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Naval Documentation: Dessimus Regno | Chess's Character File

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thank you to dirtnap btw for the inspiration for this file



Accessing Documentation






The following documentation is from the files on the Kuat Drive Yards and are sealed by the Kuat Concessions act of 987bby please enter verification code


Verification Code cleared welcome Senator ********** of Kuat


Lets see here what we got



Name: Dessimus Regno

Species: Human (Kuati)

Date of Birth:45bby




Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Affiliations: Republic Navy,Kuat Defense Fleet,House of Munda, Kuat Parliamentary House

Nickname: Dess


I don't care what his height or eye color is get to his backstory


Origins:Born in 45bby to the Royal house of Munda one of the 12 houses of Kuat which following the end of the mandalorian wars split Kuat up into 12 equal territories. Dessimus grew up in what could be described as a diminished house (see next document). The early life of the lord of Munda is mostly unknown due to the house recording as little as possible before the age of 14, however it is know his father Lord Regno of Munda was killed while Dessimus was the age of 10, we also know that the young Dessimus was described as "full of life and as charming as a senator". It is known that the young Dessimus joined the republic navy at the age of 15 as all heirs to a house of Kuat do.  Dessimus excelled in areas of anti-piracy and carrier battlegroups and was described as a "bright young student with a thirst for knowledge and of the arts and especially of nature". Dessimus would graduate the royal academy at the age of 18 and would return to his home in the eastern parts of Kuat to manage the territory that was his now upon reaching adulthood. During this time the new Lord Dessimus of Munda would spend his time working on paperwork and observing the beautiful nature surrounding the area. During this time the Lord Dessimus would work with the Kuat Defense Fleet in modernizing it due to lackluster management over the last 400 years. In 24bby Dessimus would be granted a seat in the Kuat parliament and given the title of Lord Admiral as was his fathers role and his fathers fathers role.

Lord Dessimus when the clone wars began would agree to go into the republic navy seeing the republic as the best chance for peace in the galaxy. Lord Dessimus is currently assigned to the Burst Link a Venator class star destroyer.


Additional Document: Dessimus has been noted to have develop a deep protection of the clones on the burst link especially the other naval officers and clones like ARC-27-8794 or CT-27-8024. Dessimus still servers in the Kuat parliament and has given notes that stability on Kuat has begun to decline as the lord system is beginning to break. The clone was has molded the officer into his philosophy of a slow war preserve what is left. Dessimus believes that the republic is doomed to fall however he believes that the galaxy will be better off with the republic winning the war. 


Accessing Recording

Access granted

Beginning Recording

The following recording has been transcribed from a letter sent by Dessimus to servants of Castle Regno

My Dearest workers, I give recognition to your letter on the date of 09/22/22 and the thanks of those who have read it. I beseeched you on the matters of state and issues. I am aware of the many issues that our great world of Kuat is facing and wish to read the minds of commoners, when you right back I Invigorate you to answer honestly and state your matter which lays upon your head. How is my home the great castle on the hill of the forest of Munda I do hope and pray that it still remains as glorious as it was before this wrenched war began.

I do wish I could return and greet you all in the manners that bewitch a man of high status unfortunately I may not as this war moves I am needed to aid in the fight. I do wish to remind you all that I will be hosting the Hyden family over at the estate within the month so please ensure that the house is in the best of shape.

How are the animals, It has been heart ache not being able to tend to the animals we keep and continue the work of preserving the area. I also request you send a shipment of the Bantha ribs the food here is not even close to editable.

I also request of you guidance of the matter from Mr.Anton. Their is a trooper here an Arc that I have noticed a change in behavior and seek Mr.Anton's guidance on weather I should write to him on the matter.

I wish you all a wonderful rest of the year and I anticipate on our success

Best of wishes-Dessimus


Accessing Recording

Access granted

Beginning Recording

The following recording has been transcribed from a letter sent by Dessimus to A Lord Halifax of the Kuat Parliament

Lord Halifax I am displeased at your current lack of movement in the matters of the state. I was written to today by a mass of civilians of your territory imploring me to write to you on the deplorable conditions of your territory. I am most furious that the Lord of Nature has failed to protect his people and its lands from the devastation you yourself has brought onto it. I am writing to you as a last resort before I must taken heinous actions for the defense of the people of your territories. You will restore what was lost to the evil that is pollution and give the peoples their needs of food and water and shelter. This food ,water, shelter will be of the highest quality that can be sourced and I command you as Lord Admiral of Kuat a higher rank than is of you that will you commit to this task. If you so choose to fail at this I will take further action of having your title removed and you will be placed under house arrest.

Sincerely-Lord Dessimus Lord Admiral of Kuat Ruler of House Munda


Accessing Recording

Access granted

Beginning Recording

The following has been transcribed from a recording sent by Dessimus to CT-**-****

My Friend, I am hoping you are alright. I have noticed a change of in how you act and I am sending this to you as an opening. Since that incident you have been more quiet about things that have happened on the ship and I want you to know that I understand what it is like to loose thoose you are close to and I am always open if you need aid of someone to talk to

Sincerely you friend-Dess


The Liber Originum and the houses of Kuat


The Liber Originum is a book developed by the last king of Kuat in 1032bby following the end of the Sith wars before his execution in the year 1030bby. The Liber Originum contains the information of all kings dating back to 25,000bby, however most of the book was kept in poor condition with only the years 2000bby-1032bby fully translate from the old Kuati language. The most notable part of the book however is the last page. The last page of the book relates 5 of the 8 houses to the original king of Kuat.

The last king of Kuat name is unknown and is believed to been lost to time, however it is known that the downfall of the monarchy was the result of an attempted coup against the republic by the king who wished to side with the sith. In 1032 with the end of the war in reach the king was captured by the old republic and was put on trial and executed in 1030bby. However his death was postponed to 1030bby as requested by the last king for him to complete The Liber Originum.

The origin part of the book connect the 9 original houses of Kuat to the now extinct Royal House of Damnum and put in clear detail what to do if another house attempted to seize the monarchy.


House InteritusThe now dead house once ruled Kuat from its colonization until the end of the Sith wars. The house's insignia has been mostly lost however it is believed that the now symbol of Kuat drive yards was once the house's insignia


House Victoriam: The 2nd oldest of the original 9 House Victoriam rules the lands around the capital city Kuat City. The house has normally hold onto the title of Lord General.


House Regno: House Regno has often been described as noble and expensive. The house rules the lands of the Munda forests and often were granted the title of Lord Admiral. This house is noted as having the highest standard of civilian living.


House Domus Pulchritudinis: This house is the 4th house which branched off in 22,000bby. This family rules the southern arctic regions of Kuat, It should be noted this family is well known for bringing jedi into the galaxy.


House Com: The House of Com is the youngest of the original 5 They rule the mountainous regions of the northeast and are generally the least noble of families


The other 3 houses came to following the end of the Sith wars in 1000bby that being House Organa,House Thul and House Ulgo all being from Alderran. These branches were given lands and nearly the same status as the orginal 5


Protocol 198


Protocol 198 was a contingency plan developed by the last Kuat king incase another royal family attempted to seize power and oust the other lords.

while most of the Protocol was lost during the liberation of Coruscant in 1032bby however what was transcribed before its lost is the following


"The is the last part of my will and testimony that this system a sytem which will ensure peace on Kuat for the known future. However I can not install a system of barrier without a final action measure to ensure that NO state of power rules Kuat other than the republic and the Lord systems which I will have install upon my death and abdication of the throne. To ensure this book shall instruct clear details and what to do if one or all houses decides to revolt"


The galactic republic or a 4/5ths majority of the Kuat Parliament may be the only ones to activate Protocol 198

If a Protocol 198 is ineffect all of Kuat is to shut down for the foreseeable future.

When Protocol 198 The Republic or the Loyal Houses of Kuat are to...


Accessing Recording

Access granted

Beginning Recording

The following recording has been transcribed from a Sabacc Game on The Burst Link Venator Class Star Destroyer

Dess:Right Gents you know the rules this Corellian Spike version of Sabbacc. First to zero wins every round you put 5 credits into the win pot whoever wins the rounds gets the cash we understand.

All naval sitting around a table nod in agreement

Very well Cutter Jr. since you are the newest officer on this ship and the admiral you will go first

Fast forward 30 minutes

Mikhail: I fold again its impossible to win this


Cutter Jr: I don't know how you all manage to play this game it seems almost impossible


Dess: Not quite everything has a strategy to winning and with saying that I play my last Pure sabacc I win again I'll take those credits


Aleks: Mother fucker how does he keep winning


Trissian: Dess, Aleks has a point how the hell do you keep wining this


Dess: its simple during my younger years I used to play this game with my father. When he died I kept doing it twice a week between studies and practices  to keep the memory going.


Cutter Jr: Your father died too?


Dess: Yes unfortunately unlike yours we never knew why I was ten his body was found on the shipyards alone and stripped of jewels. They believed it was a robbery but my father never went anywhere without his guards. 


Krit: Enough of the sob-story lets get back to making sure this man doesn't win


Fast Forward an hour


Tide: So Trissian how is your mother doing


Trissian: Well she is doing fine, here usual. My father was asleep most of the time when I last saw them poor man works too hard. But that's marriage I guess anyways Full Sabacc I win the credits


Mikhail: I'm surprised we don't discuss love or marriages more often, I mean are any of us even married.


About 7 Naval all shake their heads saying no


Dess: Actually I have been arranged to be married 4 times now. Funny how that works really 4 times and yet not a single I do


Cutter Jr: How the hell does that work Dess


Tide: Yes I agree with the admiral how does that work


Dess: Well its quite simple, You see in Kuat society once a child reaches the age of 16 they are to be betrothed to someone which you will marry upon turning 18. The first one was to a I believe the Lord General's daughter. However that was broken off a few weeks later when she had died, We never met but I was told she was lovely. The 2nd one was funnily enough the now Duchess of Mandalore.


Krit: Ok now I know your lying about this really the Duchess of Mandalore. Wasn't she in her mid 20's at this point


Dess: Anyways back to the story yes she was however we did meet and it went nowhere. Anyways She was quite nice but she has always had her eye on kenobi and this was a simple way to keep the hawks away. Eventually she broke it off aswell.


Mikhail: What of the other two.


Dess:Yes well the 3rd one was to a minor lord's daughter on Kuat but that didn't go too far. The last one was The Lady Manedinks finally someone who was my age


Cutter Jr: Manedinks isnt that the separatist general that was sieging Ord Mantell a few months back


Dess: Yes she was. She was quite nice and lovely we kept in touch until about the start of the clone wars. I do miss her company sometimes


Tide: Hmm complimenting a seperatist aren't you Dess


Dess: I am complimenting an old friend who just happens to be a seperatist. If that was a crime then alot of the most loyal people in the republic would be in jail. 


The following recording ends here


Journal Entry #1 


My advisors suggested starting a journal to transcribbed my thoughts. I guess this could be helpful, Ive been needing to write down my thoughts for some time now. Hmm what to write about though I guess I can start with Kuat today. Today was a dark stormy day a sign of bad times, The Lord of fish died today at the age of 98 he was a good man but it was coming for a long time now. I spoke to his son earlier about him replacing the good Lord. Unfortunatly he has declined the position in favour of joining the republic army. We'll have to look for a replacement for him in one of the other houses, In other news a group of criminals tried to raid the Imperial Palace a few days back. Luckily the gaurds managed to capture them before they breaked into it. For anyone who reads this and doesn't understand, the Imperial Palace was once the home for the kings and queens of Kuat. However falling the Kingdoms end that palace was closed fully never to open again until a new ruler took the throne. Oh sure droids every now and then go in for maintaince but not a organic soul has entered that palace for 1000 years.

I plan on heading back to the front to the Burst Link in about 3 days, I heard we got a new admiral coming in so I preferr to arrive before the new admirals arrival and prepare the ship for his arrival. I did speak to Dirtnap a few days back apparently they hit a nasty bug in the war but they are working on it. Thats good for them and I will speak to the good arc trooper once I return, I haven't heard from any of my officers which is normally a sign of something is happening so I will be going in the armed shuttle incase I jump into the middile of a battle.


Loading Kuat History Lesson One: The Kingdom of Kuat


In the year 25,000bby Kuat would join the galactic republic as one of its founding members. Between the years 25,000-4,590bby the territory of the Kuat sector would contain only the world of Kuat. In the year 4,590 the sector would expand to colonize a large section of the eastern outer core. During which the sector would be reorganized into the autonomous region known as the Kingdom of Kuat. The Kingdom would remain in the republic but with higher autonomy. During the end of the old republic and the Kuat monarchy the kingdom would be officially dissolved and replaced with the Kuat sector once again. During the high republic there was an attempt by a pretender to House Interitus in the year 844bby how this would fail due to a lack of support from kuat houses.


Kingdom of Kuat circa 23,000bby



Kuat Sector at the collapse of the republic circa 1,000bby



Proposed Plan circa 844bby



Kuat Sector Current year


Accessing Recording

Access granted

Beginning Recording

The following recording has been transcribed from a letter sent by Dessimus to a unknown individual

My dearest lady, I am writing to you having heard of a rumour of your death. As of now I am writing to you from my winter estate in the south of Kuat, while I hope your death isn't true I am still writing as I wish to discuss some things with you. I have missed our weekly talks over the holocomms since my return to the Burst Link after the loss of my arm. Speaking of which piece of advice never lose your arm the metal the republic uses is a cheap one, I need to get a handcrafted one made. Perhaps I can call on your brother he always knew his way around metal. In other news I have a proposal I am hosting an event perhaps you can come to it. I'll make it a masquerade ball so you and I wont drawn attention to the fact that. I shouldn't say that five credits this letter will be intercepted by the republic and looked at before It reaches you.

Best of my love-Dess


Journal Entry #2


So another Journal entry today, Not sure how this is will aid in what I do but oh well. Hmm what to speak about, well first things first I discovered a secret back when I was younger I had a sister. I don't remember much however I was told by my parents that she had died before my 2nd birthday. This is was infact a lie, It turns out my sister is alive and was taken by the Jedi when we were younger to be trained to become one. I suppose if anyone else were to read this they would like an explanation of how I found out, well as a officer of the grand navy of the republic you get access to certain channels, Well one of those channels is monitoring incoming and out joining messages. Its a personal hobby of mine anyways though I noticed one of the Jedi knights on the venator gotten a message from a certain Jedi Master Mara Regno. Which of course is my last name so I did more looking and she is my sister. While this is wonderful news I will most likely never be able to speak to her due to the Jedi's opinion on attachment. No matters for now as I have more important issues to keep an eye on. Kuat politics have been becoming more of a difficult thing to manage, This system its failing and I cant do much about it. I already have a parliament set up for my territories but I doubt the Lady Minister would even consider such a proposal for the entire world. Then again I have my allies in the courts, I suppose a proposal wouldn't hurt. In good news crime in my territories is down from 15% to 9% these anti-piracy efforts have been going well for my lands and I will be pressuring the rest of the lords into implementing them as well. In republic terms the burst link is doing well, this new admiral has his ideas but I'll be the judge of how his term will go down in our records. I also have had my portrait painted today by a Wookie, She was a lovely person to met and one of the best artist I could find. I suppose I could add a copy of the portrait into this entry for record keeping.


Accessing Recording

Access granted

Beginning Recording

The following recording has been transcribed from a recorded hologram conversation

Drasta what do I owe the pleasure of speaking to you on this day


Dess It is good to speak to you again I ask for a favor of your. You see I have a young son who is going threw his time in the academy, well I'm nervous about him and what he is going into we both know the dangers our group of people face.


Yes I suppose you are correct. However I do not understand what exactly you wish of me to do I have no power over the academy's the republic he uses. Furthermore I doubt even if I could whisper something into some captains head it would move your child into a better position


You misunderstand me Dess, My child Trissian is at the academy on Kuat all I want is for him to be put on the Burst Link once he graduates in a few weeks. Please you must help him as I worry so much for him. Hell I'll even pay you to do so


Ah I see, well you are in luck. Recently the Lord of Academics died without an heir and I as his nearest relative was granted the title and its powers. I will write to the academy's director about his change of position and have him sent here as soon as preparations can be finished.


Thank you Dess, I dont know how to repay you


There is no need my dear, Life is but a way we live and sometimes we need to make it so our friends also have the best chance at life. Until we speak again my friend


Access granted

Beginning Recording

The following recording has been transcribed from a meeting between the Lord Admiral in his winter home and Republic Judicial Trooper Kogo sent by the republic to negotiate with the man.


Republic Trooper Kogo your grace


Ah Kogo it's so good to see you again, I must say when I hear they were sending a member of my own ship I assumed it was to soften me up. I guess my opinion was a mistake


What are you saying here


I apologize that was outspoken of someone of my position, what I meant to say was that we haven't always agreeded upon every decision and choice but I am glad they sent you. Now come sit and lets discuss would you like some tea. 


No thank you Dess now lets get down to business I presume the Kuat nobility will be joining us for this talk


No I'm glad now if I wanted to find logic I would not look upon the Kuat upper class. Now onto business I am offering a 20% increase in ship production and a 10% shareholding in Kuat Drive Yards for the republic finical aid and a secret project of my own


This is quite a generous offer however I have to ask what is this project of yours you want the republics aid on


For years I have tried to dismantled the lords system on Kuat. For years I have tried to improve the peoples lives to little gain. However looking back at old books and document I discovered an interesting document pertaining to Protocol 198. I am asking the senate to at least discuss abandoning the protocol.


Look I cant promise anything but i'll have my superiors inform them of your terms. But I need to ask Dess exactly what do you plan to do if this protocol gets remove rebel against the republic.


Good heavens no, I simply want a fair fight against them and this will be a victory against the damm republicans. Anyways I thank you for coming to this I hope we can speak again before my return to the venator. Carson do you mind walking this good man out to his shuttle I'd prefer to see he is leaving in safe hands


As you wish your lordship please follow me Mr.Kogo


Likewise Dess until we meet again


Additional Document added

Located from Achieves on Coruscant

The following is a hologram meeting dated 3 years before the clone wars began


The Hologram opens upon the meeting of 6 people all well dressed meeting on a station in an unnamed system


So Shall we begin. Gentlemen and Ladies you all know why we are here


Certainly Count Dooku we are discussing the next year to hold the monarchist council


Yes and who shall host it


These two from the duchess of mandalore and lord admiral of Kuat are correct. As the 5 most powerful monarchies in the galaxy we all have the duty to discuss where to hold it. So that leads to the first answer where do we hold it,  King Yos you have the floor first.


Thank you Count Dookue. Ladies and Gentlemen as the King of the mon cala and the quarren I propose that we host the 100th meeting of the monarchist on the world of Dac. It is my kingdoms home world and should provide a quiet place to hold our meetings. I propose as well that we host the meeting within 6 months.


The Queen of the Naboo Neeyutnee is next up to speak your majesty you have the floor.


Delegates I thank you all for listening to me on this day. I suggest we hold the next council in the gungan city of Otoh Gunga. The current ruler of the gungans Boss Lyonie has agreed to host the council there. If this doesnt meet the standard then I also suggest my royal palace as the meeting place. I propose we host the meeting with 1 year.


I propose we host the council on serenno my home planet. I also suggest we host this meeting in 3 years time, The galaxy is at peace so we have time to be by ourselves and prepare. 


Anyways  Lord Admiral of Kuat you have the floor


Thank you Count of Serenno, Gentlemen and fair ladies I wont keep us busy and Propose that the Sunkart station be the host to our council. The mega station is located between here in the core worlds near Kuat. There we can discuss matters with little republic interference. I know its in republic space however the station is owned by Kuat Drive Yards so it wont be touched by the republic. I propose we meet in 4 years it will give us more time to ensure everything is perfect for our 100th meeting.


Very well said Lord Admiral, Duchess Kryze you have the floor


I am sorry to inform the council here that I can not offer up a world. Due to the civil war that happened on Mandalore we are still healing, however I agree with the Lord Admiral of Kuat on the matter at hand.


Very well Duchess Lastly Senator Organa, as head of house organa you have the last word in this council before we dismiss it.


I propose we host the council meeting on Alderran and in 2 years time. Alderran that year is preparing for a festival that will keep the media busy and away from us.


Very well we will vote upon all of us arriving home. Thank you all for attending today.


