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Bubbs' ARC Roster

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Guest Bubbs

ARC Roster/Information


ARC Application:

Instead of ARC being invite-only, we have a system where people who are interested in ARC can fill out an application that can be found



Applications will be looked over within a few days after a trooper submits one. The verdict will be decided with input from other active Alpha and Bravo ARCs, as well as the applicant's current CO. As soon as we've made a decision, we will privately notify you and give you info for your next step(s). If your application is denied, you will have to wait 2 weeks to make another one.



ARC Spreadsheet:

A much more detailed and frequently edited roster/info page/history sheet for all ARC can be viewed by anyone



ARC Roster:

Activity Key

(++) Very active - On the server just about every day


(+) Active - On the server a few days each week


(-) Inactive - On the server less than once a week (Risk of demotion / removal)


(TBD) To be determined


(LOA / RA) Leave of Absence / Reduced Activity

Commanding Officer

Alpha 12 SGTM Bubbs (+)

Executive Officer


Alpha ARC Troopers

Alpha ARCs are a group of a hundred Jango Fett clones each personally trained from birth by the bounty hunter himself. The Alphas display enhanced combat proficiency and tactical know-how, as well as the ability to tamper with enemy electronics and utilize compact explosive devices. The Burst Link's Alpha-class ARCs are adaptive at heart with and penchant for unorthodox tactics, and can perform well in almost any environment or battle scenario. This may cause them to float between multiple different squads during certain missions. If a trooper passes their training and becomes an Alpha ARC, they will act as a different character than their previous one. If an Alpha is killed off in RP during an event, it must be treated as a hard PK due to their lore background. There are no two Alphas of the same number, and there is no player that should be allowed to have two different Alpha characters.

Alpha 64 SSGT Tang (+)


Alpha 65 LCPL Cheese (+)


Alpha 43 SPC Zed (+)


Alpha 66 SPC Crimace (++)


Alpha 67 SPC Riff (+)

Bravo ARC Troopers

Battalion ARCs, nicknamed "Bravos", are standard clones that have shown excellent traits and proficiency during combat. Given that the trooper desires, they will receive training from ARC leadership to be able to better serve their battalion. Depending on its size, there will only be a max of one or two Bravos to each battalion at a time. If a trooper passes their training and becomes a Bravo ARC, they will return to said battalion with access to the Bravo ARC armor and loadout as well as advanced tech and demo RP. If a trooper was a part of a sub-battalion beforehand, their ARC loadout will replace it. Promotions for the trooper will be handled by their CO, but must first be given the go-ahead by ARC leadership. Bravo ARCs can also be demoted or even removed by us if we think they fail to meet ARC's expectations.

RI FSGT Jek (+)


Shock PVT Quad (++)


501st SGT Indigo (LOA / RA)

ARC Trainees

If a trooper's application is accepted, they must pass a two-week trainee phase before advancing to Alpha or Bravo ARC status. Over the course of those two weeks, they will be graded on multiple challenging sims that test their worthiness in combat. When not doing sims, they will be monitored for activity on the server and performance during events. If you fail your trainee phase, you must wait 30 days before making another ARC application.

ARC Trainee Spring (TBD)


ARC Trainee Dread (TBD)


General Information:



"You can't convince Alpha ARCs of anything by rational argument. They're every bit as obtuse and impulsive as Fett, believe me." - N-11 Ordo


"We're shoulder-to-shoulder on those front lines... Brothers! And sometimes we may quarrel, but no matter what, we are united. Rule one: we fight together. So who's ready to step up first?" - Commander Colt giving a speech to Clone Cadets


"I've got an idea." "Well, let's hear it. Quickly!" *Fives puts a cable attachment on his pistol* "Grappling gun. Good thinking." "Get ready to hold on!" "That's why he's the ARC trooper." - Anakin, Rex, and Fives discussing a plan to rescue Tup




- Prototype phase 2 armor: Nicknamed "phase 1.5", this armor is used by many ARC troopers and still sees use even after the mass production of its completed version.


- Additional attachments: Double-sided pauldrons and strapped kamas supplemented with plated chest, forearm, and shin armor as well as rangefinders and sidearm holsters are all utilized by ARC troopers in order to increase their combat effectiveness. Many of these attachments are unique to the ARCs and make them more easily recognizable.


