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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals/Request' started by Dat Boi Vulkan, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. Your SteamID:
    Who Banned You: Civics
    When did you get banned? June 14 2020
    How long were you banned for? 2 weeks
    What was the reason for your ban? RDM
    Please explain clearly what happened: I killed 3 people and Jek
    Why do you think the action was unfair? Nope
    Additional notes: NONE
  2. Bruh..... I'm not a Honda Civic and could have provided more details but besides that, I am willing to believe he won't do this again and has learned his lesson +1 from me.
  3. BRUH did you just say you killed 3 people AND JEK?! Nice racism buddy.
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  4. As I was on of the people RDM'd It was all in a non-serious matter and we were messing around, +1
  5. You dumb bitch

    +1, from talking to others in the situation, it seemed that everyone just thought it was hilarious and overall didn't really cause a large issue with people. Was the ban warranted? Hell yeah it was, Vulkan was being a fuckin moron. Did he learn his lesson? God, I hope so. Is Jek gonna be rdm'd in other shenanigans in the future by others? Probably.

    Edit: note that he clarifies that he killed "3 people and Jek" signifying that he doesn't consider Jek as a person due to his skin color. I immediately withdraw my +1 and I think he deserves to be banned for another week for his blatant racism and disrespect towards him. This kind of behavior is unacceptable especially in my own battalion, and will be met with severe PT being undergone by Jek himself when Vulkan returns, whenever that may be.
  7. Well its probably because he was AIMING for Jek because Jek threw a grenade and vulkan was trying to get him for that, the rest of us were just unintended casualties
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  8. yeah i agree with shotz on this also was hector being serious (seriously i have no idea if he is im bad at this). Maybe vulkan forgot the other 3 and just remembered jek
  10. I guess this was technically denied since we let the ban appeal sit until you were unbanned

  11. Sorry sir, but your appeal has been denied on a crucial piece of information that wasn't stressed out: ur unbanned bro, we luv u

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