister. And me? Well no one has seen your face cause of your helmet. Did you pack a dress? No I didn't I ran out so fast I forgot to. Not to worry this apartment comes with a couple outfits for every situation. We'll I will see what fits. Now just let me talk I got a plan. Ok your the boss. HALT! state your names and your business in the labyrinth palace. Apologies Lord Admiral Dessimus Regno wishing to speak with her ladyship's secretary. Apologies my lord I didnt recognize you. And what about her? Miss Verse Beren my fiance. [The bastard]. I see welcome to the labryinth palace my lord and Miss Beren. Thank you. Ow! what was that for. Seriously fiance! thats what you came up with? I'm sorry it was the first thing that came into my head. Were in now so we'll go to the archieves as quickly as we can. And what is someone questions things? Dont worry unless Dalle's heir is here we should be fine. And even then he cant stop me from going to the archieves. Lets go the sooner were out of here the better. Heres the elevator it should take us to the lower floors. You look good in that dress by the way. Now isn't the time for compliments, seeing as the person who wants you dead is associated with this palace. But thank you. *about 3 mintutes later* God I forgot how big this palace is. * the door opens* Oh good were here come on their should only be one checkpoint. Lord Admiral what brings you here? I have to grab some files to work on her ladyships work and I was in the capital so I deicded to just pop by. Very well please enter. Elena look for anything pertaining to the Dalle heir while I go over the finanical records. You got it. And just to be safe there the door controls are slashed. How do we get out then? This is a royal palace it has plenty of secret entrances including this one. *an arm slams against the wall revealing a small elevator.* Well then. Ah HA! here we are the finacial records. Any on the heir? The last thing we have here is that he left for the red nebula system a day ago. HALT in the name of her ladyship traitors! Elena watch out. *the guards swing at the lady however are stopped before hand* Get the data and get to the elevator. Understood. * as guards fall more arrive Dess grabs and a holopad and books it. The elevator door slams shut and begins rising* Well that was close are you alright. Yeah they didnt hit me, what on earth was that about. Check the holopad maybe it will tell us. I see now someone sent out the message. Message? Each lord and lady has a special message that is sent out when they die. Mine is Purgils have jumped. Her ladyships is the night has fallen. And so the guards put two and two together? Yes but here is the thing everyone would get that message when it comes to the minister position. I never got it so that means whoever sent this just wanted the guards to attack me. So what now? It's quite clear the ministers heir wants me dead, I'm not suprise he and I have butt heads in the past i've arrested him a couple times and I stole the title from him while her ladyship is still in coma. This elevator should take us to where we parked the ship, once we get out of the system we need to call Heinken. What is in the red nebula? As of right now the Dreadnoughtus and the Imperators we have are stationed in the system to protect the shipyard there. Of course you know thats where we do research we dont want people to see. So your gonna call Heinken why? So the ships dont shoot at us once we exit, As the heir isnt the lord admiral Heinken is allowed to overule any commands he gives out. And then what are you going to do? I'm going to kill the bastard. Are you even allowed? We have evidence now he has tried to the houses will be forced to agree, her ladyship will be furious but she will succumb to the houses, she wont have a choice. Please just be careful. Admiral you have a privte call. I will take it in my office. Is something the matter Admiral? Nothing this is your concern Mr.Dalle. You there captain if any ship enteres this system destroy it. Understood your grace. My lord I has been sometime. I was informed someone is trying to assisinate you? Yes Heinken and he is on the dreadnoughtus. Who is it my lord? The heir to house Dalle is behind it and he has probably ordered the fleet to shoot my ship when I enter the system counteract this order and keep him in the bridge until I return. Understood my lord. *heinken returns to the bridge* Guards lock the bridge down and have the fleet shut down all weapons until I give the all clear. What is the meaning of this. You are not incharge his lordship is. *a few hours later* Let me out of this damm bridge I am the heir to house Dalle and I will not ignored. *the door swings open as the sound of a vibrosword igniting is heard. Mr.Dalle you imbicile. Dont you dare lay your hands on my my mother will end you. She cant kill when she is unable to stand. You really though you could kill me. I can do what I wi.. SILENCE and sit before you die I owe you an explanation. Dess what are you talking about? In my 15 years of service I have had 9 assisination attempts not including these ones this year which brings it now to 12. I would expect someone of your background to know how to properly kill someone. First you attempt to posion me with expired cyanide, then you attempt to have me stabbed my a member of the Alon Knights. Lucky for me you picked the worst group to have to try to kill a lorrd and then you attempted to make the guards thing her ladyship was dead, a really aweful thing for her own son to do. Why are you telling me all of this. Because I want to see how your eyes look when I ram this threw you stomach and leave you to die a slow and painful death as all the blood spills out and you remember this one simple thing. And what the hell is *groans of pain* [Why is my heart racing so badly right now] I cannot be killed so easily by the likes of you. He is to remain here until he is dead, If i hear anyone helping him I'll slaughter you myself. Admiral Heinken have my ship refueled in the hangar. Understood my lord. Come Elena. Are you ok? I'm sorry you had to see me like that. No no its fine I was riveted by it. Very funny. I've spoken to the other houses and they are mostly in agreement that the killing was fine. So now we are clear. Are we though? From what I can tell yes, I also have good news I not longer have to be the lord minister. Her ladyship woke up! No not yet she is getting better and has some movement buts not fully awake yet, no now with the eldest of her ladyships children dead it goes to her 22 year old daugther who is much more able than her idiotic brother. And your not worried she wont come after you? Nah they hated eachother and she will hear how her brother died so she wont dare to try to kill me. Meaning I will not have more time again. I'm overjoyed with this Dess we can finally just have some alone time. Yes now get some rest its late and I need to drop you off and go. Where are you going? I'm needed back at the Burst Link with the republic and seperatist in a temporary truce someone needs to make sure the clones dont break it. I promise you I will be gone for only a week and when I return you and I will have sometime to ourselves. Is there anything you need me to do? Actually could you keep an eye on Carson and Miss.Hughes they seem to be getting along very well recently. By along do you mean? I'm not sure they been friends for longer than i've been alive and both are single so. Now off to bed before I drag you back there. Ok ok i'm going. So let me get this right. Instead of giving us a venator and getting off that blasted base.High command has decideed to let us borrow this venator. Thats about right. I swear to god if I have to purchase another venator for this fleet i'm going to break something. You can do that? Of course I can as the lord admiral I can technically just give you it. So why dont you then sir? Cause I've been buying us venators after we lose them for the last 20 times. I may be wealthy but I have my limits to spending on things. And how much does a venator normally cost? 59 million. By the force and how much did that take a dip into your wealth? In total accounting for KDY itself about 5% but I will have it back by the end of the year if I dont have to buy anymore venators. Now lets stop talking about money and onto what were doing here and where is everyone else. The mission already began you and I are just here to watch over the venator and the system. I see well I guess thats what happens when I arrive late. Right well I suppose now is a good time for a drink. Is that even allowed? It is when you know how to shut down camaras. Come I have a couple glasses and a thing of whiskey hidden on the bridge for when we have a good day. Oh dont worry it will be fine its watered down whiskey anyways keeps you sober while being able to enjoy the taste. Very well since you are the higher ranking officer. I would say thats the spirit but wasnt what I was hoping to hear, oh well come take this. So did you figure out who was trying to kill you? Yes turns out it was the lady ministers son well the late son now. You killed him! Of course, I had to it isnt wise to leave the one who wants you dead alive. Did he atleast die quickly? .... No he did not. But I suppose now that I have time to collect my thoughts I should had done it quicker. Am I interrupting anything? Who are you? Servan Tuus reporting for duty. Oh apologies I had forgotten we were getting a Kel Dor here as a new logistics officer. Allow me to introduce my self Dessimus Regno call me Dess and this is your department head. Just call me Ollie or sir. Would you like a drink? No thank you. Clones returning to Venator mission successful. Ah good we got a copy of shackles on this ship. Well I suppose we better prepare to leave then. Um Servan could you hand that datapad. Sure. Welcome back your ladyship. We were looking forward to seeing both you and his lordship return. His lordship had to return to the Burst Link, he said he will be back by the end of the week. What have I missed. Nothing much your ladyship the house has been brought back to full speed ahead and Anna will bring you up your dinner when you are ready. Thank you Carson. Could you send anna up now please. Certainly my lady. [The next couple days were mostly devoid of anything of intrest, from what Dess has said to be over the holonet is that its has mostly boring there too besides a major attack a day ago. I've spent most of my days going over small stuff and catching up on my reading] The Lady Doctor my lady. Bailey how are you. I'm doing well and you. I'm good just tired and longing for some company other than the staff. He still isnt back yet is he? No not yet he is suppose to be here within the hour but you know him. Yes well why did you call for me. I want to speak to someone who doesnt answer back with some version of my lady, I can't wait till Vero becomes of age and I am no longer considered a lady. Is it really so bad being referred to as Lady Pavan? Its a bit annoying honestly no one really says the truth besides Anna and even then it is carefully worded. I see well perhaps you could give it a try one day again? What retake the title as Lady Pavan? Um... sure yes lets go with that. So how was the meeting. What meeting? You know the one after her ladyships heir was... Oh yes it was quiet very quiet an killing of an heir hadn't happened to the houses in nearly 600 years. Of course their was some outrage till Dess showed the evidence and it all floated away. A sad thing he is gone. Yes I suppose so, to be honest with you few liked him. And with him gone you and Dess are safe. Yes well I still feel off about it all, what if it had gone different and we were still having to hide or god forgive he got badly injured. He has survived worse and has the scars to prove it. Especially the one on the face. On the face? what are you talking about? So he is still hiding it, Perhaps I have said too much and I really should be going. Very well until we see each other again. Yes lets you and me go out to lunch one time my treat. My lady his lordship rang and says he is 30 mintutes away and has requested that you wait in the drawing room for him.