Access Geneology records

Activating assiant droid

Opening Regno Family Tree due to the sheer size opening dates between 21-600

The Following tree branches from 600bby to 21bby, due to the sheer length of house regno only the line of sucession will be shown to gain the full family tree please request it from the Kuat Geneology Society and wait the approximate 2 years to gather the complete tree.


Icar Regno: Ruled between the years 600-560 Cause of death:Old Age


Ress Regno: Ruled between the years 560-540 Cause of death:Old Age


Dess Regno: Ruled between the years 540-532 Cause of death:Heart Attack


Gido Regno: Ruled between 532-505 Cause of death: Pirate raid on flagship


Icar II Regno: Ruled between 505-500. The only known Regno to abdicate the throne to son cause of death:unknown


Dess II Regno: Ruled between 500-481 Cause of death: Homicide


Blon Regno: Ruled between 481-455 Cause of death: Old Age


Aurin Regno: Ruled between 481-431 Cause of death: Old age


Dess III Regno: Ruled between 431-425 Cause of death: Duel


Augustin Regno: Ruled between 425-388 Cause of death: Poison


Corso Regno: Ruled between 388-351 Cause of death: Infected ulcer


Blon II Regno: Ruled between 351-326 Cause of death: Severe Liver damage


Charles Regno: Ruled between 326-310 Cause of death: Old Age


Porro Regno: Ruled between 310-280 Cause of death: Old Age


Hela Regno: Ruled between 280-240 Cause of death: liver failure


Hela II Regno: Ruled between 240-222 Cause of death: Murder


Augustin II Regno: Ruled between 222-190 Cause of death: Disease


Icar III Regno: Ruled between 190-160 Cause of death: Coma


Leru Regno: Ruled between 160-158 Cause of death: Murder


Dess IV Regno: Ruled between 158-108 Cause of death: Old Age


Rik Regno: Ruled between 108-100 Cause of death: Old Age


Corso II Regno: Ruled between 100-80 Cause of death: Heart Attack


Wina Regno: Ruled between 80-60 Cause of death: Childbirth


Charles II Regno: Ruled between 60-35 Cause of death: Unknown


Access granted

Beginning Recording

The following recording has been transcribed from a bridge recording between Dess and Gra'alis


Another Successful mission dont you think Gra'alis. Now we can enjoy some downtime.


Yesss sir we have won great points towards scorekeeper. A great hunt today we have done.


Yes indeed please come sit I'll pour the tea. Tell me Gra how many points have you earned today for your goddess.


129 Jagannath Points, droids dont count towards scorekeeper. Would be an Inssult towards her.


I see well if that is the case I would have earned 56 points today. A fine number I believe


Ha a childs number sir, I have over 5000 points


Remember my friend not everything I as it seems you must always look into the unknown. Now then what is on todays agenda for us to deal with


Sssir we today have 3 thringssss to do. A republic reporter issss coming today wanting a report on our recent activities, The blue trooperssss have been aruging with the orange troopersss over who gets to keep the new bunksssss and Republic High Command hassss been wanting the latest battle reportsssss.


Why must every day include a fight with the clones. No matter I will call upon them once I clear my head. Have Fastara deal with the battle reports. I must attend to my duties, Um when that reporter shows up deny him entry the usual as always.


Assss you wish Sir


And Gra you dont need to call me sir Dess will do just fine my apprentice


Yessss Desssssssssssss



File Decryption at 39%.


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Accessing Documentation






The following documentation is from the files on the Kuat Drive Yards and are sealed by the Kuat Concessions act of 987bby please enter verification code


Verification Code cleared welcome ARC-27-8794


Access granted

Beginning Translation

The following has been translated from Ancient Kuati to Aurebeesh

Mihi carissime Jana scio quomodo dilexit vestri Papa et scio te erit ut devastata sum sicut ego per hanc damnum. Sed oportet ponere illis qui hinc iam officium vocat. Dolor enim patris tui mortem et sensit longe et late. Tua populus erit opus tuum vires et ducibus. Vidi tres domos per defectum separatarum indulgentias ex officio. Vos non patitur te facere similes errata. Et dum luges patrem tuum, oportet vos lugere alium. Jana Organis. Nam quae iam reponi ab alio homine, principis Jana Organis. Duae Jana et saepe in conflictu ad invicem. Et factum est coronam sit vincere. Semper vincere oportet.....


My dearest Jana  I know how you loved your papa And I know you will be as devastated as I am by this loss. But you must put those sentiments to one side now, for duty calls. The grief for your father's death will be felt far and wide. Your people will need your strength and leadership. I have seen three great houses brought down through their failure to separate personal indulgences from duty. You must not allow yourself to make similar mistakes. And while you mourn your father, you must also mourn someone else. Jana Organa. For she has now been replaced by another person, Princess Jana Organa. The two Jana will frequently be in conflict with one another. The fact is, the crown must win. Must always win....



Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is recorded from the bridge of the HMS Burst Link between ARC-27-8794 and a hologram recording


This is Mr.Carson butler of the Regno Palace who am I speaking to.


This is Arc Trooper 27-8794 nickname's Dirtnap


An Arc Trooper how did you even get this line, this line is of the upmost private channel only for his lordship


Aye Dess gave me this number I was told to call


My apologies Mr.8794 we weren't expecting anything like this, I will patch you his lordship right away.



Hello who am I speaking to


Dess It's Dirtnap


Oh Dirtnap its you, When Carson said I had a odd call I wasn't expecting you, Tell me what is it you wish to ring about


Its nothing much Dess nothing really important it I...


Dirtnap I have know you for quite some time, anything you wish to ask of me is important or is in my eyes. Apologies for interrupting your question please go on


Um right I recently heard a rumour of an Arc trooper on Kuat for the time being who is meeting with you. I was wondering if this was true.


Yes it is true, The republic wants a good public image why on earth they would send him instead of you I don't understand, No matter every government goes down the aisle with half the story being shown.


You know this trooper Dess? also why have them send me.


Yes he is Trooper CT-27-9784 and I wish they sent you because unlike this trooper you know how to charm a crowd. Do you know this trooper by any chance Dirtnap.


*bit of silence before so* No Dess I dont know him


Very well now I must be going I have a Dinner to prepare for. Goodnight Dirtnap I'll see you in the week.


Goodnight Dess till we meet again.


Dirtnap before you go I almost forgot I have this security key, Its nothing much just opens my file from the republic the key is **********


Dess why are giving me this I thought you were very protective on this law


See it as a sign of respect and the highest trust I can award someone




Loading History Lesson #2: The Congress of Naboo and the War of the Serenno Succession Prelude

In the ending days of 42bby A galactic conflict arose between the monarchies of the galaxy. It started with a disputed over influence zones and ended in a conflict that wouldn't be trumped till the clone wars 33 years later. The war would split families down political lines and would foreshadow that trouble was to come to the monarchies in the next few decades.


42bby was the year of the invasion of Serreno a plot by Count Ramil to turn the planet against the republic and the monarchist powers. However to full understand the results of this conflict the story must first start in 43bby to show the zones of influence between the monarchies of the galaxy. 


During the years 123-120bby the monarchies had meet on Coruscant to discuss splitting up the galaxy in zones of influence to prevent conflict between the parties. The event planned by at the time Lord Minister of Kuat Harken was to prevent the collapse of the monarchies and restore stability.

In those two years each of the 12 main monarchies gained their zones of influence.


Alderran: House Organa was given the northern parts of the interior and southern parts of the new territories.


Kuat: The 12 Kuat houses were given the remaining lands of the interior a large majority of the  trailing sectors and a small portion of the unknown regions. 


Eriadu: The Tarkin family managed to gain the entire western reaches and parts of the trailing sectors. However disuptes remain with Naboo and Kuat


Naboo: The elected Naboo title claimed the rest of the trailing sectors not under the influence of the hutts


The Hutts: While the Hutt cartel wasnt a monarchy in full explanation they were invited to the meeting anyways. The Hutts would get the rest of the trailing sectors and 1/3 of the slice


Onderon: Onderon gained the least of all the monarchies only taking small bits around their system. In exchange for this small land they were given a large sum of credits from Kuat and Mon Cala


Kashyyk: The Wookies were given lands between Onderon and the Hutts to prevent the cartel from moving on the small influence zone of Onderon.


The Hapes: The Hapes would be given the lands between Hape and Jomark


Dac: The Mon Calamari and Quarren were given the remaining slice territories and some of the new territories


Mandalore: The mandalorians while hesitant on attending the meeting were given influence of nearby systems


Yaga Minor: The Newly formed Kingdom of Yaga Minor was given the lands around its system however was barred from trying to influence the capital of the banking clan


Zygerria: The slavers of Zygerria were heavily barred due to most monarchies pushing for the banning of the slave trade at this conference they would gain some territories but not what they wanted.


The remaining systems would be declared a neutural zone to not be influenced by any member. The conference would end on a bit of a sour note. While the meeting was successful with defining the zones of influence it failed to define what would happen if these zones were violated or if new monarchies would pop up. The Kuat diplomats failed in getting a pan-galactic alliance formed between the monarchies and Alderran and Dac diplomats failed to fully ban the slave trade with the hutts and Zygerria diplomats refusing to even speak to them.

File Decryption at 43%.



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Accessing Documentation






The following documentation is from the files on the Kuat Drive Yards and are sealed by the Kuat Concessions act of 987bby please enter verification code


Verification Code cleared welcome Lord Regno


Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is letter from the bridge of the HMS Burst Link to the 12 families of Kuat

My Lords and Ladies, It is with great pride and deepest pleasure to announce the recent news coming from the 2nd sector . For months Kuat has been on high alert incase the 2nd sector king attempted an assault on our world. I myself have spoke many times to the council of lords about the threat this man possed and how we should properly defend our world from him, should he had choosen to attack. In the late hours of today the Burst Link and members of Crow's Legions engage the 2nd sector king in a system on the edge of the 2nd sector. While it was a hard fight and we lost a great many men to the snake king, I am delighted to announce to you all that this false king a stain on the monarchs of the galaxy has been defeated. Upon the boarding of the arc we enagage and executed the man.

I am hopeful with this victory things can be restored in the 2nd sector, I am formally requesting the council to send aid to the 2nd sector to aid in the recovery from the snake king. I must in this letter give my appreciation to thoose in the fight, while I have shown my distaste for Crow I must admit he was a needed asset to the fight. I hope that his time in prision treats him poorly not terrible but poorly. I must given my pleasure to the two men we lost. Rc Esta and Pilot Monarch both two men who fought vailently in the fight against the false king and recommend that Kuat erect a momument in the capital to them who faught to protect not only Kuat but the entire core worlds. With this I am to end the letter here and hope to return home within the month to formally give a briefing to the Lady Minister.

Signed-Lord Regno Lord Admiral of Kuat


Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is date 05/22/21 and is recording from the bridge of the HMS Burst Link


Ah good your here I wasnt expecting you to be here for atleast another thirty mintutes do sit please

Dess why did you invite me up here you never invite people to dine with you except officers. So why did you

Do be honest with you the other officers are busy and Ive sent Gra away to pick up some things from my estate on Kashyyyk and he wont return for atleast another few days so I decided to invite you It is wise to have a good relationship between RSB and Naval. Now please do sit how would you like your tea black or white

Um black please now then I suppose their is some other reason you invited me up here you never seem to like me exactly

Mr.Seminov I have plenty of friends I dont like if I were to dump anyone I didnt like my contact list would be empty long ago. I dont dislike you altough, My views on RSB is quite clear especially after the last incident on Kuat with them.

You speak of the shootout on Kuat the damaged the Imperial Palace might I ask why is it so important to you.

Thousands of years ago the last king of Kuat sided with the sith and tried to overthrow the republic on the planet. He failed and in respone the Lord system was created. During this time the imperial palace was abanonded and hasnt been entered since. To damage it in any way is a punished by death, You have no idea how many Lords I had to bribe to get this incident put down and in the end I had to cause another scandal to save your agents. What were they even doing so close to the palace.

That is classified information Dess and lets get back to you saying you bribed your fellow Lords and that scandal I never heard of it

Bribed was the wroung word to use my apologies, What I meant to say was over the years alot of Lords have owned me favours and I very carefully keep that over their heads. On Kuat you need favours to gain power and keep your title. If you dont your cast aside and throw into the pit of despair.

I see now that doesnt answer my second question what was this scandal you created.

Mr.Seminov a monarch never revails the full story however I will leave it as this. I create a Rumour that I had an affair with a Bauernmädchen. As these stories do it caught like dry grass and it did the trick.

And was this rumour true in anyways.

A man never reveals everything Mr.Seminov and neither do I, now enjoy the meal



Access granted

Opening File

Acessing Medical Record

Patient Name:Dessimus Hoffnung Regno

Date of Birth:11/03/45


Facitlity: Kuat Royal Hospital and Society

Authorizer: Dr.Tinor Dallo Doctor to the Lord Admiral


The Following has been released under the order of the Lord Admiral himself all documentation goes back to 22BBY


Injury #1: Shattered Hand

During engagement with Seperatist Forces his Lordship was struck by section of the Burst Link's Bridge inner hull causing his right hand to be broken. While his Lordship continued fighitng despite the damage his hand was allmost permanently damaged. Surgery has reverse all effects and his Lordship recoevered within the week


Injury #2: Amputation

While attempting to flee a seperatist admiral chasing the Burst Link his Lordship was crushed by rubble from a collasping cave system. While his lordship managed to come out of it relativly unscaved his right arm had been torn off. Since then His Lordship has managed to aqquire a metal arm from Republic Medical Forces. However it should be noted his Lordship has expressed his distained with the look and function of the replacement and has already been in contact with a Mr.Manedinks to find a better replacement.



His Lordship still expresses concern of the Fluch Des Dunklen Blutes and its effect on his body and mind. The Lord admiral has report visions along with an increases snese of his surroundings while his lordship is asleep orunconscious.It should be noted that his lordship has continued to take his prescribed medications and continues to mediate twice a day as recommended by Dr.Dallo and Jedi Master REDACTED ON ORDERS OF THE LORD ADMIRAL. It should be noted that if this disease were to continue without  an attempt to halt said infliction his lordships mind and body will continue to deteriate over the next 30 years. While I can guess on this time I can not confirm if this will be the ultimate time for the disease to end his Lordships live. I am personally recommending we get the REDACTED ON THE ORDERS OF THE LORD ADMIRAL on Coruscant before his Lordship becomes aware of it.



Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is recording from the villa of Tauben on Naboo

Welcome Master Jedi to Tauben Villa im Mr.Carson his lordship's butler please follow me indoors.

Certainly Mr.Carson, I am suprised Dess would summon someone on his time off he normally never calls the Burst Link unless he is checking on the bridge, When I recieved his message I was shocked

His Lordship never likes to be predictable Mr.Sendil now please wait in the drawing room for his lordship to return he went with some friends on a fishing expedition in a nearby lake.




3 hours later Villa Tauben Drawing Room

The Lord Admiral Regno and Commander Elena Pavan

Sendil I do apologize Me and Mrs.Pavan got carried away on the fish trip, I should have called up here. Please sit my friend

Dess why did you call me here you normally dont call when your away let alone me. 

Mrs.Pavan would you mind leaving the room please

Certainly My Lord

Who was that Dess

Oh Elena, she is the commander of my gaurd a truely wonderful women I've known her since we were 6 years old. now onto business do you know what this is

A Sith Holocron, Dess how in the hell did you find this you shouldnt even have it.

It is a long story so do sit. A few days ago Me and some friends of mine were fishing around a lake in the south of Naboo. We hadn't catch much when I had pulled that out of the lake. Why and how it ended up there I havent had a clue, However I knew I should call someone so I called the only Jedi I knew who would come If i called. Now I am giving it to you I have no need for it besides I cant open it myself Im quite sure I cant use the force.

Thank you for calling me though Dess Im sure the temple on Coruscant will know what to do with it.

I do hope so, are things going well on the venator In my little kingdom

Things are going well we managed to hunt down some traitors recently.

Well thats good I wont keep you any longer Im sure you have Jedi business to attend to, Carson do you mind seeing Master Sendil out.

Certainly my Lord, right this way Master Sendil.

Do you believe he will know about how you really found it your lordship. If he does things wont end well

Honestly Elena I have no clue but it doesnt matter anymore its gone and out of my family tombs, Now lets return to what we were doing.

As you wish my Lord.

File Decryption at 45%.

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Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is recording from the villa of Tauben on Naboo


*sounds of knocking*

Ah yes come in. Oh its you Elena

I am sorry to interrupt you my lord I didn't realize you were changing I will wait out here.

Its ok Elena you've seen my not fully dressed before remember the time the shuttle crashed in the Dagobah system and you had to pull me out.

Yes,my lord I remember it very  well. I was coming to you to ask you what we are going to after were done at the villa.

Well I suppose you should know you are the commander of my guard and the one I trust most with my life, we are heading to just outside of Foerost to test a new ship called the Imperator. We will only be there for a day so Carson wont be joining us we will be attending a dinner event so I arrange for a seamstress to meet us at the Imperator to make you a dress for the dinner I hope you dont mind, I know its on short notice.

Its no problem my lord I am grateful, No one has ever gotten my something like this. Might I ask what is to happen after the dinner if that is in my rank.

Elena I care about you dearly and I've known you since we were both six the least I can do is get you a dress. Anyways after we will be heading for Foerost to test it against some recently captured Munficents. Afterword's you and the Imperator will be returning to Kuat and I am needed back at the Burst Link. Is that all you wanted to know.

No my lord, I dont mean to insult your fashion sense but I was wondering what is up with that thing on your waist.

It is a Kleiner Rock it translates from Ancient Kuati to Aurabeesh as Little Skirt but its more known as a Lord's Kilt. You see each one of these gems represent a previous lord along this golden chain on the red velvet. I wear red and black so my gem is read my father wore Brown so his gem here is brown and my grandfather wore white so ect ect.

Interesting my Lord might I ask though why not use the translation, No one of a lower born class speaks Kuati anymore I had dozens of letters from you that aren't in basic but Ancient Kuati.

Well then their is a simple solution I will teach you Ancient Kuati how to speak it and how to write in it that way you can read those letters. After all thoose letters are full of details and I shouldnt have written them in Ancient Kuati my apologies. Is that all Elena

Yes my Lord thank you for your time, I will wait at the ship for when your ready.

Johnson you can come out now she's gone

Apologies my lord now lets return to getting you dressed.... So did you see the look on the commanders face when she walked in

Yes... I did Johnson but that is none of your business is that understood.

Yes my Lord now should we do the gold chains on the neck or the silver

Lets go with gold.

Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is recording from multiple sources


(if you want to play the emperor arrives theme when reading this part do it I wont stop you last part doesnt fit too well but the first does anyways bye)

Rise Admiral Heinken, It is good to meet you again. Tell me how is the ship running it must be a bumpy start.

No my lord the ship has been running at peak performance and so far has reported no problems in her voyage to the meeting place.

Good now I presume the seamstress arrived.

Yes my Lord she has been in the bridge working on her assignment for the last few days perfecting it to your standard my Lord.

Good Admiral please escort Commander Pavan to the steamstress and if the dress isnt to her liking have it be done. Is that understood Admiral

As you wish my lord. Come along commander their is much to do.

My Lord I still dont understand shouldnt it be to your liking.

Elena im not the one wearing the dress it doesnt matter what my opinion is now go on and if the admiral gives your any trouble you know how to contact me in secret.

I am retiring  to my chambers until the dinner tonight I am not to be disturbed until it is time

File Decryption at 48%.

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Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is recording from multiple sources


Room:Imperator Officer Dinning Hall

Please everyone do sit down and let enjoy our meal. My Lord may I ask where commander Pavan is I know she isnt filled with knowledge of how dinners work but I mean..

If you are referring to  Commander Pavan being of low born status and is the only royal gaurd not born from a higher ranking class then I suggest you shut your mouth before you insult me. Most likely Commander Pavan is just a bit late.

Announcing the Commander Pavan.

Ah Elena come sit next to me. You re looking beautiful more now than ever. I must ask did you like the seamstress I picked out.

Yes your lord she was very helpful and calming. I must apologize for my late arrival I never been to dinners like this or wear a dress like this.

All is well my dear we only sat down a few minutes ago. I must say though I do like the mix of armor and dress you went with suits you very well.

Now everyone please enjoy the meal we arrive at Foerost in 3 hours.

*3 hours past*

My Lord we have arrived at Foerost


My Lord we have arrived at Foerost for the test. The system recently fell to republic forces and these munficents were captured in the process. They have been towed here for us to test on.

