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ARC-6116 "Cable"

Guest Resh

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ARC-6116 "Cable

Species: Clone


Gender: Male


Allegiance: Grand Army of the Republic


Battalions associated with 212th Attack Battalion, 501st Legion, Republic Pilots, 104th Wolfpack



ARC-6116 "Cable" is an ARC Trooper under the Burst Link Venator. Previously, he participated in ground campaigns on Ryloth, where he successfully breached the Separatist shield on several occasions, Iceberg Three, Umbara, where he took part in attacks on Bunker Krill, the CIS landing zone. As a pilot, he took part in the Battle of Quell, the second battle of Geonosis, where he flew a Y-Wing Bomber in the initial assault of Point Rain. He also had a tendency to try to charm female comrades, especially in the Jedi Order, to varying low degrees of success.

Early Experience/Pilot Missions

The clone trooper nicknamed "Cable" had his first taste of combat during the Battle of Quell in the skies. Cable piloted a V-19 Torrent starfighter and provided cover for Jedi Anakin Skywalker, who was attempting to save Master Aayla Secura. Noted by his CO at the time, Pilot Commander Jin, Cable wished he could have been part of the team boarding Secura's Jedi Cruiser for "personal reasons" but was denied. Cable shot down 17 CIS Vulture Droids during the battle, until his fighter was damaged and he was forced to return to Anakin Skywalker's Republic Cruiser, the Resolute, before the battle was over.


His second engagement was the Second Battle of Geonosis, in which he piloted a red BTL-B Y-Wing Bomber. Cable once again provided cover for multiple Jedi generals. However, the intense dogfighting in-atmosphere made it nearly impossible for Cable to perform his designated bombing runs, forcing him to take part in the aerial battle for a brief moment, until his ship was shot down. Only facing minor injuries, he joined the ground assault, holding his own alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi and the 212th Attack Battalion, wielding only a single DC-17 blaster pistol.


Transfer to 501st Legion

After the long campaign on Geonosis had ended, Cable was informed by 2nd Lieutenant Calcuis of the 212th that he was asked to join the 501st Legion, under the command of Anakin Skywalker. Cable was under Marshal Commander Nikos during the first assault of Akuria, being one of the units that entered the beaches of Akuria, which was known for being a massacre of 501st units. However, he was sent to push a different location of the beach, and witnessed Marshal Commander Nikos and other units such as Sergeant Yuno and others get trapped in a cave due to artillery causing huge rocks to block the entrance.


Promotion to ARC Trooper

After serving under the 501st for some time as a heavy unit, Cable was recommended by Marshal Commander Nikos to join the newly minted ARC Trooper program. After his recommendation, Cable was sent back to Kamino for more extensive training to join the ARC trooper program.


Deployment on Ryloth

Immediately after his training was completed, Cable was shipped out to Ryloth. He was equipped with a standard DC-15S blaster carbine. He was stationed to guard a Republic outpost near the planet's equator.


Though uneventful at first, eventually a Separatist base was established just over half a klick from the outpost, and Cable once again fought for his life. Wave after wave of B2 Super Battle Droids attacked the outpost, but Cable and his brothers had managed to gain an advantageous sniping position which was instrumental in saving the outpost. Cable quickly led a small squad through the shield that protected the droids' base through a small passage in a rock formation.


Cable and his squad fought four IG-100 Magnaguards within the shield and was forced to flee after being disarmed. He had failed in bringing down the shield, but he had found a way to penetrate it, which led to the shield's eventual destruction and a turn in the tide of the conflict on Ryloth.


Iceberg Three

After Cable's actions led to victory in what became known as the Battle of Equatorial Ryloth, he was transferred to a Republic base on a comet in the Mon Cala system, nicknamed Iceberg Three. Cable's command was supervised by the Mirilian Jedi. Luminara Unduli and her Padawan, Barriss Offee.


Colonel Shen, a clone medical officer at the base reported that Cable admitted to finally being happy. Being an ARC trooper protecting a vital, yet stable outpost and made good friends with Barriss Offee. However, the two got into an aggressive debate about the role of the Jedi, in which Cable, angry and in a fit of rage, accused her of being a traitor to the Order. Luminara then subdued him, who ordered him to be temporarily confined for his own safety and the safety of Barriss.


Three days later, Cable was freed and apologized to Barriss. As Cable and Barriss started the road to recovery of their friendship, the CIS invaded Mon Cala. A Super Tactical Droid led an invasion force that began to swarm the Iceberg Three outpost. Cable, Luminara, and Barriss and some men barely escaped with their lives aboard a Nu-class Attack Shuttle.