  8. Accessing Documentation ... ... ... ... So someone is trying to kill you huh? Oh its just you please dirntap come over here and sit. How are you doing my friend. I'm good I cant complain, and you? Well besides the obvious of someone is trying to kill me i'm alright. Any idea who it is yet? Ahhhh RSB is investigating but I dont trust them with it. I've narrowed it down to around 60 individuals. Mostly crime bosses and zygerrian slave traders and what not. Anyone who stands out? Well their are some minor Kuat nobility in the list but the likelyhood of someone actually trying it is little not to mention how dumb that plan was. Hmmm so what are you going to do. I have Vero and the staff in hiding until this blows over. The guards can defend themselves very well. And your girlfriend? *sigh* if your refering to Elena I dont know what i'm going to do. I have her currently in an apartment room in the capital city but I should move her. Why not bring her here? You are seriously telling me to bring a young women to a ship full of men? Its an idea i'm just saying, besides the way you have told me about her she could probably beat an arc trooper in a fight. Huh yeah that is true. I should be going anymore and the grin will break your face. Goodnight. Shock and RSB have opposed the idea. Not to mention If someone is trying to kill you bringing on people we cant confirm are safe is a bad idea. Hmmmm,might I have one person be broad on-board, someone I trust with my life. So where are picking this person up? Kuat City Quex. I and Ollie will go down to a space-port pick em up and get back here before anyone trys to shoot me or whatever. You should stay here and well send a squad. No I have to go or else she wont come. Keep that hood on we dont want to be spotted. Was this a good idea? I mean what if someone finds you. They wont and if we keep walking like nothing is wrong we will remain hidden now come we need to get Elena and get out of here. There she is. Dess. Whats the matter are you alright? Help me someone attacked me while I was coming her and slashed my leg. Let me carry you ollie get back to the shuttle. I missed you, sorry you had to come and get me. Dont worry its fine Elena. Do you have my vibrosword on you? Yes right here. Thank you my dear. I was hoping we cou... Sir watch out! Dess!? *a sound of sabers clashing* Ollie take Elena and get the shuttle ready I will join you in a moment. Yes sir. No let me down we have to help. I'm just following orders madam. You've been running for 5 mintutes now I think you can let me down. Were almost to the shuttle. Ollie wait up for god sakes. Oh thank god your alive, your covered in blood! I know, I know are you alright. Yes what about you? I'm fine its not mine just the assasins but we must be going Ollie give me Elena I'll take her to the medbay when we get back. Perhaps you should turn off the sword and carry me with both arms. Dont worry about me I can carry you on my shoulders. Everything will be fine the slash didnt hit anything major and will heal within a week. Oh thank god. Now sit and let us check you. Fine Elena close your eyes. Understood. Well despite some bruises you seem to be fine. Yes like I kept telling you now are we done here. Answer some questions first. Ah yes nim I was afraid you be sent here. First off, what happened. Me and Ollie were going to pick up Elena when someone try to stab me from behind. And what did you learn. Not much since I killed the bastard, however I did narrow the search. How did you do that? I took out this patch from what he was wearing, only one criminal gang I know uses this symbol. That being? A Ryloth gang called the Alon Knights. Ex-guards who turned to a a mercenary life a bunch of poor saps. Anyways I know who to question next now. Well thank you for your time. Yes now if yall dont mind I would want to return to the bridge. I'm coming along. Very well get in my arms and I'll put you in my room to rest. Very well. Have you gotten taller? No why? Huh odd I feel like i'm up more than I normally am whenever you carry me. How odd. Thank you for coming with me on this, I'll find osmeway to repay you. Its no problem, I am actually excited to be with you. Are you not excited when normally? Thats not what I meant. Ha Ha Ha, sometimes I wonder what my life would be without you. And the result of that thinking? Unberable. Were here lets get you into bed before I go speak to Quex he will probably want an update. So I suppose it went well besides the attack. It was how I expected it to go. And from what Nim told me we have a lead. Yes once Elena gets some rest she and I will head out. You know we can have people come with you. Could I take Ollie with me? I see no problem. Ollie could you come in here? Have I done something wroung sir. Oh god no you me and Elena will be looking for the guy who is trying to kill me. If that is alright with you if its not then thats fine I can take gra'alis or the new kel dor naval we are getting or whatever the species is. I will join you then. Good not to worry we wont be leaving for a few days as Elena needs rest and I got some things to do. *a few days later* Did he ever tell you the ssstory of the Alderran mission. No he didnt what happened? According to PO2 Gra'Alis he tripped on a rock and face first into a puddle of mud. *snort* oh that is quite funny. I wonder why Dess doesn't talk about these kinds of things and you lot with me. Ironic he cant seem to not keep you out of his daily talks. He does? Yessss he does. I hope I'm not interrupting anything are you ready? Yes lets hurry so we can stop this threat. Is she always this excited? No normally Elena is cautious or I have to drag her. I wonder what is up with her. I'm not sure sir however she seems to be getting along good with the officers. I know i've been watching you guys talk. Why didn't you join the conversation? Sometimes it is best to stay away and let thoose you well like come to you naturally. So where are we going? Jinx. Both of you wont like it. Make sure you grab ammo on the walk to the ship. YOU BROUGH US TO NAR SHADDAA!!! Yes this is where the Alon Knights said to meet. Its nothing. Dont do this, dont shut me out tell me what is the matter. I spent a first few years of my teenage years on Nar Shaddaa. Oh my dear come here. I dont expect you to explain now but just, yes that is it just hug and as soon as were done we can leave. Thank you. I'm sorry I should have asked before setting up the meeting. Is everything ok out here? Ollie hand me thoose tissues. Here Elena let me wipe away the tears, there there. Ollie are we cleared to land yet? We just got permission. Good which port? NS212. Oh perfect thats the port right across from the meeting place. Seems like a bad place to meet the group that tried to kill you. Thats because they didnt the person who attacked us on Kuat was part of this mercenary group, I am simply meeting their boss to find out who hired them. And they will just give this information up? Their ex-guards of the lords and ladies they cant refuse this request. Thank you Elena, you will stay outside the door and keep an eye out if you see anything suspicious push the commlink and I'll come out running. Got it Dess. Are you alright to be out here by yourself? I would prefer to have Ollie out here with me. I'll wait out here. Very well this shouldn't take long.bit fit * the door closes* Is everything ok? Yeah just bad memories here. So then why did he bring you then? Because he doesn't know. You been living in the same room for what 5 years now? He knows its just he doesnt know everything, its painful to bring it up and Dess is waiting for me to want to tell him. ..... You know he thinks the galaxy of you. Yes I do. Dess has always been a mix of emotions. One day he is very open the next he shuts people out. However he isnt like that with me. Hmmm do you think the meeting is going well? Well Dess isn't shouting so I want to say yes. Is he much of a yeller? only when he is drunk or in a a big fit about something. You seem to share a good bond together. Yes I suppose we do. *the door opens* Ollie you are returning to the Burst Link take the shuttle Elena follow me. At once sir. What happened? We are heading to see an old friend. Really who? Remember our first trip to Resya where I fired that one supervisor? Him? why would it lead to him. Ahhh after he got fired the lady minister hired him to run some factory on Kuat. Were going to his apartment. So back to the place where their is 100% a chance of someone trying to kill you. Yes but I believe were close you see the Alon Knights couldnt reveal who exactly paid for the mercenary. But he did point me in the direction of who managed the funds of the person in question. Great so another wild goose chase. It will be fun and besides you get to see me kick down a door. You kick down a door? What? I got the strength to do so look at me. Yes Dess i'm aware I just cant get the image out of my mind of you getting your foot stuck in the door. Well lets get going their is a shuttle leaving for Kuat in an hour. Thank god were getting off this god-aweful planet. Tell me we will not have to return here. We wont return even if the lead sends us back here. I should have thank the officers on the Burst Link for their hospitality. Oh really? Yes they were very nice and great to get along with. I see.... Are you blushing? It's nothing just the um heat yeah the heat.
