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    Subbattalion for ARC that's exclusive to Alphas. It's essentially gonna be a specialization that they can train for to get access to a jetpack. Job name will be called ARC Jumper (obviously) but leader job won't be necessary as I'll oversee the Alphas that want to become Jumpers.

    I'll check with Hector about what I want for the model and it'll start being made after I ask about a couple things. Until that one is finished the model for ARC Jumper will just be the same one used for the normal ARC Trooper job.

    Loadout-wise it's mostly the standard ARC kit with a couple variations:
    -Jetpack swep in place of climbswep
    -To compensate for increased mobility the armor value for Jumpers will be lowered to 100. (buff was recently approved for normal ARC armor value to be increased to 150) HP stays the same btw​
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  2. This is the exact thing we suggested you not do, and you did it anyway. So you have Arc trooper with westar and Climbswep and then you have weaker Arc Trooper with westar and jet pack.
  3. Sorry but most of us in arc prefer it this way

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