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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals/Request' started by Pengu Island, Jan 7, 2018.

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  1. Your SteamID:
    Who Banned You: Didnt say
    When did you get banned?
    How long were you banned for?
    didnt say
    What was the reason for your ban?
    didnt say, probly rdm
    Please explain clearly what happened:
    During the Mando and Republic fight we were stripped and Republic Razor asked me to kill him so he could reset so I did so, I know I broke the golden rule, but didn't mean to break the rules or cause a fuss.
    Why do you think the action was unfair?
    I had done nothing wrong on the server previously, this was my first offense. I didn't get a sit, a talk, or a warning
    Additional notes:
    I enjoy this server and really would like to get back into it
  2. Steam ID Sir?
  3. STEAM_0:1:50573422
  4. Did I give you the correct ID?
  5. Unbanned :)
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