  9. Accessing Documentation ... ... ... ... Cant catch me can ya slow boy. Oh just you wait, * a loud thud* Well this is akward. Get off me ya lug. Yes sorry didnt mean to knock you down. Its fine I didnt mean to drag you down with me. We should get back home its gonna get dark soon and I rather not us get attacked by god knows what is out there. Yes and Wenig needs feeding. Yes how is the lothcat doing? He is doing fine, altough it seems like his lonely. Hmm odd lothcats are normaly solitary animals. Could we get him a friend? For you I would get anything, now come on let me help you onto the fathier I wonder perphaps to learn how to ride. I wouldnt suggest it if your driving skills are the same What does that mean? Nothing its just everytime you drive I feel as if im about to suffer a heart attack, now hold on this is going to get fast. I have a feeling if we dont get within the hour Carson will send out a party to come get us. *a little while later* Its cold out here. I told you to wear something more fitting here take this coat were almost at the house. I dont want to catch a cold, I'll ask Carson to make some tea to warm us up when we get back. Thank you for these books they will help alot. Of course they will I will tutor you and I know youll have all the books read by the months end, hell your read nearly everybook in the houses library. Not all I still havent finished the last floor. I was thinking tomorrow we might go into the village and go see the carnival. I would enjoy that very much. Good were back to the house. Let me help you down. No I can do it myseFL! Dont worry I got you, It seems once again you have fallen into my arms. Quit playing and put me down. I am feeling a bit i'll. Good to have you back my lord. Yes have the fathier be taken back to the stabels and given some extra treats and please bring tea to my office. As you wish my lord. Lord Admiral a moment of your time! Oh good I was hoping to catch you hear before I head for the shipyards. What is her condition. Still no change all we can do now is care and wait. Has the Lord General said anything yet. No he is still in his palace hidding incase anything happens. I cant keep doing this Bailey saving our asses everytime something happens. It will be the death of me. How is your her ladyship doing. Eh she has come down with a cold, this has been an unusual winter. Shouldnt you be there then? I tried to be she threaten to smack me if I didnt go to this. Shall we? Yes lets head in, I'm sure everyone is waiting for us. I must say your taking the extra work quite well. I have my supports in place. You know her ladyships heir has already tried to contest the vote. Yes I know, do you think he'll try anything? If he does he knows he'll die. So what is this dinner about again? Trying to cool down relations between Resya and Kuat, its mostly local officials, and her ladyship invited your grandmother. Of course she did, well I'll keep a clear face and try not to punch that woman. His lordship the lord admiral and the lady doctor. Apologies ladies and gentlemen her grace was just informing me of her ladyships condition. Where is his lordship the general? He called a few mintutes ago saying he wasnt feeling well and was returning to his home. Such a shame, please everyone have a seat so we can eat already. Has his lordship been well lately? You know me granny I am stronger against disease than injury. Hmm well I suppose you and th... *stare down intensifies* *several hours of eating drinking and debating later* Bailey before I leave I was wondering if thoose tests every came back. As a matter of a fact they did, I have them right here. Oh wonderful, now I must be going Its allmost midnight and if I stay any longer I think Carson will lock me out. I am terribly sorry I made you stay up this late Carson, the lords invited me to a couple drinks after the dinner. It's no problem my lord. Are you feeling alright? I may have drank more than I can, I have to be with the burst link tomorrow by noon, I need to sleep this off. How is Elena feeling? Better my lord, she is alseep right now and Anna said it would be best not to bother her. Yes I agree, goodnight Carson. Dess welcome back, are you alright? Not very well Admiral I hope you could have a crew clean the shuttle and have someone escort me to the medbay incase I collaspe. What happened? Thats what the doctors are to find out. Send for Morgrim I trust him the best. Ollie come help Dess to the medbay. At once sir. So what is wroung with him? Well from the tests we can confirm he is suffering from Cyanide posioning. Your meaning to tell me someone tried to assisinate me. Sir please lay back down. The good news is that the cyanide seem to have been expired. Of course the bad news is you'll be ill for another couple days and will remain in the medbay until you are better. Ollie go get me something to work on and summon the admiral down here I want to speak with him. Morgrim could you come here and hand me that datapad. No problem. *moments later* Good your both here Ollie put the stuff right over here. You should be resting. I have to do all of the lady ministers work plus 1/3rd of my old work not to mention the burst link work I cannot sit still and watch things happen, not to mention I have to find the person who is trying to kill me. Any leads on that? Not many I've made plenty of enemies during my life, however seeing as the fool didnt check to see if his posion was in date I can take out a good portion of them. We can ask nim to have some coruscant guards escort you till they find the man? Yes thats what I would want to talk to you about, you know this ship has a bit of a security problem with people impersonating clones and what not. Go on? It sounds odd but I if it were ok by you could have a few of my royal guards stationed on the ship for a bit of time to ensure no one gets onboard and try's to kill me. Ollie is that legal? I wouldnt know sir exactly. How so? While it is legal for Coruscant Guard to cooperate with other police forces I couldn't say if it is legal on a millitary vessel. I'll call murrary in the afternoon see what he knows. For now I will agree to a coruscant guard protection until either I can have some of my guard stationed here or something else comes up. You know were gonna have to restrict when and where you can leave. Yes Quex i'm aware this isnt the first time someone has tried to assisinate me. And I'll have to inform RSB so they could open up the investigation. Yes I'll have the local Kuat RSB agents start looking into who spiked my drinks during the lords dinner. Admiral would it be alright If i stay down here until CG arrive? I see no problem. Thank you Ollie it will be good to know an ex-cg is quite protective of me. Someone is threatening your life it should be of all lower ranks duty to protect you. Thank you for the kind words now come we have work to do. So if your lawyer is able to get what you want who do you think your bringing. I suppose I can devolge state secrets here, The Kuat Royal Guards are split into 3 mains groups. First are the fighter core, trained pilots who guard a lord of lady while they are traveling. Then their is the normal Guard which guard the estates and other properties. Then I have my elite guards who guard my main residence and me while I am out. I see so how many do you have? In all 2,417 split across all 50 estates, the 50 elite guards all reside at a fortress near to my main house. Dont worry I am only going to call on 3 elite guards and the commander. I hope to be able to meet them. I would talk to the commander though the rest of all snobs who if I had the chance would have ended them long ago. I'll let you rest now I dont want to take up your time.
