BLN Court law and order punishments

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  1. Should make it more realistic. Anybody caught with illegal contraband should instantly be arrested and demoted back to a CR. Stripped of all ranks etc.
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  2. YES let’s put the tiniest font with bright colors because that’ll please the eye

    (I like it, it’s just that MY EYES)
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  3. Currently at 7 or 8pm Est. this will be edited to a newer fresh version
  4. BLN Court punishments has been revised and edited.
  6. Out of all that, thats what you decide to pick on?
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  7. Newest mem101
  8. Eww so ugly, pls no underlining and colors and small text. Will read when in english
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  9. Read it now
  10. Rules from the CG of all sorts will be applied with this Post will be shown as what sentence the convict charged with when dealt in court.
  11. Jury tryouts will be held only on Tuesday, Friday , and Sunday.

  12. Kerk, do you want me to re-write this for you? I can write it way better and make it way more appealing to the eye.

    Aswell as this is a bit confusing to understand, I might not follow this- it's too confusing.
  13. Send me a Conversation , of it first , my answer is yes you can , but send a conversation so I can copy and paste your work and edit this so it can be like the work that you've made
  14. how to copy homework 101
  15. @Kerk

    Update this Sent you the version of it to paste in don't forget the CG picture at the top.
  16. I won't forget b
    • Updated
  17. Updated: If you are caught Harassing Ones Battalion for example"FUCK NAVAL" that will be turn as a crime and sentenced to court.
  18. Fuck naval
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  19. See you in court
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