Best BLN Quotes

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  1. Raider referring to the CA Dark Variant
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  2. (yell) SH ARC SPC 2984 Jek: PTS
    (yell) Orga Itkua: Yes niggarc
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  3. [BLN] Joseph Stalin has left.
  4. [BLN] Thanos has spawned.
  5. [BLN] CA PVT 1112 Stalin has left.
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  6. Sometimes being mod enhances your BLN experience in unexpected ways

    (ADMINS) *** 2nd Lieutenant Victoriam washes his hands in the cantina bathroom after having taken a large shit
    [VIP] 2nd Lieutenant Victoriam: alright... back to business
  7. [Comms] 41st FTIL SPC 2002 Tyto: Sir your like having a brain anurims
  8. "Please don't call me dad."
    - @Jäger
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  9. *crusty reads 'i'm a non say' chat*

    Crusty: "I'm a nonsay? What? Wait..."
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  10. "Oh, here are my fingers!" -Dib
  11. i’m tripping hard and i can hear acapella talkijg to me rn and he won’t stop talkijg. like he’s not taking to me but he’s talking
  13. cringe
    If only he could be a quarter instead of a dime too, yikes
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  14. <01:29:31> You were banned for 5 seconds from the server by "Squeaky" (Spreading fake news, Talking shit about the Queen, Treason
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  15. were you trying to make a joke? cause like idk if that was even funny
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  16. An inside joke that you won't understand lul

    ¯\_( ͠° ͟ʖ °͠ )_/¯
  17. ok sith lord

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