  10. Accessing Documentation ... ... ... ... Come here and sit, I need your help. What is the matter? Hmm have you changed something with your look? Yeah I let my hair down. Anyway ways I was hoping you could help me go over these papers before we retire if you dont mind? No let me help you, What is this all about. Reports and scripters I have to go over, tell me have you eaten yet? Yes have you? No. You cant keep this up Dess the not eating and sleeping, I dont like it in fact I hate it. Your right but with the new parliament and you helping me things will be better. What dod you need me to do. Take these papers and documents and put them in the send out box in the mail room, and could you write up a report on the territories manufacturing properties, here is a document to get an idea of what it should look like. I dont know if I can I am not very well educated. How far did you get in your education? The only things I learned during that time were basic mathmeatics and how to forge signitures. I see Elena tomorrow I am taking you somewhere tomorrow, for now do everything but the last thing. As you wish. * the next day* The election results are in my lord. So who has won? The labour party managed to gain a leg up at the last moment and won the election. I know it is a shame my lord. What time will the new governor be arriving here today? We have been told Mr.Kuata will be here around 9 my lord. Very good Carson I also need you to have the capital city dress shop set up an appointment for me and Elena. Understood my lord, I will notify a shuttle to come pick you up. No have them come here and bring everything. I dont want to drag Elena all the way out there and then back. Very good my lord. One more thing before you go Carson, after Mr.Kuata leaves I will be heading out to the archives have a Fathier ready. Understood my lord. * a few hours later* Your tea my lord. Thank you Anna by the way thank you for the idea of giving somethings for Elena to do. She seems happy being able to help out. It is no problem. I do have to ask and it will be quick, what exactly is your motive behind all of this? I only want to help her ladyship stay in your good favor seeing as she will not be a guard commander again. Was she more happy when she was? I'm not sure my lord. I'm afriad though her education will make it hard. What am i going to do. Perhaps his lordship could make her ladyship a secretary. Thank you Anna do go now. * a few moments later* Mr.Kuata my lord. Mr.Kuata. Your lordship. Your party has won in the general election, it is my great honor to ask you to form a government in my name. Thank you my lord. I assume their a cabinet has been selected? Yes sir a mix of Labour and Torry members. We are excited to be able to lift the burden off his lordship. Yes well onto business as the now governor Kuata you and your cabinet will be running the day to day work on the territories, In all you are taking about 60% of my work. I am grateful as I'll finally get a good months sleep. Yes we will be comitted to the people and ensuring that everything goes well. Very good Governor Kuata, now I still expect copies of reports and a full briefing by you every weekend. I understand. Very good I will inform my secretary of this. Apologies my lord but I was not told you had a secretary? Yes neither does she. Goodday Governor Kuata. Goodday your grace. Carson summon Elena into here please. Yes my lord she is standing outside. Is something wroung? Not at all sit sit. I want to speak to you about something before we head out. I know you dont have a good education but I have a way you can help me with this. Go on? If you agree to be my secretary it will be of great help, You and I will spend most of the day togther and work in the same room. I would like that very much, Its kinda funny though for the heir to be a secretary. Yes about that, Elena be honest with me and I mean fully truthful you dont like being the heir do you. ... No I dont i'm honor but their is alot of stress and I dont know how to do any of these things, I want to help and be of use to you but I cant as the heir. Yes well here is the plan my brother will be an adult in a month when the time goes he will become the heir. And what becomes of me, am I going to be just a secretary? No you will be something far more important. Now come lets go charles is waiting. Charles? One of the Fathiers. I dont know how to ride a Fathier? Dont worry we'll ride together. Where we going we cant take a shuttle too. That will be fun I guess. Can I ask you something is this going to help or do you just want to be alone? A little bit of both, you are a great companion to be near. Well lets go already. I'm coming just slow down. What is this place? Its a library. Yes I know that, I mean why this place. You know how the house has a library right well most of the books there are classics and not what we need to start your education. Start? Yes i'm gonna tutor you in my spare time and get you caught up to speed in order to be a secretary. So why is this place so far from the house? Originally this palace stretch out this far in its total grounds. However about a thousand years ago a sith destroyed a majority of the palace gorunds leaving only what remains today. Really it was that big? It was the center for the family so it was needed to be that big. Could I see any pictures of them? I'm afraid their is only one photo left of it, in the archieves at the capital I can send for it to be brought here. Now we'll need books on history mathematics and a number of books on writting and documentation to better understand things. Where can we find all of that stuff. Over here are the history books, hand me that ladder I'll get them. Is something the matter? Not really I'm just thinking. Tell me about it. Its just what will happen when I lose the title of heir and if you no longer want a secretary. I still need a companion by my side. Yeah but someday you'll have a wife and children and you wont have any time for me. Dont say that, I will always have time for you no matter what. You know Dess you are really bad at lying. Anyways here is the first couple books. The books only go back a hundered years? Its really all you need to know. What if we need more later? I'll have a road constructed down here so you dont have to ride on fathier. I will have free access. Of course I wouldnt have it any other way. I am going to love this. Of course you will I remember you being such a little bookworm when we were children. I'm not so little now am I? Elena you like 6 inches shorter than me. I know and I still kick your ass. Ok thats it come over here. Only if you catch me. [Oh I am so catching her this time]
  11. Accessing Documentation ... ... ... ... So I presume our Kuati officer is returning today? From the messsage we receieved from Desssss that is correct. And right you are my dear friend. Dess your back and earlier than we expected? Yes well some things changed and I was to return earlier. Now tell me besides losing the venator again what have I missed. Nothing much you need to know, However I would like to introduce CT-2048 our a new head of logistics. Ah yes I remember now Mr.? Ollie sir. Ah yes Mr.Ollie a pleasure to meet you aquaitance I feel like well work well together. I'm afraid however I am too busy to discuss things right now perhaps at dinner we will have time to discuss. Quex I assume we have offices here? Yes I,RSB and the department heads have moved into them. Very good I will be in mine for today. So what happened? In short the lady minister has suffered a stroke and is in a coma, I have been temporarily given the title and position. So less time for the fleet? No I have my advisors working on the mundane stuff and I oh right I forgot to see my brother for lunch, U'm Gra is there any nearby villages? Yessss there are a couple nearby. Good I'll have to meet with him there tomorrow. Now then if I am needed I will be in the offices, oh and if any of you see dirtnap let him know i'm looking for him. Is he always like this? Every mintute of the day. You'll like him. Does he know I was CG? Knowing Dess he will grab your file from the holologs and go over it before dinner tonight. *several hours later* Dinner is ready boyssss. Wonderful lets head in I haven't had anything to eat since last night. The door sir? Oh yes how silly of me I've been spending too much time with Carson. Who? Right apologies Ollie I forget your new, I'll explain everything later for now lets eat we dont want to keep the rest waiting. So from what I've gather you were CG before coming here is that correct? Yes sir. Well It will be good having a man who knows the law in the fleet, will make our mishaps easier to deal with. You mean clone sir? No I mean man, I dont know what you been threw with thoose who aren't clones but we keep it to so long as you and I are alive you wont have to deal with any insults that wont go unpunished. Thank you sir for the kind words. No problem and please stop calling me sir Dess will do just fine. Now lets eat, I feel as if I could eat an entire bantha. Now where on earth did I say for us to meet at, ah yes over there. VERO! Ah your here I thought you had chicken'ed out like the last time. I wouldnt call an emergency meeting of the houses chickening out, its good to see you again I have miss you. The feeling is the same, come inside I saved us a spot. Sorry that we couldnt meet on Kuat or Cardia but I suppose it is good for you to get off thoose worlds for a bit. Yes so you said you wanted to talk? Yeah about a few things actually first lets talk about your inheritance. So what about it now? As you know you turn 18 in a few months, upon your 18th birthday you inherit half of our mothers wealth and estates. Meaning that you will have to begin to settle in and choose a residency. Hoffstead Cottage. I'm afraid that one is off the table for now. But that was