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  1. DankLor
    I hide my crippling depression with my mentally unstable self
  2. Artus
  3. TenableTick6897
    Hows life for everyone rn?
  4. Kyramud Chip
    Kyramud Chip
    New profile pic,new Laptop
  5. RC Doc
  6. Pvt. Pancake
    Pvt. Pancake
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  7. Orpheus
    If revanites are gay, doesn't that mean they're traps?
  8. Kit Fisto
    Kit Fisto
    no longer LOA see you on the venator
  9. DankLor
    I bet Revanites have a big dick too
  10. RC Doc
  11. jedijoebp
    your just saying that cause they killed you smh
  12. Pvt. Pancake
    Pvt. Pancake
    Revanites are fucking gay
  13. jedijoebp
  14. {BLN} CT 3276 Church
  15. RC Doc
    RC Doc
    I agree, I’ll bring the hawk
  16. jedijoebp
  17. Pvt. Pancake
    Pvt. Pancake
    KOS all Birds on ship
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  18. Diver
    Look at this stache.
  19. DankLor
    I know right,after all my friends could be fucking corpses with holes,yagetme
  20. jedijoebp
    >implying apollyon has friends