Very well Admiral commence the attack full power

*3 mintutes past*

Well Admiral I am impressed this project has been a success a few more test and the imperator class will be ready for full launch. If that is all I must leave however I have a new project for you Admiral. In this datapad is the details for project "Dreadnought".

Thank you my lord I will report back to the shipyards as soon as we arrive.

Elena a moment of your time before I am to leave.

Certainly my lord what is it you wish to discuss.

Its about your Ancient Kuati lessons I am needed on the Burst Link for sometime and wont be returning home for another 3 weeks, However I do have a task for you in my office on the shipyards is an old manuscript in it has a script for the ancient Kuati writing. What I want you to do is write and translate a couple documents I have there, take this access card, it will get you passed most firewalls and anything else.

As you wish my Lord.

File Decryption at 49%.

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Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is recorded from the RMS Burst Link

Pectine to Burst Link requesting transmission to board

Clearance will be granted as soon as we have confirmation of your clearance codes

Transmitting clearance codes

Codes check out land in the main hangar bay

Say Tide who is landing

The Pectine is Dess's personal shuttle he is returning from some time off.

Shouldnt we send someone down to meet him

Not to worry Quex, Aleks is already there waiting for him to land.


Dess your finally back how was your time off

I wouldnt call it time off Aleks two weeks im gone and half of that was pointless meetings luckily the other half I manage to get away to Naboo and have a relaxing time. So tell me how have things been going while I was away.

They been going well sir we have had some losses and some hits but were still operating at 90% efficiency. The officers have been eager for your return and the admiral has been called to coruscant for a reason we werent told.

Well thats good atleast one of us had their plans go well. Lets head to the bridge before anyone stops us for something


Gentlemen I have returned now lets sit I'm sure their is much to discuss.

Welcome back Dessss, I hope you bring good newssss

Yes I agree with the lizard here anything to say

Come on Dess let us know already you been sitting her for 3 mintutes in silence already.

You will all be glad to know that the Imperator Class Star Destroyer is heading for its final test trials and should be ready to launch by the end of next year.

*cue clapping and cheering* 

Finally we can use an actual star destroyer instead of the venator

Your not wroung Krit the venator is a good ship. But I have more news to tell

Is it about you and your little girfriend.

No and if you keep saying that Tide I will get the hose. No its about a new project codenamed dreadnought.

Dess are you even allowed to tell us this project

I have to agree with Krit over here

Well Krit and Rommel have a point. Gra have all communication devices on the bridge shut off and  everyone meet me in the back room.


Now that we are alone and away from any eyes I can reveal this information. Now any of you who went to the academy before the clone wars would have learned ship history and know of a dreadnought. For thoose who don't a dreadnought is a massive ship larger than a star destroyer and are a symbol of power and strength. The old republic used to use many however during the rusan reformation the dreadnoughts used by the old republic were either decommissioned and scrapped or they were sold of to system defense systems like Kuat. Project Dreadnought plans to counteract the seperatist dreadnoughts we have seen and bring them back. While the class's name and design isnt set in stone Kuat driveyards plans to build three of them to start off under the mandator line. Taking what we know from the pride of the core being the last of the mandator one classes we can improve on it for the mandator two. They will be faster than previous designs and even more power on them. We plan to have the first two be the same design with the third being more of a carrier design. 

Its an impressive idea Dess though I have to ask why tell us this

He hasss a point there Dessss why tell us

Because I trust you all to not tell anyone this information. And I believe that as the Lord Admiral I can tell people. Now to think of a name

A name?

Yes We already plan the call the first one Bellator and the second one is the Dreadnoughtus

Dreadnoughts? what does that mean

Its ancient kauti it means fears nothing. all I need is a name for the last one

What about the pride of the core II

Yes that could work thank you Olaf. Now that this is settled lets return to the bridge before anyone suspects anything.


Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is recorded from the RMS Burst Link Naval Officer Room Number #3

Dess these letters came in for you today their from one of your homes.

Oh good hand them over will you, thank you. Oh this is nice its from Elena.

Elena? is that your gaurd commander.

The very same, Tide is this all the mail.

Yes Dess that's all we got for you... So what does it say.

Oh nothing much my dear commander has written to me the things that have happened since I left to return here. Since she is learning ancient kuati from me She has written it them in it. The markings are right but the handstyle could use some work but oh well.

Huh intresting you care about this lady quite alot dont you?

Well tide when you finally manage to gain back a friend you havent seen in 11 years you tend to make sure you catch up on time.

11 years how did that happen.

Well you see, I knew Elena since I was six years old. Back then I had more time on my hands so I would go into the nearby village and walk around. One day I believe it was in may I stumbled upon a peasant girl sitting alone under an oak tree.

And I assume that was Elena

Yes that is correct, Well over the new couple years we became very close friends any time I would have to myself would be playing and dueling with Elena. She would always manage to beat me though, It was good old fun and would help sharpen my dueling skills.

So what happened

When I was ten my father would die, since I was the heir I had to full become the ruler of house Regno. As such I was unable to see her anymore. It probably broke her heart it certainly broke my child heart.

So that explains why you lost contact with her but that doesnt explain the 11 years apart.

Yes well I only learned all this information when I was reunited with her and after a very long talk but anyways the next ten years were somewhat empty. I had lost my father and 7 years later my mother too, lets just say it was a depressing point in my life. You must understand Tide house Regno has no one else, oh sure there was my sister but she is a Jedi so I guess you can say I lost her first. The house has been in decline and only my family's branch remained no aunts no cousins no one of my time just me and the gaurd.

Are you related to the gaurd by any chance.

No my royal gaurd are members of other houses branches who arent part of the main inheritance branch. None of them are Regno.

But back to the story at hand. Once I turned 18 I was in the thick of governing and leading my gaurd in protecting my lands. It was about a few months after my 21st Birthday when my gaurd manage to break up a criminal ring hidden on the Kuat shipyard. They were all arrested and brought to my estate to be presented to me one by one. They had done some of the worst things possible you can imagine.

Yes well what does this have to do with your friend

If you let me finish the story you'll know. Anyways the criminals were being brought infront of me to recieve their punishment due to their hainous crimes they were all getting death sentances. Thats when she entered the room, I didnt know until the then head of the guard said her name. When I heard that name it was like a spark went off in my heart. I was in such a state of internal sadness that even hearing that name brought me back.

So what did you do after?

I was aware that it could be a lie and using a fake name that just happened to line up with hers but I couldnt risk it, so I commuted her sentance and had her to sent to my chambers where I could ask one one simple question.

Which was?

Well it was simple I asked her what was the first thing I said to her which were "why are you here alone madam shouldnt you be with the others?".

I can assume it was her

Yes it was and it turns out thoose ten years were not good time for her. When we lost contact her and her father moved out of the territories onto a new colony project out in the outer rim. Well unfortunatly her father fell into debt and as such criminal gangs took his only child as payment. She was sold into slavery and bought by a Kuat crime lord who funny had quite a grudge with me. She only just manage to get into a better position as an enforcer when my guards arrived. So I gave her an oppertunity become a member of my guard and all will be forgetten or she could serve some prision time and be dropped off at the capital. Thank god she choosed the first option, I finally had a piece of the past back with me that was inanimate and thats it happened three years ago and I havent felt happier in a long time.

An impressive story Dess though may I ask now Is their anything inclination in thoose letters

So far from what little I have read nope

I hate to interrupt this Dess but some of us would like our mail now

Oh I do apologize I got carried away with the story Tide go now give them their mail. I am to be left alone until I finish reading thse letters.

Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is recorded from the RMS Burst Link


Quex how comes thoose upgrades to the engines last I was told you hit a bit of a snag in the process.

Well things were going well until we opened up core number three, you know the one that we had to shut down last battle cause it suffere damage to its exterior port.

Yes so what was wroung still dangerous?

No Mynocks they must have picked them up the last time we stopped at the roche asteroid so we had to call in a group of clones to exterminate them.

Well good continue with replacing the power couplings and reparing the port when you are done have the logistical officers meet at the tractor beam generators they need a inspection for damages.

Understood sir might I ask what you are doing up and about today normally officers who are high ranking on a venator never leave the bridge unless it is needed.

I like making my rounds keeps me updated on matters at hand.



Ah Jack your here good tell me how are the port guns doing today they recieve quite the beating in our last fight.

Their doing fine sir I ran a diagnostic check on them a little bit ago and they are functioning well.  However the barrels could use a work up they have some slight dents.

Very well put in the order now then since we are done I....

Dess to the bridge I repeat Dess to the bridge

I can never escape when I need to Jack keep doing whatever it was that you were doing.


Alright boys this better be important I haven't even gotten halfway threw my route.

Were being called to the Koiogra a system in the outer rim in the ghrol sector recently republic forces have enagaged the seperatists and were being called to aid in the attack on their capital city.

I see gentlemen prepare the ship for hyperspace and deploy laats for departure Quex head down to the main hangar bay and prepare AT-TE's and TX-130's.

Now hear this prepare for the jump to hyperspace and report to briefing I will patch threw our informant.


So Dess what are we doing here

While the clones are assaulting the planets capital we are to relay communications and monitor the progress of the fight.

Its a quite base isnt it Aleks

Your not wroung Quex I guess most of the clones are at the fight.

Well good for us we can work in peace and quiet

Normally I dont disagree on that but in this case I will lets just hope no teams try to infiltrate this base.

* 2 hours later *

Any updates on the front yet

So far the clones have managed to break the outer defenses and are assaulting the inner city.

Well thats good gentlemen the capital will fall within the day. So I believe it is time for an early celebration I'll get the champagne.

Oh good we can relax for a few mintutes and then get back to work.

* an alarm starts going off *

Oh what now Tide can you check the monitors

Dess we got company a bunch of natives to Koiogra are in the base.

Men to the hallways and set up a barricade get your guns. I will go around the hallway and suprise them. Quex send out a distress call to the nearest republic force

You heard Dess lets move move

And how do you suppose Dess you are gonna not die in the hallway

hmmm hand me that vibrosword over there and all of you get to your positions. You see to defeat an enemy you must know an enemy including things like art,society and structure. The Koiogran are known to be narrow-minded and will only focus on your all.

Dess do you even know how to use a sword

Dont worry I trained to use one since I was six why do you think Im not a good shot with a blaster I never used one before the clone wars.



Enemy force spotted in our corridor.

Hold your fire until they reach just before the 4-way and watch you fire once I engage them.


Dess is really tearing apart the natives isnt he

Well he did say he has trained to wield a blade since he was six so I guess it makes sense

Doesnt matter right now we can question Dess's past later keep your focus on not shooting him

Ow son of... Aleks ya shot me

The natives are fleeing quickly get to Dess

Oh shit Dess i'm sorry I didnt mean to

It's alright Aleks its only a fleshwound and will heal with time. Now did we lose anyone.

No Dess thank god we didnt

Sir we came as soon as we heard

You arrived a little late but no matter take this vibrosword back to the armoury and get me to a medcenter the rest of you continue your work and return to the burst link when the capital city falls. I need to rest for a bit.

Yes Sir

Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is recorded from the Koiogra Republic Command Base

Dess I need to speak with you now.

Oh Hector I didnt even know you were here please sit sit. Medics leave us will you

As soon as we finish wrapping up your wound officer

So from what the other officers told us you and the officers were attacked by native Koiograns.

Yes that is correct. Nasty buggers did a number to the hallway not to mention getting shot.

Yes well Aleks told us it was a mistake and you can agree to that right

Yes it was a crowded hallways and I was in the thick of it. May I ask what does any of this matter especially for you to come down.

You were wielding a vibrosword and according to your officers you "completly obliterated anyone in your path". Is this true

They over exaggerated. Yes I wielded a vibrosword we found in the room I am better at that than using a blaster so seeing the shot I took it.

I am asking this only once why have you never informed us before of this ability.

Ah I see now the clone assassins have a fear of knowing another one on their ship can wield a vibrosword. Well let me calm down your nerves I have no intention of using a sword while on the Burst Link. I never informed you because I saw no need and would be a sore thump. A naval officer carrying a blade around the bridge it's already a sore thumb back home. Now will you let me rest

How bad is that wound from what I could see them when wrapping up it goes pretty deep

Eh its not too bad I've had worse

really do tell

Ok well I go two examples when I was 17 it was just after my mother died I needed something to keep my mind of it so I entered some duel competitions try to do something to keep it off my mind well I learned a good lesson during the duel some cheapskate decided to do a low blow and slice cleanly into my leg right here.

Unfortunate then?

No a good lesson never trust an opponent to play by the rules. Of course the other one is my right arm cause ya know

* Pops off arm *

Now is that all Hector

Yes it is Chief Petty Officer once you are healed enough return to the Burst Link.


File Decryption at 54%.

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Accessing Documentation






The following documentation is from the files on the Kuat Drive Yards and are sealed by the Kuat Concessions act of 987bby please enter verification code


Verification Code cleared welcome Commander Pavan

Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is from an unknown location in the labyrinth palace on Kuat in 24bby




The Lord Admiral your ladyship

Lord Regno its a pleasure to meet you again

The same your ladyship may I sit

Yes do so. Now onto the matters at hand I have recieved word that you have recurited a certain individual to your guard.

Yes your ladyship I met them during a dinner party and recurited them afterwords

Hmm is that so thats not what this report says. Now I understand this girl is but a mere peasant.

Your Ladyship let me make this clear I respect you and your position as the lord minister. However you are not in charge of my guard I am and you are not in a place to butt into my private matters.

You forget Lord Regno you will bring scandal to the system by recuriting a meak peasant to your guard and for what cause of her looks

Your Ladyship I refuse to answer this question if scandal does arise it will be on me alone now is there anything else we must discuss or may I return to my home and out of this damm city.

Very well you may go until our next meeting.

* Door closes *

That Damm women is spying on me Dalle will pay for this. For now I must remain cautious I will have the palace inspected for spys

Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is Regno Palace Lords Office


Your lordship dinner is ready

Thank you Sara could you please have it put on a tray and brought here I am too into work to leave it.

Certainly my lord.

*just to note anytime you see [ before and after words it beens an inside thought*

[Is she gone? oh good she is now back to my work. I've been working all day I should rest. No no there is much to be done and I dont have the time Im suppose to go hunting with the Post Master Lord in the mourning and I need this to be done before I go. Damm Dalle all she ever does is cause issue for me delay work. I should call Sara back tell her to cancel dinner give it to the dogs. But then again If i dont and Mrs.Patten find outs she will raise hell on me. Hmmmm this is strange a document about a payment to Mr.Olies hmmm Olies that sounds familiar ah yes that was the man I hired to dig up dirt on Dalle. I forgotten about that I will have to call him in the afternoon tomorrow and find out what he knows]

Your dinner my lord

Thank you Sara one more thing if you could tell Carson that in an hour to bring up my night outside outfit I need sometime outside.

Certainly your lordship right away.

[ Its good food, sometimes I need to stop working so hard I've been the Lord Admiral for almost a decade and a half now and I still overwork myself especially when Dalle ticks me off. I suppose its a way of getting my mind off that insufferable woman. No matter Carson will bring that outfit in an hour and I can go for a walk outside. Its a full moon tonight so I wont need a light I can see around the garden well enough.]

My Lord I apoligze interrupting your dinner but their is a letter

Just put it on the bed Carson I'll read it tommorrow

Its from the Lady Minister

I'll read it next week

Its written in red ink

Oh boy that mean's she pissed Carson get me that night outfit now I'll be leaving for the garden once im done reading this and call sara to come take the tray

As you wish my lord

[ Dalle never writes in red unless she is furious what happened in the few days since I left the meeting]

Lord Admiral, You are being sent to the oversea Kuat intrested in the Resya system. Do not fail me once you arrive at the system you will be informed.

[ Huh thats it I was expecting to get chewed out very well wait their is one more line]

you are not to take that peasant girl with you. You are departing in 2 days

[Very well i'll gather the guard tomorrow and inform them. hmm I can hear carson and sara coming back I should get up]

Your night outfit your lordship

Thank you Carson tell the staff they have the rest of the night off. I will be in the garden if needed



[ Resya hmmm I remember that name a colony in wild space mostly colonized by Kuati however their isnt much Kuat influence there besides mining operations. Why in hell is Dalle sending me whatever it is its going to be extreme if I'm being sent. Wait a mintute who is that... Oh its Elena what is she doing out here at this hour.]

Is everything alright with you Elena you seemed stressed.

My Lord! I apologize I didnt realize you were here I know I should be inside with the other guards but I needed sometime alone to myself.

Its not a problem Elena, I wish you would remove your helmet sometimes if memory servers your face is much better than the metal.

You could force me to my lord

I rather not now tell me what is on your mind.

My Lord do you remember when we first met

Yes I remember like it was yesterday why

No not that time my lord the other time

Oh that time, Yes I remember it well why do you ask

Well it turns out the other guards have discovered what happened and well they havent taken it well.

Then I will make them go along with it they are my guard you are the commander.

My Lord

Elena please call me Dess we have known each other for years now

Dess I need your help please.

Oh I know Dalle will kill me but screw it I am the Lord Admiral of Kuat and am bound to no one's orders but the supreme chancellor. Elena you are coming with me to Resya in two days the Lady Minister is sending us to do something the letter didnt explain. I am also calling the seamstress when we return you need new armour this one is outdated on you dear. We depart tomorrow So get some sleep.

Thank you Dess I should retire now

Goodnight Elena

[That was a stupid descision I know I care deeply about Elena and this will get me into a twist for Dalle but my own guard throwing a fit over who I picked all because she is low borned and a criminal. I will not have it like the last time, I'll put them in their place when I return. Its late I need sleep]

* the next day  Kuat City Spaceport*


Carson relax we'll only be gone for two days you'll be incharge and im sure things will be fine

I know my Lord before you go their is a matter that needs to be discussed. Its about the guards

You found out about what happened didnt you

Yes my lord

Right well have 3/4ths of them sent to go deal with some pirate holdouts on Dover Kuat and the rest can stay behind to keep eye on the palace and the village. Now head back and give my commands to the guards

[Carson worries too much he is going to give himself a heart attack]

My Lord our ship is ready

I though you were gonna start calling me Dess

I prefer to use it in private

[hmm clever girl]

Lets get to the ship the sooner were done on Resya the sooner we can return


Right well were in hyperspace and we wont be arriving to Resya for a day so we got some time to kill. Tell me Elena have you ever been to Resya

Yes before we were reunited I was on Resya for a couple years

Could you describe the world to me I never been and I want to know a bit about it before I land

Certainly, Resya is a savannah world fields of grasses and dotted trees. She is rich in minerals and ores and was once colonized during the great hyperspace war however she was abandoned a couple decades later. When I was there I remember walking threw the fields on the little time I was allowed. It was peaceful and quiet.

It sounds lovely then [allmost as lovely as her]. This look is familar isnt is Elena

Yes our first mission the one where we crashed on dagobah.

[I remember that aweful event like it was yesterday]

Would you mind retelling the event I appear to have forgetten it


* cue flashback transition you know the one *


* the light of a hologram lights the room as a old women appears *

Lord Admiral I hope I am not distrubing anything.

Lady Minister what a suprise tell me what is going on

You are being sent to Naboo to negiotate a wedding proposal between my son and the queen of naboo. I know its an odd request but I am rather busy at the moment. Recently pirates have been patroling the route to naboo so you should take a few guards with you

Very well thank you Lady Minister

Pavan and Vanda you will be joining me on this mission now lets get to the hectine

Yes my lord

Understood my Lord


This is an odd mission but Im sure the lady minister has here reasons. 

Sir permission to speak freely

Granted Commander Vanda

I wish to put up my objection to bring Pavan with us she is a low ranking guard with little skill if we are attack by pirate

It is noted Vanda but I know Elena and she will do fine

Pilot drop us out of hyperspace we can take the rest of the trip via sublight speed.

Understood your lordship

Pilot what system are we in

Dagobah sir it seems we over estimate the course my apologies Sir pirate ship.


Do we have any weapons

No my lord this is only a medical freigther

Of course Dalle gave me a defenseless ship right all hands abandon ship get to the escape pods. Pilot start to plot your course out of here


Vanda you take the left pod with Elena I will take the right may the force be with us

Yes my lord

Come on Elena we need to get into the pod

Coming my lord.

This is my final message all systems are down ship reactor has gone offline Sending distress signal out.


