Best BLN Quotes

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  2. Sky during the kamino event
    "Don't tell carmine I played anakin he'll lock me in a closet"
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    [22:13:25] (OOC) Knight Kanniu Crocotta: No greater insult then god brining you life in ohio

    the states will forever be at war

    [22:15:46] (OOC) [VIP] 10th GiT CPL 8894 Champ: the exaggerated insubordination of a black clone

    [22:21:07] As he does this he feels the dark side energy begin to surge once again
    [22:21:10] (OOC) Master Sergeant Hector: /advert Well I've seen Jek
    [22:21:12] (OOC) Master Sergeant Washington: besides you?
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  4. Ah the great war between Ohio and Michigan never gonna end but in serious both are good and have their downfalls
  5. [23:11:50] (OOC) Master Sergeant Hector: anyone wanna hold hands
    Jeremy immediately noclips to me
    [23:11:56] Lieutenant Jeremy Hone takes hand
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  6. I ship it
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  7. Zeich:AY stop commiting war crimes
    we only do thoose on tuesdays
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