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  1. It's just the coolest model to use and I like how the 10th models look tbh.
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  2. Dooope
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  4. Posting some prime art pieces in an hour, be there or be a 41st trooper.
  5. 20190314171520_1.jpg 20190314171523_1.jpg
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  7. it's foreshadowing the halo epidemic
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  8. I think both of these should be in the bln start up whatever
  9. [​IMG]
    Recently made this after a @Theseus event.
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  10. That's interesting
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  12. that's a whole ass mood
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  13. 20190316030055_1.jpg
    what's to come
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  14. @Tragic what do you use to pose your models?
  15. I use the physgun like most people.
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  16. Adding! Remind me when you see me not afk to do it and give you credit
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  17. 20190316234126_3.jpg
    It looked more cool with the music I had on

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