My Lord MY LORD where are you

[ That landing could have gone better I need to find the other pod I saw it slam pretty hard into the side of a hill east. I hope his lordship and commander Vanda is alright. Shit thats fire over there and the escape pod.]


My Lord are you alright are you in there

*sounds of groaning* Elena open the door I need help.

Im coming my Lord

My Lord your...

Elena please I know im bleeding just help me out of this pod and onto the ground.

As you wish my lord

That hurts alot tell me is Vanda dead?

[please dont be dead I need guidance on what to do Im just a peasant girl how the hell do I fix this]

Yes sir he is dead


Elena listen to me carefully look into the escape pod their should be a medical kit on the left sit. Take it and use the scissors to cut off this shirt and tend to my wounds.

My Lord I must protest someone of lowborn status like myself should never give medical aid to a noble let alone even see you with no shirt on.

Elena we are in the middile of a swamp in the outer rim and Im bleeding here I think societal rules dont apply in this situation.

As you wish then my Lord

Thank you Elena I needed that, now the pilot should have sent a distress call and while we were heading towards the surface I sent a distress beacon from the pod so rescue should be coming all we need to do is sit and wait.

My Lord I should stand and stay watch I am a member of your guard.

Very well

* 3 hours past *

Elena while we wait may I ask a personal question

Yes my Lord

7 months ago when we reunited you said you were sold in slavery after we lost contact. You never told me what happened in full. I wish to know what happened

Its very personal my lord

I see then I will wait until you are ready to tell me.

* a light appears above *

Ah a consular class I assume our rescue is here

Sir My name is Kogo we recieved your distress call what happened.

Pirates happened Mr.Kogo Im injured and we need to be taken to Naboo at once

Understood and your names please.

Ah yes my name is Dessimus Hoffnung Regno the Lord Admiral of Kuat and this is Commander Elena S Pavan of my guard.

Commander? my lord!

Elena I trust you well your a good fighter and an excellent hand. Now lets get on this ship so I can rest in a bed until we arrive on Naboo.

Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is Theed Palace Medical Wing


Well your Lordship you should be well within a week to travel via hyperspace. If that crash had been anymore rough or you not have another person with ya, you would have been in serious danger.

Well thats good news I suppose I can ask the queen If I could stay in a room in the palace for the week until we can travel again.

Queen Jamillia of the Naboo and Commander Pavan of the Kuat Regno Guard

Ah your Majesty I must apologize for these unfortunate circumstance If I could stand i would and bow but I am unfortunately still bed ridden.

No worries Lord Regno it was an unfortunate incident to come up luckily your commander has been informing me of the events

Has she now did she ever mention when she had to cut my..

Your Lordship with your permission I can head to the market and pick up some new clothing for you

Yes go along Elena and buy yourself something too if were gonna be here for a week. Which reminds me your majesty would it be alright if me and Elena were to live in a room for the week while I recover in the lower parts of the palace.

I see no issue with it Lord Regno and it wont be the lower floors you'll have a guest room in the upper floors it has a better view of the falls

[Thoose two are so in love they hide it well but I know it when I see it lets push them a bit while there here]

Now onto your reason for vistiting

Oh yes I forgot the Lady Minister sent me to negotiate on a marriage proposal between you and her son.

Her son huh I was never informed of this at all. And I hate to dissapoint you and the lady minister but I already have a lover and I had told her that before your departure

Huh how odd I will have to inform her of this

Is that all Lord Regno

Yes your majesty and thank you for the room I will inform my commander as soon as she returns

Very well and If you are feeling well you should join a dinner party I'm having with senator Amidala.

I will see if I can your majesty

[ Hmm how strange is all of this the lady minister sents me on a mission that already had an answer. I'll have to ask her when I return. I feel guilty for just sending Elena into the unknown I should have gone with her if I wasnt stuck in this bed]

Lord Regno good news you should be ready to get up and moving within the hour

Well thats wonderful then thank you doctor

You should look in on your commander she has been stand up all throught the night keeping watch

* three hours later *

Your Lordship I have returned with a new set of cloths.

Oh good your back um Elena if you dont want to watch me change you can go into the othe room and wait. Hold on you didnt buy yourself something?

No your Lordship I didnt want to spend too much of your credits on myself

Oh well we can together go into the market and look around once I am better

As you wish your lordship I will wait in the other room

[Why is his lordship doing this and why did he make me the commander I've only been with him for 7 months]

Ok Elena you may exit lets head to our room for now

We will be sleeping together my Lord!?

No her majesty gave us a room with seperate bedrooms so we will be sleeping seperatly we will just be sharing a common room in the front.

Very well my lord


It is a beautiful palace isnt it Elena

Yes it is my lord permission to speak freely

Very well permission granted

Why in the name of the force did you make me the commander of your guard I havent even been with the guard for a year and my past

It is because you an exceptional duelist and someone I can trust without doubt. Tell me Elena have you chatted with the other guards much?

No your lordship they mostly just ignore me unless your around.

hmm unfortunate that will change once we return to Kuat but anyways most of my guard are noblemen does not in the direct line of succession of other houses who seek to work for a lord besides their own relative. As such they have not only strong loyalty to the one they protect but also their own house, this is why I am very selective in who becomes one of the guard only thoose from houses who are staunch allies of house regno are accepted.

But I dont understand I come from no house of noble birth

Thats the thing you have no loyalty to anyone else but me and besides you are all the remains of the past I once knew so I rather not lose you to. The last couple years have not been nice to me.

My lord are thoose tears

Oh yes apologies the wound still hurts sometimes but that will be dealt with later now then here is our room, Oh no


Their is only one bed my lord.

Yes unfortunatly their is oh well I will sleep on that couch then for the week. You will take the bed.

I am to sleep in the bed? your lordship I must protest!

That wasnt a suggestion Elena it was an order now I should sit down you are free to do whatever it is you wish to do.

As you wish my Lord

[Why is he doing this he is injured and should be resting in comfort while I stay up and watch but i'm so tired I should rest. Perhaps a little powernap will be enough to last me till his lordship goes to bed tonight]

* ok back to the present now *

Yes now I remember it well, that was a lovely week in Theed wasnt it Elena

It was,wait you remember that week

Of course I do I remember the whole event I just like it when you tell the story seeing as I was unconscious for half of it. Right how much time did that kill

About 3 hours

Huh thought that would take longer oh well I am going to prepare us dinner and well talk more about tomorrow.



Here you go dinner

Thank you, what is exactly is it

Well its suppose to be Roasted Nuna, Im sorry if its bad I'm not a good cook I only ever cook when i'm away from the palace

I dont meant to insult you Dess but its not the greatest

Once again I do apologize I think we will just buy from vendors on Resya when we arrive

[Huh atleast she is being full honest with me, now only if i could get her to be honest with me in public instead of agreeing with everything I do]

Is there anything else you want to know about Resya

Yes I do if possible what exactly does Kuat have to do with Resya

From the information I have gathered from the archieves Resya has untapped masses of Durasteel and gas veins and recently in the southern parts of the planet kyber crystals have been discovered.

Now I see why Dalle wants Kuat to have more access to Resya Elena did you find anything on our operations there.

I'm suprised you didnt know about any of this

The Lady Minister is tasked with getting me the resources to produce the ships not me so I am being barred from that part of the production, now back to my question.

Well Kuat so far purchased 10% of the mines and gas extractors on the world totaling to 50 facilities. Recently the planets population have been growing a concern against the encroaching of KDY on their world. Recently one of our facilities were attacked.

Dalle is at fault here, that damm women is going to get people killed and lose the facilities at the same time. If I were incharge I would have just bought their products and invest in Resya to build a relation.

Dess may I speak to you in my room

Ohhh getting a little high up huh Elena

No my lord! just what I want to say is a private matter

Very well lets go


Now Elena what is it you want to say

Why dont you just take control of Kuat, you are very popular with the civilians.

You see thats the problem the lords. I've thought of taking over before more so now with Dalle and the Lord general being a constant pain in my side but everytime I think i'm going to do it I stop because I remember what will happen if I do.

Which is?

Everyone Lord allied to me anyone I care for will be killed and burried in unmark graves. I have already lost my mother,my father and my sister and I wont lose anyone else not you not carson not anyone. But then I think of the people while me and my allies try to keep their care up other lords neglect them. If I were to I would have to kill both the Lord general and the lady minister and her son

Why her son?

The way the lord system works is that if a lord has no heirs the title will be passed onto the next highest ranking lord till another member of that family can challenege it. The lord generals daughter died long ago and the lady minsiters son is a lazy arrogant man like his bastard of a mother. I apologize for my rudeness but yes I could but it would bring civil war to Kuat and most likely the republic would put a stop to it before I could even march on the capital. WHY MUST DALLE BE SUCH A DAMM FOOl,ALL I EVER DO IS STOP HER PLANS TO EXPLOIT THE PEOPLE AND NEARLY EVERYTIME I FAIL BY HER AND THE DAMM LORD GENERAL! OHHH IF I HAD THE CHANCE I CHOP BOTH THEIR HEADS OFF AND RULE KUAT HOW I SEE FIT!

Dess are you alright...


ye-yes my lord that is all I wanted

I am retiring to my room wake me up when we arrived and I am not to be distrupted until then

yes my lord

[I push to far way to far I shouldnt have asked that I should have just kept my damm mouth shut.]


[Why did I get mad why on earth did that happen. All she did was ask a question one simple question about why I havent gotten rid of Dalle and her puppet lord general. Every-time I talk about this to her my blood rages as I think about how many suffer because of that women. I need to sleep i've been working too much and too late. Oh shit I yelled at her I haven't yelled like that since... I need to apologize to her as soon as I wake up tomorrow. I would go now but I can hear crying I shouldnt bother he right now. For now we rest tomorrow is going to be a nightmare of business and bureaucratic bullshit]



*knock knock*

Yes what is it

My Lord w-we have arrived at Resya

Very good Elena I will be out in a moment

[Oh thank god he doesnt sound mad he is calm]

Elena have we been granted to dock at the port yet

Not yet my lord they are still checking the code. My Lord I need to apologize for last night I was way out of line for me to ask such a question. Please accept my apologies

I do not

Pardon me my lord

Elena I need to apologize, I should never had yelled and shouted like that its very ungentlemen like and never should happen towards you. I was just so filled with rage over that women. Please accept my apology and It will never happen again.

I accept your apology my lord

Resya Starport to Nova permission to land is granted land in Hangar O7-1B

Good we can land and get this job done with and return to Kuat

[Then I can chew Dalle a new one]


My Lord I am Supervisor Hyden the Supervisor of all KDY interest on Resya welcome.

Wonderful to meet you Supervisor walk with us and get me up to date

You will be happy to know my Lord we have found thoose who damage our facilities and have them in a cell awaiting for you to sentance them. In other news we have up production by nearly 50%. Your job here is to tour a new facility and deal with the criminals.

I see and I presume Dalle was suppose to come do this but didnt want to

That would be correct my Lord.

Of course she did, very well please take us to where we are staying and when is the tour.

Everything was suppose to happen tomorrow when you first arrived. But we can deal with the criminals today and the facility tomorrow. You have full control of the facilities while you are here my lord. I must inform you though my lord we were told you will be coming alone not with a guest.

[Well I guess its another night on the couch for me]

Yes well I felt that with the attacks having the head of my guard with me would provide some more protection.

Very good my lord please follow me to our shuttle.

[I shouldnt have brought her with me I can see her face that supervisor might not see it but I know when she is stressing, However I need to get in the head of dealing with criminals]


I must apologize for the smell my lord this old refinery was only recently converted to a prison by the local government.

Im allright supervisor Hyden, Now these are the criminals correct

Yes my lord they used to work in the facility before they were let go

May I ask why you fired these people

We found that using droids to assemble the durasteel alloys was cheaper than using the populace

I see Supervisor leave us

As you wish my lord

You there civilians come forwards I must ask why attack the facility

That man refused to pay us our last paystub before he fired us. That man is a cruel soul who attempts to beat us if we dont preform well.

And he does this in who's name

Some lady with the last name Dalle we dont remember sir.

[huh Dess has a look on his face I havent seen that one before it seems like a mix of rage and happiness]

And what was your position before the facility was bought

I was the manager of that facility and I ran a clean and productive line.

Civilian when you are released come to the facility tour tomorrow and wait in the crowds until my speech. Supervisor Hyden please enter this room

Have you made a decision my Lord?

I have

Wonderful my lord I will summon troopers to take them to a more defended prision

No you wont Supervisor, these civilians are to be released they are to be payed for their last paystub they are to be payed 200 credits per day they have stayed in this cell civilian how long has it been

Um 3 weeks sir

You damm civlian this is his lordship the..

SUPERVISOR HYDEN you will remain quiet until I am finished here. Lets see 200 times 21 days that is 4,200 credits each. and they are to be released and rehired at the facility you fired them from is that understood supervisor

Yes my lord

Good me and commander pavan will be taking the shuttle to our hotel. You will remain her and ensure these people are taken back and if I hear you dont do what I command or you leave before this task is done I will find you and chop your hand off is that understood.

Yes my lord

Come along Elena were leaving

Yes my lord

I like this guy strong minded and not afraid of standing up for us lower class.

Of course he is didnt you see the look he gave to that girl

No what do you mean Leru?

Its simple look before I moved to Resya I work for a minor lord on Alderran and I can tell you they dont look at women like that if both were high born.

You think the guard is a peasant?

I believe so you can see it in his eyes he is looking to see if she is alright high nobles never do that to eachother it shows weakness apparently.


This has already been a long day It hasnt even reach sundown yet. How are you holding up

I'm doing fine a bit tired but alright.

I guess I was right this was going to be a nightmare of a trip. That supervisor is a pain, If you werent there I'd probably just end him there now.

Well atleast he has learned his lesson

Not yet I still have a thing up my sleeve

What are you planning

You'll see Elena tomorrow during my speech. Now I will let you rest on the bed and I'll go find a couch to sleep on

I had checked the room while you were talking downstairs to a vendor and there is no couch my lord.

Very well I'll sleep on the floor then

Dess might I suggest we use the same bed

I'm sorry what?

A lord of Kuat shouldnt have to sleep on the floor so this solution benefits us both.

[I wonder what has gotten into her during this trip]

Very well but I must ask I see how this benefits me but how exactly does this benefit you?

We-well I um would be better sound asleep knowing you are sleeping well

[I think I saved that. After last night I dont want to be alone]

Very well then I will be in the restroom if you need me

[Elena never has problems with sleep especially when I am sleeping on a couch that has a hole in it. I suspect this has something to do with last night]

[I didnt save that he knows]

* the next day *


My lord I am delighted to show you around this facility as you see the facility is top on production

Hmm yes it is impressive, however I see no people

Yes my lord as I told you yesterday droids are cheaper

Did you take care of thoose civilians?

Yes my lord paid and sent on their way

Good now lets continue the tour so we can make my speech

Follow me my lord to the gas purification floor.

Did you sleep well last night you had left before I woke.

Yes my Lord I left early to scout this facility for any dangers. I tried to move to the edge of the bed during the night to give you some room

Really now thats not what my chest felt during the sleep

[I DID WHAT! I should have just slept on the ship I always toss and turn in bed when i'm not home.]

Im teasing you I felt nothing but a nice pillow.

[Oh thank god]

This is the gas purification floor my lord here we take dangerous gases and conform them into something KDY can use.

I see impresive

[I hate this part of the job its all boring can we just get to the speech so I can go home]

Supervisor Hyden isnt it time for his lordships speech

Oh my dear look at the time yes it is follow my lord to the outside plaza.

Thank you so much

No problem my lord

* 5 mintutes later *

I am pleased and grateful to present the Lord Admiral of Kuat Dessimus Regno

Satisfaction comes to me today to tour this facility of Kuat Drive Yards. I will renforce KDY's commitment to the construction and investment of planets is extracts materials from and I can ensure you Resya will recieve compensations for all materials taken and any facilities purchased. I want to thank thoose who have built and work in these facilities and thoose who continue to fight for the rights of workers on this world. That being said when I first arrived I was disappointed by the mangement decision here and effective now Supervisor Hyden is to be replaced by Supervisor Sion Dene.

My lord I must protest I was appointed by the Lady Minister herself she wont stand for that.

I couldnt give a damm what she stands for Mr.Hyden now please leave before I have commander pavan make you

I dont know what to say my lord I am honored.

There is nothing to say look forwards smile at the camara and do what you done before.

* 3 hours later *

Everything has been packed my Lord shall we depart

I think we will now Elena. Resya is a beautfiul world its a shame we had to come for a sour event.

Perhaps one day we can return in our own time.

I already plan to I bought us a plot of land on Resya I can have a abbey built there and we can spend time in the fields.


Yes I put both our names on the land unfortunatly Resya has an odd law where only thoose with the last name may have their names on a large estate so I put my last name down for both of us I hope you dont mind

I-I dont mind Dess

Wonderful now lets return we will be staying at Nona Palace for a few days then I need to return to the Burst Link.

Nona Palace? isnt that.

The same palace we reunited in yes Its closer to Kuat city and it will be just the two of us alone.

[Not there anywhere but that place. All it does is bring back bad memories of the past]


Right Im pretty tired so I am gonna go nap while we return to Kuat is there anything you need before I retire

No Dess Im fine.

[I know she is lieing but I cant do anything about it if she doesnt say it]

Nova palce why did he pick it I still remember entering its cold gates like it was yesterday

* flashback time bitches *









File Decryption at 58%.



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Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is Nona Palace 24bby


Presenting the Lord Admiral Dessimus Regno

Marshall I hope you brought me here for a good reason

[I remember hearing thoose ten words and shivering they were cold heartless and sounded like a man who has lost so much]

Yes your lordship your guards have managed to break up a criminal ring on the shipyards the surviving prisioners have been brought here to be sentance by your lordship.

Very well start to bring them in

Guroc Sonhan crimes include:theft murder and armed robbery

Execute him

Ronis Donnall crimes include:theft assault and arson

Execute him

Tyla Agit crimes include:prositution theft murder in the 1st degree

Execute her

Pakimi Okin crimes include:armed robbery impersination of an officer grand theft

Execute him

Bib'Aren crimes include:theft mass murder

Execute her

Emoth Keeg crimes include: impersination of an officer

Execute her

My lord execution for this type of crime?

Did I stutter Marshall do as your commanded to is there anymore

Yes my Lord

Well go on then speak up

[I remember hearing these words over and over again I felt my fate was sealed I would be dead by sundown then came the last one before me]

Haro Dara crimes include: theft and grand destruction of property

Execute him

And last my lord..

Execute them

But my lord you havent heard the case

[When I heard thoose words I though my heart had stopped he didnt even hear out my name and crimes]

You should atleast hear her name

Marshall your testing my time but very well go on 

Elena Pavan crimes include: Theft and manslaughter

[ Then there was a pause a very long pause like gears were going threw his head then I heard the next words]

Marshall bring her in

Bring in the prisioner!

[ When I walked into the throne room I saw a hooded figure in all black but not an evil black no. It was like the man was in mourning of course I wouldnt find out that Dess's mother had died only three years before until I got my armour. Then I saw them the eyes they were blue a dark blue a blue i hadnt seen since I was a child in the eyes of a noble boy.]

Marshall what is the punishment for her crimes normally

Imprisonment and hard labour my lord

Have her taken to my chambers I will return to them shortly

[ When I heard that a new fear began to arise in me what he was planning to do in his chambers was he going to.. no he wasnt. Eventually he would arrive in thoose chambers they were beautiful and decorated with fine velvet cloths and well designed floors. When he walked in I tried to bow to I guess impress him into not killing me. But I couldn't I was to weak from so little food that I couldnt. Then I felt a warm embrace he was hugging me. I was shocked then I looked up and tears were coming out of the hood.]

After all these years I finally have you again. Elena carissime I have missed you so much.

[ As Dess removed the hood out came a young man more handsome than I had imagined when I was younger. The memories came back into my mind of thoose days and I too broke down. Once we both manage to gather some composure we sat down. He explained everything that has happened and I felt happy but also scarced he had just execute all of thoose people sure they enslaved me and beat me but still Keeg only imperonsated an officer. Finally he asked me]

Elena what has happened you look like you been chewed and spit out by a gundark.

[ I knew I couldnt answer that he would find me revolting then]

I dont feel comfortable talking about it.

Very well then look their is two options here the first is I have you executed the second is you server 30 years in prision.

