Alpha 38 Dylan's Video Diary

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  1. New log for January 9th. I legit got nothing
  2. Maybe if you weren't so gay
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  3. You tell him.
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  4. New log for February 15th, 2018! A look into the new development of my Dylan character. (Also if you're wondering what the song I listed in the new post is, it's this)
  5. new log for May 16th, 2018!
  6. New log for June 1st
  7. New Log for June 8th!
  8. New log for June 26th, 2018! Log posts from now on will be in the replies, sorry for the inconvenience!

    June 26th, 2018
    *Video feed starts with Dylan looking very stressed out, betrayed, and at a loss of words*....................Ugh, I don't even know what to say right now. MY closest friends just betraying the people that made them who they are today.......Even my own CO, Slice. I legit did everything for him whenever he visited other ARCs or was on vacation, but this is the thanks he gives me. Nearly killing Pluto and joining that----Dark sun clan or whatever! Slice if you are out there, please listen to me. What you are doing is causing your inevitable doom. If you think this is going to help relieve your pressure or set you free, you are terribly mistaken. I'm going to be sending this chat log to other public sources to see if I can contact you. If you do receive this message, I want you to send me a message in return. I will get you back, and I will warn you, I think you'd much prefer me finding you first before the Republic does. Dylan, signing out.
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  9. New log for July 2nd!


    *Video starts with Dylan watching the Holodisk that Slice snuck into his Kama during his explosive suicide*

    "...There is no chance for redemption and I can’t go back from this, not now. So this is goodbye......Goodbye old friend...."
    *Hologram turns off*..................There have been many moments that I remember here during my time with the Republic and Hell's Venator. Most of them are happy ones, some are sad, some are scary, and some just amaze me in so many ways. What happened today falls under all of those categories. For a couple weeks now, I've been looking for Slice in an attempt to bring him back and get him out of this mental state of illness and illusion. My search went as far as sending out a message to *REDACTED* where I believed Slice was, and I guess he got it. When we arrived on Nar Shadaa, the Black Sun was also waiting for us. We fought our way through until we arrived at the Black Sun headquarters. Mustang went in so that we could get the VIP of the mission, which I believe was the mayor of Nar Shadaa. After we cleared the building, Mustang found a lonesome clone Black Sun member, waiting in the basement. When me and my squad arrived, Mustang forced the man to take off his helmet...*Dylan pauses for a bit*...It was Slice. He somehow received my call and arrived in Nar Shadaa that day, waiting for me and the rest of the ARCs. Talking with the monster that used to be my CO felt if I was talking to a black void, nothing buy darkness. That's when I guess I said something that brought Slice back, I knew I brought him back when I was able to look him in the eye and actually see the man and brother i once knew as my CO. His last words to me were. "It's what I must do Dylan, goodbye." And right after that, he blew up the basement flinging my troopers away. We were all able to get out, but whatever was left of Slice fell into the pits and disappeared into the nothingness that was Nar Shadaa. Everybody now sees Slice as a traitor, even Mustang who practically raised Slice to be the leader he was. But I never saw that, in his last moments, I knew the man who truly died was the evilness that was the Black Sun. And the only way it was able to be destroyed was if Slice gave his own life to kill it. So the way I think of it, Slice never was a traitor of the Republic, Slice was the tragic hero in the story of his own life in which he was able to save all by taking his own life. Slice if you are up there listening to me, I miss you more than anyone else. You were the one person I always went to when something was on my mind that kept bugging me, or to help me with getting through my awful PTSD attacks. I promise you that I will not let you down. I promise that I will do the one thing you weren't able to do, and that is to complete your duty of leading ARC. I miss you brother, and I will never forget you. Dylan, signing out.

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  10. A nigga got a gauss round to the dome
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  11. I wanted the "Dylan" character not actually blow Slice's head off. For a more emotional effect.
  12. Wtf u talking bout I blew his head off from the start
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  14. Wow Resh, great comment. Very cool!
  15. Eh so be it, I'm just a man making a log for a Star Wars RP server.
  16. A nigga killed Dice.
  17. Who cares

    jk i love you
  18. I’ve never been more confused in my life but anyways slices character had a great arc
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  19. he also had a GREAT face until u blew it off like a toddler in a woodchipper
  20. absolutely, also im just as confused

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