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  1. qing is now ARF elite
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  2. Qing and uedono have been promoted
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    redid, fixed and removed shit
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    uedono has left ARF, wish him best of luck
    honestly fml
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  5. Promoted qing to Elite lead
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  6. 2nd ARF roster wipe of depression:
    ARF TRN Jeff
    ARF TRN Seethe
    ARF TRN Kola
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    twas promoted to sergeant
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  8. Eleven has joined the squad
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  9. eleven left for jedi and i also revamped contact information
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  10. removed hardware and ozone, changed mathias's activity tag to inactive
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  11. hardware has come back and has become a elite!
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  12. new rules which i did not steal from a roster in 2017
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  13. Honestly confused as fuck about this one but riot has been hard pk'd, joined jedi, then got hard pk'd again and rejoined ARF as Heathen
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  14. wot the fuck
  15. Ye kind of insane
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  16. @Caesar love you, you are welcum for the likes
  17. stop liking my posts
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  18. Imagine even checking the forums

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