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  1. Steam Name: -[FF/BLN]-GoldenTheBox SteamID: STEAM_0:1:72629263 Hours played on the server: 352 hours ( 1 week 6 days 16 hours 29 minutes) as of me making this. What is your age? 19 Do you have previous experience as a staff member on other servers? I was a Mod and Admin on an old Dark/Meth RP server from about 5 or so years ago (The server in question has since shut down) But that is all I've had in terms of Gmod Servers. What attributes can you bring to our server? I can bring a positive and light heart approach to being Staff, but when serious methods are needed I will flip on a dime. I understand when there's a time to mess around and a time to act serious. Do you think you're mature enough to be a moderator for our server? Yes I do believe I am mature enough to be a mod, Since I do have experience with being staff on servers(not just gmod) I know what is expected of me. Will you be active on our server? Of course, BLN is the only server I play on Gmod. Plus I don't have much in terms of IRL issues so I'm usually able to get on everyday. Do you have a microphone that you can use to communicate and quickly solve problems? Yes, I have a fully functional Blue Yeti Microphone. Do you know all the rules for the server? Yes, I make sure to check them every now and again for any changes or updates to the rules. Do you think our community respects you enough to become a moderator on the server? Though I cant speak for the people in the community I believe I am respected by most, however like I said I cannot speak for everyone. Have you ever been punished on our server? If so, what were you punished for? I have one warning to my name, but I'm pretty sure it was just Resh messing around because it doesn't explain what it was for and it was a really long time ago. Why should we promote you to staff? I joined this server one and a half years ago, and ever since I joined this server I fell in love with it. The players messing around and the staff running the server are always so great and honestly I don't think I'd play Gmod as much if I hadn't joined this server. That being said, since I've been on this server I always wanted to try and become staff to help make the server better than it already was. I love being able to help people with problems and allowing others to have a better experience on the server. I'm a very cheerful and easy to talk to person. The staff are great and almost always make me laugh whenever we are talking. This also goes with the troopers of BLN, everyone is always playing and messing around, there's hardly ever a bad day I have on this server which just makes me love it even more. The reason I'm applying for staff is to not only help people, but to give the same hilarious and awesome experiences I've had on here to the new/soon to be players of BLN, even if I never do become staff I'll still come back to this server and play on it till I can't anymore! I've met so many great and amazing people playing on here and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
  2. In-Game Name: SPC JNCO 4127 Snake Steam name: HikingWorm (Snake) Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:79380490 Age: 18 Timezone: EST Why do you want to apply? (100 words minimum): I'm submitting an application because I absolutely love crafting events. Storytelling, acting, script writing, etc. are all my passion. I adore the process of creating an event from the ground up and seeing people play through it, experiencing your story, and enjoying what you've set up for them. It is one of few things I enjoy to a point where I dump hundreds of hours into it. To make a long explanation short, I want to be an EM because I love being an EM. Why should we accept you? (125 words minimum): I have just shy of 1800 hours in Gmod. I have spent countless hours on different servers running events that have drawn many, many players. I have experience on Revival HaloRP back during its prime when it was averaging 90 players. I GM'd for wolf networks when they averaged 50~ players, and I GM'd for Geetsly's Imperial when they average 40~. I've worked with the best and worst players in the game, and I know how to work my way around all sorts of obstacles. I've done work for a few small youtubers to produce content for their channels, and I've been asked many times to perform events specifically for fan creations. What ideas do you have for new events?: Too many to put into words. I have an idea for an event that I would particularly love to do where droids attack a key Republic coaxium (hyperfuel) refinery facility, and the clones must deploy and repel the attackers. The clones are deployed VIA LAAT and push into the facility, dropping droids and defending the fuel tanks while Republic commando's and ARC work their way towards the anti-air emplacements to try and take down the droid capital ships, and take down key strategic weaknesses in the enemy forces. I love doing larger events like this, and have others like it on mind. Are you willing to do events every 2 days or less?: I'm usually on later in the night as I work evenings, but I'd be able to do at least an event every 2 days, and most likely more than this. Do you have previous experience as Gamemaster at all?: As I stated previously in the application, I have extraordinary amounts of GM experience on many servers. Overall community time: 13 hours and counting. Time played on the current server: 13 hours. Will you commit your off-time to moderate if needed? I'd love to, and I'm honestly glad this is an option as being a GM powerless to help staff is a pet peeve of mine. If the help is needed, I will do it. Are you Staff on any other servers: Not at this time. Will you continue to play on the servers if you are demoted? (This won't change much) Of course, it's a very fun server.