especially given to me in the will! Vero. No no your right your the boss then fine what are you giving me. Regno castle. Seriously? Yes it is historically the house of the heir to the title. So wouldn't your little lovebird have it? For the last time she isnt my lovebird and we talked it over and decided it was best that once you turn 18 you become the heir until I produce one myself. Thats great. Now onto the "thing" I was hoping you forgot. Well go on who is she. She is a minor noble from Mirial. Uh-huh and? I like her. I see. Might I ask what her affiliations is? Her family does support the seperatist. Hmm Vero your putting me in a tough position. The advisors want me to reign you in and put an end to this. What if I could convince her to denounce the seperatist or I'll give up my claim. Oh good heavens no I need someone in the family that is allowed to wed who they like. Meaning? It means I will keep the advisors off your back if you help me. With? You know what, with enough makeup and costumes we cant be told apart. Very well I accept. I do want to meet this girl tough Vero before you continue on, I will be returning for some vacation time in the week and before our little game we'll meet for dinner and bring her. Sure that will work altough what will happen with people like Carson. Oh dont worry I'll have the medics on standby incase he suffers a heart attack. Now I must be going I recieved a letter from Aunt Helia and you know how she is if I dont respond. But who's it from Helia Regno. What did she say? Prepare yourself for the worst. Not the first page, my poor aunt uses one word when twenty will do start there "i'm sorry". "I'm sorry to have to tell you, Hugh has heard a vile story about your officer named Gra'Alis." Sorry? she's thrilled... Now, first I must ask and I want to think carefully before you answer. Is any of this true? I see, some of it is true. How much? Oh dear. He wasn't the one who started it I wonder about that, I mean obviously my aunt has forgotten about rank and the seduction between a captain and a PO3. He did'nt manage it alone. So how did she do it? I'm not sure I suppose one of the officers might have helped. Well! I always thought this fleet was approaching dissolution, I didnt know dissolution was already upon us. Does Quex know? No and he isnt going to. Your damm right he isnt going to, send for Gra to my officer at once! with any luck I can hinder this getting out. What about your aunt? I'll right back saying it was created by enemies of the Burst Link to discredit them or something. But now go fetch me Gra'Alis and make sure he is damm well prepared to be chewed out. As you wish sir. You really have to leave now? Quex you were briefed on each individual officer and you know I have to leave every now and then. I wish I could stay longer than a week and a half but the lady minister isnt even out of the coma yet. I need to be on Kuat for sometime. And besides were stuck on a base for god knows how long it will be good for the officers to get to spend some time away. And what if we need you for something. You have the emergency holonet incase of the worse and if that fails call Carson I put his number into the system incase the worse happens. Very well have good flight though. You could have asked for a republic shuttle? Yes but no one knows yet I am returning I want to suprise them. Makes sense altough you weren't suppose to return for a day? I'm going shopping and then returning home. [home atlast, I need sleep I was to busy working last night I barely slept. I do hope everything is ok at the house. Hmm I should call Carson, however I want to suprise them especially her. God what time is it 11:04] Any news from his lordship Miss.Hughes? Not at the moment Mr.Carson, do you think he will return soon though? His lordship most likely will let us know days beforehand. Well we better get some sleep, do you think he is still working late? Without a doubt Miss.Hughes, I do agree with her ladyship he works so hard especially with the lady minister's health condition. *Mr.Carson and Miss.Hughes leaves* Well why cant we help her out. You have to admit his lordship is quite smitten over her. Doing so will embarras her ladyship enrage his lordship and lets be honest if Mr.Carson or Miss.Hughes finds out it will bring the end of our jobs. Besides how would we do so the man works all night and barely sleeps and Carson essientally has to force him to sit down and eat. Yes and if he still refuses I'll shove it down his throat. Well we should its quite clear how they feel for each other even though they refuse to say it. We can do small things. I suppose that could work but how do we keep it from Mr.Carson and Miss.Hughes? Dont worry about them they wont accuse you of anything unless they see it themselves. We could also try to lighten his lordships work. He doesn't listen to Carson how are we suppose to get him to? With most of the footman gone the maids and servants will have to do their jobs, we can use thoose times to attempt this. Her ladyship is calling you anna. Better go and see what she wants she never rings. *knock knock* Who in gods good name could be banging at the staff door at this hour in the night. Oh your lordship! I'm sorry to go threw this way I didnt want anyone to spoil the suprise and Daisy's room is close enough to the door where she can here it. Um I'm sorry was I bothering something? Nothing at all your lordship? can I help with thoose things? Yes I suppose Daisy um not this one its a suprise for her ladyship. Speaking of which I um presume her ladyship is alseep? No my lord she just rang for Anna. I'll go see her then thank you Miss.Patmore and good night to the both of you. Is everything alright my lady? No anna its not alright please help me. What is the matter my lady all these tears. I dont know I had the worst dream, I just please help me here I cant calm down. Try to relax my lady your crying so loudly that Mr.Carson can you hear all the way downstairs. I just cant with these dreams anymore I could keep it a secret when I lived downstairs but up the walls are like paper, surely his lordship will hear these nighterrors. I dont want to bother anyone. Just calm down what happened in the dream. I rather not say It ends with me seeing a dead bloody body and then I wake up screaming and crying. *knock knock knock* Who is it? [Well this is useful] You really should calm down and sit up my lady. Just who is it Anna? I heard crying what is happening? Anna *snif* please leave us. Certainly my lady,your lordship. What happened Elena you made me so worried sick I ran up the stairs I thought you were dieing. I had a terrible dream, I have them alot normally I'm in the downstairs bedrooms so no one hears them. Forgive me for making you worried so much. Dont worry about it and please stop trying to get out of bed sit and rest. Is there anything I can do for you. Normally I was in the same room with Daisy and she would calm me down, this one was really bad I just cant... Oh my dear come here. Dess please dont let go. Its alright just relax What if I were to sleep in here tonight it might help you calm down. Dont you got work? Yes but it can wait you are the important thing right now. Ok then I'll go sleep on the couch. No I will sleep on the counch you get your rest. Can I ask you something though first? What is it? Do you hate it here? No not at all. I know the palace is a little boring, and I dont spend alot of time away from work but I hope you atleast like it here. Your here so it fits me enough. Very good goodnight Elena we will talk in the morning. Breakfast my lord. Thank you Carson I'm sorry I didnt let you know I was arriving, I was planning on suprisinging you all. Carson can I ask you something before her ladyship wakes? Yes my lord anything. How long has Elena been having these nightmares. How long has her ladyship been living in the house and not with the guards? It's been about 3 years since I asked her to move into here. Then thats how long. And I was restricted from this information because? At the time she had begged me not to inform you. Thank you Carson could you send Anna in please? You asked for me my lord? Yes please sit Anna I dont want to keep you long, How bad are theses nightmares. The one last night was about as bad as the worse I've seen. So they are worse? Normally yes they are. There is crying and yelling and sometimes It takes Mr.Carson to get her to calm down. I see thank you Anna you may go. [What am I gonna do with her] My lord may I say one more thing. Go on? A few days ago her ladyship confide in me about how useless she feels and that besides keeping his lordship company she wished his lordship would use her more. I see thank you Anna, when her ladyship awakes tell her to come in here. Understood my lord. [I have too much to due, perhaps Anna is right If there is something Elena can do I should have her do it. I protect her to much and I can lock her out of my life so I might as well work on it] May I come in? Yes come in please sit, can I get you something to drink? No i'm good. Here eat this. I cant eat it. Please its your favorite and after last night I think you could use some cheering up. I wonder why Miss.Patmore made this for you? Yes I wonder the exact same. Did you sleep well after last night. It was alright I suppose. Sorry I kept you from your work. No its no issue I needed sleep I hadn't for the last three days. three days!? Dess you need to sleep. I know, I know but with my admiral work and the lady minister not to mention recent developements with the burst link I got just too much on my plate. I feel as if my head will explode. I wish I could help out. Actually I got the idea of something, you know how to do paperwork and basic mathematics correct? Yes during my time in the thing we were forced to make fake copies of documents and other things. What if I were to give you the