Invasion of Umbara

Cable had plenty of time to forget the past, as he was transferred back to the 501st Legion at the request of its temporary general, Pong Krell. Krell had a reputation for high clone casualties. Cable then saw the Burst Link Venator in action for the first time, only hearing and reading about it's previous encounters and missions such and the threats it faced. Cable saw the large variety of battalions which confused him, to only encounter General Resh get hit directly by an Umbaran ship.


A task force was lead by Ahsoka Tano which was ordered to split off from the group, Cable realized Ahsoka Tano was better of a leader than the rumors of Pong Krell, and Cable then volunteered.

(Report by Marshal Commander Nikos: Upon observing Cable, pretty sure he joined the task force because she was a female jedi.)


The task force stumbled upon a CIS landing zone where multiple massive landing craft unleashed waves of AAT tanks and droidekas upon the unsuspecting Republic forces. Cable and Ahsoka fought side-by-side, however, their forces were overrun by the droids' superior firepower. Eventually, Ahsoka successfully contacted Republic forces commanded by Saesee Tiin for air support, destroying the tanks and dropships and the battle was won.


The remains of the group moved East, where they discovered an ancient Sith Temple. Inside, the squad discovered a small group of Dark Side Acolytes, who they engaged in combat, where the acolytes were slaughtering many troopers. Cable called in for backup, to which some unidentified clones arrived, wielding vibroblades. One of these clones wielded two vibroblades fought an Acolyte, killing him. The Acolyte dropped a single-bladed orange lightsaber, which Cable picked up, joining the forces in melee combat but obviously lacked any blade combat training, and was nearly killed by an Acolyte until the clone wielding two vibroblades saved his life.

A small group surrendered willingly, requesting only that their lightsabers be stowed aboard the Republic Cruiser they were to be held on, as they held such an attachment to their weapons. Cable thanked the clones with vibroblades, to which the clone wielding two vibroblades told Cable he had a feeling they'd encounter each other again. The Republic forces and their prisoners were picked up by LAAT gunship and taken back to a Jedi Cruiser. Cable oversaw the containment of the Acolytes, and while interrogating the youngest member of the Dark Side worshippers, a purple-clad human woman, [REDACTED]. She told him that her name was Jin'soul, and that she'd been born into the order, but never believed in its principles. Cable sanctioned her release, and he helped her acquired a place in the Jedi Temple.

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Transfer to the Burst Link Venator

After Umbara and helping Jin'soul, Cable heard about the Burst Link Venator's lower numbers and noticed they were always open to new units. Cable read upon the previous missions briefly, such as Revan, Crow, Opum Ignesis, Zero Magnus, the New Republic, something called Red Rover, Bloodrot, and more. Cable was intrigued about the various "odd" threats they faced and requested a transfer. The ARC CO, known as "Tragic" put a vote with the Burst Link's active ARC at the time, and Cable was accepted as an ARC Trainee.


New Horizons on the Burst Link Venator

After time on the Burst Link Venator, Cable made his way to SPC, with the running gag of becoming the first "Naval ARC" to which many units, such as ARC CO Tragic and Shadow ARC "Jek" were displeased. Cable then fought many missions with the Burst Link, where Tragic noted he could handle combat well, but lacked a lot in climbing skills which Cable knew.


Surviving an onslaught on the Venator

One night on the Burst Link Venator Mark 3, Officer Mii briefed the Burst Link of the mission, to which Cable was late and missed. As he ran to the LAATs, it was too late as they took off. Stuck on the ship with other units, he went to the 2nd level to hang out with other clones.


However, as reported and seen through his helmet cam footage, Republic LAATS arrived with various confused units and Jedi. The Jedi went to the Jedi area of the Burst Link Venator Mark 3, and a group of Coruscant Guard asked why Commander Kerk "Requested their arrival". A medical unit named "Trekk" also asked Cable why a medic under the Burst Link named "Crim" called him in. In the audio of his helmet cam footage, a Jedi by the name of Arthur Baldwin also asked why Master "Wulfric Kneelegs" asked for their arrival. Cable responded that he had no idea, and the Coruscant Guard went to check Kerk's office.


Suddenly, more ships entered the main hangar but were trandoshan boarding ships. The ship went into alert, but the Trandoshans were too much in firepower, and numbers. Many of the clones killed already on level two, the medical unit "Trekk" exclaimed why Crim set him up to be attacked, and pushed Cable into the elevator and told him to "survive to tell their story", and sent Cable to the first floor.


