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  1. damn it authority im gonna rape you
  2. (OOC) 501st M PFC 4444 WangMang: amatex should be warned for saying the n word


    [Comms] ╰U╯☜(◉ɷ◉ ) Unknown in comms: Hello

    [Comms] 501st H CPL 8521 Rampage: Go away.

    [Comms] ╰U╯☜(◉ɷ◉ ) Unknown in comms: Ok

    (OOC) ╰U╯☜(◉ɷ◉ ) 1st Lieutenant Moon: No event then
    [BLN] 1st Lieutenant Moon has left.
  3. [Advert] Admiral Master Chef: It was pretty hot
    [Advert] Admiral Master Chef: like a kinky munificent doing a sneaky maneuver in the underside of our hot venator virgin
    [Advert] Admiral Master Chef: Hot
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  4. [VIP] Chief Master Sergeant Villamor zips down pants
    [VIP] Chief Master Sergeant Villamor slaps down dick between hotdog bun
    [VIP] Chief Master Sergeant Villamor helicopters dick other hotdogs
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  5. Knight Servoch Krovtii clears his mind, focuses on Iraq, and feels through the force for any nuclear devices.
  6. [15:05:53] (OOC) Citrus D PVT 1474 Gotenks: [VIP] Alpha 52 LCPL Blade kisses
    [15:05:54] (OOC) [VIP] Alpha 52 LCPL Blade: no homo
    [15:06:07] (OOC) First Sergeant Degs: Evade: 100
  7. "The fuck are you doing in my Sister" -Fuze
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  8. Drausus fires on Degs and punctures the back of his suit, which quickly seals
    But only because of his rank.
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  9. duh.
  10. Passive Rp coming to end traitorous clones take guns off safety just as they are about to fire

    ESU Switch: GET DOWN MR PRESIDENT (Screaming at full volume) *Dives in to protect a naval officer*
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  11. (OOC) [VIP] 10th DM CPL 9791 BlackBeard: back
    (OOC) 10th 2iC SSGT 5657 Krill: Back
    (OOC) [VIP] Alpha 52 LCPL Blade: back
    (OOC) 10th PVT 2032 Rev: back
    (OOC) 41st Amateur Tyrone: back
    (OOC) 10th PVT 2032 Rev: back
    (OOC) 41st Amateur Soup: back
    (OOC) 10th PVT 2032 Rev: back
    (OOC) First Sergeant Degs: Not back
    (OOC) 10th DM SPC 2984 Jek: back
    (OOC) 108th TRNE 2543 Rhino: back
    (OOC) 41st Amateur Tyrone: kcab
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  12. AFK


  13. Yes
  14. please resh i cant find my son please find him please

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