Astromech Custom Battalion

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  1. Co xo meetings areooc anyways
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  2. You do know where you are correct? Serious enough to properly RP as a droid hasn't been the pace of the server for a long time. Hell our Jedi can barely even be Jedi properly and our clones are all defective. Need I mention the state of our ships recently? We don't have the best track record with hardware. I do, however, think that the few people that could actually do this job some sort of justice would do it amazingly and it'd add just that little bit more to the server. The issue? 99.9% of people wouldn't use it for it's intended purpose. Case in point: ESU. All of it. At any given point in it's history.

    Been removed how many times now because people just can't use it responsibly?
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  3. Oh boy, uh any news i need to know about since void may not return and has put me in-charge?
  4. I think most info is basically in this thread tbh
    Just be a good astroboy
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  5. On discord I'll tell you some of my plans NOT on here.
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  6. T-gay
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  9. cause I need the first one for T-Class
  10. The first link has a bunch of R-Series Astros, in addition to two T-Series Astros. I think that model pack alone would function well.
    The second one has the issue of having no animation, not even heads rotating.

    Also, we have an Astromech playermodel on bln, but it's in a content pack that was taken down from the workshop. I still have it in my Gmod files, and I've sent it to Resh for him to take care of.
  11. you probably aren't going to get both of the addons for your one battalion so I would just pick one
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  12. So uh, not to be Impatient, but may I have a Status update on this Please?
  13. Be patient
  14. I have been boi. its been 5 months and do you see me bothering Resh every other day?
  15. Shh... just be patient
  16. Smh be patient
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  17. Judicials have been waiting almost 6 months now it okay

    if you ignore that Resh just needs to add the models in
  18. What models from what pack
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    Ok so the R-Class Models will obv be the R-class, and the T-Class Blue from here should be the one for T-Class
    However, if it is OK with the creator I'd like to use these models for the T-Class, as it has good colors for every frontline battalion.
    (PS: The required items are not actually required, however I would also like to request the flamethrower and the Shockarm for Astro-Exclusive weapons!)

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