  3. Steam Name: Nforce Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:27629877 Character Name: Nett'thoi Turr What whitelists are you currently apart of?: Citizen. How long have you been playing Half-Life 2 Roleplay?: uh.. around two years? How long have you been playing on our servers?: A few hours. Why do you want to be a Vortigaunt?:I just love the experience of playing as one.. Vortigaunts interest me for some reason, and I love role playing as one. I just hope I can make it through the application process. Do you have any experience playing a Vortigaunt?: Indeed. I have around 5 or so months of Vortigaunt role playing experience. Give an example of Vortigaunt Roleplay (Enslaved and Freed): Nett'thoi Turr begins to pickup trash on the street, seemingly having a sad expression on its face. Somehow. Nett'thoi Turr walks to the trashcan, pushing the trash down the can. It seems to cough twice. Nett'thoi Turr begins to take its broom out, attempting to sweep dust and trash into the dustpan Nett'thoi Turr begins to walk over to a trashcan, dumping the dustpan into the trash. Coughing once. Nett'thoi Turr does the process seemingly over and over, until the Protection Unit says that it is done. Nett'thoi Turr slides down the ladder leading to the sewers. Nett'thoi Turr shifts its eye around multiple times to look for any neglected food, and/or headcrabs. Nett'thoi Turr walks to the left of itself, still shifting its eye around. Nett'thoi Turr finds a dead headcrab, neglecting it, and disliking it because it's dead, but tanks through eating the rotting meat. Nett'thoi Turr begins to meditate after eating the headcrab, sitting next to the place it ate it. Nett'thoi Turr gets up, and goes around for a walk to find anymore food. Nett'thoi Turr doesn't find any more food, so it goes back up the ladder, exiting the sewers. Give an example for a proper Enslaved Vortigaunt roleplaying description: A hunched, greenish-brown creature. It appears to have a large red eye, with four smaller ones on its peculiar head. It appears to be malnourished, and looks to be at the height of 4'11. If you look behind it, you can see small scars on its back. The creature appears to have three arms and two legs, each with a set of claws on each of them. Which pronouns do Vortigaunts not use?: she, her, him, it. Do you know the basics of Vortigaunt Speech? List 3 examples: Nett'thoi Turr begins to relay a message to its' kin, fluxing long distances. Nett'thoi Turr says "Lam gram nahh'chackt." Ah'lang replies "Naa'chackt!" Nett'thoi Turr says "Ha-leh." Ah'lang replies "Lih." Provide a backstory for your character? (Minimum 1 paragraph):Nett'thoi was born on the planet of Xen. Only a few years later, and it appeared in a new world when it woke up. It seemed to look like a metal building. It burst up after finding out where it was, and even found some of its family killing.. pigmented creatures...? Its mind suddenly had the feeling to join its family, and so it did. It killed many scientists', mostly by clawing them. Thankfully, it managed to stay well away from Gordon's path, and even joined its kin to partake in the watching of the killing. Years later, when it was back on Xen, a large synthetic creature came into the dimension. Combine. The evasive species of the galaxy. They had come to its home planet, however it did not know they were not friendly. So when it saw its kin electrocuting them, it thought they had made a mistake in making them enemies. It didn't know how correct itself was. After fighting off some synthetic creatures, eventually it had gotten gunned down. It had greenish devices attached to it, and it looked like the Nihilianth's attachments. The vortigaunt had seemingly be put in a city, where there was no animals. No plants. No eerie bugs.. It.. was hell. And it didn't like it. But it was forced to, so it HAD to follow their rules, no matter how it tried to escape. Do you accept the fact that you will be an Enslaved Vortigaunt, equipped with a large, extremely durable and expensive collar with mechanised locks?:Indeed. Do you understand that you will only be able to make two Vortigaunt characters?:I do, yes. Do you understand that abuse of the whitelist can have it revoked from you at any time by a staff member?:Mhm.
