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  1. CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX: SAFE RETURN HOME Entry #1080: A bright portal opens before my eyes. I had been stuck there again, the same place I had been stuck in a year prior. This time, I thought I would probably be stuck for good, seeing no way out. When the portal opened before me, I actually let out a sigh of relief. Going through the portal, I instantly felt my connection to the force flood my body. I was in the right universe, but where exactly was I? Moments after I departed from the portal I hear a familiar hum fill the air. A squadron of republic fighters filled the air, another good sign to see. If I was going to return to the Hells Venator I needed to follow them. They move faster than I ever could, so I marked the direction in which they'd been headed. From the distance I could make out a port side city. This must be where they are headed to refuel, or even possibly a republic outpost. From the looks of the planet, it isn't heavily populated, meaning its most likely an outpost for the republic. I began to follow the path of the ships and in no time arrived outside the city. Looking around I noticed a familiar face amongst the crowd. Monarch, the commanding officer for the Hells Venator piloting branch had been escorting the shuttle I noticed prior. Upon reaching him, he told me "Long Time No See". I brushed this off as sarcasm, but what he said next left me questioning. He said he had just seen me a few days ago. I thought to myself, maybe I wasn't in there for very long? But I checked the dates and I was corrected, I had been in there for four months. Someone has taken my place and my name, but who?
  2. Steam Name: Kong SteamID: STEAM_0:1:92183832 Hours played on the server: Old Serverbox: 19+ weeks New Serverbox: 2w 23h 42m (As of writing this) Do you have any previous experience moderating servers?: Roughly 2016, I was Head Admin for Kryptonic ZombieRP but since then I’ve had no real moderating experience. I’ve been an EM for the server for quite a while, and I find myself familiar with the rules and the experience of other players. For the brief period of time that BLN Samurai RP was around, I was given Superadmin to manage things on the server if that counts as well. What made you interested in applying for Staff ?( 100 word minimum): I’ve been an EM for quite a while and I’ve done quite a lot of maturing since my first time joining BLN. Initially, the first time joining I was a toxic little kid who was Resh Jr, running around the ship with a gun and Resh’s model. Now, I’m almost 19 and have been an active member in the community for nearly the full entirety of BLN and have been here throughout the development of BLN. From my perspective, I want to apply for staff to better allow myself to help BLN, being a part of the staff team in order to usher along players and uphold the rules as the server continues to develop even more. In addition to my help on the staff team, I’ve contributed a lot to the player base alone and would like to continue to do so. Typically something seen in the past, I’d like to host public SIMs on the regular to help occupy players in between events. I’ve devised a cool point system for battalions that take part in it and would really like to usher this along with other staff possibly helping me to host this and monitor it. Overall, this is just one of many ideas I’d like to see done to bring the community closer. On a side note, if I am not accepted onto the staff team at this point in time, I’d love to hear feedback on how I can improve in the future in order to become a member one day (I planned to post this 3 weeks after leaving EM but realized I won't be home for that time, so instead I'm posting it now, 2+ weeks after)
  3. CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE: SIDEWAYS Entry #1709: It has been so long since I wrote in this journal. Since my last writing, I've regained the ranking of Jedi Master and have formed a new high council. Jedi Master Nydo of the N.N. Venator, Jedi Master Sendil of Mon Cala, and Jedi Master Lighthaven of Mierda Gran Bretana now fill the seats of the high council. The former masters either resigned or quit, leaving me to take the sole responsibility of rebuilding where they left off. Since then, I believe my memory has been restored in full. Its all so clear now, my life before. I can remember back to the day I joined to the day I left. The Jedi Council wants to promote me to the rank of High Master, but I have vetoed this till a proper time has come, but ironically it looks like there won't be one any time soon. The Nexus that sucked me away into another realm was reactivated. I hid it underneath the Jedi Temple so that I could keep and eye on it, but it seems it got past me none the less. A former Jedi Knight, Rerick Raisuun, attacked the temple leaving almost fifteen Jedi deceased. He ripped pages from my journal, to which held knowledge on the Nexus. He wanted to activate it, but simply