104th Wolfpack Roster

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  1. If it's something serious, just message me on the Forums or steam about it. (I'm not trying to fill this up anymore lmao)
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  2. I like this.
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  3. Hey if anyone else has issues with me becoming XO please let me or fuze know. I dont want to be a point of drama because of this.
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  4. I honestly think you deserve being XO, You've stuck with Fuze since the beginning, I dont think he could have promoted a more loyal trooper to XO.
  5. Nah, I think you are what golden said. Also very calm and cool headed in chaotic situations. I never seen him once been a minge as a 104th according to me at least. Love you bb. -Mira/Mute
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  6. come on now we are all a minge at some point, but i'm not mad that he's the XO. that's enough from me on this roster
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  7. He was promos from spc right there was no rank skip?
  8. He went from SPC to LCPL and with the promotion to LCPL he became the XO.
  9. Updated 3/13/19
    Added Members:
  10. Updated 3/28/19
    Promoted member: (This happened on the 25th btw)
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    Updated 4/27/19
    Added Members:
    Consular Clayton Carmine
    Padawan Jason Ignesis

    Remove Members:
    Church (Inactive)
    Jakal (Inactive)
  12. Updated 5/3/19
    Added Member: Chances
    Promoted Member: Chances
    (He been here I just forgot to update this shit, he also been PVT for like 4 days)
  13. Updated 5/4/19
    Added Members:
  14. Updated 5/8/19

    Added Members:
    Bismark (maybe)
  15. Updated 5/12/19
    Added Member:

    Promoted Members:
  16. Updated: 5/12/19
    Return Member:

    Removed Member:
  17. Updated 5/13/19
    Status Update:
    Vovido has returned from LOA.

    Added Members:
    Jedi Knight Desmond Zhou has become our official Jedi Commander.
    Jedi Padawan Arthur Dayne has begun training under Consular Clayton Carmine, and will now be aiding Wolfpack until his training is completed.
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    Updated 5/14/19
    Added Member:

    Leadership Change:
    Walrus has been removed from Jump Leader due to inactivity.
    Wolfpack will now be searching for a new Jump Leader.

    Added Roster Spot:
    "Honorary Wolfpack" (Inactive people I'll get hung for kicking)

    Position Transfer:
    Walrus has been moved to Honorary Wolfpack.
    Turtle has been moved to Honorary Wolfpack.
  19. Updated 5/15/19
    Added Member:

    Promoted Member:
  20. Bro I love this roster fuze

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