Best BLN Quotes

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  1. <15:24:18> "Resh": hey whats a fillatcio
    <15:24:36> "[Saint]Hyperion": fillacio?
    <15:24:41> "Resh": yea
    <15:24:41> "Jaeger": i think its a musical instrument tbh
    <15:24:45> "[Saint]Hyperion": its a blowjob
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  2. It's spelled fellatio.
  3. alexa,can i put my dick in a saxophone and call it an instrumental fellatio?
  4. "You know those, potato fries with faces? I plan on fingering it's eye." -Diver
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  5. "I don't know what gender this bear is, but I'm gonna fuck it." -Diver, again.
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  6. "Why are you fucking the potato fry's face?" -Jek
  7. This night was good
  8. "The mouth is stronger than the eyes on this smiley face." -Diver. Please stop this mans.
  9. *Talks about a story of how Big Smoke's yell sounds like him nutting, and then tells the story of Big Smoke fucking a woman, getting caught, and then skull-fucking the manager of a convenience store, nutting in his mouth, and then throwing him onto a toilet, and leaving a store without pants going about "Why the hell you sell pants, nigga", makes a request of the shitty meme of him ordering food, leaving the food, and leaves the store with the woman* -Diver
  10. *Yells more, claims to have 200 iq, and passes out*-Diver
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  11. Holy shit try to put them in the same post you nerd.
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  12. I think the tables have turned and now Defalt is taking it in the ass from Diver yes?
  13. He talks in paragraphs. You try talking to drunk diver.
  14. Just save them some where then post them all together so it doesn’t look nasty
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  15. [21:46:16] (ADMINS) *** Alpha 38 CO FSGT Dylan puts the dick into the moniter
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  17. What auto pilot makes you do that?
  18. He meant to type disk
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