didn't know how. I left that knowledge out of my journal, meaning he needed me to open it. With his saber to Master Nydos throat, I had to intervene and activate it to spare his life. In doing so, I overcharged the Nexus key in order to unstablize the Nexus once more. He lost his focus on the other Jedi, leaving him to focus on me. As he used the force to choke the life from me, I overloaded the key. It blew up in our faces, causes us to get sucked into the other realm. For me, I've been here once before and knew the consequences of this world. Here, there seems to be something disabling our connection to the force. I thought I had been too weak before, that my injuries I sustained had caused it, but it was simply the world we were in. I don't know what causes this property, but neither he or myself could access the force to end one another. From the other side of the Nexus, the Jedi attempted to pull be out, instead pulling Rerick out instead. He tore my bionic hand from me, taking it with him to the other side. In doing so, Rerick didn't realize the consequence of going through while it was unstable, but luckily he didn't have to live much longer to find out. The Clone forces gunned him down, leading for a swift death on his end. If he were to survive, he'd suffer a fate worse than death. I am now stuck yet again in this realm, with the nexus being closed off. The Jedi managed to throw both my saber and journal through to me, before it fully sealed off. Luckily, non-living objects seem to be fine when transferring through the nexus as its unstable, just not the living. I cannot tap into my connection to the force here, meaning I will have to fall back on my survival skills I have learned long ago. I must find some form of civilization, and possibly find the men I knew once before who helped me escape last time. I will also need to find another Nexus opening, as this one has been collapsed and sealed for good. This might take me some time, as the force has always been there to guide me in times of need. I must go back to my former routes and figure out the Nexuses location the old fashion way. It won't be easy, but it will need to be done if I am to go home. This planet seems barren from how I last remember it. Time travels much faster here than it does in the normal realm, meaning I will age at a significantly faster rate as well. Hopefully I can find another Nexus before my already grey hairs turn white. I'm too old as it is, I don't need people becoming concerned of my age. If Grandmaster Yoda can be so spry for almost 900 years old, I certainly can do just the same at 215. It's quite funny if you think of it. People back home think I'm much younger than I am simply due to my size and the fact that my data-log says so. If anything, it should teach them not to trust everything they read, unless it comes directly from me. Well, I've got a bit of traveling to do and its getting dark. I will need to find shelter and a possible food supply. The limited MREs in my backpack will only suffice for a week, so I better get use to fishing. Sorry Master Sendil.
  4. @ Zhidus [BLN] Content Pack 7: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1292854229 - Crow Hilt (models/crow/crowhilt.mdl) - Knowledge Hilt (models/know/know.mdl) [BLN] Content Pack 5: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1185383970 - Darth Grenth (models/wos/lct/weapons/lightsabers/darthgrenth.mdl) - Darth Grenth Dual (models/wos/lct/weapons/lightsabers/darthgrenthdual.mdl) - Vengence (models/wos/lct/weapons/lightsabers/vengence.mdl) - Double Vengence (models/wos/lct/weapons/lightsabers/doublevengence.mdl) - Rowes Blade (models/wos/lct/weapons/lightsabers/rowesblade.mdl) - Rowes Blades (models/wos/lct/weapons/lightsabers/rowesblades.mdl) - Descendant'sheirloom Dual Saber (models/swtor/arsenic/lightsabers/descendant'sheirloomdualsaber.mdl) - Desolator Starforge Dual Saber (models/swtor/arsenic/lightsabers/desolator'sstarforgeddualsaber.mdl) - Devastator Doublebladed Saber (models/swtor/arsenic/lightsabers/devastator'sdoublebladedlightsaber.mdl) - Skiajati Hilt (models/player/gary/bln/starwars/weapons/w_skiajati_hilt.mdl) anzatis lightsaber pack: (My Custom RIGGED Hilt is in here) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2045270509&searchtext=anzati - Ogara Pike (models/bln/anzati/lightsabers/ogarapike.mdl) The man who rigged it gave me consent too rip it out of the pack he put it in.
  5. Type of Bug: Nerf Severity Level (1-3): 1.5 Description of the Bug: Stacking of Force Surge can apply multiple affects too a single person and give unfair health. How to recreate: Rather than have Force Surge increase health by a percentage, maybe have it increase by 150 HP. Screenshots or other evidence [Optional]: During an event two nights ago, three Jedi at the same time used Force Surge and catapulted my Health too nearly 50,000 HP. This lasted forever, waiting until Resh force reset my health. (As well as the Speed ability, it could also be set to a decimal change rather than percentage.)
