Battle Stations

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  1. ----Code Red----

    501st -- Guarding the main hangar.

    212th -- Guarding Hangar 1.

    41st -- Guarding hallways of floor 1

    Stealth Ops - Engine Room, guarding floor elevators

    327th - Guarding 3rd floor elevators

    ESU -- Guarding Engine Room, Await Further Orders.

    Keeli - Command Center, 3rd floor elevators

    Wolfpack -- Guarding Med-bay, Await Orders To Help Wounded.

    ARC -- Guarding 2nd Floor Elevators (from distance)

    Delta Squad -- Patrolling The Ship, Await Further Orders.

    CG -- VIPs/officers, if none, then guard 3rd floor and bridge

    Clone Troopers -- Training Room, Bunks, Hangars

    RC -- Roam 2nd floor (If needed are free to navigate to another area but should be stationed in 2nd floor primarily)

    10th - 3rd Floor/Engine Room

    Bridge Officers -- Patrolling the ship, Commanding men and the defense of the ship

    Galactic Marines - Hangar 1

    Doom Company: All 1st Floor

    ARF - 1st Floor hallways

    612th - Roam first floor

    42nd - Both hangars

    Pilots - Main hangar/Ships

    442nd - Guarding Hangar 2

    Clone Assassins - Assist Jedi

    Horn Company - Hallways of Level 2, and first floor

    Medcorps - Await at medbay until medics are called

    ----Code Black----
    Everyone evacs
    CG ONLY Defends until all in LAAT

    ----Code Red----
    Defend Ship

    ----Code Green----
    Patrol/Normal activities

    Implementation:This way it's organized and easy to defend the ship with assigned locations. That way battalions aren't crowded across the ship and have less friendly fire issues

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  11. This is just a random question, but if a CO requests a medic to follow them instead of being in med bay, would that be fine?
  12. probably?

    i mean, if there's a medical emergency on the third floor, do you ignore it?
  13. Mhm

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