Best BLN Quotes

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ryse, May 4, 2017.

  1. i shouldnt play bln when im high sad
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  2. I knew I should have forced you to do therapy today.
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  3. we can do a make up session today ok
  4. You also made a party for all the non-CO's and XO's where the 501st shot up and Detective lemon had to investigate your party

    P.s. Great party tho, luv ya trap no homo
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  5. and i would've gotten away with it too
    if mom hadn't come home early.
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  6. (OOC) Medcorps PDC Stew: tbh i wouldnt mind if golden gets hard pkd
  7. I say we hard PK Longshot.....

    Oh wait that's me...
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  8. STOP
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  9. Woul
    1. Yes
    2. No
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  10. *Some Jedi does slurping noises at Degs*
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  11. upload_2019-3-14_21-39-51.png
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  12. "Having sex with another clone isn't gay, it's masturbaition" -Degs when Reaper said a jugg wanted to have sex.
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  13. this is why im inactive
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  14. Nope, it’s cause that commander ditched your date
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  15. twice.
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  16. BoB or Hickman?


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  17. yes.
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  18. wow ok I see how it is
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  19. <16:59:11> "Xenu" was kicked from the server by "Victoriam the Hokage" (said the nigger word without a pass)
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