  4. Steam Name: DisBaws SteamID: STEAM_0:1:43178661 Hours played on the server: 133 Hrs What is your age? 14 Do you have previous experience as a staff member on other servers? Yes: Minecraft Epicraft (Deactivated): Super Admin MegaMC (Deactivated): Admin [*]G-Mod Void Gaming DarkRP(Deactivated): Mod LifePunch JailBreak (Left Community): Trial Mod Turtle Gaming DarkRP (Deactivated): Mod Taco Play (Left Community): Admin Valhalla Gaming DarkRP(Under Development): Admin What attributes can you bring to our server? I try my very hardest to be on this server a few hours every night. There have been times where multiple people started singing and were in need of warnings, with no staff online. Training CRs can be a hassle when no admins are available or online to white list, leaving CR (Such as myself when I was trained) sitting there for up to hours at a time. I know the ULX menu very well and know the menu by heart. I would not hesitate to drop out of a sim halfway to go on duty and help whoever is in need. Do you think you're mature enough to be a moderator for our server? Yes; I can be dead serious at times and I never act “childish” or mingey. I keep all CRs being trained on a tight leash and keep a close watch on lower ranked members of my battalion. Out of game I still maintain a “work-like” attitude but i am always able to kick back and enjoy our Game Nights. Will you be active on our server? Most definitely, I am on daily after school and I am on until late at night. Due to parental custody I do have to skip every other weekend (Friday Nights to Sunday midday). Do you have a microphone that you can use to communicate and quickly solve problems? Yes, I have shut down multiple minges on this server and I am never afraid to give a rule breaker the full punishment regardless of their status as a friend or comrade. Do you know all the rules for the server? Yes, and I uphold them and enforce them to the best of my ability, as well as teach them to new CRs. Do you think our community respects you enough to become a moderator on the server? I have been very active these past few months and I have been building strong relationships with all members of the community through SWRP, Halo RP, and Game Nights. Have you ever been punished on our server? If so, what were you punished for? Once; accidental use of Advert, no !warn was given. Why should we promote you to staff? (at least 100 words) Throughout my BLN experience,I have come across many great people who I have come to call friends. This community is great and friendly, however in this time i have seen many people who have gotten away with rule breaking because either no staff was on or no staff responded. As an addition to staff, it would be my primary focus to warn and remove such players to further enhance the rest of the communities experience, making it more enjoyable and less worrisome. I have many qualities a staff member should possess and most importantly I have the time and dedication to help to the extent of my abilities.