Cable made his way to the bunks, where he saw a trandoshan enter the Galactic Marine bunks. Cable attempted to shoot the trandoshan, but the trandoshan managed to disarm Cable. Cable and the trandoshan fought hand to hand. Cable reported to Master Ogara that Cable fought the trandoshan and killed him, and then escaped into an airvent. However, Cable's helmet cam footage showed differently.


In the helmet cam footage, the trandoshan managed to get one of Cable's pistols from his holster mid-fight and shot Cable in the right knee. The trandoshan immediately realized it was a mistake and apologized, and lowered the weapon. Both Cable and the Trandoshan were breathing heavily and did not move for a few seconds. Cable then pulled out a vibroknife and leaped at the Trandoshan yelling, slitting his throat and stabbing the enemy repeatedly in anger. More Trandoshans hear the noise, and Cable entered the airvents, only to be caught and rushing into the ARC bunks.


However, as Cable entered the ARC bunks, a trandoshan shot him in the back, and Cable fell to the ground of the ARC bunks. The Trandoshans believed Cable was dead and continued their search of the ship, claiming it was done by "The 2nd Sector King".


As the Trandoshans left, Cable got up and checked his backpack, noticing the backpack took most of the blaster shot. Injured, Cable started to crawl his way to the medbay, where Crim, Master Ogara, and others found him and helped him. From there, he told his story and Ogara found the helmet cam footage. It was not long before the Republic News Network broke out, accusing Kerk, Crim, and Kneelegs of treachery. From there, Cable was put out of combat for a week.


On ship attack and Cable's injury.

After returning to the Venator, an attack on ship happened, to where the CIS attacked and boarded droids across the ship. Cable defended the side hangars, until Naval Officer Alexandria Kra called for backup on the right bridge, under attack. Cable got to the right bridge and cleared out the droids, only for more droids to appear and surround the bridge.


Surrounded, Cable and Kra hid in the Venator controls area, but the droids kept coming. Blasting as many droids as he could, Cable told Kra to stay behind him. However, despite Cable's distress message to other units, Cable was hit in the left thigh, and then in the chest a few times. As Cable was shot multiple times, the Burst Link units rushed to the right bridge, clearing the droids. Cable, alive but gravely injured, Cable was put into a bacta tank.

Tragic many times tried to get Cable awake, such as saying phrases like "If you wake up you get naval ARC hurry up we have an ARC sim bro". However, much to Tragic's dismay, it did not work. Unsure what to do with Cable, 10th Leviathan Legion's Darion recommended he be transferred to a haven-class medical station, to which he was.


Return to the Burst Link

Returning to the Venator 2 weeks later, Cable was flown in by LAAT during another onship attack. Cable assisted the troops in their fight and currently serves under the 104th Wolfpack as a bravo ARC.




Reported Personality

According to various previous COs he was under, Cable is a competent soldier, but his will to fight came not from his programmed loyalty to the Republic, but from a desire to impress his superiors for the purposes of either promotion or gaining attention from his female counterparts, such as [REDACTED] and Barriss Offee. Marshal Commander Nikos noted that unlike most other clones, he does display attraction to other life-forms, though he was smart enough to know that combat must be his first priority.




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He also had a tendency to try to charm female comrades, especially in the Jedi Order, to varying low degrees of success.

I feel it man. So does [uSER=418]@Mangone5[/uSER]

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ARC-6116 Cable was killed during battle where the malevolence was orbital striking the ground.

During the evacuation period, a swarm of vultures attacked the troopers


Cable and Coruscant Guard Unit "RJ" stood together, shooting down as many vultures as they could. However, a vulture droid eventually managed to shoot RJ in the chest. As Cable looked towards RJ, he was grazed by a vulture's blast, falling back. Cable was then shot in the shoulder, but the holoshoulder shield protected him. Cable picked up RJ's Miroh LMG and opened fire at an incoming tri-fighter. As he shot down the tri-fighter, he saw a missile coming towards him. Cable got up and ran, but the blast behind him, sending Cable flying. As Cable landed, Cable saw the dozens of vulture droids and CIS moving in, as he sees the Burst Link LAATs fly away. .Cable realizes the situation he's in, and views a helmet cam recording of a previous mission where ARC Trooper Kyramud died. During Kyramud's last moments, Kyramud told Cable in a foreign language "Protect Tragic". Cable says to himself that he's sorry he failed Kyramud, drifting in and out of consciousness. An army of droids marching approach, with a human man telling them to hold fire, and does a hand signal as the droids march towards Cable. His helmet cam footage then cuts off into static. 


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