[Thats when my heart sank I guess  my attempts didnt work and was getting ready to accept my fate but then]

Their is a third option though

What is it

You become a member of my guard your file will be wiped cleared and a cover story will be given. Elena I must be honest you are all the remains of the past for me. I've lost my father,my mother and I dont want to lose you. Please take this option

[ Of course I took that one its was either be a guard, die or be in prision and I still wasnt fully sure about Dess, I wouldnt be till the events on Dagobah. But in the end what was done was done]

I pledge myself and my life to you my Lord

* flashback over :} *

Elena wake up we have arrived at Kuat


Did we sleep threw the whole trip

You did I stayed up a few hours of sleep. I didnt want to take you it seemed you were having a good dream.

You could say it was something like that.

Good now I've changed where we are staying instead is Hiereclare Abbey I barrowed it for the next few days from the Lord Treasurer while he is offworld.

[Oh thank god he change his mind]

Why did you change your mind my lord if I might ask

I had dug up some old report of events that happened there between me and someone I know and I rather not return to that place


Ah Hiereclare it hasnt changed since I last visited

When was that Dess

It would have to been about 9 years ago. Here take your bag now were almost to the door

I thought we had agreeded on rotating who carry's the luggage

Yes but you see the Lord treasure normally leaves behind a maid or a footman to keep the abbey going incase guest come to stay. Apparently we are going to cared for by a Mrs.Barrow. I know of this women she lives for gossip so we wont take anything to chance I've probably already pissed off the lady minister enough I dont want a rumour to spread.

Oh that makes sense

Good evening your Lordship I am Mrs.Barrow I will be taking care of you two while you are here at the abbey. May I get you anything

please take my and commander pavan's luggage to our rooms

Certainly my lord right away

Well she seems nice

Where not sleeping together?

No we are not, is that a problem?

No my lord.

Good I have to make some calls I'll meet you later in the garden


Finally alone I need sometime to sit and relax. Lets see calls,calls. I need to call the burst link let them known I'll be returning in a few days, I need to call Carson and up him on the situation, I can deal with the guards and their insult to Elena later on. Do I want to call the Lady Minister, no I rather not have a shouting match with her over the phone I presume she already knows that events that transpired. Let see where is that holotablet ah there it is.


Admiral you have a call on the holonet

Do you know who its from officer?

Its CPO Dess sir

Divert the call to my officer I'll take it there

Admiral Cutter Jr sorry to interrupt whatever it was your doing

CPO Dess its good to hear from you how was your trip to Resya

Lets just say If you hear a shouting match in a few days It will be me on the holonet.

That bad?

Yeah that bad. Anyways I wont keep you long I'm simply calling to let you know I will be returning in a couple days once I finish somethings here on Kuat

Only a few days I wasnt expecting you back for atleast another week. Your trying to hide from the Lady Minister aren't you.

Yep, I really dont want to have to deal with her.

Very well CPO we will see you when you return.

Likewise Admiral

I dont understand how you manage to get Dess to call you admiral he never uses ranks with any of the officers.

Because Vice Admiral Harrier Dess has a great respect for me and knows it well.

How you do that?

Honestly I dont know why but I am not gonna question it.

Right well thats one call done I need to call Carson next he has probably been waiting by the table this whole time.

My Lord may I enter

Yes come in Mrs.Barrow

I have brought you some tea your lordship and was wondering what you would like for dinner

Thank your Barrow, Hmm ask Commander Pavan she should figure something out for dinner.

right away your lordship.

[Elena is better at these decisions than I am and I need to continue my work]


This is Mr.Carson the butler of Regno Palace to whom am I speaking to.

Carson Its Dess

Your Lordship It is wonderful to hear from you, How was your trip.

Honestly Carson I rather not speak about it I'm just calling to update you and update myself.

Certainly my lord the palace has been quiet since you left and we have continued to clean and maintain her. A Mr.Elden visited her shortly after you left asking for you.

What did he want?

He never said however he said he was worked for the Lady Minister

Odd thanks for the warning Carson, May I ask did the seamstress arrive

Yes she did my lord the day after you left and has been working on your order ever since.

Good good, Do you know if the suprise will be finish before were done here at the abbey

It should be my Lord the steamstress is adding the finishing touch to them.

Good I do hope she will like them. Now Carson I will be returning to the war in a few days so only Elena will be returning to the palace.

Very good my lord. Is there anything else I can do

Yes Carson their is, I need you to watch out for Elena for me there has been tension between her and the guards after they found out about you know what.

You mean the old brouhaha my lord?

Yes exactly, Just make sure they dont push her.

Certainly my lord.

Goodbye Carson.

[Right that should keep the guards at bay they will know if Carson see its I will find out and come give them a spanking so hard they wont forget it. wait a mintute some is calling me]

Yes who is this

Dess its dirtnap we have a problem.

Dirtnap its good to hear from you whats going on

Some old women just boarded the ship and is demanding to know where you are

Is she dressed in fine robes of reds and greens

Yes but the hat is blue

I'll be there as soon as I can

[I need to summon Mrs.Barrow]

You summoned me your lordship?

Yes I am afraid I am needed elsewhere can you have a shuttle come to get me to a spaceport and summon commander pavan to my room.

Right away your lordship


[I expected Dess to be done by now, He was only calling two people. I should worry were back on Kuat but I still remember what he said. Is that the maid?]

Commander Pavan, his lordship requests you in his room

[Yep something is happening]

Elena I'm sorry to keep you but I have to return to the burst link immediately, Im sorry we didnt get to spend some alone time at the abbey.

All is well my lord, I will return to the palace.

Um no you cant, Carson is having the palace gasses for insects so no one is living it in it right now.

Very well my lord when will I be able to return

Oh you know maybe 4-5 days. I will have Carson come here to attend to you.

As you wish my lord

[Now I need to call Carson]

This is Mr.Carson the butler of Regno Palace to whom am I speaking to.

Carson its Dess I wont beat about the push I need you to come to the abbey.

Has something happened my lord?

I am needed at the burst link you will be incharge of caring for Elena for the next 5 days. I dont want her back at the palace till I deal with the things going on.

Certainly my lord I will depart right away.

Thank you Carson. I told her you were gassing the palace for insects so if she asks just say its going well or something.

As you wish my lord


Pectine to Burst Link requesting permission to land codes are attached

Permission granted land in main hangar bay 2

Dess thank god your here

Dirtnap where Is she

The naval have been keeping her up in the bridge away from everyone else

Come with me Dirtnap, I am going to yell at this women


Here will be here soon Lady Dalle just why dont you sit down

I will not Admiral Cutter you bring him here now you worthless little...


Lord Admiral

It is one thing to call me but to storm into a republic star destroyer and demand my presence is beyond your influence.

Lord Regno I am dissapointed in your mission on Resya

I will not have this Lady Minister especially not here. What is giong threw you damm mind.

First you disobey my order to not bring that weakling peasant girl with you

You will not speak about a commander of the guard like that.

Then you fire supervisor hyden and cause a scene at a facility on Resya

You sent my there yourself you gave me the power to change things as I fit if anything this is of your fault.

Admiral sir what should we do

Call the shock up here knowing the calls i've heard this could become a screaming match with the slightest wroung move

When I had sent Mr.Elden to check on your palace he was barred from entering by your butler, I demand to know why.

Your ladyship knows damm well when I and Elena are gone Mr.Carson is incharge of Regno Palace and can do as he wishes. I am not going to stand here and deal with your damm fits is there anything else before I have you kicked off this ship

Admiral is he allowed to do that

If he doesnt's I was planning to anyways.

Yes you will be attending the lords ball this year and you will agree to my plan for resya and you will not raise a hand against it. And you will not bring that girl with you is that understood.

Certainly Lady Minister now leave.

Well that was something

You have no idea Dirtnap and that was a pretty peaceful one.

Peaceful? you two looked like you were gonna kill eachother

Quex do we have any whiskey left

We have a little bit left why?

Cause I need a drink after that mess.

So that is the lady minister huh.

Yes thats her the vile women. 

Dess what is the lords ball?

Its a ball the lady minister holds every year at the Labyirinth Palace. I always avoid them unless I have to attend.

So what exactly are you planning to do?

The ball is in two weeks but I got a plan. Sure I'll agree to her plans but I will bring Elena with me.

Thats it just brining your commander with you? Im not sure that will get revenge on her.

Why dont you watch the ball its televised during the speeches part, The lady minister trys to have the lords use a certain image of high nobles and look down on the people. High and mighty my ass, but I digress just watch the speeches and you'll see my revenge. Now If I am needed I need to make some preparations.

So Admiral what do you think about all of this

I dont know MSGT. Dess is playing a royal's game

I think Dess is planning to start a scandal.

Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is RMS Burst Link

Liberty to Burst Link requesting permission to land codes are attached.

Permission granted land in main hangar bay. Gra can you go down and escort Mr.Ilbis to this bridge.

Sssure Dessss.


Welcome to the RMSSS Bursst Link I am Gra'alis, I will be escorting you to the bridge today pleasse follow me.

Very well Mr.Alis show me to his Lordship

Ah good Mr.Ilbis your here I presume the outfit is ready to be fitted.

Yes it is my lord all we need to do its refit to your size

Desss may I ask what is this

It is my coronation outfit from when I became the Lord Admiral when I was ten. Well its a modern version the original one was made for a ten year old but this was copied. It was probably the best outfit I ever wore.

This is part of your revenge on the Dalle plan isnt it

That is right admiral, tradition states that the ball no one should have a better outfit than the highest ranking lord or lady.

So you are trying to cause a scandal. Why is putting yourself up for scrutiny going to get revenge.

Because it hurts the lady minister precious little ego and pride. Now then if you will excuse me I need to get fitted for this the ball is in two days.

It does look like a good outfit

Yesss the Red goes well with the black and gold. their is alot of layers tough capes and garnments.

Yes it is an outfit to fit royalty.

Right how does it look on me.

Wonderful Dessss.

It looks good on you.

Wonderful I havent weared something like this in years but I still got it. Thank you Mr.Alis your free to go.

Admiral could you call all the naval to the bridge please

Certainly CPO

All naval to the bridge I repeat all naval to the bridge

Good men I need a favour I am certain all of you have a holotablet?

* every nodding heads *

Good when the ball happens and we get to my speech I need all of you to record it put it on the holonet and make it spread like a wildfire is that understood.

* everyone nods their heads *

Good that is all now I need to make a call

So he really is trying to make a scandal

By doing what dressing in a fancy outfit that wont really last too long.

Do you think it has something to do with his commander?

Whatever it is Dess is planning we should help him he is our comrade

I agree with Crewman Apprentice Aleks

Then it is settled we should invite any clones who want to watch too

I doubt any will


Elena its Dess can you hear me.

Yes I can my lord is something the matter?

No nothing is the matter I need to ask you something.

Certainly my lord what is it

The Lords ball is coming up and I unfortunatly dont have a date for it yet. So I was wondering if you would like to attend it with me.

I am honored my lord but I must decline I dont have a dress for that kind of event

Um yeah about that

What did you do?

I may have lied when I said the palace was being gassed for insects. Have Carson take you there he will show you.

Very well my lord

[This better work]


Was that his Lordship my lady

Yes it was and Mr.Carson will you stop calling me my lady Mrs.Pavan will do fine

I'm afriad I can not my lady. What did his lordship want?

Were heading back the palace he has something planned for me what it is I dont know do you Carson.

I'm afraid I havent been truely honest with you my lady. I will take you to the suprise.

[What did Dess do. Inviting me to the lords ball? I want to go but I'm just a peasant girl it would cause a scandal. Thats why he invited me he is getting back at the lady minister. I wish that isnt the only reason he invited me but it most likely is he will do anything to knock her ladyship down a few pegs.


Please follow me my lady

Certainly Mr.Carson

Ah Mr.Carson your back and Commander Pavan, how was your time at the abbey.

Now isnt the time Mr.Alten where is the suprise

The suprise is in the drawing room we had the staff move it there after the guards got a little rioting last night

Oh very well this way my lady

[Why is Carson calling me my lady, I know why Dess is having him call me that while im not working]

In here my lady I am needed in the downstairs once you are ready just ring the bell.


[ Oh my god he got me a dress he really does want me there. It's lovely and is that Resya Silk it feels amazing. Huh their is a note on here its in ancient Kuati, does this mean he. I will have to figure this out later I need to call him back]

Ah Elena I was expecting your call later tell me did you find your suprise?

Yes my lord I am honored I dont know what to say its beautiful.

Oh I am so glad you like it. I was afraid that it wouldnt be completed in time.

My Lord I must ask how did you get the Resya silk its a rare material and increditble expensive, I dont think such a price should be paid for me.

Elena I am the 2nd most powerful person on Kuat, I can afford things that make you happy. Remember you said you used to run threw a resya field that felt amazing during your time as a slave

ye-yes my lord I remember why?

Well I did a little research turns out that field was a huge filed of Resya Silk so I wanted to make this dress out of something that brings joy instead of a standard cloth. Now back to before will you attend the ball with me

Yes I will my lord.

Good I will see you on in 3 days

[why is my heart pounding?]


So did she say yes.

Yes she did.

What exactly are you planning to do Dess

You know me never complain never explain.









File Decryption at 59%.





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Posted (edited)

Accessing Documentation






The following documentation is from the files on the Kuat Drive Yards and are sealed by the Kuat Concessions act of 987bby please enter verification code


Verification Code cleared welcome Lady Dalle


Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is from the RMS Burst Link


Well its about to happen

Yesss the ball is suppose to start in an hour

So who is joining us to watch

All the naval are watching, Aleks is getting food and Quex is preparing the drinks. MSGT Dirtnap said he is going to join us the RSB director onboard and I believe thats it

I got the food

I brought the drinks

Wow alot of you are here aye admiral

Well we are doing Dess a favour for some reason And besides were station at Coruscant until next week so we have time to kill

Admiral I hate to interrupt we just recieved word from General Ares its urgent you attend this

Very well I'll be back

So anyone know what Dess is planning

Not a clue, Dess normally lets us in on plans but this time he has kept it quiet

He is probably just rubbing it in that nasty womens face that he doesnt care about her

Then why bring his commander

Probably do snub her even more seeing how much distaste the lady minister has for that girl.

I doubt he is going to do any severe.

So I heard were watchin revenge

Director Seminov we are suprised you are watching this

RSB want to make sure Dess doesnt do anything against the republic or the lady minister herself. I also enjoy watching a good revenge plot

Yeah thats fair

Everyone sssshhhhh its starting

* 1 hour later *

Finally there is Dess

* Presenting the Lord Regno and Comander Pavan *

Isnt that the outift Dess was having fit in the bridge a few weeks ago

Looks like it looks pretty good on him

Is that?

Yesss thats the guards commander.

What a beautiful dress

Where is the admiral he should have been back by now

I am back apologies what did I miss

Nothing much just the lords and ladies arriving

So let me get this right Dess want to get revenge on the lady minister for her shit and by causing a scandal about himself that is doing so?

Yes director something about hitting her ego and view of a perfect lord system or something like that.

How many camaras have you spotted Dirtnap

Atleast 35 maybe 36

Well itsss being broadcasted across the galaxy

* 4 hours later *

So... thats a royal ball

Yep it seems so

Duller than I imagined

Now for the speeches here comes the lady minister now

* 2 hours later *

My god two hours this lady has been going on thank god she is finishing up

(Now to present his views on our new plan for the Resya project I am proud to present the Lord Admiral)

Dess is making his move

His commander is following

Odd why is she following him to the stage

Whatever he is planning involves her

Everyone quiet he is about to speak

* silence fills the room as Dess takes to the stand, he motions for Elena to step next to him. as the lady minister sits down she looks up to see a cold dead stare right at her. Then he takes a step turns and grabs Elena and... *

Oh my god

Did he just

I think he did

In front of millions

Look at the lady ministers face

Its full of rage

* the holonet shows Dess walking off the stage as camaras rush forwards taking pictures, Dess puts part of his cape over his guest *

Well I wasnt expecting that

Someone check the holonet news

Yep its popping up on news stories and channels

Im surpised he did that

When Dess said he was going to get revenge I did see him doing it like that

So did Dess do what he did because of revenge or more sentimental reason.

* the palace floor eurpts with chaos and sounds of cheerfing and boos the party dissapaites *

* the next day *


Have you found the lord Admiral yet!

No my lady we havent yet it appears Lord Regno has left the system

Well find them catch them keep looking for them. He has ruined our perfect image

My Lady I regret to inform you that the event has spread across the holonet. Reporters are calling Lord Regno "the peoples lord"

I am going to kill that man when I find him and punish that little bi...

Your ladyship remember there are still reporters around

Deploy a squadron to any estate Lord Regno owns on this planet search it find where he ran off to

Yes your ladyship


So you did huh

Yep went much better than I though it would I was fully expecting someone to try to shoot Elena the moment we got up there.

So what now

Well Dalle is pissed so It's best I stay away from Kuat for a few weeks and wait for her to cool off or something else happens to where she drops this mostly. Elena and the other staff are on Naboo laying low at my estate there.

So you did it to her then huh

I have no clue what you are talking about what a scandoulous rumor Admiral

Well its good to have you back here for a while

likewise admiral

* right thats enough story between the lord and the commander for now so back to stories in space *



File Decryption at 60%.

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Accessing special document...

Special document access granted...


Right so seeing as this post is 60% which god now if im gonna have to change that I think its time a little recap cause ya know I decided to put all of this into a google doc to see how many words there and um this thing is 23583 words and 161 pages so yeah alot of information. I'm also using this to keep information towards the bottom cause its easier than having to go threw the whole thing. So lets start with characters (well ones that matter and I created)


Dessimus Regno


Affiliation: Republic Navy

House: Regno

Age: 23

Height: 6'3

nickname: Dess or Lord

Favorite passtime: Reading

Elena Pavan


Affiliation: Regno Royal Guard

House: Unknown



nickname: the lady guard

Favorite passtime: Fencing



Affiliation: House Regno

House: Carson



nickname: Mr.Carson

Favorite passtime:cleaning

Admiral Heinken


Affliation: Kuat Defense Fleet

House: unknown



nickname: Old iron side

Favorite passtime: television

Winnie Dalle


Affiliation: Kuat Lord System




nickname: old bat (Dess) the lady minister

Favorite passtime: Drama's



Affiliation: House Altims/House Regno



Height: 5'5


Favorite passtime:Gossip



Right I think thats all the character so far tonight I'll probably right some more




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Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is from Regno Palace


Is there a problem my lord.

Yes I'm sure you saw what just happened

Yes my lord the entire staff saw it while we were eating

Yes I need you, the staff and the guards to back up your things and my things and head for my estate on Eadu. Send my things to the Burst Link well need to be off Kuat for sometime while the Lady Minister cools off her heels.

Are you certain my lord?

Yes the lady minister has already tried to summon me 5 bloody times already. Once you arrive at the estate contact me threw the secure line.

And what about you and Miss.Pavan

Elena is already on a secure shuttle to Eadu, I'm heading for the Burst Link while we wait for things to cool off.

My lord I must ask why are things so heated.

Because of what I did at the event. Carson you already know that Kuat upper society is very conservative and locked away for lower members of society as the lady minister put its. So for something like this to happen its jawdropping and ruins the image of a prestine society. You saw the steam coming out of the lady ministers ears.

I did my lord, it appeared as if she was about to pop.

Exactly give this like a month and it will all blow over. When it does I will have to return and figure someway of talking to her that doesnt end in a duel.

Very well my lord, I will contact you as soon as we are safe to

Thank you Carson.



So I have Carson packing your things and they will be at the estate on Eadu when you arrive. There is a shuttle departing for Eadu within the hour. I bought all the remaining seats so it will be just you.

Thank you my lord I will do as you command.

Good good, Take this holopad if anything happens, if the lord minister or general shows up or sends anyone you call that holopad and I will come.

Does her ladyship know about the estate on Eadu?

If she does she has manage to keep that a secret.

[My face is plastered on every screen in the port. It doesnt matter the shuttle is here]

And where will you be going?

I'm returning to the Burst Link on a different ship your ship is over there.

Until we meet again my Lord.

Until then Commander.

[He just called me commander he never does. Its probably just trying to keep things calm.]

*a few hours*


So that was a mess wasnt it?

You can say that again, Do you think Dess will be back soon?

Maybe he will maybe he won't. Have the fighters returned from patrols.

Their just arriving now,from the report we just got nothing in the system

Then explain that shuttle

Shuttle Identify yourselve or prepare to be boarded.

