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Change to the atmosphere of BLN - August 1st, 2021


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Heyo, it's Resh. With Zhidus here as a developer he's been killin it so I first just want to shout him out for his hard work (I cannot justify jorts however)
Most importantly, I am here to announce that the overall atmosphere of BLN onship/onbase will be more serious both in RP and OOC. This goes for EVERYONE. You, CO/XOs, Staff, Eventmasters, Players, Me, EVERYONE and even the overall atmosphere on ship. I ask you all of a few things:
- This is not a recommendation, but an expectation. Obviously, BLN's reputation isn't the best in seriousness when it comes onship, but with these changes I expect less dicking around (consensual RDM, etc.) and more encouraging RP situations.
- Now, some reading this already wonder "But Resh, the EMs don't give us much to do on ship, that's why we dick around!" well, again, I said it's a joint effort, and I'm also expecting the Eventmaster team to do more roleplay occurences onship and not just dick around (this includes me) At the end of the day, the goal of an eventmaster is to provide or tell a story for the players to experience, and I think there is PLENTY of opportunities for that on ship that we have a lack of, and I and Acapella will make it an effort to push for these opportunities on ship rather than just people shooting each other or dick around
- If you see a Staff or an EM abusing and there's less than 15 players, please do not hesitate to report it to Me, Crit or any other higher ups. I want this to be a joint effort and I have expectations from EVERYONE including Staff and EMs.
- As for CO/XOs, they also have a responsibility to make sure you troopers that fall under them give you a reason to get on and RP as well. As a leader, it's up to CO/XOs also to give them training and RP also and being in a battalion is being in a community of it's own.
Finally, I am happy to announce we are in development of the "Republic Security Bureau"
An upcoming separate organization that corresponds with Naval that acts as a law enforcement and intelligence agency of the Republic, charged with internal state security
. There will be multiple battalions that will fall under RSB, including RC, RI and the brand new, 5th Fleet Security!
As development finalizes for RSB, we will be hosting an election for RSB Director, if you are heavy into RP, THIS IS FOR YOU!
Stay tuned for updates on how you can enter the election!
Thanks for 5 years of BLN and making things awesome guys. I really appreciate it. You have no idea how grateful and fortuante I am to have one of the longest lasting Gmod Star Wars servers. - Resh
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