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  1. Steam Name: Nforce Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:27629877 Character Name: Nett'thoi Turr What whitelists are you currently apart of?: Citizen. How long have you been playing Half-Life 2 Roleplay?: uh.. around two years? How long have you been playing on our servers?: A few hours. Why do you want to be a Vortigaunt?:I just love the experience of playing as one.. Vortigaunts interest me for some reason, and I love role playing as one. I just hope I can make it through the application process. Do you have any experience playing a Vortigaunt?: Indeed. I have around 5 or so months of Vortigaunt role playing experience. Give an example of Vortigaunt Roleplay (Enslaved and Freed): Nett'thoi Turr begins to pickup trash on the street, seemingly having a sad expression on its face. Somehow. Nett'thoi Turr walks to the trashcan, pushing the trash down the can. It seems to cough twice. Nett'thoi Turr begins to take its broom out, attempting to sweep dust and trash into the dustpan Nett'thoi Turr begins to walk over to a trashcan, dumping the dustpan into the trash. Coughing once. Nett'thoi Turr does the process seemingly over and over, until the Protection Unit says that it is done. Nett'thoi Turr slides down the ladder leading to the sewers. Nett'thoi Turr shifts its eye around multiple times to look for any neglected food, and/or headcrabs. Nett'thoi Turr walks to the left of itself, still shifting its eye around. Nett'thoi Turr finds a dead headcrab, neglecting it, and disliking it because it's dead, but tanks through eating the rotting meat. Nett'thoi Turr begins to meditate after eating the headcrab, sitting next to the place it ate it. Nett'thoi Turr gets up, and goes around for a walk to find anymore food. Nett'thoi Turr doesn't find any more food, so it goes back up the ladder, exiting the sewers. Give an example for a proper Enslaved Vortigaunt roleplaying description: A hunched, greenish-brown creature. It appears to have a large red eye, with four smaller ones on its peculiar head. It appears to be malnourished, and looks to be at the height of 4'11. If you look behind it, you can see small scars on its back. The creature appears to have three arms and two legs, each with a set of claws on each of them. Which pronouns do Vortigaunts not use?: she, her, him, it. Do you know the basics of Vortigaunt Speech? List 3 examples: Nett'thoi Turr begins to relay a message to its' kin, fluxing long distances. Nett'thoi Turr says "Lam gram nahh'chackt." Ah'lang replies "Naa'chackt!" Nett'thoi Turr says "Ha-leh." Ah'lang replies "Lih." Provide a backstory for your character? (Minimum 1 paragraph):Nett'thoi was born on the planet of Xen. Only a few years later, and it appeared in a new world when it woke up. It seemed to look like a metal building. It burst up after finding out where it was, and even found some of its family killing.. pigmented creatures...? Its mind suddenly had the feeling to join its family, and so it did. It killed many scientists', mostly by clawing them. Thankfully, it managed to stay well away from Gordon's path, and even joined its kin to partake in the watching of the killing. Years later, when it was back on Xen, a large synthetic creature came into the dimension. Combine. The evasive species of the galaxy. They had come to its home planet, however it did not know they were not friendly. So when it saw its kin electrocuting them, it thought they had made a mistake in making them enemies. It didn't know how correct itself was. After fighting off some synthetic creatures, eventually it had gotten gunned down. It had greenish devices attached to it, and it looked like the Nihilianth's attachments. The vortigaunt had seemingly be put in a city, where there was no animals. No plants. No eerie bugs.. It.. was hell. And it didn't like it. But it was forced to, so it HAD to follow their rules, no matter how it tried to escape. Do you accept the fact that you will be an Enslaved Vortigaunt, equipped with a large, extremely durable and expensive collar with mechanised locks?:Indeed. Do you understand that you will only be able to make two Vortigaunt characters?:I do, yes. Do you understand that abuse of the whitelist can have it revoked from you at any time by a staff member?:Mhm.
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