documents for the nearby towns and villages if it isnt too much work. I would love to help you out in anyway I can. Good we will start small and work from them I dont want to overload you. What will this mean? I will have a little more time to myself. Now onto another thing I hate to bring up your past but I need to know, will these nightmares be from what had happened? ...... Yes they are. I see, you dont have to say anything I will wait till the end of time until you are ready to tell me the full story. So I was wondering could we um perhaps go on a walk later tonight around the nearby village. Yes I would like that very much. Also my brother and his friend are coming over for lunch. That should be intresting but um, Dess while you were gone their was a mishap with my wardrobe and the few dresses I have were ruined. Not to worry I'll have Carson book us a trip down to a dress shop. us? Yes I'm gonna be paying for it so I would hope that you be ok with me coming. I would like that very much. Good. *meanwhile in the downstairs kitchen* Daisy hurry up with thoose spices were only got 4 hours till lunch. I dont see why we have to make all of this for just his lordship. Yeah well its what were doing now hurry up. I have good news. Oh really do tell. His lordship seems to have taken the first bait in our little plan. So what now? Now we wait a bit we dont want to do too much in one day or his lordship would get suspicious. How is lunch coming along? Its going as good as its gonna get, I dont know why we have to make the favorites of just her ladyship, how the hell is that suppose to help? Its because when his lordship is eating two things will happen, number one he will eat the dish and be reminded of her or two will look and see her being happy. I still dont see how his lordship will be influenced by this. Honeslty I dont get it why cant they just say it. Say what Daisy? Nothing Mr.Carson we were just... DAISY THE SPICES! Coming Miss.Patmore. * a few hours later* My lord your brother has arrived with Lady Dine. Very good tell him I will be down to eat in a moment. Elena come out and let me see. I look ridicoulous. I think you look beautiful, especially with your hair let down like this. I enjoy it. So this friend of your brother what is important about her? The issue is her family supports the seperatists. I see so we should scarce her off? I never said that now come lets go before he bursts into here. Vero how wonderful it is to see you. And you must be Lady Dine a pleasure to meet with you. Thank you for your time Lord Admiral. Lets eat I am starving. Your always starving when you come to the palace. And who are you? I am Elena Pavan. Its my brothers little consor... Vero. Sorry sorry. Thank you for seeing me on such short notice. Its not worry tomorrow we will be busy packing things up. Packing things up? I'll explain after lunch. It is an oddly harsh winter this year isnt it. Yes it is, Lady Dine how are winters on Mirial? There mild as our planet is more dry that Kuat. I must say though I am suprised that you are so kind my lord. Because of your families background? Yes that is correct. I dislike the republic but I am not a seperatist, I hope that you wont keep Vero from me? Lady Dine I dont believe I should keep him from you on the basis your family supports an opposing side. However I will say this to keep one eye open when your on Kuat. And why is that? Brother? Cause I enjoy playing a little trick or two on my brother and I would hate for you to get trapped in it. Dess do you notice something odd about the lunch? Yes its another one of your favorite dish's, I wonder what Miss.Patmore is up to? They seem to be doing very well togther. They'll me a cute couple. Yes I hope so if the public doesnt find out about the seperatist issue then it will be good for the house. I though you and I had a good image? Yes well a little more wouldnt hurt and besides our image is strictly a mutual relationship of respect. Huh well atleast in public. Dess! You know we can both here you two right? Sorry Vero. * a few hours later* Let me see what you've done on the work. I apologize for it not being up to your standard. No no its good very good a couple small tweaks and It will be good. Thank you, I suppose this means you got some free time? Soon I'll have most of the day. What do you mean? Well the territories elections is wrapping up the ministers have all been elected I'm just waiting for the governor election. Then I will have most of the day free. Thats great what will you do with your free time? I was hoping to be able to train more with the guards again like I used to do right before my mother died, and of course spend some time with family. And what about me? Your family so yes. I'll still kick you butt on the training grounds. Oh now your just asking for it huh. Maybe I am asking for it what it to you. Very funny Elena, but you are right I should be training and fighting more or I might start losing my figure. Yes I would agree would be a shame. A shame for who? Forgive me that shouldnt have been said. .....Are you ready to move tomorrow? You never told me why were packing things up. While I was gone I had sometime to think and decided this palace needs an update. So I and the staff are moving into another estate for a time. I feel like your plotting something? Maybe I am.
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  13. Accessing Documentation ... ... ... ... My lord we have entered Hynestia space. Thank you Carson, Inform me as soon as we touch ground we dont want to keep her highness waiting now do we. Not at all my lord I will inform her ladyship of the same. [ I do hope everything is alright I worry too much] Hynestia Royal Port this is shuttle T-21092 requesting permission to land. Permission will be granted upon the confirmation of your clearance codes. Transmitting clearance codes now. Shuttle T-21092 you are cleared to land at the Palace Hangar bay. Inform her highness the lord admiral is arriving. Yes sir. Will you two keep it down some of us are trying to work. Ah calm down Riff its only the game were watching. Change the channel quickly Why? Just do it already. Fine which channel. 229. Hold on the royal channel why the hell do you want that on Dirtnap. Just change it already. Her grace queen Forsythia of Hynestia greeted his lordship the lord admiral of Kuat from his arrival at the state visit today. As usual both sides of the party were graceful in their meeting. Ok you can change it back. Seriously that was it. Dess ask me to check to make sure the welcome was recieved good so yes that is all. Your majesty. Lord Admiral welcome to Hynestia, I see you brought more company that I was informed? Yes your highness a small change of plans, may I introduce Mr.Carson my butler and this is Lady Pavan a friend of mine. I see then welcome lets head in now. I must say I am shocked they sent you instead of her ladyship. Yes I must apologize on the lady ministers half, recently she has been quite i'll so it was decided that she shouldnt leave Kuat for a time. I see please convey my well wishing. I pressume our talks are still going forwards. Oh yes the houses have agreed to open communications about it which from what I've been we will talk about tomorrow. Yes may I introduce my niece Princess Selena Gran. Your highness. Now everyone please come inside your lordship could you have Lady Pavan and your butler wait in here until we are done. You heard her highness. We will wait there until your return my lord. I hope you dont mind answering a couple question Hynestia has been preparing for this all week. No I will be allright. Good cause their waiting for us. His lordship will only be answering a few questions as he will be needed elsewhere. Will his lordship have a word about recent developments involving his lordships brother? What exactly is Kuat wanting to accomplish with this meeting? Can we expect anything between his Lordship and the Princess Gran? Will his lordship be willing to give an interview during his time on Hynestia? Well I can first I cannot comment on rumours surrounding my brother, second Kuat hopes to strength its ties with many monarchies and continue to build the commonwealth. I will not comment on the third question and should time permit I would be delighted to but I will have Mr.Carson look into it first. Thank you all for your time. Has everything gone well my lord? Yes it has Carson when we have time tonight can you look and see if we have enough time to fit in an interview with the local press tomorrow before we leave.I was hoping this could add a boast to things. I will look into it my lord. Where is Elena? Her ladyship went with her highness the princess to wait in the shuttle for you. Then lets not keep them waiting shall we. So your telling me he did that! OH yes he did, I couldnt help myself but laught he can be such a clumsy man sometimes, well atleast when he isnt in public. Good to know, Thank you for the information I didnt have enough time. Am I missing something? Nothing much your lordship her highness and I were just talking. I see, I apologize your highness I didnt have much time to properly talk back there. No issue Lord Admiral, we should step inside we dont want to keep the Museum waiting. Yes lets. Will your butler be joining us? With his lordship's permission I would like to head to the rooms and prepare them for your arrival. Very well Carson but dont overdue it. Typical Carson. What do you mean by typical? Carson is as hard as stone when it comes to his morals and beliefs. I am going to try to get him to spend some relaxation time tomorrow I'll probably fail but its worth a shot. How amusing. How old is this museum? Not very old my aunt opened it a couple years ago. I think you'll like it. I'm certain I will. *later that day* Now where did I put the necklace. Carson I hope were not interrupting anything? No my lord