Shuttle Tyranium requesting permission to dock on bridge docking-gate. Codes are attached to this transmission.

Quex do the codes checkout

They do but its odd how does a civilian shuttle have access codes?

I dont know but lets go find out.

Whossss at the door?

Thats what were about to find out Quex the shuttle has docked open the door

Gra,Quex,Ollie,Krit good to see you again. I know my arrival is um a little unorthodox but.

You want to explain?

Yes yes come lets have a seat. Now to cut it short...

You kissed her we all saw it

Well atleast ya watched it and no I didn't. You see there is no camaras above the podium so I simply positioned us so our faces would be hidden by the podium. I simply just stopped before contact.

Ah that makes so much more sense. But wait how did you manage to just stopped

I'm quite flexible I also held onto the podium.

It really does

Sssso what now

Well incase you somehow managed to miss it the Lady minister is pissed, more pissed than I've ever seen her pissed. So I sent my staff and the guards away to a hidden estate on Eadu while I remain her on the venator. Probably be a month before I return to Kuat.

So why leave?

Take a look at my holopad I've already been called 120 times. If sent them all to voicemail and I dont even want to hear thoose. You see she is so pissed she can challenge me to a duel. Now she is old specifically she is 69 so she wouldnt fight me she would send her son and I rather not kill her only heir. So I will remain away from Kuat entil she can cool down and we can at the very minimum not kill eachother

What do the other lords and ladys think?

Its a mixed response the 12 houses has split between party lines. From the responses of the event the houses with younger lords and ladys support me while the older lords oppose. All in all I have the support of 7 lords

7 to 5 doesnt sound so bad though?

See thats the thing both the Lord General who is basically a puppet for her ladyship and the lady minister oppose me. They will most likely attempt to challenge my position soon.

Your position?

Yes as the Lord Admiral of Kuat, You see my friends titles on Kuat are passed not by merit but by family, However you can challenge a lord to their title so long as the upper lords have a majority agreement.

Upper Lordsss?

The top three lord titles that being Minister Admiral and General. Then their is the center lords and finally the lower lords. Back to the explanation, when that happens they can challenge my title and I will have to respond. The challenger can either duel themselves or have someone do it for them.

So how do you plan to get around this.

I dont, there really isnt a way around it. Oh sure I can stall it for sometime by dragging along the process to set up a duel but in the end I will have to duel someone.

Are you allowed to kill someone?

While killing your opponet is opposed it isnt banned.

So your stuck between a fight and losing your title.

Yes now I must ask where is the admiral I was hoping to speak with him before the sunrise.

He had to leave for a meeting with some other admiral.

Hmm a shame has my things arrived yet?

According to Aleks in the hangar bay they just did.

Good have him bring that up to my office. Im gonna have to change out of this outfit.


So Mr.Carson why did his lordship send us here.

I'm not sure Daisey, His lordship is probably just taking measures.

Is Eadu a remote world?

Somewhat, His lordship has a secret estate on the planet he uses when he doesnt want to be found.

So its that serious then?

Yes I am afraid it might be. You remember Mrs.Hughes the last time a lord got challenge

Yes I do Mr.Carson the entire palace had been burned and all its staff killed by mistake. Is Miss.Pavan coming to be with us and the rest of the guards.

If you mean her ladyship now then yes she is.

Oh you know well Mr.Carson that what everyone and the news has been saying didnt happen, his lordship wouldnt ever go that far.

You may be right Mrs.Hughes but until we know more she will be referred to as her ladyship, now all of you when we arrive head inside and prepare to the estate for us living here I will need to contact his lordship.

Understood Mr.Carson


Carson I presume you have arrived at the estate.

Yes my lord we have arrived and are prepping the estate as we speak.

Good good has the commander arrive yet?

Her ladyship's shuttle just arrived a moment ago my lord, Mrs.Hughes is escorting her to her room.

Good for now I want you to keep her and the guards away from eachother if it is needed send them to my estate on Naboo.

Very well my lord.


Good there all away,thank god for hyperspace.

Dess I need to ask why are you in such a rush to get away from Kuat.

Because I remember what happened the last time someone made the lady minister mad like this. I was around 17 when it happened the then Lord Treasurer had spoke against the lady minister and pulled her finanaces for a pretty long time.

Uh-huh so she went on a rant about him?

Not exactly, She had her son challenge him to a duel for the title. When the then lord treasurer was defeated her son killed him and then had the palace burned with all staff inside.

Thats horrible.

Thats not the end of it, The lady minister gave the title to her son but their was still the family the previously one had. So she had them round up and each executed one by one.

That is something, so you fear that the lady minister will do the same to you.

I dont know, The Lord treasurer was 87 when he was killed, I am younger than her son by 3 years and a much better duelist. But I also know her rage so ya know.

So your hidding them on Eadu until you either have to duel whoever she picks or you can return to Kuat in peace.

Yes exactly. 

Seems like a shit situation.

You have no idea.

Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is from the Kuat Archieves

History Lesson


The 12 families of Kuat


Section #1: The Upper Lords

The upper lords is split between three houses. Historically the upper lords is the strongest and most wealthy of the 12 houses.


House Regno: The house which holds the title of Lord Admiral.

Current head:Dessimus Regno

Control of Kuat:16%


House Dalle: The house which holds the title of Lord Minister

Current head:Winnie Dalle

Control of Kuat:15%


House Halifax: The house which holds the title of Lord General

Current head: Nej Halifax

Control of Kuat:13%


Section #2:The Center Lords

The center lords is split between 5 houses. Historically these houses came from branches of the upper lords and mixing of other families from outside of Kuat


House Vane: The house which holds the title of Lord Treasurer

Current head: Gar Vane

Control of Kuat:9%


House Anen: The house which holds the title of Lord Nature

Current head: Sella Anen

Control of Kuat:5%


House Vancil: The house which holds the title of Lord Diplomat

Current head:Biala Vancil

Control of Kuat:6%


House Zendax: The house which holds the title of Lord Enforcer

Current head:Lon Zendax

Control of Kuat:10%


House Cardas: The house which holds the title of Lord Secretary

Current head:Davin Cardas

Control of Kuat:5%


Section #3: The Lower Lords

The remamining 6 lords are in the lower houses. Historically these lords while still wealthy had little power and were the most easiest to get on the side of the upper lords.


House Anteds: The house which holds the title of Lord Educator

Current head:Tika Anteds

Control of Kuat:4%


House Kilan: The house which holds the title of Lord Farmer

Current Head:Sella Kilan

Control of Kuat:3%


House Orden: The house which holds the title of Lord Commerce

Current Head: Wini Orden

Control of Kuat:2%


House Ysat: The house which holds the title of Lord Justice

Current Head:Grego Ysat

Control of Kuat:4%


House Tille: The house which holds the title of Lord Labor

Current Head: Omar Tille

Control of Kuat:3%


House Duelian: The house which hoolds the title of Lord Doctor

Current Head:Bailey Pavond

Control of Kuat:2%




File Decryption at 63%.






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Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is from the RMS Burst Link

So how goes the system repairs Aleks

Slow as usual, this ship is already running on a half running system.

Have you all heard the news

No go on

The Admiral is retiring by the end the week

Really? The 2nd Cutter is leaving. I honestly expected him to be dead by now

Does everyone know yet?

The Admiral just announced it during debriefing and everyone but you two and Dess where there.

Dess wasnt there?

You know since the moment he returned from the ball incident he has been cooped up in his office working.

Does he know the media coverage has stopped?

Unknown at this point he could be dead we rarley see him outside.

Dont you think we should pay him a visit Quex.

Hmm I suppose that wouldn't hurt you do it Alek's you are a operations officer and besides the lizard are the most vocal he is with.

Alright I'll go better than waiting here for repairs to finish. If that red button lights come and get me asap.

What are you plotting Quex?

Nothing, Dess hasnt left his office in the week he's been back only to use the facilities and during space battles.

You suppose he is doing lord work in there

Certainly he is probably so preoccupied with it seeing as it his fortune.

Well lets hope Aleks can weasel out the truth.

Dess is a rather tought nut to crack when he doesnt want to speak.

Then lets hope we picked a though nutcracker.


*knock knock*

Yes what is it.

Its Aleks may I come in

You may Aleks.

Im sorry to interrupt you Dess I was just wondering if you were coming to dinner

I suppose I could I'll have to find a change of outfit this is just a simple work uniform.

Is that all Aleks

What have you been doing in here might I ask.

I'm going over my finances and the estate records. I need to do something while I am essientally exiled until the Lady Minister cools her jets.

Their is two records here Dess?

Yes well you see I keep the estate and my personal finances seperate, Incase of any bad decisions on my end. I am transferring all of my personal accounts over to someone I can trust and someone who will need it.

And what of your estate accounts.

They are under the personal control of me and Carson, Now why are you asking me all of this is it because I've been in this room for a week and only left like 30 times.

Yes Dess it is.

This is how I normally am at home. Normally on the ship I wake up at 9 and go to bed at 11 however back on Kuat I am up at 4 and dont go to bed till 10 every day.

That seems awefully early.

Yes it is but it is needed. I am the lord of Kuat who manages multiple estates on various planets a staff of nearly 500, A shipyard and massive fleet to protect it and control 16% of Kuats land. Most of the day I am stuck in my office doing work only really getting out for training with the guards or meetings.

Well you need to come dine with us already or else you'll go mad, Dont you dine with people on Kuat.

I dont really host parties I havent since before the clone wars. On occasion I dine with Carson When I'm back home from meetings late and we are both having dinner. Twice I have dined with Elena but it is always awkard, Normally I am dinning alone in my office or if I really need to get out of that room the dinning room.

Well were dinning in an hour so I suggest you hurry up and find a stopping point.

Very well anything else you need to tell me?

Oh yes the admiral is retiring in five days.

Really is he now? huh I was expecting him to do it next month. Oh well inform everyone i will be joining for dinner.


So how goes the paperwork sir

Its going It will be good to retire and sit down in my home and live the rest of my life in peace

Hmm dont you think the war will cut that peace

Even in war we can find peace

Where issss Dessss Aleksss didnt you speak to him.

I did he must still be changing.

How does it take a man an hour to change.

He is royalty so I guess its the outfits.

I'm so sorry i'm late I tried to find a dinning outfit that wasnt gonna take me 3 hours to change into.

Why not just change into a naval uniform instead of whatever this is.

I didnt pack enough I guess I was kinda in a rush.

Why not wear that outfit you wore for the ball incident. That was a good one.

I would but when I was rushing out of the palace to get away I kinda got it caught on an edge and it tore a hole into the pants. I'll have to have Carson repair it when all of that dies down.

Speaking of that any newsss Dessss.

Nothing much, The media has changed their eyes onto some new story about a rumour of a Jedi and senator being married. I never recieved a call from the Lady Minister today so thats good news.

When was the last time you heard from her.

The day before over 35 times.

Well we should get to eating or else the cooks will have our heads.

I think they did something new to this it taste better than usual. Did someone chew them out?

Not that I know of.

Perhaps they just decided to feed us better

Who care this is nice to be eating with you all again, Why dont when the whole ball incident blows over and I can return to Kuat without the threat of my head being chopped off you all join me at my home and we have dinner.

That sounds wonderful Dess but I'll have to decline I will be on Naboo for the next couple months relaxing.

So anyone have any intresting things come up Aleks werent you having a chat with a senator about speaking for a new bill.

Yeah I had that today It didnt really go anywhere.

I'm sure you Dess have someone your speaking to soon?

Oh let me think If I knew this was gonna be asked I would have brought my work schedule. Well I do need to speak to Carson and I was planning on calling the Dowager Countess of Venia.

Venia thatsss a odd name.

It is a region in the south of Alderran, She owes me a couple of favours and I am cashing them in. She is my cousin so she should agree for family.

You have a cousin on Alderran.

Yes I do Doma Organa, If my lesson were correct the Organa's married into the Regno house about 50 years ago to my grandfathers brother.

I guess thats how royaltly works.

That is correct.

So why are you calling exactly though?

Quex if you keep asking these questions I am gonna start to suspect that the Lady Minister is having you spy on me.

Not at all Dess just curious.

Very well all I will say is I am moving some of my staff from Eadu to Alderran and I am asking the dowager If I can borrow her smaller estate in the north until I can have them back to Kuat.

Who are you moving and why?

Well lets see Carson, the headcook and a two maids, Oh and Elena. I'm sending them to Alderran cause I want to split Elena and the rest of the guard so I can deal with them. Not to mention Eadu is such a horrible planet and Elena tends to an allergic reaction when we are there.

Well that was expected.

I will ingnore the remark. Now If we are done with dinner I must return to my work and thoose calls.

*good night everyone*

*2 hours later*


This is Mr.Carson the butler of Regno Palace to whom am I speaking to.

Carson it's me.

Your lordship is something the matter?

Not exactly Carson look he is the story you remember meeting the Dowager Countess of Venia on that one trip to Alderran a few years back yes?

I do my lord.

Well she has an estate in the north of Alderran. She has aggreed to let me use it for sometime.

And your sending me there my lord?

You,Elena,Mrs.Patmore and two maids it doesnt matter who you picked.

We will pack and leave in the mourning my lord.

Good and dont contact me when you arrive its too close to Kuat and I rather not have her ladyship find me here.

As you wish my lord.

So is that all your work done Dess its like midnight.

Yes that is all for today. Quex do me a favour will you.

What is it?

When it comes mourning no matter how much work I have in this office keep me out of it, I need sometime away.

You got it.


Mr.Carson why is his lordship sending us to Alderran?

I'm not sure daisey, but I suspect it has something to do with Mrs.Pavan.

You are aware Mr.Carson she hasnt been eating since we got to Eadu. Drinking yes but eating no, we should inform his lordship.

No we wont Mrs.Patmore is his lordship finds out she hasn't been eating he will rush to Alderran and the Lady minister will find out.

And how in the force do you expect she would.

They always do great ladies always have their ways.

So when we arrive at this home what are we doing.

Daisey you and Mrs.Patmore will head to the downstairs and see if the kitchen is ready for tomorrow. The other maid


Yes Mrs.Elizen thank you Mrs.Patmore. She will head up the bedrooms and make sure they are unoccupied, meanwhile me and Mrs.Pavan will inspect the house for any damages or unwanted guests. Now everyone get some sleep we will be arriving at the house at about 9 in the mourning.


Well Mrs.Pavan it seems the house is ready for us to be here for a while. Now lets head downstairs and enjoy breakfast

You go ahead Mr.Carson you you go ahead I am not hungry.

You haven't eaten in a week Mrs.Pavan and are you looking quite ill. Now come eat or I will inform his lordship of what is happening.

Very well can you have daisy bring it to my room its closer to where we are and my gaurding post.

Very well Mrs.Pavan


[ I feel aweful. Its been a week since that event and I still feel that nought in my stomach, I've failed him as a guard, as a friend. He expects me to be a commander but I cant even command the respect of my own soilders. Next time I see him i will hand in my notice better he have a good commander than me. I'm not hungry but I should eat I've already lost 6 pounds. If I dont eat Carson will call him and he'll probably run to this room. If I do eat i'll just throw up again. I wont eat and hope his lordship isnt quick to come here and risk being spotted so close to Kuat.]


Dess the tea is ready.

Thank you Crit. How did you sleep

Eh alright you?

Not very well I had a terrible dream last night. I was standing in a bedroom and on the bed was someone I couldn't make out who it was but they were tossing and turning and calling out my name. Of course when I went to try to move forward large chains would wrap around me.

So what does that mean.

I dont have the foggiest idea. But I'm sure its nothing I've had odd dreams like this since I was about 10 years old. Its the reason why I dont sleep well and need tea or coffee in the morning to kick me into gear.


Aleks I am right here scream any louder and you will break my cup now what is it.

You have a call on your holopad.

Is it the lady minister?

Lets hope it isnt

No Dess its a um Mr.Carson.

Carson is calling me?

That can be good.

No... its not Aleks plug the datapad into the holotable over here.


Carson whats the issue? have you been found?

No my lord we are still hidden away. However it is about Mrs.Pavan. She hasnt been eating in a week and is looking deathly ill

And you decided to not tell me in this week Mr.Carson.

Dess just used Mr.Carson he never does. He must be pissed.

It's best we dont say anything until the call is over.

We didnt want to call you directly my lord incase we were being tapped.

Mr.Carson, I will deal with your failure later. Inform Commander Pavan she is to take to her bed at once under direct orders from her Lord is that understood.

Yes my lord.

Is everything allright Dess.

Have my ship prepare for departure at once.

Understood sir.

He is very pissed right now.

He is not pissed he is worried, You can see it in his eyes. 

What do you think will happen to Mr.Carson

Probably nothing Dess is just focusing his anger on the one man he knows can take it and not be offended.


So his lordship is coming here?

Yes he is Mrs.Patmore, Inform daisey and the other maid that he isnt in the best mood so dont go right to him when he arrives. I will greet his lordship at the door and take him to Mrs.Pavan's room.

Are you alright Mr.Carson?

Yes Mrs.Patmore just a little off-foot. I haven't seen his lordship this furrious since his mother death the Dowager Lady Regno.

I will get the whiskey ready for when he needs to calm down.

Yes that is a good idea Mrs.Patmore


File Decryption at 65%.



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Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is from Alderran port authority


Pectine to Alderran port authority requesting permission to land,

Clearance will be granted as soon as ship scan is completed

[Hmm I should call Morgrim once I am clear to land in the port closet to the house.]

Clearance granted Pectine land in the desitination port


[Now to call Morgrim]


Morgrim are you there hello.

Dess your not who i was expecting. Where are you and what is the matter you seem worried.

I'm on Alderran, I am visiting someone who is ill and If its possible could you send a medic from the venator to these cordinates in like three hours.

I'm not exactly sure why your asking me why not call a doctor on Alderran.

Cause I need a doctor I can trust and I can't call someone from Kuat so all that is left is you.

I will confirm who I am sending and will let you know. Should this person bring anything?

Uh no the house will have the all the needed items to treat disease I just need a doctor to confirm what disease it is.

Ok then.

Just send a message to my holopad when he is coming.

[hmm now to get to the house and deal with Elena]


Welcome my Lord to Venia house.

Where is she Mr.Carson?

She is in the main hallway my lord, and has refused to go to bed under your orders.

[atleast she does her job well]

Carson I want you to go into the nearby town and pick up this list of things before you leave have daisy get me anything medical and bring it to the room she is staying in.

As you wish my lord.

[Right lets go find her]

My lord?

I thought I had given you an order to be on bed rest?

I...I must refuse that my lord and keep my post.

You are not well, bedroom now.

I.... I ca...can't

Very well then I'll carry you


Oh relax Elena now I am taking you to bed and you are going to sleep.

[I should have eaten and he wouldnt have come. But it is nice to seem him again]


Here we are. I'm putting you into bed and your going to sleep.

[huh she passed out. poor girl must be exhausted. I will sit here and wait for daisey and the medic to arrive.]

I have the medical supplies my lord.

Thank you daisey can you have Mrs.Patmore making something warm for me and Elena and come tell me when the doctor arrives.

Certainly my lord, is she going to be alright your lordship.

I'm not sure daisey but I will be here until she is better.

[I better call the admiral let him know I wont be back for sometime.]

Admiral Cutter.

Dess where did you go to Aleks said you left the ship.

Yes I have to apologize to jumping off so quickly something has happened with my staff on Alderran and I wont be returning for sometime.

Is everything alright?

For now yes but I dont know when I will be leaving to return.

Very well Dess I will notify the rest of the fleet and whoever is my replacement.

Thank you admiral.

Here is the supplies my lord and Mrs.Patmore will be sending up some nuna soup once it is ready.

Thank you very much daisey.

Shit I forgot to ask her to come take of Elena's armour. She'll probably want to kill me when she is better but I know that armour is not comfortable when in a bed. Oh well I will take it off myself then, I did this for other guards when they are injured it cant be that hard for armour made for a women.

My lord the medic has arrived....

Oh Daisey sorry I was going to ask you to take off the amrour but I forgot. Show the medic his way up here and head downstairs and aid Mrs.Patmore with the soup.

Yes my lord

[Mrs.Patmore is gonna want to hear what I saw]

Ah good morgrim sent someone and you are?

Private Pan of the medcorps sir.

Well meet Mr.Pan, now please attend to her and tell me what is needed to be done.

Yes sir do you know her symptoms.