  5. In-Game Name: Initiate Eeth Koth Steam name: Artisan STEAM_0:0:67735394 Age: 16 Years. Timezone: Eastern Standard. Why do you want to apply? (100 words minimum): Simple. I feel as if the server needs more events occurring. As far as I’ve noticed [uSER=274]@Spring[/uSER] is the one who is doing the most of the events that make sense and are fun. As far as what I have to offer, Experience. I have been around for a very long time, met a lot of people, and I care about what I get into. I want these game events to be the best they can possibly be. I want people to live the life as a clone trooper in a middle of a battle, mission, rescue, etcetera. I can help make the experience so much better for the common person and player. I can offer so much to the server, my job will be to get the events to the top of their level. I don't care for any leadership of battalions, I just want to focus on game events and make them the best they could possibly be. I want to be the guy that people expect to run the events daily and if not, every other day. And not just 2 cent events. I’m referring to the big boy 10 cent events. Why should we accept you? (125 words minimum): I feel as if I should be given this rank as I’ve always wanted to give back to the server in some sort of way that doesn’t involve going into debt. I’ve noticed recently that some events on server aren’t executed well and have been quite lackluster (Besides the Occasional Few LIke [uSER=274]@Spring[/uSER]). I would think that most events sound 10/10 in the EMs mind but they can’t execute them properly. I hope to help that by bringing my experience as a EM on multiple other servers and communities to the table in hopes to bring more players onto the server for longer durations of time as the number one way to make people stay on servers is by having good, thorough events. I can also offer my experience as a staff member on various roleplaying servers, ranging and varying in roles from Operator, to Co-owner. I know how to judge if people are enjoying an event simply by listening to them in chat or in game. If they are having issues with the event I can easily change it to fit the people's needs to make the event more enjoyable. What ideas do you have for new events?: I prefer to stay organized and plan my events in a google docs before preparing to execute them. If need be or wish-to-be I may give my master copy of events I’ve done over the years- not all are present. Here is an example of one in format. Event Idea: Event starts on the ship, the clones are tracking a C.I.S. transport ship. It leads us to a C.I.S. outpost located on Serenno. We then soon find out that one of the moons orbiting Serenno has a hidden lab. The clones soon find out that the scientist working inside this lab have been taking civilians from the planet of Serenno, and using them to create a deadly cybernetic weapon. Main Objectives: The players need to find a way to stop the scientists from working on the captured civilians. At the end, the clones will end up having to chase after the scientists, once the head scientist initiates a self destruct. They will have a choice to go after the head scientist and risk not being able to save the many captured civilians from the explosion, or save the civilians from the explosion and letting the head scientist go (Keep in mind there are thousands of captured civilians on this hidden laboratory). Side Objective: The players have the CHOICE to free any captured civilians they find. The players may investigate the lab to find any possible logs or plans from the experiment Briefing: Recently we have been monitoring C.I.S. transport ships that are heading to towards the planet of Serenno. Our intelligence group has decided that we must go and investigate what these transport ship are carrying, and why they are carrying that to the planet of Serenno. Command will be watching over you to assist you if needed. Are you willing to do events every 2 days or less?: Yes. Of course. If wanted I ask if I may do one every day. Do you have previous experience as a Event Master at all?: Yes. I have been a Gamemaster in different servers and communities for the past 3 years. I know how nodes and NPC spawn controls work as well as formulating a well-thought story mixed with action. Overall Community time: Overall, around two-to-three weeks estimated. Time played on the current server: A Total of 82 Hours as of writing this. Will you commit your off-time to moderate if needed? I will. Are you Staff on any other servers: Not in this Community. No. Will you continue to play on the servers if you are demoted? Of course. I may have responsibilities however I cannot remove me the fun in my life- such so I have a great time on this server. Additional Info: I’d like to add another idea and basis for an event, so if my applocation is turned down, at least and hopefully- the EMs of current can perhaps plan this. PvE EVENT ----------------------------------------- Basis Of the Event ________________ A senator’s ship is to arrive along with a Jedi General. The Jedi General is here to inspect the command of the Burstlink Cruiser, Ex. Command of each division, & Fleet. The senator is here to have a meeting with the <Highest Ranking Player Online> on the location of the Burstlink Cruiser, needing reinforcements on the republic front lines. The Jedi General will have Sim Contests of Divisions facing one another to see which Leader is better at leading his men, the winner may result in promotions, for the leader or his men depending on behavior(Thats what all people want in events so :). The Jedi General would have the contest continue when the power would go out on the ship, all lines going dead, No comms or anything. All troops would have to