A Venator on the Run

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  1. [​IMG]
    The Burst Link Venator falling into Tatooine's atmosphere and burning up on entry.

    The Burst Link Venator deployed onto a mission on Tatooine to surprise attack the Revanites before they could get any foothold in their next assault. All was going well until Revan jumped out of hyperspace with his massive fleet, easily overwhelming the Burst Link's defenses. Revanite Shay fought on the ground, killing Jedi Master Storm, and a poetic ESU named Scraps, who stood up to Shay and was quickly slaughtered. Then Vic entered the fight, fighting against Shay only to be thrown off the bridge, barely holding on. While the droids advanced into the troopers, who were back-to-back shoulder-to-shoulder fighting back, Mercy launched onto the bridge with her jetpack.

    She stood against Shay, calling out to him. She told him that he has done enough, and that the lives that he's taken will be avenged. Vic threw his vibroblade up from his hanging-position and Mercy caught it. She revealed that her true name was Koriand'r Stratton, and that she'd stop Shay. They fought, but it was apparently clear that 'Koriand'r' was never trained, or if so, did not complete her training. Shay was overpowering her completely in the fight, and her vibroblade was disarmed, spiraling down off the bridge to the depths below. Shay ignited his saber as he stood in front of Mercy and looked down to his sister, preparing to strike. He lifted his saber and said that no Jedi could defeat him.

    Suddenly, nearby, a man called out "I am no Jedi!" and Lord Cole jumped into battle, Shay barely being able to turn around in time to stop Cole's strike. Shay desperately pushed Koriand'r off the bridge with the force, trying to divert Cole's attention, but to no avail. Now, the tables have turned, and Shay was at the disadvantage, fighting against Cole but being completely outmatched. He was finally backed up to the edge of the bridge and stepped back. Cole shouted out:
    "This is where you threw off the weak! It is fitting, isn't it? This is where you will die."

    Shay looked down, and took off his mask ,smiling. "Yeah, guess so." He said sarcastically, falling off to land onto a Revanite ship just below, and take off as the troopers were being overwhelmed. Cole moved on to find Mercy, but the troopers were surrounded. Overwhelming numbers crushed them in, tightening their formations like a vice. The Clone Advisor's voice broke through as the Venator crumbled in the sky. He came in on a cruiser and told the troopers to jump if they wanted to live. They jumped into the cruiser and were forced to leave, but General Resh spent his last action pushing a recruit down onto the cruiser, being shot in the back.

    The Clone Advisor couldn't wait to see if Resh was on the ship, and kept going. Resh was left behind.

    The Current Situation

    The troopers of the Burst Link, now without a place to call home, are trapped on Tatooine, with no means of escape. The Revanite fleet remains in orbit, looking for them. They exist on a small abandoned military base. They must act as insurgents now, as they are at the severe disadvantage.

    Moving on to OOC:

    For 24 hours, basically just Sunday, the troopers will be stuck on Tatooine as Revanites blockade the planet completely. They truly have no where to go, and are stuck there. That is not to say no events will happen, but life as the troopers know it will be very much different. The base there is not as big as the Venator, and the surrounding map is also very interesting. IRP, the outside of the military base is very dangerous. Who knows who wanders Tatooine's deserts? Revanite patrols? Bounty hunters? Tuskan raiders? Creatures? Anything could jump out. As for inside the base, noone should be allowed to leave unless told by a high ranking individual (COs), or by CG they can leave.

    No specific battalions will have any bunks, everyone will have to share for just one day, as they are literally packed in like sardines at that point.


    Any EMs who would like to do events can switch map, but only switch map to maps that are sandy, and/or make sense with Tatooine. God Anakin would hate this. Small "on-ship" events would be used as collecting materials from the vault or the town that is on that map. For this time, the Revanites are an enemy that any EM can use. Just don't do events that involve Revan/Shay/any big characters. Ideas for events would include getting communication arrays to call for aid with the Republic fleet, as you are trapped with no help. You could also go get supplies, or go visit mos eisley/other tatooine cities to talk to the locals and see if smugglers/bounty hunters can help you. There is really a whole ton you can do. I plan to do at least two events for it tomorrow so I can help people make this smoooooth.

    Questions and General Info:

    If you have questions, PLEASE ask. I'm sure I'm missing alot of things. Basically this is a free roam in the base, any areas that should be off-limits can be decided in an RP way and then textscreens permapropped and shite. If the map accidentally gets switched off because people are stupid, the maps name is rp_cscdesert_v2-1_propfix. I implore you all to just try this out. It's only for a day, so if you don't like it, it'll be switched back eventually. This is so we all have a very immersive experience after IRP we just got fucking smashed by the Revanites' fleet. Any EMs should definitely ask specific questions regarding this, but otherwise, players, if you have any, just ask and I will answer when I wake up (Since it's 4am at the time of me writing this).
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  2. Can we put up some props in the desert to break the huge line of sight?
    Some fallen ships from earlier battles, just big rock formations, etc
    And maybe some orange/brownish fog to keep sightlines low?
    The openness of the map in its original state makes neat ambushes really hard to execute without people seeing them coming from miles away.
    A sandstorm could also give us an rp reason to leave the bunker without getting fucked over by a blockading fleet.
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  3. There should be sandworms that eat you if you go onto the sand like in tremors, that'd be cool
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    Also can we, as in EMs in general, add something to the eventmaster collective when we do mini events?
    You know like: "event name"/EM name/date/map/what we got on that mission.
    For example we find a crashed ship and get some batteries out of that, now we put it in the EM collective and everyone knows what kind of resources we've found.
  5. i'd reccomend putting a jedi machine in the base for the jedi [i mean it doesn't make much sense but they need to add their force powers and stuff]
  6. Honestly, Im P*SSED that I cant do my event today cause I didnt know you were gonna do this last night!

    Putting that a side, it seems pretty nice for a change from our daily routines.
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  7. In terms of BLN Lore and Action

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  8. In this are we able to use a limited of 4 turrets? In the FOB - not for just Officers but like for the troops
  9. Feel free to place all the props you want, yeah. Whatever floats yer boat for immershun.
    I wish that was possible. If only we had the hydras smh. Then we could have sand tentacles grabbing at ya.
    Yes, go ahead. Feel free to do so. Any events you do for today do count, it's not like every EM gets cucked because we can't leave Tatooine.
    I'll do this when I get on, it makes sense as Resh said that General Ares (Vanguard General) was living there, and he might have some spare shit that we can use, otherwise we'd be starving to death right off the bat.
    Sorry my nibba, I can help you with your event tomorrow or whenever if you want.forgive me massa ಥ_ಥ
    For now, yeah, keep turrets to a very limited number, until we do small missions to get more supplies to be able to survive.
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    Seriously, we have VJ Base worms and Starship Trooper Bugs, I would love to do something
  11. Yeah, feel free. I don't know the NPCs we have that much, but yes. 100%
  12. Yea I was thinking just 3 or 4
  13. Let me PK more fools
  14. Plz let me and shay pk the Corrupt
  15. Hydra's are very much a thing, Only Admins+ can spawn them tho
  16. I can imagine some anakin vs obi music when cole started confronting shay
  17. 24 Hour Event over, Resh can lock this thread when he wants to. I'll make a separate lore post about this.
  18. i enjoyed this,stuff was constantly going on,and it was great
  19. I can't. That nibba tryna do me dirty with that sneak attack. If you wanna imagine Anakin vs Obi Wan music in a fight, youu just wait my friend ; )
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