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    Cholganna a dark and unforgiving forest planet in the outer rim. With preditors that will rip your out of your armor in an instant.
    This is Alpha 42, log 1 on Cholganna.
    "Me and 28 have successfully landed on the planet and have no contact. I still don't know why command thinks the CIS would be here, but hell we have a mission to do. We'll set up a camp and prep for a recon in the morning, Alpha 42 signing off."
    Alpha 42, log 12.
    "We've been here for 10 rotations and our long range comms are out... There are claw marks around the camp so we've ruled out CIS. 28 is trying to get them back up but we'll have to look for an alternative mean of communication. Wait... what was that... *grabs gun* SHIT! 28 get down! *Log cuts off as gunfire and screams are heard*
    Alpha 42, log 13.
    "Well, shit has hit the fan. 28 is gone, one of those damn cats got him... I'm alone, and to make matters worse now the CIS are on the planet. I'm low on rations and munitions. I've also got a nice beard coming in. *chuckles* If my CO knew he'd have my head. But screw it, with all the hell I've been through the least he can do is let me have one. *sigh* When are they coming back... have I been left for dead? To the cats?! No. They wouldn't dare. Well, I've got work to do and I need to move. Alpha 42 signing off."
    Alpha 42 log 36.
    "I swear I saw a LAAT land a few clicks away from me. I'm headed there now, maybe we can get off this planet. *running through foliage* *gunfire* Shit, they've been discovered. I'll do what I can but I'm signing off till then.
    Alpha 42, log 37 aboard the Venator Resolution.
    We managed to push the CIS away from the LZ. Most of the men are still up, but there was a Jedi that layed down his life to save me... I never knew his name but he seems like he was a good man. Even if I didn't know him well. And for future reference, I'll explain it. *sigh* I was knocked to the ground by an explosion and was disoriented. Through the haze of my vision I saw him leap in front of me to deflect the bolts from me and another trooper. But some droids are tricky, a sniper hit him in the back... I couldn't believe it, such a strong being... killed, in one shot. But that's war I guess... When I could fight again I raised my blaster and shot as many droids as my mag would allow. It was hell... Those of us who were left decided to gather those we could and leave. I grabbed the Jedi and his light saber. Thank the stars I'm off that planet. I'm not going back, too many memories... too much death... I'm going to study this saber, I want to know why the Jedi are so powerful. But that's enough for now Alpha 42, signing off till Kamino.
    Alpha 42 kept the beard to remember the hell of the planet and his friend, 28. He has a large scratch over his eye from the monsters on the planet (his name comes from this). He's grown more silent since it all happened, but he's still lively and loves to read holo-books on other species. With all the fire power at his disposal, and his memories, you'd think he'd prefer to kill everything in his path. But he chooses to talk to those who will listen, to avoid blood shed. 42 also has a new hobby: studying Jedi. His fascination of the Jedi has even pushed him to take a light saber from a dead Jedi. He studies the saber an removed it's crystal. He describes it as "Like a haunting memory of all that I've gone through. All those I've lost. The crystal feels alive, like it has a will of some kind. It reminds me of 28 and that poor Jedi." He keeps the crystal but gave the saber hilt to a Jedi on Kamino.
    Alpha 42, Kamino log.
    "*chuckling* Damn, I'm already getting transferred. At least this time it'll be on a venator, not some planet. The Burst Link I think was the name. Hell they even have some other Alphas. 14 the CO, 12, 37, 41 and 43. It'll be nice to see some long time friends again. Hell I haven't seen them in a while. But my new "item" should remain secret. There are going to be so many Jedi, and I still don't know what they'd do to me if they ever found out I had this. They are quite reclusive. But the memories are too much to let it go. I just hope they don't put me through TOO much shit. *laughs* But I can't choose the assignments. Well there's my LAAT. I can't wait to see what this assignment will bring. No matter what though, I'm keeping the beard. *laughs* But for now, this is Alpha 42... Slice signing off.
    Slice, Burst Link Venator log 1.
    I can't fucking believe it, they lost my gear! How the fuck did the logistics officers lose it! *sigh* what a great first impression the crew is making... And to make it even better, all my documents were in those crates. All my research is gone... Damn it. In the mean time I've been reassigned to the Galactic Marines till my gear is found. I hope they find it soon, the guys are pretty cool though. Even if they are too ingrained in following orders. *explosion* Well shit, that's the third time today we've been attacked. I'll be back, GM CPL Slice.
    Burst Link Venator, log 14.
    They finally found my gear, and it all appears to be in order. Damn fleet can't get anything done around here without something going wrong. But hell my stuff is back so I could care less. Wait a minute... *walks away yelling* Who the fuck took my snickers! I'm going to lay some bitch out!
    *log ends*
    Slice, Burst Link Venator log 15.
    Terribly sorry about that, some fleet thought it would be funny to take my snacks. But the good news is that I'm back to my position as an ARC Trooper. Or as some refer to is: the ACK Troopas, strange, but funny. The other ARCs are great and I'm glad to fight beside them again. But there isn't much to... *explosion* do... welp, it appears as if there is yet another boarding party.
    Alpha 42 Slice signing off till this is resolved.
    Burst Link Venator, log 16
    I take back what I said, we have too much shit to do sometimes. Like how a few rotations ago we were shot down on a new planet. And those fuckers meant business... But with our.. unique ...crew, we hardly ever fail. But that doesn't mean that some of don't get captured. I have, the fleet have multiple times, the GMs and even Mustang. But I guess that just proves that we're not always the best. Anyways, I was also promoted to ARC's 2IC (2nd in command) and its been going rather well. I have my own office now and when we're on ship I leave my Kiber crystal there, sometimes. But that's all for now
    Slice, signing off
    Burst Link Venator, log 17
    These fucking 327th! Tyto is the only fucking one that know how to follow orders! *a door is heard* *Slice walks away with an immense rage*
    FUCKING 327th, I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU FUCKS TO LEAVE! *Blaster fire is heard* I swear I'm going to blow a fucking fuse! *heavy sigh* I've ordered the other Alphas to kill them on sight if they're in our bunks again. I need to blow off some steam at the range....
    Slice, signing off

