10 unknown facts about Major MeatShield.

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  1. Here are some facts MeatShield does not want some of his fellow brothers to know.
    1. Major Meatshield isn’t actually a Major, though he’d like to be
    2. Meatshield basically ruins his throat every night in order to do his iconic voice
    3. Major MeatShield once replaced the Bacta in the medbay with liquidized Slim Jim’s and so far no one has noticed since it has the same regenerative powers as Bacta.
    4. Major Meatshield is two men, both spiritually and Physically, this explains his hulking bulk and his big brain energy.
    5. MeatShield has 183 pieces of property all over the galaxy and for the past 10 years he hasn’t paid his taxes.
    6. MeatShield doesn’t actually know how to fly but does enough to make it seem like he does
    7. Never let MeatShield around a Vegan
    8. MeatShield’s first reported offense was when he proclaimed himself to be on “Sicko Mode” when he snorted 88 MG’s of Fentanyl and slammed a CT’s head into some drywall
    9. MeatShield works out using Wii Fitness and actively spar’s with Matt from Wii Sports
    10. Major Meatshield’s last name is Man. Making his full name
    Major MeatShield Man
    (This was published by a clone who once again looked into MeatShields Diary.)
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  3. Me and another admin made it canon that the space IRS is looking for him.
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  4. Let him commit tax fraud if he wants, we only punish people of other races anyways
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  5. it was more like random mercenaries because i was bored but you go with whatever floats your mind
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  6. No remember? It was the IRS that shot up his summer home
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  7. upload_2019-10-8_10-13-56.png
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Neither have I
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