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  1. Thanks to Curse, Orion, Natsu, Radir, Alfire, Bester, Crit, Slayer, Figgs, Doughboy, Wizard, Frontier, Caboose, Hod, Curse, Krayt, Andrew, and please if I missed anyone add your name here. I really appreciate all you guys sticking with it as long as you could and being a part of this with us. It just wouldn't be as much fun if even one of you hadn't been here.
  2. Hey What's the IP for the Arma server?
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    Thus begins the Chronicles of
    Chernarussian Defence Force Special Forces
    Team Saber

    A joint team of US Army and CDF Special Forces go down in their Chinook helicopter and find themselves totally alone and behind enemy lines on their way to Fallujah. The two groups of soldiers split up, hoping to better their chances of reaching friendly forces. CDF forces encounter an enemy outpost with a truck, and move into clear the villa. Upon clearing the outpost friendly US forces arrive on scene and begin firing down on the CDF forces from above in a case of friendly fire. Clearing up the communication error the two forces consolidate and take the truck, driving it towards town. Almost immediately as the truck came within view of the town a firefight broke out. CDF forces pulled back with the truck and flanked to right while US forces pushed leftwards. As they were clearing the town the sun began to fade away leaving darkness, and an enemy armored vehicle came upon the soldiers. Saber broke contact and continued pushing southward, while the US forces cowered away in the town attempting to avoid the vehicles firepower. Eventually the CDF forces rallied the US troops to their position and they began to dig in on a hill and wait for day break. As the sun began to rise a truck drove into town to unload a squad of enemy soldiers with heavy vehicles following some distance behind it. Again the US forces found themselves caught up, while Saber team continued to pull back into the mountains and hills. With the intention of pushing a kilometer southward to recon a town and it's surrounding, the Saber team began the trek using the valleys as cover. Not even a half a kilometer through, Saber team hear gunshots to their north and heads to investigate. Running into the US Python team along the way both forces converged upon an enemy outpost with captured US vehicles. Thus both forces now resupplied, equipped, and able to travel on wheels changed plans, and focused their attentions on an airbase to their north west. Along the way they encountered an enemy convoy consisting of technicals, trucks, and an armored vehicle or so they thought at the time. Just when it seemed they were finished waiting for the last vehicle, from their observation post on the hill. A T90 heavy tank appears over the horizon. The US python team peels off into the distance with their humvee leaving Saber teams fate up to Saber team. The Sabers opted to push forward the short distance to a small fuel storage area to keep between them and the T90. 5-10 meters from the fence, the Sabers abandon the cover of their humvee and rush in via a hole in the fence. Frantically they attempt to fend off the T90 while the Pythons go to "get some help" from the airbase. The T90 fires its cannon at the buildings around them, but can't quite seem to get a hit. The Sabers maneuver popping smoke as they move. the T90's co-axial machinegun chasing them down as they dash from cover to cover.
    The Saber team leader splits off from his men as they lure the T90 towards themselves. Saber lead races around and comes up behind the T90 shouting "I'm gonna hit em with an AT grenade!" The T90 must have heard him, as it begins to rev its engines and speed forward abandoning the battle. Eventually the T90 disappears over horizon leaving Saber team to their own devices.

    Performing a headcount, ammo check, and getting the troops together Saber team begins its tactical movement north to the air base to meet up with Python team, a 3.7 Kilometer trek. Having covered a kilometer of the distance Saber team begins to reenter Python's comms range, and the news is horrendous. The airbase is entirely controlled by the enemy, and is locked down by multiple APC and tanks. Five men strong and armed with two disposable rocket launchers, a machinegun, and a grenade launcher Saber team presses forward intent upon providing Python with the necessary distraction to escape their dire straits. However, 1.7 Kilometers of the distance covered Saber team came upon a convoy of three US MRAPs who happened to be performing a force reconnaissance in that area. Loading up into one of the MRAPs saber team continued with their mission to rescue Python team. Before they could reach the airbase however an Mi24 gunship had found their convoy first, but with Figgs, the machinegunner, on the MRAPs 50cals the gunship proved no match as Figgs unloaded round after round of 14.7mm ammunition upon that flying metal demon. A round struck the gunships tail rotor and it began to spin out of control leaving the path to the airbase open. In one quick action the convoy rolled into a town south of the airbase and met up with Python, loading them into the MRAPs. Though through a series of communications errors and movements made unawares Saber and Python found their particular MRAP under the guns of the enemy's heavy weaponry. Losing their MRAP in a blazing inferno both teams began to run through their decision making process. Python lead had his men find cover in the town, while Saber lead had his soldiers pass through the town finding a small field a ways from the fighting. Saber team began to setup security covering each of the cardinal directions, and then dug in with hope that the convoy commander's promise of a heli extract wasn't all a lie. Eventually Python pushed out and rallied with Saber team, and both teams dug in under the cover of darkness. The rest of the night was quiet, but tense. If anything slipped past the soldiers notice then they'd surely be slaughtered.

    As it happened the promise for a heli extraction was not a just an illusion, but a very real chance to escape. [​IMG]
    ( In order from left to right, Orion, Figgs, Kethro, Natsu, and Jeremy as Saber lead )
    Though their was only so much time for R&R before the Sabers were pressed back into the service of their country, and the NATO alliance with orders to push from Charlie base in the west to the town of Bastam in the east the Sabers went to work doing what it is they do best.
  5. What is the BLN server?
  6. Name: BLN Clone Wars Public Milsims
    Connection Info:

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