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    Lower Class Crimes
    If you are caught with contraband, you will be detained and interrogated by CG with Officer present, You can also be detained and or arrested because of these next arrest reasons, Loitering, harassment, bullying, or Trespassing (On a certain degree, if a CT and or any PVT is found in the CC or Engine room, you will be detained and interrogated) Indecent Exposure, Drinking in Public .

    Medium Class Crimes
    If you are found and have such contraband on you, you will be detained and put into the brig- this will lead to your whole bunk's being searched if you have contraband found on you. If you are found assaulting anyone, you will be detained and charged with a battery assault and you will be put on a watch list by CG- To know more of the law's please read the Venator Laws issued by CG.

    High-Class Crimes
    Mass Genocide of the following
    Homicide of a General(3+)
    of Jedi Masters(2+)
    Homicide of a Commanders(2+)
    Homicide of Naval officers (2+)
    Murder of XO's(2+)
    Rape of Any(1+)
    The murder of Troopers(1+)
    If brought to CG's attention, the Clone(s) who has committed the murder will be charged with Capital Homicide and will undergo a court case though if recording is provided from the murder, A court case will not undergo, they will either be discharged from there rank as a Clone and be taken of life from a Firing Squad and or a death sentence decided by CG and the General and or the Admiral (or The head of Fleet)

    The crime of betraying one's side especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the side they are on.
    Will be dealt with by the CG, CG solely will decide what punishment they get- be it life in prison or be executed.

    Low Tier

    Stolen Items
    Personal Items (Pictures are fine, something that can fit in your pocket is fine, if you have to lug it around it will be confiscated by CG.)

    Medium Tier
    Dangerous Animals
    Medical Items (If you are not a medic or you aren't supposed to have it, you will be prosecuted under having stolen items and having a misleading medical item)

    High Tier

    Droid Bodies
    CIS Weapons
    Weapon's that don't belong to the Republic
    Classified Data.
    Anything that could bring harm to the ship and or the republic.
    Clone Cards that are not yours.

    P.O.W Channel

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  2. Bad Clones bad clones
    whatcha gunna do? Whatcha gunna do when they stun you!
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  3. I guess you could say they were
    (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■
    (⌐■_■) Burned

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    All executions will be torched with fire or be shit by a firing squad
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  5. Alright, so if i order a pilot to firebomb a village full of Jedi younglings, would that be a small crime or an average crime?
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  6. boi younglings are so hot
    i'd pound every one of them
  7. Tiny because you killed tiny childrens
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    Well if it's murder of 3+ then it's above or high crime
  9. Alright can you explain these parts, because i dont really get them.
    So for a horrible crime you're sent to a Phase 3 court or what?
    And Phase 3 courts can only be lead by Naval Leader, 1st Lt and Resh?
    And what exactly is a Phase 3 crime? How is it defined?
    Is it just mass murder, or can i get sent to a Phase 3 court for gruesome murder because of base motives?
    How does say, bombing a ship compare to torturing 5 troopers to death?
    And what does
    Do you have to be found guilty by a Phase 1 and Phase 2 court?
    Or of Phase court 1 and 2 crimes?
    • 1.) Phase 1 is the average crime scale / rate so like ( low crime to medium Crime) like for example if it was a shoot out they would be brought to be arrested for a amount of on a day. If it occurs twice they would be sent to a insane asylum for x amounts of time off a day. Which if it gets worst you know what happens next

    2.) Me , a 1st LT above, and resh can call this because there would be like a spam of things if law and order of the court would be misjudged.

    3.) Phase 3 courts will be held my me , a 1st LT+ , or Resh but it must have my permission 1 person that is a 1st LT or above ,

    4.) Phase 3 courts are defined as the worst court case which is the death sentence of the person . If they committed a massacre of ALOT of troops to High ranking Cos , high ranking officers , they would be committed to be sentenced to death

    5.)1 - 3 murders is just would be a normal or medium Crime , but if it is a full scale murder , like everyone dieing left and right from a trooper , officer , the bridge on fire , engines highjacked , offices in flames , bunks blown from a person it would be a a process of the agreement which if it works out the phase 3 would be activated once it has been captured ( not Animals , not monsters , not plants , but omnivores that are civilized that are able to speak and think that can be republic and is able to run a government .

    6.) bombing the ship from an enemy is a high crime , and torchering above 5+ troops to death is a extreme crime.
    Which they would be brought to court then to a insane asylum for either x1 ,x2 . If things turn then phase 3 would be a last resort if shit hits the fan.

    7.) Do you have to be found guilty by a Phase 1and Phase 2 court? In some cases yes. But as in answer 5 if it would be like that then it would brought to the attention of a phase 3.
  10. Those should answer your questions
  11. What about threats and treason?
  12. inb4 about anti-bullying laws
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  13. updated
  14. I mean- I would base them off of real crimes- Murdering someone is a pretty big deal in real life- though it isn't my choice-Murder in real life, Second degree murder can get you 19-25 year's in prison depending on the such actions a minimum would be around 10 years...
  15. Suing Resh for bullying me tbh
  16. dude when resh bullies you- you just gotta accept it- i've been bullied by him for a long time
  17. Fuck you
  19. Thou troopers shall be S H I T by a firing squad!
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