Arthur Baldwin

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  1. Name: Arthur "Commander" Baldwin
    Birth year: 1990 (So he says)
    Area of operation: Southern sector 02-5
    Short desc: Bald 6'

    Background: Born in a family of 6 boys, he was the youngest. His family neglected him during his "normal" life, often forgetting him at home or the local supermarket. When Judgement Day came, he fell into an open pothole while walking with his family (Of course they didn't notice).

    While on the ground, near death after the fall and sisemic rumbling of the bombs, he was rescued by the local sewer hermits. For the first time he was loved and adored by a family who wouldn't dare take their eyes off him. The group had to learn how to fight to fend off the constant attacks from other sewer dwellers, often their only supply of resourses.

    It is unknown when he left the tunnels, but when he did, he saw the horrific sight of modern war. Lasers, metal clashing, complete annihlation. He had no idea what kind of war is going on and what the resistance is fighting for.

    He was rescued and escorted back to a resistance base where he was quarantined, trained, and armed for battle. With his charisma and will for action, he quickly became an authority figure. To this day, he continues to lead the battle to restore human civilization.
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