  6. Type of Bug: Missing Content Severity Level (1-3): 1 Description of the Bug: The previous donator hilts for Jedi are no longer in the content packs. These were hilts Resh added too the server that could be donated for. How to recreate: Re-add them too the server. Screenshots or other evidence [Optional]: It's in the old content packs. They are a bunch of more HD weird looking hilts.
  7. Jedi Order Discord: https://discord.gg/33jcaTz43z
  8. Good morning, afternoon, and night everyone, As the previous administration lead by Clayton Carmine, Zana Yujo, and Jin Silv'nner comes to an end, any previous document about the Jedi Order is no longer active. Former rosters, rules, and anything retaining to the Jedi Order are now invalid. I make this post to publicly announce the new administration lead by myself and the new implements that will now be uncovered. Starting now, the Jedi Order has a new discord. All community members are allowed within the discord. As well as the new announcement of the Jedi Discord, I have removed the rule denying clones access to the Jedi Floor. All Clones, no longer regarding what rank, will be allowed to wander the Jedi Floor. Temple Guard will be stationed outside of entry points to ensure no foul play is at hand and to make sure you don't get lost in our Holocron Vault. Regarding Jedi 2nd Life, if you are interested in joining you can DM either Knight Sendil or myself. We have limited slots, so please contact us as soon as you see this. Thank you, - Caesar O'gara
  9. Class Format: Attendance: Reskov, Sendil, Ceneric, Zerrid, Felix, Leviathan Teachers: Caesar O'gara Lesson of Class: Basics of Combat and Danger-Zones Date of Class: 7/18/2021
  10. Class Format: Attendance: Nocard Vizla, Sendil Teachers: Caesar O'gara Lesson of Class: Basics of Combat and Force Abilities Date of Class: 7/15/2021
  11. Person being promoted: Trainee Zerrid Yessik -> Initiate Zerrid Yessik Promoted by: Clayton Carmine Date Promoted: 7/13/2021 2ND LIFE
  12. Person being promoted: Trainee Felix Keyes -> Initiate Felix Keyes Promoted by: Clayton Carmine Date Promoted: 7/13/2021 2ND LIFE
  13. Person being promoted: Initiate Leviathan -> Padawan Leviathan Promoted by: Knight Caesar O'gara Date Promoted: 6/19/2021
  14. Level 4 Inhabitable Planet Nickname: World of Ice 'Agoliba Ena' Planet Name: Agoliba Ena Planetary System: Agoliba-Tu System Primary Terrain: Ice & Snow Current Inhabitants: Verglas Organization [HOSTILE] Cleknoin Race [NEUTRAL] Republic Outpost: J3184 [ALLY] Republic Outpost: K8591 [ALLY] "The planets people seem to be a very quiet bunch of individuals. When attempting communication with them they seemed disturbed by our hospitality, almost as if it is a foreign thing for a person to do. Similar to this planet's nature, the people are very cold and isolated from each other. Not even the children of this planet showed any signs of remorse or hospitality towards one another. The one person we got answers from about the planet was named 'Larff Gremden' who worked for the people as their form of marshal. He told us that an organization called the 'Verglas' had been helping the people to survive the planet's harsh cold and that they told the people not to trust any other form of government but their own. It'd seem that the Republic won't be treated too well here. Best keep to ourselves and settle our outposts in a far-off location that won't disturb the natives." - Ensign Briggs [Coruscant, Naval Intelligence Office] "Agobliba Ena is a cold and decollate planet, filled with people who wish they weren't there just as much as us. Both of our Republic Outposts are used as research facilities and storage units for anything that we'd need so far out in this system, most of the time though these old facilities get no use to them and we then remain here. I hear over at Republic Outpost: J3184 that they've found a whole load of stuff from the eras before us Clones. Makes you wonder whether or not I got assigned to the shittier facility of the two, they have way more stuff to do over there than just freezing their ass off. - CT SGT 5718 [Republic Outpost: K8591] "We've made contact with a somewhat hostile group of men. They wore armor similar to that of Mandalorian, but when asked about such armor they said they had no affiliation with the Mandalorian. Instead, they said the design of the armor came from their ancestor's history on this planet. Out from this group of men came one of them in a blue set of armor. He seemed to be their leader. He claimed his name to be 'O'Cyrus Verglas'. He told us that his family had formerly ruled over this planet and its people, and looked to bringing joy back to the people who inhabited it. He asked us to stay out of his way, as the Republic would serve the Cleknoin people no good. As this man was talking, his men seemed to be scanning our area. This was an obvious sign of mistrust, so we asked them to vacate the area. They complied and flew off with their jetpacks to a ship in the distance." - CT SGT 5718 [Republic Outpost: K8591]