Yes um sweating,chils, she hasn't eaten in a week. but thats the only ones I have seen besides the bruise on her side.

I see how is her mental state

From what Carson told me she has been adamate with standing guard and refusing to eat and only sleeps from exhaustion.

Uh-huh I see. Well sir it seems your um.

Friend Mr.Pan my friend.

Yes your friend is suffering from Eadu Disease. Its a rare condition caused by staying on Eadu for periods of time, It isn't very well understood.

Can it be cured?

Yes you will need to have someone be by her side and take care of here all the time but yes it is.

Good good anything else to note?

Yes sir two things the first is that she will be saying things in her sleep. We believe Eadu disease does something to cause the brain to make you talk while sleep. These things are normally random and make no sense

Go check on the cake.

I see and the other thing?

The other thing is the eating issue isnt of Eadu disease. It is possible she may be depressed or anxious but until she is healthy and moving we wont know for sure.

*one hour later*

My lord I have returned with the things you require may I come in.

Yes Carson come in I have to apologize to you for getting cross with you. You know I have lost my mother,my father everyone I knew with you and Elena being the only ones left from my childhood I get defensive. 

And i'm sure Miss.Pavan knows that aswell my lord.

Actually, I never told her.

You mean Miss.Pavan doesnt know about your parents deaths?

No she knows about my father she was still around when that happened but I never told her of my mother. She has asked but everytime I make up some excuse of her retiring on Dac.

I see my lord. So what do we do know

For now I will live in this room and take care of her while she recovers.

somebody get that monkey.

What did she just say?

Random things Carson part of the disease. When she recovers we are heading back to Kuat.

Very well my lord.

Your soup my lord.

Thank you daisey um your free to return to what you were doing.

Is there anything you would like me to do my lord.

No Carson see to it everyone eats and gets a good rest downstairs.

*door closes*

[Oh Elena what am i going to do.]

hmm temperature is 101.9. sometimes I wonder if I make enough precuations. Oh sure transferring my funds over to her incase I die in the clone wars but I risked thoose I care for, I need to apologize when can understand things. Hmm this is good soup. I will try to feed her.

No I dont want to drug.

Thats gonna get annoying real quick. 


Shhhh Its alright you can relax I'm here just eat the soup you need something in your system. Please just dont punch me here.

*hours past by*

What time is it


Three in the mourning. Good god I need to sleep, she has been quite for a last couple hours so I guess I can get a couple hours of sleep. Hmm I remember the first time we spent the day alone on Naboo that was something of a trip.

Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is from Theed dated 24bby



[Huh his lordship is already gone what time is it? 10 in the mourning. I need to wake up and go find his lordship.]

*a loud creaking sound from the door*

Oh good your awake. You were sleeping so soundly and I didnt want to wake you up so I left. You missed breakfast but I save a couple small things for you and asked the maids to bring up tea.

Thank you my lord I will try to wake up earlier.

Dont worry its fine we did have a messy trip so far. So what are you planning to do today?

Following and guarding you where you go my lord.

Are you sure we are on a pretty peaceful planet for another four days you can do whatever you want?

Then I will follow you my lord.

Very well then. Ah good the tea is here lets um have a cup and then we can leave.

As you wish my lord


My Lord what were we doing here.

This is the theed marketplace, yesterday you visited a small one but we are here to buy something while the spaceport prepares us a ship to leave.

We are leaving already my lord?

I wish we could stay but another doctor gave me the all clear and while I dont want to sound rude I'd prefer to be back n Kuat.

Very well my lord what are we looking to buy?

Whatever it is you like.

*cue four hours of walking about and not buying anything cause the girl refuses to spend money*

Elena it has been four hours and you still havent bought anything.

I apologize my lord but I didnt know how else to get away from this so I just wasted time, I cant spend money which isnt mine especially that of a lord.

I should have expected this. Very well did you ever see anything nice.

I did see a beautiful necklace right over there but it is so expensive.

Well lets look then, excuse me madame how much is this necklace.

For you 50,000 credits

[I guess I should have changed before coming This outfit does show high wealth]

Very well here 55,000 and keep the credits

Pleasure doing business with you.

Here we are lift up your head and I'll put it on for you.

Thank you my lord but you shouldnt have it was extremely overpriced.

It was when we came by. I saw it earlier and it was 500 but seeing as we are dressed out of character they know one of us had wealth. And there it looks good on you.

Thank you my lord but isnt the ship suppose to be ready?

Yes it is lets go hopefully we can make it offplanet before dinner.

*back to the present now :}*

My lord wake up.

Huh Carson what time is it

7:33 my lord I have brought your and Miss.Pavan's breakfast.

Ugh thank you Carson let me wake up.

Certainly my lord.

How is Elena looking, Im going to wash my face.

Better my lord she is still asleep though.

Well thats expected but atleast she looks better.

Can she hear us my lord?

No not really, I mean she can but I think she is too tired to respond.

And the saying random words?

It stopped a few hours after we both feel alseep. Atleast I think thats when.

Very good my lord we have had the maids doing shifts of keeping an eye out for signs of the lady minister sending anyone.


Nothing to report so far my lord. I will leave it to you now.

Thank you Carson.

*sigh* Elena open your mouth you need to eat. Good girl, It has actually been quite theraputic to be able to say things I've always wanted to say without the person in the room being able to understand me. Hmm once your able to speak again I need to find out why you werent eating. I should have Carson prepare a big dinner for the event.

[I wish I could be better and respond to him but maybe I can try to move my hand here]

You can understand me shit I should not have said some of thoose things. My friend I am so sorry for all of this I never should have brought you to that ball. 

[When I can get up again I need to let him know I dont blame him. For now I need to rest]

And she is back asleep. I should go take a bath she wont be awake for a few hours. This will be a good bath. I should write to the lady minister see if we can patch things out, I will probably have to pay her but oh well the sooner Elena is home once she is able to travel the better. Hmm she is making that face when she got drunk that one night last year. Oh how did that event go hmmm, I can recall I was quite drunk aswell. 

[The only thing I remember is me and Elena waking up next to eachother the next day.]

* cue timeskip of a couple days im running out of things to right*

Dess.. Dess wake up

Huh whats going oh your up and speaking thats great.

How long have I been in this bed.

About a week I've been feeding you and keep you well kept.

W..wait by well kept you been you mean ba

Oh heavans no Daisey has been coming in to do that. I already undressed you and I am not making you want to kill me.

Wait you did WHAT!!!

Please sit down you may be vocal and better but we aren't leaving till later.

Leaving where?

Back to Kuat I spoke to the Lady Minister took alot of convincing but I managed to get her to cool off and we should be fine to return home.

That is great news.

It is Carson has already brought up breakfast and tea. Eat up and well discuss things.

Your talking about ya know?

The fact you didnt eat for a week yes.

I knew you were gonna ask that right away

Elena its one thing to get sick that is fine but to essientally starve yourself is something I cant accept especially from the commander of the guard.

I am so sorry, I have failed you.

You didnt fail me but I want to know why you didnt eat.

After the ball thing I was so anxious I didnt think about eating and sleeping all I thought was guarding the staff and you.

So you were anxious about what the lady minister did, not us?

That is correct my lord.

[and she shuts me out again oh well atleast i got an answer]

Understood well eat up.

Aren't you going to eat my lord.

I ate earlier.

[He is just sitting there he is making sure I am eating well. I guess he does truely care]

So I was thinking when we return to Kuat we spend some time togther.

[If my suspisitions are correct part of her not eating was me just running off and abanonding her on Eadu with the staff and guards. Note to self never do that again without consulting her]

That would be great my lord thank you.

Wonderful, I will have to inform the burst link when we arrive on Kuat that I wont be returning for sometime.

Your not leaving within the day my lord?

No I wish to make things are alright that you are alright and take things slowly after the eventful time we have had lately. Now if you will excuse I need to tell Carson and the other staff we will be leaving as soon as we are packed.

Very well my lord I will pack while I wait.

Their is no need I already have.

[What a amazing guy]

As your lordship is there something you need?

Yes Carson Elena has woken up and is better I want you to tell the staff to pack up and we will be returning to Kuat today.

As you wish my Lord shall I inform the staff and guards on Eadu?

Yes however Carson the day after me and Elena will be going to the smaller estate in the south.

Understood my lord I shall prepare for a couple maids and servants to go with you.

Alone Carson me and Elena are going alone. The rest of you will continue as usual, altough still keep an eye out for the lady minister pulling something?

Understood my lord.

*2 hours later*

Is everyone ready to leave?

Yes my lord!

Then lets make way the sooner we are back on Kuat the sooner I can return to my work.

[And here I thought our time away was going to be our time instead of him stuck working in an office]


Finally back home it has been too long.

I have spoken to the shipyards my lord we are clear to head for the palace.

Very good.


My lord all the staff have gone threw the other entrance.

I will meet you for dinner in the dinning room later tonight, wear that dress with golden trime it the best on you.

If that is what you wish of me my lord.

I will see you later beautiful one.

[This is strange Dess has always been a bit of a flirt but never was he direct]

File Decryption at 68%.

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Access granted

Beginning recording

The following recording is from Regno Palace


Lets see who do I need to call. Well I should check in on the burst link, I need to call Murray about the suprise. Admiral Heinken should be calling me soon to report on project dreadnoughtus.ImperialVenatorsOverKamino-RtK.thumb.webp.fb9a883acd65af3810c0bbb63c2ef9f2.webp

So why are we here again?

We are suppose to be helping clear out a possible seperatist invasion on Kamino


High command thinks its remmanats from the last attack or infiltration.

Well on the bright side then we dont have to do much

Boys we have a call

From who?

Not sure, the rain is screwing with our long range comms.

Ah Aleks I hope I'm not interrupting anything?

Nothing much Dess we are just waiting for the clones to return.

Oh good I'm not I was just checking in on the ship seeing as we dont have an admiral again until the next 4 rotation ends. So how goes the Burst Link while I've been gone.

Its been doing well a couple bumps and alot of having to get repaired but she is doing well.

We have lost the admiral though.

Yes It is a shame but lets hope he has a good retirement. Is there anything else you wish to report.

No Dess but quick question how long until your gonna be back.

Well I am staying on Kuat for four days after that I will return for as long as I can.

Well that should be good.

Once the new admiral arrives treat him well and I'll probably meet him when I return.


Mr.Murray you have a call

Tell them i'm busy

It's his lordship

Oh right patch him threw.

My Lord I am sorry to keep you waiting.

Its not issue Murray, This wont take too long I just need to know if the suprise is legal.

Legal yes my lord scandalous yes.

Uh-huh but their is no law against it?

That is correct my lord the Lady Minister will have no way to oppose it when the news breaks.

Very good Murray do you have the document on you by any chance.

No my lord but I can have my secretary send it to your holopad.

Very good send it secretly I rather not have Elena find out before the trip is over.


Crewman how are we looking.

Good sir the system is free of any suspiscious activity.

Good continue with your scans and once they are done report back to me.

Admiral Heinken sir.

Captain what is it.

You have a call from the lord admiral

I see put him threw in my office.

Yes sir.

Admiral Heinken how are you.

Good my lord and you?

I'm doing well enough, now I wont beat about the bush I've summoned you about project dreadnoughtus I heard it was behind schedule. I hope you have a good reason as to why it is?

I have to apologize your lordship, The republic sent a representative with orders to put more men onto the construction of the Bellator.

Admiral your testing my time and patience, why would you listen to represenatative?

It was an order from the senate my lord.

I see then I must apologize Admiral, now how goes construction.

It is going well my lord the Bellator is 83% completed and will be ready for test trials within the month. The Dreadnoughtus is 55% done and the Pride of the Core II has only just laid its base foundation making it 5% complete.

I see continue the Bellator constructions on Kuat, However we will be moving the other two to our more remote shipyard in near the Red Twins. I fear that the seperatist might be learning of the project.

As you wish my lord within the month we can have the dreadnoughtus ready to jump and within the next 3 months we can the POTCII atleast able to be taken in parts by larger ships.

Very good Admiral Heinken. Thank you for your time.

The Pleasure is all mine my lord.

[hmm this project is getting behind I will relocate some resources from somewhere to completing them. Perhaps their are some resources from my estate being built on Resya that I can relocate]

My Lord dinner is ready shall I bring it up to you.

Um no Carson do you know by any chance where Elena is?

I believe she is in her room.

She isnt eating with the other guards?

No my lord a couple weeks ago she stopped eating with them and would come to the kitchen to gather a meal.

Carson have my dinner put in the dinette room and when Elena comes to get her meal send her up to the room.

As you wish my lord.

[right well I should change]


You summoned me my lord?

Yes I did Elena sit and enjoy the meal.

Excuse me?

If your not going to eat with the guards then you will eat with me in the dinette room.

I thank you for this moment my lord.

Aren't you going to remove your helmet.

No my lord I prefer to keep it on the lower part can detach so I may eat.

Elena you have been apart of my guard for 3 years and In that time I've never seen your face. Even when you first returned you wore that dingy old helmet.

I remember it well. I...I don't l...like to r....remove...

Its alright ignore what I said and eat

[normally when her nerves skyrocket she starts to stutter I should be more careful]

Is that food to your liking.

It... is delicious Dess thank you.

Continue eating up here, I have finished and must take a bath and get out of this outfit. Carson when Elena finishs can you clean up.

Certainly my lord.

Carson does he know about the tension with the guards.

Not all of it Miss.Pavan he knows their is tension but I pressume he doesnt know what they have said.

There right I am just a low born peasant...

No Miss.Pavan your not, I have heard what they say I hear everything in the downstairs but you are the brightest and most couragous of them all and his lordship hasnt been this happy in years.

Thank your Mr.Carson I needed thoose words, Do you have any idea what his lordship is planning while him and I are off at Hoffstead Cottage?

I do madame but I dont believe it is in my right to say so.

He wont find out I wont reveal who I got this from.

Very well, I overheard him speak to Mr.Murray his lordships legal advisor.


He asked Mr.Murray if the suprise is legal and mentioned your name.

What do you think he is planning.

I'm not sure Miss.Pavan, however if he is asking Mr.Murray then it is something big.

Thank you Carson. I think I will retire thank you.

[why do I have a bad feeling about]

*the next day*

Everything is packed my lord for your flight to Hoffstead Cottage are you certain you dont need a maid or cook to go with you?

Yes I am sure Carson, Is Elena awake yet?

No my lord she is not.

Continue preparing the shuttle I'll go wake her.

As you wish my lord.





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Accessing Documentation






The following documentation is from the files on the Kuat Drive Yards and are sealed by the Kuat Concessions act of 987bby please enter verification code


Verification Code cleared welcome your lordship


[I am late I am so late I shouldnt have slept in. I need to hurry and get changed and get my helmet on before Dess comes looking for me]

*knock knock*

Who is it?

It's only me 

Your lordship I am so sorry for keeping you waiting I will be out in just a moment.

Very well I'll be waiting.

* about 3 mintutes later*

You are walking with me out my lord?

Yes I am someone should. Shall we?

yes lets.

I pressume you are ready to depart my lord?

Yes Carson keep care, However I do want the staff to have the next four days off.

Understood my lord.

*cue a hour flight across the planet


Are you alright?

Yes my lord.

You know the driver cant hear us right you can call me Dess.

I would prefer not to be careless my lord. The um shuttle stopped?

Very well then DRIVER! have we arrived?

Yes your lordship we have arrived at Hoffstead Cottage

Good you may go drop off the luggage and leave. Elena?

Yes my lord?

Follow me please.

As you command.

[He is moving rather quickly but I suppose he wants to get in and relax. It is a beautiful cottage altough it is kinda small for someone of Dess's status. I wonder how he came into possession of it.


I am sorry to have to run about but I wanted to get in here and alone.

It is understandable. Has the driver left

A moment ago yes, so you can drop the my lord stuff now my dear.



what are we um doing today.

Well its one so I was thinking a good nature walk about the cottage lands before dinner then we can retire for your suprises.


I'll explain more later for now we should chance into something more loose it will be easier to walk around then.

I think I'll keep the armour on.

Very well I'll meet you outside in the garden.

[I know exactly what to wear]

[So what Carson said is true Dess has something planned for me, I really hope this isnt another ball incident like thing.]

*1 hour later*


[I wonder what is taking him so long, then again it takes him sometimes three hours to get dressed so I suppose it takes time]

I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

T..That outfit is um.


revealing is what I was going to say.

I see huh well come lets walk.

Where will be going Dess?

You see that mountain over there.

Yes I do?

There is a little pond below it that I use to go to in my youth.

You came here when you were younger?

Yes when my father died my mother granted me this as a gift it was technically heres before hand. It was a place I would come when I needed time away I guess it still is.

I see then lets get walking

* cue about an hour of walking and talking*

We should be almost there its just beyond this incline.

Aren't you worried about what could be out here Dess?

Not really I'm with you.

Thank you for the compliment.

So now you like my compliments since we are alone.

Thats not what I meant.

I know and there it is. The pond at Hoffstead.

It is very beautiful.

Yes come follow me along it. Are you feeling alright?

Yes I'm fine its just this ground is a little off.

Yes that is the issue with the pond the nearby ground isnt well set. All in all though we should be...

* image of dess falling into the pond cause he mistepped*

Dess are you....

Yeah I'm fine lets just head back we can have dinner when we return.

Um Dess your tunic is um... its is um....

See threw? yes I know Elena now lets head back.

As you wish

[Perhaps white was a bad idea]

Dess may I ask how did you mistep

I dont really know I suppose something manage to catch my eye.

Yes I suppose so.

Ug this thing is sticking to me like a wet towel I'm taking it off.

Your doing what?

Look away if you must Elena but I am taking it off now lets continue on our way its going to be a long walk.

* one hour later*

[Finally were back I can go hide and Dess can change]

I'm going to bathe and change before we have dinner.

Who is cooking for us Dess?

I am going to, I took some lesson from Mrs.Patmore before we left.

[It is quite here, I need to change for dinner. That was such and awkard walk I mean Dess is really something but no no out thoughts. I didnt really pack any dinning outfits so I'll have to wear my basic attire. I hope Dess dont mind]

*cue 30 mintutes later*

[I still here Dess bathing. perhaps I.... should check in on him. After all I am his guards commander so it is only wise that the commander she be able to ensure he is safe].

The bathing room is over here.

[Do I dare? just a peep.]

[I hear a noise. Its probably just Elena, she is being risky.]

Elena I know your out there if your going to stand there you might as well come in and join me.

[nope nope noooopeee just run to the dinning room.]

I suppose she wasn't then.

* 2 hours later*

I must apologize for taking so long but I needed that bathe please sit enjoy the meal.

This is quite good Dess I guess thoose lessons worked out huh.

Yes they did, So I must ask where you walking past the bathing room about two hours ago?

Yes I was.

Did you see anything?


See anything you like?

.... Yes

Describe it.

Um... t...he c...urtains looked nice.

[Nice save Elena]

If you are done then follow me.

Where are going?

For your suprise.

[I'm sweating I need to stop]


No just tired.


Is this a dueling room.

Yes it is, do you remember the last time we dueled?

Yes its been what three years now.

Please though sit.

What is that Dess.

A box.

Whats in the box Dess.

Open it

A necklace?

Yes specifically a Herzenslesser. It translates roughly to heart reader or heart read. I do hope you like it?

Its lovely but I don't understand why keep this as a surprise?

Because their is three more surprises to come.


Yes I want to shower my commander with gifts and besides your special normally any other commander would get only one.

I see, I will wear it with pride. Oh it change color?

Yes that's why its called a Herzenslesser it is in-tuned with something from what the jedi told me its the force but it can read ones emotions and change color.

I see... I wish I had something to give to you.

You agreeing to go on this trip was enough not to mention putting up with me.

I am quite tired, I um think I'll retire now.

Very well goodnight Elena.

Goodnight Dess.

[I should retire too]

*the next day*

Elena wake up brunch is ready.

Brunch? what time is it.

Its 11 in the morning meet me in my room.

[I need to hurry and change knowing Dess he is probably been up since 6 and starving waiting for me to wake]

*ten minutes later*


I hope you slept well?

Dess your um not in your normal attire.

Its been so long since I've had a vacation from work I normally have to dress up like that cause I may be home but I'm still viewable from someone or another. This is what I prefer to dress in when I'm not in public now please sit and eat.

How did you know these dishes were my favorite.

Do you remember me saying I took lesson from mrs.patmore?

mhmm yes I do.

