21st Nova Corps Informational Document

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  1. Well shit I had thought the duty of Shock Troops had already been taken. I suppose it’s time to do some editing to my training handbook.
  2. Can we give GMs the fist swep and have them punch droids?
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  3. I suppose I could ask Resh if he would be alright with it.
  4. We have attack battalions but they aren't coordinated In their assaults which is something you certainly seem to be focusing on. So the GMs would be perfect for hitting fortified hills,ship boarding,seige battles. Storming castles ect... Basically our breakthrough infantry. Take,Hold for backup,repeat
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  5. 2/10/18 Update

    Added: Grunt Ice & Grunt Leviathan to the roster

    Added AT-TE to weapons used.
  6. 2/12/18 Update
    Added Grunts Cake and Jet
    Additional note to Commander Spitfires personal message, section V.

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