  15. Biographical Information Galactic Republic Database Name: Caesar O'gara Name: Kryten 'Koba' O'gara Aliases: Tree Gremlin (Alpha 14), Floor Licker (Alpha 14), Crossed-Eyed Furry Fuck (Alpha 14), The Watcher (Koriand'r Stratton) D.O.B: 31 BBY D.O.D: N/A Homeworld: N/A Physical Description Species: Symeong Gender: Male Height: 129cm (4'3") Hair Color: Brownish/Grey Eye Color: Green Chronological and Political Alliances - Jedi Order - Republic Commandos - 108th Centurion Task Force - 5th Fleet Affiliation(s) - The Jedi Order (Jedi Master) - ESU Clone Ordnance Specialists (Referent) - 7th Marine Brigade (Jedi General) - Republic Commando's (Jedi Advisor) - 108th Centurion Task Force (Jedi General) - 5th Fleet (Jedi General) Currently: [ALIVE] Former Master: Guardian Koriand'r Stratton, Vice-Grandmaster Crow Apprentices: [REDACTED] Family: Father - Ander O'gara Mother - Flekar O'gara Sister - Flarnen O'gara Background/Personality: ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ 'Caesar O'gara' Former Jedi Master Level 4 Security Clearance 11 BBY - ACTIVE Origin: -unknown- Species: Symeong Lightsaber: "An odd long wood looking saber with a purple rippling blade coming from both ends. Unlike other pike wielders, O'gara held it as if it was a single blade, using the back blade keenly as a defensive nature." Force Sensitivity: "O'gara started his training knowing very little of the force. From the time he was a knight, it seemed as if he was going to become another Guardian for the Jedi Order, but something changed in him. He quickly began to adapt to the nature of the force and use it tactically. By his time as a Consular he was on the path to becoming the Head Consular. Often times you could find him in the library at the Jedi Temple reading up on different aspects of the force, becoming quite the intellectual in his field. By the time of his departure from the Burst Link his force sensitivity began to rival that of Mace Windu." Fighting Style: "The nature of O'gara's fighting style varies between his mindset. When using his basic set of training from that of former Master Koriand'r Stratton, he's seen using a blend of Ataru and Makashi. His second nature is something we've not been able to mark down fully yet. From old recordings of the former Jedi Master Crow, it seems he has somehow learned his fighting style. This other fighting style is very slow paced at the beginning, but launches in with a ballistic barrage of deep strikes through an opponent. O'gara's fighting nature is hard to track and copy, as he's not usually seen dueling as he's been quoted to call it "a last resort"." Along with his knowledge of a saber, Caesar has appeared to pick up training with a sniper rifle from the Republic Commandos and had become quite sufficient with it, enough so that he's helped in the training of other Republic Commando's sniping." Communication Methods: "O'gara is noted to have come from a race of beings that use their hands, body language, and other noises made by the body to communicate. When attempting to learn basic, O'gara struggled, only learning to speak a broken version of basic. To other Jedi, it seems as if O'gara is speaking perfectly fine, but to clones its as if he's hardly ever speaking or using small phrases to communicate. This is due to O'gara using the nature of the force to communicate with his fellow Jedi better. Through a form of force empathy, O'gara makes it so that the other Jedi around him understand him perfectly fine, but for Clones he does not use this, as the Clones lack a connection to the force. Normally at times, you can see O'gara staying close to CT-5241, as this clone has spent enough time with O'gara to understand his broken language. CT-5241 will do most of the speaking with other Clones for O'gara." Notable Feats: - Holding the broken remains of a Munificient falling from orbit for fifteen seconds before nearly passing out due to exhaustion, allowing the clones time to escape from beneath it. - Tracking down a artifact of the force while remaining within the Jedi Temple, meditating and projecting his mind outward in an attempt to find it. - Force healing Jedi Sentinel Zana who was within seconds of death, although was aided by the use of a tea-remedy he learned from his master. - Notable in the use of Jedi Agriculture, seen growing herbs that would help treat wounds and to clear the mind of its users long enough to preform more precise force feats. - Creating