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  1. I want to join!!
  2. I can kidnap a bunch of kids and name them after states for you to brainwash with AI's
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  3. Let the revolution Begin

    Glory to Arc bois Let us raise an Army
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  4. Orange boy reporting in
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  5. I'll be a sexy ai
  6. Join us in the Spartan Army, We shall raise the Ai's for the slaughter
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  7. meta didnt have fun for any term
  8. Im sure he had a wail of a time on the inside
  9. the sad dog sounds he made makes me think otherwise
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  10. A.Is are people too!
  11. F629B857-DC43-464D-9AB0-886FA531D377.jpeg
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  12. Naaaaaaaaa

    Ai's are just legal slaves tbh
  13. I hear a distant call for Starcraft to return to BLN
    I will answer that call once again
    one day
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  14. Oh, so we're doing that kind of rp? Didn't expect us to go with full alternate universe, I thought we were gonna be mostly re enacting reach, ending with the discovery of the first halo ring.
  15. The alternate universe is a few changes here and there but the pretty much the same story And no I don’t want just to reenact reach, that’d be hella stale
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  16. I thought 10th were gonna be Spartans, not ODSTs.
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