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Vortigaunt Application (CondemnedSoul)

Guest CondemnedSoul

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Guest CondemnedSoul

Steam Name: §CondemnedSoul§


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:66589380


Character Name: Robert Schultz


What whitelists are you currently apart of?: None


How long have you been playing Half-Life 2 Roleplay?: About three years



How long have you been playing on our servers?: Rather recently, looking for a new community



Why do you want to be a Vortigaunt?: One, better than Bench RP, two, I find it more interesting to sweep the streets and clean stuff as an enslaved, rather than twiddling my thumbs or sticking them up my arse as a citizen, ya feel me? Plus I enjoy the idea of their speech, and the entire Vortessence concept.



Do you have any experience as playing a Vortigaunt? Yes, I have played some times before



Give an example of Vortigaunt Roleplay (Enslaved and Freed):

Enslaved: /me would sweep the terminal platform, the film of dust from the floor dissapearing and piling up as I used the push broom.

Freed: /me would be charging a TV, so a rebel broadcast could reach the unpowered outpost, and news of rebel and Combine activity could still be known by that outpost.

Give an example for a proper Enslaved Vortigaunt roleplaying description:

6'8|Green Vortessence Restrictor Shackles|Four Nipples|Large Red Eye accompanied by three smaller eyes|Center feeding arm|Raspy voice|


Which pronouns do Vortigaunts not use?:

I, me


Do you know the basics of Vortigaunt Speech? List 3 examples:

We do believe in your struggle as being beneficial.

We shall send our enemies to the void, and obtain our freedom.

The Combines day of reckoning will come soon, for the old weaker master has falled from the Freeman, so must the stronger master too.

Provide a backstory for your character? (Minimum 1 paragraph):

Shahn'Dermi was a late arrival to the Border World, anticipating freedom from the Nihilanth, and the end of the Combine's chase. By the time he had entered the border world, Freeman had already entered Xen, and gotten past the Gonarch. So he was summoned into the chamber of the Nihilanth to defend against Freeman, although he mostly hid from any confrontation rather than attack, but glimpsed at what he say to be his freedom from oppression. After Freeman killed the Nihilanth, Shahn had left to Earth, and hid in the sewers of a city, being found and caught during the Seven hour War. After his capture, he was shackled, and forced into labor, cleaning and such for the cities to look decent. And is awaiting transfer to a different city, or just amputation.


Do you accept the fact that you will be an Enslaved Vortigaunt, equipped with a large, extremely durable and expensive collar with mechanised locks?: Yes



Do you understand that you will only be able to make two Vortigaunt characters?: Yes



Do you understand that abuse of the whitelist can have it revoked from you at any time by a staff member?: Yes

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Guest Kerbin



Congratulations, your Half-Life 2 Roleplay application has been accepted. Seek a Super Admin+ for a faction whitelist and character training/assignment.

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