BLN Court law and order punishments

Discussion in 'Rules' started by Kerk, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. i'll be seeing you in court
  2. this doesnt make any sense
  3. Ill get this fixed soon. Can't now because my grandma is visiting my family for this week
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  4. it should be who is there at the time depending on rank and class, not battalion based, ordering them like that makes no sense at all
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  5. Don't be upset that ARC and 10th is higher then RC.
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  6. oooooo
  7. [​IMG]
    i already made my argument
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  8. Can you add CA Battlepills under high-tier contraband when you have the time?
  9. They're not allowed anymore?
  10. makes sense why they'd be contraband
  11. not for non-CA
    I have whole ass paragraphs here about specifics
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  12. when was the last time this was ever used
    enforced and someone was in trouble
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  13. During February/ April
    For reasons of POW situations, and murder
  14. ... april was halo wasn't it
  15. It couldu of been, but that's what I recall
  16. It really depends on the community as a whole to get this kind of shit enforced

    Sure, naval and cg need to be on alert and respond accordingly, but other players need to be reporting shit as well to bring it to higher ups' attention. In rp, clones are going to be loyal to the Republic and all uphold the rules. Recall the episode where one clone collected droid fingers as a trophy and was almost considered defective by the rest.

    If the community as a whole was as proactive about this shit as jek is when traitors are around, we wouldn't get nearly as many wack ass war crime level shenanigans.

    On the topic of enforcing this shit, don't you still have a whole ass clone fetus and Teller (an mk Droid for those who don't know) hidden away somewhere? I guess we can start enforcing more by locking Eo up and throwing away the key at this point
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  17. it was a question
    because i couldn't remember the last time this was ever a problem and i was genuinely asking because i cant remember if it's because people dont get caught or what

    dont need to be passive aggressive about it.
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  18. Eh
    The question seemed phrased more like a complaint to me so I naturally responded accordingly because it seemed hypocritical
  19. nice
  20. wish i still had my hella squeaky voice, highest form of punishment just be listing to me for 4 hours staright ( i am so sorry to every one for me yelling all the fucming time)

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