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    RESISTANCE LOGS: ALIAX. OPEN - - - Just the janitor of the base. Able to take up arms if need be. Originally found in a SKYNET work camp, he was broken out after his family was killed in an ensuing firefight. He sustained intense physical/mental trauma resulting in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This went on to make him unable to fight on the front due to retreating from the sound of SKYNET weaponry, and was relegated to a janitorial position.. that he's not very good at. RESISTANCE LOGS: ALIAX. CLOSE - - -
    OOC Info: Just call me Over, there's not much to say here but I'll add I'm still a squeaker, at least I have good grammar [ and partially good storytelling. ] I also try my best not to annoy people like ' HEYHEYHEYHEYHEYHEYHEY can i get a gun plz ' as that is something I see EVERYWHERE. Anyway, that's all. Thanks for telling me to do an OOC info, Oliver. Also, this is sort of my first time playing BLN aside from an hour or two on the Clone Wars server.
  2. In my opinion please add a OOC info section telling about yourself and how long you've been apart of BLN so it isn't just a plain summary of your character.
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    Okay! Also I have no idea why I keep editing this. GG no re I guess.
  4. i read it kek
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