Best BLN Quotes

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  1. As I go to arrest dalton all 442nd on balcony fires
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  2. [Advert] Commander Thorn: You can never be too careful
    [Advert] Knight Obi Wan Kenobi: Yeah(Before you spawn another)
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  3. [Comms] Lance Corporal Alba: AR: being a droid
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  4. (OOC) hah lay loo ya: @pluto ur cute
  5. [Comms] RC Citrus Trainee 4240 Biris: MY PENER FELL OFF FROM FROSTBITe
  6. Thanos stares at Crit

    He turns Crit into a book case
  7. this has a whole new meaning now
  8. Dear god..
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  9. During a stealth mission a lot of stupid things occurred
    "Scorch inserts wire kit into the generator, a green light appears"
    Scorch: Green light means its go right?
    Victoriam: NO it means shut up

    "We are in two jeeps and roll up on a rock wall"

    Scorch: I can blow it up i guess
    Victoriam: Nah f that light your gas tank on fire and shove it into the wall
    Scorch: Thats a terrible idea
    "Dragon lights the tank on fire"
    Dragon: Things are getting a little heated

    Many other dumb ass things happened but these were a couple of my favorites.
  10. obviously, that was the work of a tactical genius
  11. (OOC) NOX SL PFC 1001 Andrew: depressed girls give the best head cuz they really trying to choke
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  12. Admin: yes hello
    CG PVT 6393 Gayri: i am being abused
    Admin: yes hello i remove warn yes
    CG PVT 6393 Gayri: yes
    CG PVT 6393 Gayri: yes hello
    CG PVT 6393 Gayri: no
    Admin: i ban bad admin
    Admin: yes
    CG PVT 6393 Gayri: no
    CG PVT 6393 Gayri: you give more warn
    CG PVT 6393 Gayri: NOW
    Admin: more warn to you?
    CG PVT 6393 Gayri: yes more warn
    Invite friends for a reward!
    Got a problem! Put '@ (message)' in chat to call for an admin!
    [AWarn] Admin warned CG PVT 6393 Gayri for reason: CG PVT 6393 Gayri: you give more warn NOW
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  13. (OOC) Commander Thorn: Kerk is gay
    [BLN] Commander Thorn has left.
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  14. (yell) clone mugger boi: HAIL HYDRA

    *Proceeds to self destruct one's self*
  15. I SOLELY REMEMBERED THAT, I WAS DYING. Letting you guys rp freely like that was the best
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  16. Master Sergeant Crit: Listen
    Master Sergeant Crit: I got 50k
    Master Sergeant Crit: How many pizzas
    Master Sergeant Crit: Will that get me
    Chef Mann: 5 boxes?
    Master Sergeant Crit: PERFECT
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  17. fuck you i'm autistic
  18. RC Citrus Trainee 4402 Iris to admins: dick
    Knight Obi Wan Kenobi to admins: dick
    Sentinel Ima Gun Di to admins: dick
    501st R LCPL 1944 Duckter to admins: Dick
    Medcorp PFC 4567 Bess to admins: dick
    Lance Corporal Void to admins: dick I guess?
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