however I cant seem to find the golden necklace in your luggage. Oh I forgot to pack it sorry about that. I see, how was the museum. It was good besides the press following us all over it taking photos. Her royal highness was fun to speak to. Yes I still wonder what you were talking about? And you'll still be wondering. Shall we get you ready for the Banquet my lord? Yes we should how many layers is it this time. 7 layers my lord. 7 layers in this heat. Kuat gets pretty hot? Yeah but only for half the year Hynestia is always hot. Are you coming to the Banquet? Yes I will do you know where we will be sitting? I know my lady, I checked the hall before you arrived. HIs lordship will be sitting next to the Queen and her ladyship will be next to Count Helden at the end of the table. I wont be near his lordship? Relax you dont have to come we can always say you feel ill. No I want to come. Just keep your head down and if you need to escape just nod to Carson he will help you. *a few hours later* Lords,Ladies and her highness I thank you for this wonderful banquet. Me and my friends are grateful for your hospitality and gracefulness during my stay. I want to reiterate our apologies from Kuat of her ladyship missing the trip. As some may know old age causes problems with ones health. I hope during my stay I can ensure that Kuat and Hynestia continue to develope an everlasting bond and continue each others commitment to the commonwealth of monarchies. For now though a toast to the glourious Queen Forsythia may she live long and have a glourious reign. My lord her ladyship is waiting in the room. I will now depart good day to you all. Help me to the room Carson I am boiling Lord Regno I apologize for any issues with the weather, have a good sleep and you will feel better. Thank you your highness. Your back... are you ok? No I am sweating up a story, that will be all Carson leave us. Understood my lord. I need to get out of this outfit, Elena could you go into your room please. About that. Let me guess only one bedroom? That is correct. I'll sleep on the couch tonight. What are you doing? Undressing. Right infront of me! Elena I feel like a pig in a smoker right now so I'm going to slip into some lose clothing, so either closes your eyes or watch. I think I'll wait outside. Very well. * a few moments later* Ok come in. How was the banquet? Fine I guess, I saw you left after a while is everything alright? Yeah someone kept pushing the question of what house I belonged to. Dont worry I'll push her highness to have you seated next to me for all events Nice pj's. Thank you, Its the one I wear during the summers, the fabric is thinner and less fabric overall allows my body to keep cool. So what are we going to do about you know the one bed thing. Well I see two options one I sleep on the couch or two we sleep in the bed. Were friends aren't we? Yes we are. Then lets share the bed then. Now come here I poured you a drink. Thank you I am gonna need this. It is beautiful outside. Yes almost as beautiful as you. Say again? Huh oh nothing it just you look nice today. I think i'm going to retire now goodnight Dess. * door closes* Stupid stupid stupid. Wait a mintute, I only packed on outfit for sleeping. I'll have to find another one tomorrow. *the next day* Good morning Carson. Good morning my lord how did you sleep. He slept fine I know so he had his arm around me the whole night. I did? Sorry I'm a terrible sleeper when i'm away from Kuat I tend to turn about in my sleep. It's alright it felt nice. Her highness is waiting for you in the garden my lord to discuss the alliance. Then lets not keep her waiting I'll join you all later tonight. Lord Admiral. Your majesty, sorry to keep you waiting the beds are quite well. I hope you and Lady Pavan slept well, I apologize for not having a two-bedroom open. It is alright we worked out a solution. I was hoping we could talk about the issue. Yes we should, I read the proposal I was given and I must say it seems a little one sides to Hynestia. Well that is the thing Kuat needs allies, It needs alliances in the commonwealth to ensure its position, I dont deny it gives up alot but should you agree Kuat will provide. And what of the seperatist monarchs, what is to become of them? You know I can't play favorites when the clone wars ends we must invite them back into the commonwealth and heal. I see. So is that a yes to the proposal? Not yet I will run it by my council first then you will have your answer. Very well, it is a beautiful garden. Thank it was first made by my grandmother, speaking of family how goes the wife hunting. Lets just say the advisors are losing their patience. Might I suggest my neice then or is it too much for you to handel? If I could handel you for a few months I think I can handel anyone. I'll think about it. We should be going, I have good news Hynestia's senate is having an emergency meeting so you will have time for that interview you were wishing for. Oh splended, I was hoping things would work out. You heard what they said correctly Carson? Yes my lady I did the two spoke of a potential marriage between his lordship and her highness. I see, Carson might I ask of you to leave the room. Is everything alright your ladyship? Yes fine, I am 100% all good. Very well your ladyship. [I will have to inform his lordship] *several hours later* Carson there you are I was hoping to catch you here is everything alright? Yes my lord however her ladyship has been in her room the whole day. Why has someone upset her? Not exactly my lord her I had overheard you conversation with her majesty and her ladyship asked me to inform her. Oh dear, I will speak to her Carson have a goodnight. Goodnight your lordship. *knock knock* Go away Carson. It's me. Come to see me off. What is the matter you were so happy this morning. Nothing is wrong I apologize. No something is wrong Elena I can hear it in your voice. I've heard you found a match. Ah so thats what Carson overheard. Yeah so how happy is the new lady Regno? Oh i'm not marrying her. Your not? No, Elena on Kuat the word king is seen as a bad thing because of what happened all thoose years ago. So is the title of prince, It would be a number of issues if I were to marry her. And besides I think my heart already belongs to another. Really wh... for god sakes man put your clothing back on. I wish I could it appears I mistakenly packed only one so I will have to well you can guess. Uh-huh sure you forgot to pack more than one just come to bed. I'm sorry we couldnt spend much time together the events ran late today. No no its fine, how was the interview. It went well I think I wont know till we get back home. Are you going to keep looking away this whole time. Yes I am, your a lord and I'm a lower class it would be wrong. It's already wrong were in the same bed. You have a point thank god theirs no windows in this room. Yes it is I feel like her highness did this just incase. Yes well i'm going to bed keep to your side of the bed this night. I though you enjoyed having me wrapped around you? Yeah when your fully dressed. Fair. *the next day* Dess get off me what did I say last night. Sorry. *knock knock* Who is it? Its me my lord. Its like 6 in the morning Carson the breakfast isnt till 9 Yes your lordship her highness has already been informed, your needed back on Kuat now. What has happened. The Lord General never said, I have already packed everything into the shuttle and we can go as soon as your dressed. Elena get up Why whats the matter. Something has happened back home, once I figure things out I will tell you but we need to be going. Ok ok im getting up. You dont need to change just get to the shuttle. What about you? I'm in nothing but the undershorts I will be there in a bit. How long ago did it happen. From what I was told her maid found her in the hallway at midnight. We have her in the shipyards hospital under heavy guard. Has her ladyships heir been notified? Yes your correct. However we both now he isnt ready yet to rule even for this short time. So down you haven't even told me what happened. In short the lady minister has suffered a stroke and entered into a coma. We dont know how long until she recovers. Yes and thats why the heir is here correct? You know the heir is young and unfit to rule, not to mention how self absorbed he is. I already spoken with the lord general. And? In this time of uncertainty he is willing to support for a time you being the head of the houses until her ladyship recovers. And what if she doesn't? Then we will have to trust that she does. We should put this to a vote, we did it the same way the last time a Lord Admiral have to take over the role of the Minister. Yes I agree we need to make this as legal as possible. I have no doubt once her ladyship wakes she will be furious over this and will seek revenge. Lets hurry I am needed back on the Burst Link. The houses will now come to order. With her ladyship unable to continue her duties this house must make a choice, do we allow the heir to Lady Dalle take over the position until her ladyships condition improves or her death or do we past the torch temporarily to His Lordship the Lord Admiral until the same conditions are met. As I am the Lord Admiral I am unable to vote on this matter as such a majority vote is required from the remaining 10 houses. All of thoose in favour say I I I I I I I I All of thoose opposed say Nay Nay Nay Nay It is clear by a majority vote the I's have it as of now Dessimus H Regno will assume the title of both Lord Admiral and Lord Minister, until her ladyships health improves or her death upon which point the lord admiral will agree to step down from the title of Lord Minister and pass it to the heir of Lady Dalle. This meeting is now over. You will lay down the title right? Yes Lord Halifax I have no intrest in stealing her title. Now if you excuse me I am needed home.