a force barrier that had been held up long enough to allow for a full EVAC off of the Venator as the CIS attacked from all angles. Relationships: Koriand'r Stratton: His former Jedi Master, teaching him from a young age in secrecy on his home-planet at the request of the Jedi Council. Caesar views Stratton as the closest individual to him, time and time proving again to put his faith in her to do the right thing. Much of O'gara's personality come from Stratton, definitely the stubborn nature. Too this day, O'gara is one of the only people she'd show her face too after her incident with Count Dooku. High Master Pembleton: Pembleton was the individual to promote O'gara to the rank of Master, also the individual he looked up to in terms of the force. Following in his footsteps, O'gara studied much of Pembleton's teachings to further his comprehension of the force. Consular Jethro Lang: A great loss in the life of O'gara. Jethro and O'gara had grown together within the Jedi Order, with both rising to the rank of Consular. After the crispy death of Jethro, O'gara truly understood the nature of transcending to the force, and accepted death as a part of every great Jedi's journey. CT-5241 "Victoriam": Victoriam is a brother to O'gara, being the closest person to him. In multiple situations O'gara has put his neck on the line and himself in danger to pull Victoriam out of tough situations. Both Victoriam and O'gara have each others backs, forming a two man Republic Commando squad known as Violet Team. Together, they work on the battlefield together to create a nearly unstoppable duo. In the following year after Caesars disappearance, Victoriam was considered a free-lancer for the Republic Army, being sent on solo missions. After this time, Caesar and Victoriam would never meet again. CT-A14 "Mustang": Although not having the closests relationship, O'gara respects Mustang greatly. Often times O'gara would pull Mustang out of near death experiences, with Mustang responding that he was a creature that "evolved backwards out his asshole". With that, O'gara still respects him for his leadership, and hopes that the clone reciprocated it, even if O'gara did shit in his helmet when he called him a "skinless rat" once. General Resh: An odd relationship. Both individuals have met each other multiple times, with them often forgetting the existence of each other each time. Despite this, they both hold value in each other and have often gone on 'secret-missions' together. Former Jedi Vice-Grandmaster Crow: Both individuals have gone at it multiple times before, with both coming close to ending each other. O'gara understands the mindset that Crow has found himself in, knowing that he doesn't mean to be the bad guy but believes that what he's doing is far greater than what he's willing to inflict. Crow has been noted to have factored a small percentage of his force sensitivity and granted it to O'gara to allow him to comprehend a lightsaber forms that allows the force to flow through him as he fights, in an elegant display. Master Clayton Carmine: Both individual grew up within the Jedi Order together, with Clayton reaching the rank of Knight before him. O'gara and Clayton were known to but heads with one another on ideals and knowledge of the force, until they were both Master and began to appreciate ones own strengths. During this period of time Clayton shined over O'gara, until O'gara began to hone his skills. While not admitting it, Caesars connection to the force is far superior to Claytons, with Caesars knowledge of the force being more in-depth as well. O'gara once believed Clayton could take his place, as his successor, but soon came to the realization that this was not the case. Hence forth, Caesar has had no communication with Clayton. The Clone Forces: While O'gara holds the countability and respect of the clones in high regard, it doesn't reciprocate both ways. Often the Clones don't understand O'gara, which is partially due to the broken language that he speaks. While also receiving insults for the nature of his being, O'gara is still willing to help Clones in need, truly seeing that they are unique in all different ways. 501st Clone Forces: A notably and respected battalion to O'gara. Often these clones are the only of those who aren't to insult O'gara for his nature, with O'gara even earning the trust of the 501st Commander Acapella, a man who has often shown hesitation with other Jedi. Its noted that O'gara has saved quite a handful of 501st in the past from catastrophic situations, but never sat around waiting for a thank you, only wanting to do what was right. O'gara has had multiple other encounters, but has yet to document them.
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