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  1. Victoriam
    tHerEs nOthIng bUt dEppResIon aND faRms iN wiSconSin
  2. Victoriam
    Wisconsin is still getting snow, not all of america is SNOW FREE
  3. TenableTick6897
    I don't got snow and im American wtf you trying to say
  4. DankLor
    ahaha,you americans gonna get that asshole of yours filled with snow ! Funnyyyy!111!
  5. Swissy
    i hate snow, its coarse, rough and it gets everywhere
  6. Rook - Blue 1
    Rook - Blue 1
    haha! snow literally piled up overnight, went from 0 in. to like 5. snow day mother frickers !!!!!!
  7. RC Doc
    RC Doc
    I love snow, but I also hate snow, won’t be on tonight
  8. Swissy
    certainly not gay but 50%
  9. DankLor
    sorry man i'm poor and certainly not gay
  10. Victoriam
    play more minecraft
  11. Victoriam
  12. DankLor
  13. Victoriam
  14. OrangeBeard
  15. Kallen Kerstetter (Leo)
  16. Kallen Kerstetter (Leo)
    Kallen Kerstetter (Leo) Krill
    hi...would you like to learn about to Holy Faith?
    1. Krill
      No sir, I’m not gay
      Mar 19, 2018 at 11:42 AM
  17. Kallen Kerstetter (Leo)
    Kallen Kerstetter (Leo)
    Status: Updating his status
  18. Kallen Kerstetter (Leo)
    Kallen Kerstetter (Leo)
    WhOaH whAt WaS tHaT !?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  19. Kallen Kerstetter (Leo)
  20. Kallen Kerstetter (Leo)