listen to orders via manual voice as command filters a plan to repair the systems. Depending on how Command devises the plan, lets say they succeed in repairing the systems. They would find themselves drifted into a nebula where all scanners and comms are still down. The troops would see life forms as there are huge beasts in the nebula(From one of the Clone wars episodes those thingys in season one). They would have to devise a plan to escape the nebula while the beasts are surrounding them. (Open Fire? Try to fly by? Any other ideas). Lets assume they escape and arrive in a sector just entering separtist space. They get their systems online and turn and hyperdrive back into republic splace. Promotions & Rewards and shit at the end in debrief. Gamemasters needed: 1-2 Actors Needed: 2 ____________________ PvP Event ____________________ The troops have been informed of a Neutral Planet called (Insert name here) has been assaulted by the separatists, normally the republic would not care of this but the republic has ordered the Burstlink to intercept the Separatist fleet due to the fact that (Insert name here) has large amounts of much needed oil for the republic armada. The Burstlink follows command and goes into hyperspace arriving at the planet. A space battle commences with vulture droids as LAATs deploy onto the planet surface. The troops orders are simple, overrun the droid assault before they reach (Insert name here)'s main base. The troops are to split into squads to engage the droid troops. The droids are overrun but not fast enough and the planets HQ falls into droid hands. The Droids take over the base and the republic must now take the base from the droids. Assuming the troops succeed in overrunning the base they get a notice from the fleet that the Burstlink Cruiser has been boarded by droids, and in the absence of troops is being quickly overrun, the troops are to head back to the ships to board the LAATs to save the Burstlink. Assuming the troops arrive before the Burstlink has fallen, The Fleet crew is locked in the bridge while droids siege them. The troops must overrun the assaulting droids before it’s too late. assuming they succeed, the Burstlink holds the planet’s atmosphere until a Republic Fleet arrives to hold it. The Burstlink then heads back to its normal space. Debrief blah blah blah Gamemasters needed: 1-2 Actors needed: 1+ Reccomendations [uSER=810]@Kazkids[/uSER]
  6. Guest

    Corys Staff App

    Steam Name: Cory Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:104967207 Hours played on the server: I have played probably 200 or 250 hours on BLN. What is your age? 16 Do you have previous experience as a staff member on other servers? I have been staff on many servers. I have been admin for a server called G-realms back last year, I have been staff on a couple dark rp servers. I also have been Co owner of 3 servers. All the servers that I was staff on the servers sadly shut down. What attributes can you bring to our server? I am always on and can help out the server for what ever the server needs. I can help out with situations that are hard to deal with. I'm super chill about things so I wont be screaming at the players if they screw up a little bit. Me being chill doesn't mean I'm not harsh. I will over all help the server grow and be a happier place (:. Do you think you're mature enough to be a moderator for our server? I'm mature to be a moderator on BLN, but I'm not perfect. I might mess up, but I always try my hardest what ever I do. I will surly mature more as time goes on. Will you be active on our server? I'm on every single day from 2:45- 1 am. On the weekend I try to be on all day. I am always on at night and that seems to be the time where staff is needed the most. Do you have a microphone that you can use to communicate and quickly solve problems? Yes Do you know all the rules for the server? Yes Do you think our community respects you enough to become a moderator on the server? Yeah everyone seems to like me. I have no one hating on me and I have no hatred to anyone and probably will never. Everyone is super chill to me and I am super chill to them back. Have you ever been punished on our server? If so, what were you punished for? I was warned for mic spam when I was playing a harmonica with screamer and was politely asked to go to the cantina. I wasn't around a lot of people and it was all for fun and I was not trying to annoy anyone. That was a while ago and since then I haven't had any trouble with anyone Why should we promote you to staff? (at least 100 words) I absolutely love this server and continue to enjoy it every day. The community is amazing and my goal is to help the community be more amazing then it already is. I want to keep the server going and make the place more happier place. The staff always seem busy and I would love to help out the staff and what ever the community wants an administrator for. I am always on the server and I'm always ready to help someone when they need it. I'm usually on all day on weekends and as much as I can during the week. I'm good with admin stuff, like whitelisting and all the commands. I have so much experience with staff and rp rules. I am a huge help bc I love being on duty a lot so count on me helping out the hordes of new players joining everyday being whitelisted. I have introduced many of my friends to this server and I want to help the server grow than that mass amount of players we already have. This is the best star wars server I have ever been apart of and my mission is to help out the staff, players, and everyone that I can, and make the community a bigger, better, happier place. Thanks for reading my staff app (::::
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