    Burst Link Venator, Log 18
    It’s been a while hasn’t it? Well, here I am. There isn’t much to tell but I have a few things. My friend Tyto is gone, he was transferred. I don’t know how long I’ll hate him for it. But... what can you do? Nothing I guess. *sigh* I’ll miss you mate, I really will. *sniffle* This is getting a little too emotional for me...
    Slice signing off
    Burst Link Venator, Log 19

    This is why I love my job! We just boarded an enemy ship and used it to get us past a mercenary blockade. We got stuck on the ship and had to either deactivate the engines which could have killed us, of jump out of hyperspace into an enemy fleet. We chose the ladder of the two. We took their armor and weapons to use as cover. We were met with an enemy force user leading a boarding party they had. He suspected something so we opened fire. We were almost overwhelmed by those guys. But we pushed our way to a ship that we used to escape. I’m surprised I got the final shot on the force user. But hell, we all have our moments. I’m so glad to be out of that armor. It was. . . not my type, to say the least. Well, I’m beat now so I think I’ll try to get some shut eye.
    Slice signing off
    Burst Link Venator, Log 20

    The hardest part of stealth is not blowing your cover. We were sent to a planet to destroy a droid base. It was a routine mission, until some troopers decided that it’d be a good idea to charge the station before we could destroy the comms tower. *sigh* Those fucks got an Acclaimer shot down, and forced the officer to leave us on the planet. Luckily there was a 41st SGT there that knew of a city close by. So we headed out on foot to this city. Upon arrival we have to change into civilian clothes to blend in. It was all going fine till some droids started poking around at our ID tags. We destroyed two before they called a lock down. But... there were so many dead troopers... We got there and saw them immediately execute four troopers. All we could do was watch. And the paths behind the city were full of even more dead men. But there were some who survived. Three troopers and a whole hell of a lot of civis. We had to get them out... we ha- @$”&)!?@@ We******_%{>&)(@

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    PLEASE ENTER CODE: *******

    Initializing... ... ... ... initializing


    Special assignment logs accessed...

