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  1. ARC*
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  2. Youngling*
  3. gary hentai
  4. [​IMG]
    The Adventures of (Expunged) and (Redacted)
    UH OH 1,2,3
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  5. You'll never Know why I made these, or who these people are

    And if you do know these people, you won't know why I paired them.
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  6. use gmod_camera to get rid of hud next time friend
  7. I did use gmod_camera
  8. well they would if they PAID ATTENTION to the DEEP and FORBIDDEN LORE.
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  9. or pm me pictures that you would want the hud removed from

    Like this ^
    I do it for free
  10. ornis vs roland was cinematic af
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  11. That's why I MAY or MAY NOT have it saved on my Computer
  12. [​IMG]
    Get to memeing, kids.
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  13. Ok, this is going to be a pic on the loading screen. Resh will send you one store credit when you get on next.
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  14. [​IMG]

    still too skinny. i'll work on that.
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  15. This was going to have Dave and Joshua but the models don't look right when you color them and I got tired after trying to pose Jek's model for a good min
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  16. Teach me how to Ragdoll pose so good!
  17. I can teach you if we go into sandbox single player
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  18. maybecoolthing.jpg First try at some "art" = Not so epic
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