Best element?

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  1. What do you think is the best element and why?
    or hell even chi lol

    My vote is Water, as water is hard to master but the strongest with many combos and more
  2. W A T E R[​IMG]
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  3. upload_2018-3-12_16-14-48.png
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  4. water master race
  5. Hydrogen is a neat element...
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  6. Water and air are fag incarnate.
    Earth is for real niggas.
  7. Earth is literally the best, you can create anything. Plus most battles are held on earth lol. Get fucked
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  8. Fire = Lava Manipulation/Dragons
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  9. Lava Manipulation is 100% earth KANG territory buddy.
    Fuck on outta here with that weak shit
  10. with earth bending you can take advantage of that’s free real estate and build your own house
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  11. but water bois are better
  12. air niggas where u at
  13. just you
    someone plz photoshop @jedijoebp @Crusty
  14. 1254325.jpg
    • Zhidus as The Last Airbender
    • Mercy as The Water Woman (aka the Love interest)get it its because they're such good friends
    • Resh as Fire Dick (because he's evil)
    • Gary as Boomerang Guy (because i couldnt think of anyone else)
    • Me as Fish Princes (because i'm cute and i smell like fish) also because i died that one time
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  15. This is the best thing i’ve seen this week lmao
  16. It's probably air tbh. Air can create rushing speeds so fast it eliminates the oxygen in fire, it can push away the earth with strong enough winds, and can create a typhoon in water which would be fucking hilarious. Just imagine a water bender trying to throw shit at you then you just fucking blast it back in their face. 10/10
  17. Can I be that dude from the fire nation that joins like a season before it ends
  18. That role is already taken by Resh, since once again, he's evil.
    You're little earth bender girl. Its because you're a cunt.
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