    Mission: Capture VIP Alexi Stukov and collect data for new “Battlecruiser”
    Information: leader of the Braxis system and masterful tactician

    Note from command: Complete this mission at ALL COST

    Number of teams on mission: 4
    Team 1: Republic commandos (x4)
    Team 2: ARC support team (x4)
    Team 3: ARC sniper team (x2)
    Team 4: Extraxtion team (x6)

    Braxis, 1300 hours planet time

    *command* SGT, you have the green light.

    *Slice* Understood. Team 1 move in.

    *Team 1* Copy that sir. We’re inbound.

    *Slice* Team 3, keep them in your sights.

    *Team 3* We see them sir.

    *Slice* Team 2 will remain out of sight till needed.


    *Team 1* VIP is secured, moving to exfill now.

    *Slice* Heard, Team 2 is moving to secure.

    *Slice* Ok boys, lets move.
    *ARC* Copy that.

    *Team 1* Sir, we have a—*static*
    *Slice* Team 1 respond... Team 1 respond! Shit... Team 3, what’s going on there.

    *Team 3* We can’t see them sir. Wait... SHIT! RUN! — *comms cut out*

    *Slice* Damn it! Team 2 we need to secure the VIP and get out of here.

    They move to Team 1’s position

    *Slice* Team 1 is down, we’ll look for Alexi.

    1700 hours planet time...

    Slice and Team 2 track down Alexi to a warehouse

    *Alexi* I see that you have found me SGT.

    *Slice* Alexi Stukov, by order of the Grand Republic, you are under arrest.

    *Alexi* I do not feel like being told what to do SGT.

    *Slice* Signals to take Alexi. Well that’s too bad Alexi.

    *Alexi* You don’t know who you’re dealing with!

    *Slice* I think I know well enough.
    Command, Alexi and the info are secured. We’re headed to evac now.

    *Command* Very good.

    *Slice* Team 4, we are en-route to your position.

    *Team 4* We hear you. Be advised, there are multiple hostiles around our position. They haven’t spotted us yet.

    *Slice* Stay out of sight. Eta 1 mike. Team 3, if you can hear me, get to evac. You have two minutes.

    *Slice* Wait... what i— @$(?&!(&)!)”

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    Burst Link Venator, log 21
    Well, it certainly has been a while since I’ve done one of these. But with the others doing it I feel as though I have to do it as well. So a quick update, I am ARC’s CO now... I have yet to find if it’s a blessing, or a curse... But I know I wouldn’t have been put here if I wasn’t ready. I trust Mustang. But other than that I’ve got nothing as o— *yelling is heard from downstairs* You get back here you son of a bitch! hahahahha, you stay away Durian! You want to go bitch! DO YOU REALLY WANT TO!! *Slice sighs and face palms* If they don’t quite soon I’ll— Do it Durian! *Slice yells, storming off downstairs* If you two don’t shut your fucking mouths while I’m recording, I WILL LAY YOUR ASSES OUT! *Walking back up to the data pad* I’m going to blow a damn fuse because of these two! *Slice slumps down in the chair and breaths in heavily* Sorry about that... some times I get flustered. But in a more positive light, I got my new armor. And it looks great! I’m so happy about it! I’ll certainly need to thank the one who touched it up. But, that’s all for now. I’ve got to go discipline some of my troopers. *yelling down stairs* “Prepare yourselves you two! We’re going to have some fun!” This will be very entertaining.
    *Log ends*
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