- Westar-M5 blaster

Alpha Westar-M5: A modular version of the standard Westar used exclusively by Alpha ARCs. It features removable attachments and multiple firing modes that allow them to adapt to different combat scenarios.


- DC-17 Commando pistol


- Reciprocating quad blaster


- JT-12 jetpack


- Grapple gauntlet


- Utility backpack


CO Pauldron Training:

To get ARC Training as a CO you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be active

  • Have an active XO/SubBattXO

  • Have an active battalion with at least 2-3 members on every day

  • Have a good attitude

You will be tested with simulations to prove you are worthy of certain skills such as leadership, combat, intelligence, and patience.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask!


(Also, if we don't choose you don’t take it personally as we don't want several COs to all be ARC trained)


Alpha Numbers:


Alpha numbers are a privilege meant for members of Alpha ARC. upon retiring from ARC, you must have confirmation from ARC leadership to be able to keep them. That being said, you are not entitled to your Alpha numbers.


There will still be requirements, including:


- You must be leading a battalion

- You will still need to maintain good behavior and activity

- Joining a battalion that's not at all associated with ARC will strip you of your Alpha numbers (RC, Medcorps, Naval, etc.)


The only current retired Alpha is:

Alpha 14 Mustang


Fallen Heroes:

Alpha 01 Interritus


Alpha 10 Blue


Alpha 16 Hoplite


Alpha 22 Fuze


Alpha 27 Hero


Alpha 34 Viking


Alpha 42 Slice


Alpha 45 Dice


Alpha 53 Artus


Alpha 58 Curse


501st ARC Kyramud


108th ARC Pulsar


104th ARC Cable

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Guest Bubbs

EDIT: Curse is now 2iC and promoted to CPL


No longer keeping track of Bravos' activity


Farsight is now Tau and Joe is now Heisenberg


Xi added to ARC Trainees


Added some new quotes


Fixed some minor typos/formatting errors

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Guest Bubbs

EDIT: Added Tragic to Fallen Heroes :(


Spring is now off LOA (kinda)

Edited by Bubbs
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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest Bubbs

OVERDUE EDIT: Updated various troopers' ranks and activity


Marks removed from ARC Trainees


327th Alpharius removed from Bravo ARCs

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Guest Bubbs

EDIT: Removed Spring and Joe from Alpha ARC Troopers


Removed Tau from ARC Trainees


Promoted SwitchBack to CPL

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Guest Bubbs

EDIT: Curse stepped down from 2iC


Xi self-demoted to PFC (???)


Added Lance to Alpha ARC Troopers! (He has no name atm)


Added Ties to ARC Trainees!

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Guest Bubbs

EDIT: Removed Curse from Alpha ARC Troopers


Added Curse to Fallen Heroes


Removed Xi from Alpha ARC Troopers


Added Coal to ARC Trainees!

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Guest Bubbs

BIG EDIT: Added the ARC Spreadsheet to this page (I make edits to it before the roster on here; the spreadsheet will contain the most accurate and up-to-date information about ARC)


SwitchBack promoted to SSGT


Alpha 56 Civix has returned from Kamino and is once again fit for service!


Updated the Bravo ARC roster (rip 41st ARCs)


Foxx added to ARC Trainees!


Hector added to ARC Trainees! (CO ARC Training)


Made some minor formatting edits/fixes

Edited by Bubbs
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Guest Bubbs

EDIT: Coal removed from ARC Trainees and added to Bravo ARC Troopers!


Hector removed from ARC Trainees and now officially ARC trained!

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VERY, VERY OVERDUE EDIT: SwitchBack removed from 2iC and demoted to SGT


62 promoted to SGT


Civix removed from Alpha ARC Troopers


Tragic has been reinstated to Alpha ARC Troopers


Merit, Coal and Foxx removed from Bravo ARC Troopers


Golden is now Ghost in Bravo ARC Troopers


Flint removed from ARC Trainees


Hours added to ARC Trainees


Due to the latest Bravos going inactive almost immediately, COs will no longer have "full custody" over Bravo ARCs. I'll be watching their activity from now on and demoting/removing them if needed. If the CO wants to promote a Bravo ARC, they'll have to check with me first.

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EDIT: Updated various activity and ranks (ty Alphas for being so active, i'm very proud of our recent comeback)


Hours added to Alpha ARC Troopers! (He has yet to choose a name)


Hammer added to ARC Trainees! (He's going for 212th Bravo)

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