Well I also asked her what your favorite dishes were.

Thank you. So what are we doing today.

You and I will be spending the next couple hours in the nearby city attending an opera showing there. Then I was thinking we could return to the cottage for a nap and then dinner.

And After?

I was going to leave that to you I know how exhausted you get sometimes.

Yes well I'm not use to having to keep up with your antics.

So what did you think of.

I was thinking we could reveal the next surprise and then we could retire to the room.

Very well we will eat up and change.

We? am I not going to wear my armor.

I'm afraid not you will have to change including the helmet.

Then I wont be going.

Excuse me?

I refuse to remove my helmet even if you order me.

*sigh* very well. I had Carson pack you that dress you like It should be in your room. I will join you for the shuttle.


[that was far too close, I wonder how long I can keep this mask on before he just rips it off]


My Lord I must ask what is this opera about.

Honestly I'm not sure but I did grab this paper when we were walking in so lets take a look real quick.

[This dress is beautiful but I suppose it would look better without this helmet on. Dess probably thinks I look silly]


What is it?

The Opera is called Der Hurr under Der Kommandant. It is about a prince who falls in love with one his soliders, however due to the society they live in they are unable to be wed.

T..hat is a i...interesting s...story my um lord.

Is something the matter Elena?

Do I look silly my lord. You must think I look ridiculous with this helmet and dress.

I could never think you look ridiculous In fact I like how you look right now. You look like a high noble lady.

I um, I um, I... I... I.... I wish to return to the cottage my lord.

Why are you feeling unwell?

I am my lord.

Ok I'll summon for a shuttle to take us back and we go threw the smaller corridors. We can return to the cottage and we can rest.


Dess may I ask you a question?

Ask away.

Why do you do all of this?

Excuse me?

All of this the fanfare the dressing up dealing with people you clearly dislike. Not to mention you work from 5 in the morning to normally 11 at night.

Do you know the time?

Its almost one.

Good we have some time sit down this is going to be a long story.

Fourteen years ago I lost my father. Of course you know that, you see a life as a lord isnt an easy job. While the money and the fame is nice and all but it is a lonely life. The upper lords are always working, we work from before the sun rises and after it sets. I dont just do it for money I do it for the people, KDY is such a large company and employs nearly two and a half million people. If I dont continue its productions and rise all of thoose people will suffer. I manage nearly 50 estates across the galaxy and am responsible for a staff of nearly one thousand. I am the caretaker of an armada large enough to bring most of the core to its knees, it requires constant maintaince and updates, not to mention keeping the admirals in line. You see Elena our titles aren't passed based on merit but rather heritage. It keep us in power but it can lead to corruption and rot, I love my father but he wasnt a good lord admiral. I can count how many times he visted the shipyards on my hands. I remember a saying in one of my old study books "the younger will always try to out do the older". I always pressumed it meant that the younger should compete with their elders however once I became a lord I saw a bigger picture, We dont do it do out win our parents in the history books but to fix their mistakes and help the people. However not all can agree with me, You see the three body of lords is split between two factions the republicans and the monarchist republicans.

Whats the difference?

Their are a couple. the most glaring is the opinion on the lords, while republicans believe that the lord system is fine the monarchist republicans believe that a new system is needed. Then their is our views on the people, republicans want less power to them while monarchist republicans wish to give them more power. 

Huh kinda off that their names dont really link up to their views. But back to what you were saying.

Yes I guess in short I do it to make up for my families mistakes and try to better Kuat, not all my plans are successful but atleast in the territories I own and the people I am responsible for they are happy and that is why I work so long and hard. While many lords simply send representatives and lackeys to do their work i see to it directly and when I cant I make sure I send someone I can trust to ensure things are done well.

And what about your mother surely you do it for her?

Yes right how silly of me to forget heh. Funny how good times makes certain memories go by.

Yes, so do you ever take time off I haven't seen you like this since we were kids.

I do on occasion, It just no easy with work and the other lords constantly bothering me about something. Thank god Carson is able to manage to estates while I'm away.

I see.

Now its my turn to ask, why did you do it why do you stay with me all these years.

I know that should I leave your service I would be back to where I started stuck and alone in a worthless position.

Huh a straight forward answer thats new. 

Dess may I ask though what has your family done that you feel like you have to fix it.

Thats a um story for another time for now we should make dinner I will go make it if you could set the room.

You got it.

*A couple hours later*


So I guess its time for another gift?

Yes gift 2 out of 5.

Five, I though their were only four?

I changed it to five the last two will be given on our final day here. Anyways here you go.

New armour. How did you know I needed to replace mine?

Remember when you were sick and I had to get the armour off well I noticed the cracks in them and so I had an order to remade. I hope they are to your liking.

They are beautiful Dess, I dont know how i can repay you for this.

Your happiness is enough, and with that I will retire for today I'll see you tomorrow.

* the next day was a simple staying indoors day and really only has two intresting parts*


Dess I've been meaning to ask you this lately but I was wondering would it possible we could vist your mother.

My mother?

Yes Its just I remember meeting her before we were seperated and I wonder if he would remember me.

*sigh* I should have told you this long ago. Know before I tell you this remember I only kept this a secret because it brings up some not so great memories. Long story short when I was 18 my mother passed away.

I'm sorry I asked I shouldnt have.

No its alright I was planning to telling you at somepoint. I am sorry you werent able to see her again.

Is there any other family you have left?

Cousins and distant relatives yes but not anyone in the direct family tree. There is my grandmother.

Grandmother? you never told me your grandmother Is still alive.

I dont like speaking of my grandmother but yes she is the Dowager Lady Regno. I rarely speak to her and when I do it normally ends in an argument or me having to hold my tongue. Hell one time I had to threaten to strip her estate to get her to shut it.

So she isn't easy to deal with huh.

Not at all, when I became the Lord of the family I send her to the family estate on Dac, far away where I wouldnt have to deal with her and the problems she causes.

I see well could we visit her then?


I want to know more about your family seeing as I am employed by them.

I suppose we could always pay her a visit. However I will need to make preparations and prepare some stress relievers for when we leave.

Thank you for agreeing to this.

Well you would have to meet her at somepoint she is coming to the jubillee after all so its better that you see her before it then.


Its a celeberation of a lords reign. This is the bronze Jubilee marking 15 years of ruling, Its a week event full of celeberations and apperances. Its quite alot of work and it wont be happening till next year when it is actually 15 years of my rule.

I see and am I to play a role in the event?

Yes as the commander of my guard you lead the guards during parades and other events during the celebrations. It will all be rehearsed and what not in the upcoming year.

I see.

*some time later*


Another day and another gift

What did you get me this time.

Its in this box over here.

Um Dess this box is moving?

Do you remember a few months ago you telling me your favorite animal was a loth-cat and that you always wanted one when you were little.

You didnt.

Open the box


How on earth did you find one?

It took me a couple months to track down a breeder of good reptuation but I managed to find one on Lothal. So what shall we call him?

I'm naming him?

He's your pet and besides you'll be spending more time with him anyways.

I will call him Wenig.

The Kuati word for little. It's a good choice. Now we will retire goodnight to you and Wenig.

*cue next day mourning*

Elena wake up It is already 11

Another sleeping in day huh?

Yes it is. I hope you dont mind but I let Wenig out a bit ago to do his business. Now come lets eat and we can get onto todays fun.

What do you have planned.

I was thinking we could go for a bit of a swim it is a hot day outside. Then I was planning to go into the nearby village to pick up somethings. Then dinner then the last two gifts and off to bed, is that good with?

I think it is. But um do you have something to change into for swimming?

Do you?

I can find something in the village before we go.

I packed a pair of shorter pants.

No shirt?


Understood Dess.


Here we are it is isolated from any nearby towns so we will be safe and alone here. come along now the water is nice.

I would rather stay out and gaurd the area, we are in the wilderness after all.\

Are you certain.

I'm certain?

Elena when I ask you a question I prefer you say it to my face now I am getting out and you are going to turn around and say it to my face that you want to stay out and gaurd this pond.

Dess I am... um

Your what Liebling?

I am certain that I...want to.... gaurd.

Very well you may continue.

*30 mintutes past*

[Its been 30 mintutes I havent been hearing Dess move. I should take a peep and see if he is doing ok. If I turn right it will look like I am just keeping an eye out. Fine im going to do it]

[He is just sitting there staring, He was hoping to have me join him but I ruined that. I cant go in with this armor on. I just hope he decides to get out soon so we can return.]


Yes Dess?

What are you looking at?

Just keeping an eye out while you swim as it is my post.

Really cause according to len's you are looking directly at me.

I...was...just checking.

I see well we should be heading back now before you collaspe from exhaustion.

I am quite tired

Then its settled we will start heading back follow me.

I am coming in a moment.

You seem flustered?

No i'm not?

Did you forget that the necklace I gave you changes color based on emotion Elena?

[It is a pink color that wasnt what it was when we woke up?]

Seems like I did sorry.

No need Elena.

It..just that you look nice today.

Thanks for the compliment. We are approaching the cottage soon, I am going to change you should probably take a look at Wenig.

* a couple hours past as the dinner comes to a close while Elena sits in the dueling room waiting for Dess to show up a door creaks open*


Good your already here get up.

Why are you in your armor?

Remember when we first arrived you spoke about the last time we had a duel, well it gave my an idea. Draw your weapon commander lets see if the lord can beat his commander.

Oh your on.

*cue dueling ending in Dess losing again for the 50th time*

I should have expected that, oh thats gonna hurt in the morning.

Dess I am so sorry I got caught up in the moment, Let me help you up.

No no its fine come sit next to me.

We havent done that in so long I forgot how fun it was kicking your ass.

This is the Elena I know the confident and talkative woman.

Well sometimes great friends bring out our true selves.

Which leads me to the final gift.

I see, I was hoping this night wouldnt end.

Close your eyes.

[Is he going to kiss me? no he wouldnt, would he?]

*the sound of a holopad turning on is heard*

Open them.

A holopad?

Read the highlighted section.

Henceforth Elena Schonheit Pavan commander of the House Regno Guard is to be the sole heir to House Regno until an heir is produced by Dessimus Hoffnung Regno and the lady of House Regno. Should Lord Regno die before an heir is produce the law will ensure that Elena Schonheit Pavan will become a full member of House Regno and take the name Elena Schonheit Pavan-Regno. 


I dont understand, what does this mean exactly?

It means that if you agree to sign this you will become the heir to my house and the title of Lord Admiral atleast till I would produce an heir.

But why me why not another family member.

Because Elena I know the dangers I face everyday from both my work as a lord and fighting in the clone wars. I need someone who can keep my legacy and the house safe including the staff. That someone is you, It will protect you the staff and I can have a good reason to deny any marriage proposals. So will you sign it?

Yes..yes I will but I dont know how to repay such a debt.

I can think of a way. Remove that mask let me see your face.

I cant Dess, I just cant.


When I was sold into slaverly I had to do alot of hard work. But I was mostly ignored until I grew up. When I did the heads of that group did things to me, horrible terrible things that even today I still have nightmares about.

Did they?

Yes my lord they did.


I eventually found an old dingy helmet that I somehow managed to convince them to let me wear.

Elena I said enough.

When I would wear it I could hide myself away, even when we reunited I refused to remove it. As time went on it only had gotten...

SILENCE! please no more I cant hear anymore. Just let me remove your helmet.

Very well you may.

My dear so long as you are with me nothing bad will ever happen to you understood?

Yes I do.

Good I need to make a call but go to bed I wont see you in the morning as I am needed on the Burst Link so this will be goodbye for a bit of time, I'll call you in the morning my dear.

Goodnight Dess

Goodnight Elena. Actually I am sorry to have to bring this up but do you remember the name of the person who did this to you.

His name was Hoan Aldel.

Thank you.


* the doors open to a prison cell as a cloaked figure walks in*

Are you Mr.Hoan Aldel?

Yeah what its to ya.

Good I am making sure I'm not about to kill the wrong person.

Woah woah woah lets talk this out I can pay you guard to not harm me. How much will it cost I got contacts.

Look into my eyes do I look like a gaurd?

Your a lord what the hell could I have done to cause this.

Listen to my words carefully cause they will be the last you will ever hear in this galaxy, you harmed someone who is dear to my heart and you are going to die for it.

*the sound of a sword being drawn echos throughtout the chamber*

No.. No please dont. I'll give you anything you want money,guns your own slave army, just dont kill me have mercy

Their is no mercy.

* the sound of death and pain now echos and the cloaked figure exits the chamber*

Guards have a clean up team deal with the unfortunate incident in this cell and have my shuttle prepared for depature.

Understood Lord Admiral. You two get in there and clean it up and you two get to his lordship shuttle and load it up.

File Decryption at 70%.























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Posted (edited)

Accessing Documentation






The following documentation is from the files on the Kuat Drive Yards and are sealed by the Kuat Concessions act of 987bby please enter verification code



Gentlemen I am glad to be back home. Now someone point me to who is the admiral now.

That would be Dess.

Quex? It is wonderful to see you in this outfit. Tell me who was your competition?

So incompentant fool I dont even remember his name to be honest.

Well atleast it was an easy victory. Well then lets have dinner everyone.


Yes it is tradition we all sit down for dinner.

Huh everyone other ship i've served on never had the clones dine with human officers.

Desss doesnt work like that Admiral.

You learn alot of about how he his by the small things.

* Dess would remain on the Burst Link for about 3 weeks*

So I heard were heading for Dac

That is right.

When we arrive I will be taking off I have some business for Kuat I need to do attend to on Dac.

Very well Dess how long till you be gone for?

Should be only a few days. I am visiting my grandmother with Elena


The commander of my guard and my heir. Which reminds me, Admiral here is a holocommunicator should it go off that means me and Elena need a reason to get away.

Is your grandmother really that bad?

You have no idea, for the entirity of my young life she was berating me for every decision I made. If anyone needs anything you know how to contact me and I will see you all in a few days


[Why in the force did I agree to this, I despise seeing my grandmother and it always ends in an argument.]


[Now I remember]

My dear I have missed you so much.

[A wonderful warm embrace I miss this and him]

Are you ready to meet my grandmother.

I really dont know, but im with you so I feel safe.

Very well lets go.

*knock knock knock*

Yes who is... oh your lordship I didnt recognize you.

Spratt it's good to see you again how have you been.

I'm doing well my lord please come in.

Is my grandmother home?

Yes your lordship I will inform her of your and?

Miss Elena Pavan Mr.Spratt.

You know I'm gonna have to tell her your my heir.

Must you?

No I dont, and I wont unless she brings up the discussion.


His Lordship the Lord Admiral and Miss Elena Pavan your ladyship.

So my grandson finally shows up after years of never visiting me.

Hello Granny its good to see you again.

SPRATT! make us some tea and dont mess it up.

Spratt seems to have aged a bit.

Sure he has. Who this?

Miss Elena Pavan granny she is my uh.


She must be knew. Girl you will learn never to speak out of line and end your sentances in your ladyship when in my presence, understood.

Granny must you..

As you wish your ladyship.

Huh good you learn quickly.

Granny do sit down their are somethings to discuss.

Fine but make it quick so I can be gone of the dissapointment.

Very well I assume life on Dac is treating you well.

If you mean my exile then yes it is going fine.

I never exiled you.

What you said and did was exile enough. Now what is it you want.

I need to discuss the jubilee.

So ya managed to not be a bigger screw up for 15 years huh, tell me how has the families wealth grow.

About 3% but back to the...

ONLY 3%! what the hell have you been doing giving away money!

I've been investing into the territories I own and...

Did you learn nothing from your teachings, If only your father was around to see how you are bringing this...

Granny thats enough dont make me pull the estate card again. I am inviting you to the jubilee, I do hope you will attend?

I will refusing a invitation from a lord isnt in my playbook. Now onto other business do you have a wife yet?

Granny this isnt something we should be discussing especially infront of Miss.Pavan

[I can see he is tensing up, Dess must dislike talking about these things]

You have been on the throne for 15 years and how many times has you been engaged!

4 times grandmother but that is not the point. It is my life and I can choose who I wish to marry!

So long as she is noble.

Granny you can not dicate who I can and can not court. 

Well you better hurry, your father had already wed your mother by this age, you have to produce an heir or you fool.

I... I already have a.... heir.


Granny calm down.

Who's the damm heir!

It..um it is.... um.... um....

Its me your ladyship.

[This isnt gonna end well]

The Driver?

I am sorry for lying to you granny but you know how you complain this is Elena Pavan the commander of the guard, and the girl who I was friends with when I was younger before dad died. I made her the heir until I do produce.

I thought that maybe you would have learned that perhaps you had some ounce of how things are. BUT YOU MADE A PEASANT HUNDIN YOUR HEIR.


You must listen to...


I am sorry to interrupt but the tea is ready your ladyship.

Thank you Spratt but I'm afraid me and lady Pavan are leaving, goodbye grandmother I will see you at the jubilee and then never again.

*the door slams shut*

Tea your ladyship?

Piss off Spratt.

Dess are you alright?

Yeah I'm fine Elena that felt good. I'm sorry you had to see that.

No its fine actually it was a bit exciting to see you doing this.

I.. see well I need to get back the Burst Link knowing them their still waiting I will see you later.

Goodbye Blume.

Goodbye Liebling.

So tell me again why were waiting here?

Were waiting for Desss to be done with his visit. Hissss corresponder indicated he isss returning now.

Ah Gra, Dirtnap its good to see you again sorry if I took so long I said some goodbyes to Elena.

So how did it go?

I rather not discuss it, lets just get back to the venator.

Are you sure you dont want to talk about it?

Yes I am sure, um Gra how was the mission.

Eh it went alright, There wasnt too many droidssss.

Well that is good, now lets return to the venator I'm sure the Admiral is probably waiting for us.

*a week goes by with no major issues or concerns


Is that the new shipment of missiles coming in?

I believe it is yes.

Good lets get them into storage and head to the bridge.

Dess to the bridge I repeat CPO Dess to the bridge.

*sigh* right well keep doing this and hopefully I will.

* a couple minutes later*

Alright Quex what is going on.

We recently received this transmission from an anomonyous source.

Be warned your royal officer is about to be investigated

Dessimus H Regno

Ah Mr. Aegon I hope you are doing well.

I'm alright I have some questions for you I hope you have somewhere we can speak in private.

Yes please come with me to my office. Uh Quex do me a favor and call Murray and tell him to get over here by tomorrow.

Nice office you have here.

Its qaint enough for me, now what is this all about.

Mr.Regno you are currently under investigation by RSB for your connections to Count Dooku.

Count Dooku? I haven't spoken to him in at least 5 years.

But you do admit to speaking with him.

Yes I do but it wasn't much we were discussing where to have the next monarchist council meeting with other monarchs.

Do you still have connections with Count Dooku.

No I do not the Count of Serenno and I had a falling out before the clone wars began.


It was a discussion on the future of the republic.

Uh-huh so your saying you have no connections to him anymore is that correct? Now tell me what exactly was your connection to him?

I know I will regret revealing this but I suppose it is needed to get RSB off my back. When I was ten my father passed. Of course as you know the Count of Serenno had left the Jedi by then, My sword training hadnt been going very well I wasnt learning well from the teachers.

Go on.

My grandmother the Dowager Lady Regno pulled a few favours and brought me to Serreno where he became my teacher.

So he taught you?

According to Sendil Dooku uses form II, from the limited knowledge I can access its a form of lightsaber combat that focuses more on engagements with other saber wielding members.

Did you form a friendship?

Not exactly, While I respected him as a teacher and I the student we never clicked like that. May I ask why though this has come up.

I am not at liberation to tell you this but I will say that a recent transmission was intercepted from Count Dooku mentioning Kuat, were investigating all the lords its just you were the first one we could reach.

I see so what now?

Well we still need to investigate the rest of the lords, It's best you simply return to your home on Kuat and wait there until we sort all of this out.

I see.

Thank you for your time Dess

It's no problem.

* the door closes as the Admiral walks in*



What happens now?

I am returning to Kuat until they have finished investigating the remaining lords and ladies.

Did you leave anything unsaid?

I know how RSB works. And no I didn't leave anything out, Dooku trained my when I was younger and we haven't spoken in years that's all to it. Besides RSB probably tracks all incoming and outgoing calls from this ship so If they had a reason to believe I was connect to that man I would already be in jail.

Would it be alright If we send any paperwork for you to do since you'll be gone?

It is no issue till we meet again.


File Decryption at 72%.









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