Apollyon's Custom Model

Discussion in 'Donations' started by DankLor, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Email/Name used to donate: CJ bought it for me (I love you a lot, no homo bb)

    Amount Paid: 35

    Package(s) You Purchased: Premium Level Custom Model

    Additional Information/Armor designs: The model's finished, it just needs to be put in a content pack now.
    If you have a question about the attachments just DM me.

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  2. Looks cute, I'd smash
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  3. that moment when everyone in your batt is getting a custom model
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  4. ok chinese sev ripoff
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  5. Listen bro it has a mantis so I can be erect full time
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  6. bro I thought you would do like a cool helmet design involving a mantis and those weird ass visor guards that look like madibles.

    goog model tho
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  7. bro, i dig the model. the red pattern you got down looks pretty wicked, and the Mantis is a nice touch. Lookin forward to seein' it in game.
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