  14. Accessing Documentation ... ... ... ... Lord Admiral how are you? Better now Lord General. Where is her ladyship? Her ladyship had to leave an emergency and had to leave. We should speak first before the rest of the houses arrive. Yes I had a terrible feeling this was the direction we would be going in. I have told you once I have told you again I will not compromise on this issue now please if there is anything else. You know damm well what will happen if this passes it will bring revolution. Your overeacting on the matter. I am not. My lords the other houses have arrived I on behalf of the Lady Minister apologize for her missing today's vote, An emergency had come up. Now onto the matter at hand, the time period has been halted and the houses must vote now. Lady Anteds you have the floor Thank you Lord Regno. After careful deliberation the lower lords have voted in a 4-2 favour for the decision. As such I am to say that the Lower Lords vote Yes. Very good Lord Vane you have the floor now. Thank you Lord Regno. After short deliberation the Center Lords have voted in a 2-3. As such I am to say that the Central Lords vote No. Very well Lord Vane, With both houses nearing deadlock it is up to the upper lords to decide on the matter. Lord Halifax you can have the floor first. Thank you Lord Regno, I cast my vote for the no one the matter. Very well, as her ladyship isnt here I must count her vote as abstained. THATS RUBBISH AND YOU KNOW IT! Order! Lord Cardas sit down sir, you know the rules and a member of the lords can not be standing while the highest ranking Lord is standing. As I am the last vote I cast my vote in the yay catagory. With a deadlock we shall vote the count individually. As such with a vote ofr 7 in favour and 6 against the yays have it. Individual lords and ladies may now set up democractic parliaments in their own territories. *sounds of shouting and booing* ORDER ORDER CALMMMMMMMM. With no other business for today I am calling this meeting over good day to you all. You know damm well if her ladyship was here this vote would have ended in a deadlock. Yes Lord Halifax but she isnt and the rules clearly state that if a Lord or Lady fails to show up or send a representative then their vote in all matters will be counted as abstained. Goodday Lord General I am needed back home. Where to your lordship? Regno Palace and make it quick driver before someone the media attempts to stop us. Driver stop here I think ill go threw the backway. *knock knock* Your lordship welcome back. Thank you Kenston, do you know where Carson is by any chance? Right here your lordship, the advisors are on the phone their waiting for you in the hologram room Gentlemen this is a suprise we weren't meant to meet till next week. Yes your lordship however with the recent vote we decide it was best to go over a couple things before next week. Very well go on My lord with the vote having passed we already begun the election process for the new parliament and with your permission we would like to construct a new building to host these meetings. Yes go on with the construction, How many are running? We have deicided to break up the lands into 30 territories each sending 2 members to represent them a junior member and senior member. Very good and the race for governor? Currently its between the torries and labour parties a Mr.Galichan and a Mr.Hulligan Very interesting good luck to each, anything else? Yes my lord there is one other thing about your lordships brother. Yes what has he done this time. Recently his grace was seen going out with a noble women from Mirial. Now we fear that their might be some problems with it. Because the planet has sided with the seperatists? Exactly your lordship with your permission we can rein in his grace and ensure this doesnt move forward. Have my brother come to here for lunch lets say in three days. I will speak to him then and make the best choice, is that all? Yes your lordship we will leave it to you now. So what are you up to. Your already out of bed? You know me I dont like to be off my feet for long, so what was that about. Nothing much just the advisors. Tell me about it. Well first if you havent seen that vote passed the lords, Individual lords can now set up their own local governments. Meaning? It means I will have more time off now that I can dump most of the work onto this parliament. Thats good you wont have to work so hard. What dont think I cant handel it? No I know you can. Heh look at us joking about like this. Reminds me of the old days when we were children. Yeah, so the other thing? My brother is courting a Mirialan. Huh so its a problem he isnt courting a human then. No not in my eyes its more of politics cause the Mirialan side with the seperatists. Ah I was thinking for a second that someone had kidnapped you and was impersonating you. Oh that wouldnt be so bad just think maybe then you could beat me. Beat you in what? You know exactly what. Oh no your asking for it why dont we go out and decide this now. I wish I could, *sigh* I have to meet with Hardney and go over the Hynestia trip Its is happening next week. Speaking of upcoming things I was thinking you and I could go out. Out like a... Oh great heavens no just as friends I have some business on Alderran in a few days and as such I have to head over there with Carson, of course you know Carson. Yes but what about it? Well I was hoping to go to the countryside while I was there and I was hoping you could come with me. I would love too. Wonderful I'll tell Carson to bring Anna if you want. Perhaps we should just go ourselves. What only you and me? Yeah it will be fun and besides I think Carson deserves a vacation. Dont say that near him you will give him a heart attack. Well? Yes alright we'll go just the two of us. Now I really need to go or Hardney will have my head for it. Mr.Hardney your lordship. Hardney good to see you again, I trust your trip was well? Yes my lord it went well. Onto business then? Yes lets. First I hate some unfortunate news. Her ladyship has moved the trip to this week you will be departing tomorrow. Oh dear me and Elena were planning to spend some time together. I suppose we will have a bit of time during the visit. Yes my lord onto the trip itself, First you will be heading to visit the royal family at their palace in the capital city, followed by a tour of the Hynestia Royal Museum by the Princess Selana Gan. Afterwhich you will attend a state banquet and say this speech to the royal house. Let me see the speech. Yes I see quite well made Hardney again. Yes my lord, the next day you will walk the palace grounds with her highness. You will then join them to the Hynestia Royal Base to watch troop movements and discuss an alliance for Kuat and Hynestia. The tour will end with a visit to Hynestia's Senate building to give a speech infront of its members. Following this you will return to your room in the royal palace and leave the following day after a breakfast banquet. I see well thank god I have Elena coming with me. Your bringing her ladyship? Yes I am and Carson but you already knew that of course why? Well everything is set my lord so we wont be able to find another room for her ladyship. Another night on the couch for me then. Is that all Hardney? Yes it is my lord thank you for your time. Dinner is ready my lord shall I have someone bring it up to your room. Have mine be sent with Elena's I'll eat with her and go over the tour. Very well my lord. *knock knock* Might I come in. Yeah sure come in I see you had your dinner brought in. Well I rather not eat alone especially with you right over. I do have some unfortunate news though. Whats wroung? The push up the Hynestia trip to tomorrow so we will have to cancel the Alderran trip. I am having Carson pack up some things. I see tell him not to pack the helmet. Seriously? Yes seriously, this is an state visit I dont want Kuat to look silly. You would do that for me I know how much keeping your face hidden means to you. Of course I would do anything for you. I see. Will we have any time to ourselves? A little bit mostly on the second day. Dont worry I've heard his highness is preparring a couple things for us to do. And what about Carson what will he be doing? Well I am going to try and get him to relax a bit when were not in public. Thats like getting a gundark to go vegan. Yes that is true I suppose but hey If I can get him to sit down for a bit I will be happy.
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