Best BLN Quotes

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  1. Jek: I don't think this sir is actually a sir.
    Czai: Are you saying he's bi?
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  2. The jedi step on the mines
    A shrapnel lands in Ruffus's asscrack
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  3. Don't call yourself bisexual if you've never fucked a bicycle.

    from the best unassigned CO geek
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  4. Gotenks seeing a Droideka for the first time a while ago:
    "Ooo, I haven't shot at that before"
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  5. that's my boy
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  6. (OOC) ARC Trainee Fallen: Genji, tighten up your asshole, cause I am going to loosen the fuck out of it.
  7. [18:37:21] [Advert] DM Officer POG3 Tuvok: Drill over, 212th and 10th were the only people to report to there battlestaion
  8. ????
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  9. we havent seen 10th is '89
  10. Major Blitz puts out his hand to shake Kerk's head

    Kerk: AAAH MY HEAD!
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  11. [Advert] Unknown: Good Bye Burst link
    [Advert] Unknown: it looks like our paths are intertwined
    [Comms] Sergeant Alba: shut up idiot
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  12. [Comms] Lance Corporal Paik: Burning occult portals
    [Comms] Lance Corporal Paik: This is giving me a stiffy
  13. [Advert] General Resh: Ok, this pilot is taking me to the venato---
    [Advert] General Resh: AHHH SHIT

    [Comms] 108th BWO TRN 4545 Prophet: are you ok sir
    [Advert] DA NCO SPO Chess: resh you good
    [Advert] General Resh: NO
    [Advert] General Resh: MAYDAY MAYDAY

    [Advert] [VIP] Knight Kermit: What is it?
    [Comms] 108th BWO PVT 1998 Shattered: what happened?
    [Advert] DA NCO SPO Chess: whats wroung resh
    [Advert] Lance Corporal Tiberius: Huh?
    [Advert] Commander Kerk: General?
    [Comms] 108th BWO TRN 4545 Prophet: can we anyone spot the gnereal
    [Advert] General Resh: WE'RE GOING DOWN
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  14. [00:01:13] (OOC) CA Rookie 4719 IronTurtle: tfw no camgirl will take diamonds in minecraft as payments
  15. *I Show Dox a Model of Gary"
    Dox: Who's that

    Me: Its Gary

    Dox: Who TF is Gary?
  16. Wait a minute
    Sons of Horu-

    someone get the vindicares, now.
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  17. I should've also posted his kill feed.
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